Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles

I resisted it for years,
But I’m finally doing it because I know it’ll help you.
What am I talking about?
Videos of course.
I used to hate doing videos because I didn’t know what to say or do and they took too much work.… READ MORE

It’s time for a cold hard reality check,
If you think you can put your show in iTunes and the magic rankings fairy will move you up the charts and bring you hordes of new listeners, you’re in for a surprise.
Most shows that go into iTunes never get ranked, never reach new listeners, and are never found by anyone.… READ MORE

It’s no wonder they call me the “worlds greatest podcaster” because when I work on a show it always hits the top of the charts in iTunes.
Last week I posted up a screen shot of Kevin Roger’s new show “Copy Chief Radio” in the number 4 spot in management and marketing.… READ MORE

Want to know if it’s the right time for you to start your podcast?
Some people jump the gun and think start podcasting because they think it’s going to make them rich, but the reality is – most people start their podcast way to soon.… READ MORE

“Get outta my dreams
Get into my car
Get outta my dreams
Get in the back seat baby
Get into my car
Beep beep, yeah
Get outta my mind
Get into my life
Oh I said hey (Hey) you (You)
Get into my car”
You might be wondering why I’m singing Billy Ocean to you today.… READ MORE

I’m often asked, “How do you work on so many shows?”
No, I’m not some magical super hero who slows down time so I can get 10x more done than the average Joe. No, I don’t work crazy 100 hour weeks like some sort of workaholic.… READ MORE

In the beginning I was only doing this as an excuse to talk to my mentors.
Then, after people found out what I was doing they wanted in on the action.
And before I knew it I had people knocking down my door to work on their podcast show.… READ MORE

Maybe I’m a jerk, but I like to think I’m doing you a favor when I say “no” to producing your podcast show.
It’s not me, it’s you – you’re not ready yet.
If the time was right, I’d tell you.… READ MORE

People find it weird when they get on a “podcast discovery call” with me.
Why? Because I talk 7 of 10 people out of podcasting.
A lot of folks think they’re ready to take the plunge into podcast-hood, but they aren’t.… READ MORE

It’s your lucky day.
Why? Two reasons…
First, if you’ve been waiting to start your podcast show because you’re worried about all the hard work and long hours it’ll take to come up with topics, record your show, edit and mix it, get it posted to iTunes, and then market it.… READ MORE

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