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In Today’s show, Jim tells us about his stunning trip on a train in Italy. Him and his wife have been travelling from Santa Margarita over to Florence. It’s their favorite method of travel whilst in Italy.… READ MORE

In today’s episode, Jim joins you from the beautiful coastline of Italy where, something rather spontaneous and unusual happened. This event led Jim and his wife on an adventure they had not planned.… READ MORE

In today’s episode, special guest Peter Vekselman talks about how he’s creating waves in Real Estate right now by going against the grain and completely differentiating himself from the competition.… READ MORE

In today’s show, Jim brings you another story of adventure and discovery whilst away in the gorgeous country of Italy. Whilst on a walk around a local fishing harbour, Jim experiences something that brings back memories to his pas experiences in real estate business.… READ MORE

In today’s episode of ‘Do The Real Work’, Jim talks about going to see Billy Joel play live in Madison Square Garden. He made it his life long goal to see him live.
Show Highlights:

The Delta Disaster that went into total meltdown (1:10)
What to do when you get ‘that’ gut feeling that something’s not right (3:30)
The key to generating maximum focus to achieve lifelong goals (5:40)

We’re always told that we should listen to what our gut is telling us.… READ MORE

In this episode of the Motivated Seller Blueprint, Jim talks about his past time working as a regional manager at a Jewellery store.
Show Highlights:

How repetition is the mother of all skills (5:00)
The life changing job offer for a 21 year old kid working in a jewellery store (7:00)
Learn the same listing presentation to deploy in your real estate business (8:00)

During Jim’s time working in the jewellery store, he educated many staff members on how to close more deals in fierce competition.… READ MORE

In today’s episode, Jim goes through the importance of knowing your market stats and how it can massively impact your Kitchen Table Conversions when closing high profit deals.
Why is it important to know your stats?… READ MORE

In today’s episode, Jim talks about the unexpected ups and downs within Real Estate.
Show Highlights:

How unpredictability can send your confidence into a downward spiral (1:25)
The ‘lifeline’ to your business (2:30)
Is too many listings a bad thing?… READ MORE

In today’s episode Jim talks about how you can make more sales just by treating your market a different way.
In business today, if you show up at the seller’s kitchen table and you tell them what they would sell their house for, you’re being the market.… READ MORE

In today’s episode, Jim talks about how to figure out your very own unique ability and how to harness its power but getting rid of everything else that doesn’t serve you.
Show Highlights:

The reason Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg wears the exact same clothes all week and how he excelled to greatness (6:30)
What happens when you DON’T embrace your own unique ability (6:50)
The real reason why people are rich (8:00)
Why it’s important to identify your own unique ability (8:50)

Many people struggle their whole lives trying to figure out what their own unique ability is.… READ MORE

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