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In today’s episode, Jim goes through the importance of knowing your market stats and how it can massively impact your Kitchen Table Conversions when closing high profit deals.

Why is it important to know your stats?

It's not so you can become the human encyclopedia. The real reason is that it affects the conversations you have around the kitchen table. It affects your ability to produce the right solution to the seller and serve the client first.

It all comes down to not knowing your stats and not understand what the market is doing. Understanding your market stats will give you absolute clarity, confidence and integrity. It will provide you with powerful certainly so you can effectively create a strategy for you to provide the right solution for your client.

Today’s Question: In building your real estate empire, which areas of your business are being affected by you not knowing your market stats.

Is it affecting your foundational mindset and your kitchen table conversations?

If so, take a few hours TODAY to figure all your stats out and get clear.

Do the real work and pay this episode forward to someone you believe needs to hear it.


Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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