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With growing numbers of seniors requiring extensive ongoing medical care, more families are opting for home care. Most people want to stay in their homes, so it looks like an easy decision.
Until you start researching care options.… READ MORE

10,000 people turn 65 every day. The senior population will double between now and 2030. The number of adults caring for a parent will skyrocket in that time.
Statistics show that chronic disease has far outpaced acute disease.… READ MORE

Over 10,000 Americans turn 65 every day. This has overwhelmed Medicare, putting your loved one at risk of not getting the care they need at hospitals and assisted-living facilities.
What will you do when you’re forced to care for your family members in their home because t Medicare doesn’t cover the rising costs of a facility?… READ MORE

Senior living communities are often stigmatized by caregivers. Too often, they think they’re putting their loved ones “away.” But in reality, the right senior living community can help your loved ones thrive in later years.… READ MORE

Every dementia case is different and presents unique challenges to the caregiver. It can be easy for you to become overwhelmed. When you have other family members that also need care the difficulty increases exponentially.… READ MORE

Most of us never plan to become caregivers for our loved ones. The choice is often made for us by our life circumstances. As a result, we don’t factor in how much time, effort, and emotional energy caregiving requires.… READ MORE

The number of factors that dementia caregivers have to consider is huge. Things get even more complicated when you are trying to provide the best care for a family member who is suffering. Add to this the fact that every dementia case and patient is different, and you may find yourself overwhelmed.… READ MORE

Stress and anxiety affect everyone. However, when your loved one with dementia experiences these feelings, coping can be far more difficult. Stress and anxiety also lead to depression, but depression can easily be mistaken for dementia.… READ MORE

When your loved one suffers from dementia, taking them out can be extremely challenging. Many restaurants and stores are completely unprepared for handling customers with greater care needs, resulting in encounters that range from unpleasant to embarrassing.… READ MORE

Did you know that there’s a connection between hearing loss and dementia?
That doesn’t mean hearing loss is always a sign of dementia. But it could be one of the early signs that your loved one is developing dementia.… READ MORE

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