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Much of the chiropractor marketing advice out there focuses on making yourself “famous”–at least in your field.
But what if you just want to serve your patients without all the attention and participating in the popularity contest?… READ MORE

In marketing your practice, you’ve probably been told that you need to create content.
But when you actually create content, it often feels like your blog article, social media post or video just disappears without making an impact.… READ MORE

You’ve probably thought about your “target audience” before. If you’re like most chiropractors, you ended up with a list of characteristics such as age, location, gender and other demographics.… READ MORE

When it comes to attracting more patients to your practice, well-working SEO sounds like a dream: People looking for help come to your website automatically without you paying a penny.
But as you might’ve realized: Making SEO work is harder than some people lead you to believe.… READ MORE

The Modern Chiropractic Marketing Show is designed to provide the Chiropractor with Modern and Ethical marketing strategies, without the huge price tag of most resources in the industry. This show will be a mix of topic-based podcasts and some interviews with some of the industry leaders in chiropractic, marketing, and business strategy.… READ MORE

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