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Yesterday I told you about my new adventure with Dan Sullivan's Strategic Coach program.

The entire first quarter was dedicated to taking control of my time.

Dan believes that entrepreneurs work better when they manage their time like movie stars.
They have free time where they don't do anything. The they have rehearsals where they're practicing for their day in the spotlight, and they have days where they're on screen doing work.

He's taken this concept and turned it into the entrepreneurial time system. Look it up on google and you'll see there are three types of days – focus days, free days, and buffer days.

New people coming into the system have a hard time believing they'll eventually have 150+ free days per year. They think this “time hack” is impossible. But if you follow Dan's system you can have all those free days plus you'll be more productive than you've ever been before.

Real life example, last quarter I had 30 free days, 24 focus days, and 37 buffer days.
In that time I launched the Podcast Mogul Newsletter, wrote the Podcast Recipes Book, recorded 24 videos, co-hosted 80 podcast shows, and appeared as a guest on another 12 podcasts.

Needless to say, I'm a believer.

Now that I've got better control of my time my goal is to increase the number of focus days I have this quarter. Why? Because focus days are where I do my most productive work which includes developing more value for my customers.

What's this got to do with you?

It's simple really. Maybe you're not a customer yet, but that doesn't mean I can't give you some extra value.

That's why I've opened up some time in my calendar to jump on a quick call with you, to talk to you about your business, your goals, and your sticking points to see if there's any way I can help you.

Fact is, I won't be able to help everyone. But I can at least point you in the right direction.

I've only got 10 spots open in my calendar – they're first come first served – and once they're gone I'm not sure I'll be doing this again.

To grab your complimentary strategy session with me follow these four steps:

1. Text “factory” to 44222

2. Download the Podcast Factory app to your mobile phone

3. Open the app and click on “contact”

4. Click on strategy session and fill out the application

After you fill out the app you'll be taken to my calendar link where you can book a time that works for you.

During our call we'll talk about your business, your goals, and where you want to go and I'll provide you with a “prescription” to help you get you there.

Talk soon,
Producer Jonathan

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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