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In this episode, Jim talks about the importance of your buyers and what you can do to grow yours today.
Show Highlights:

Why most people think investors are ‘low ballers’ (2:30)
It doesn’t matter what YOU want (4:25)
Why it’s a MUST that you have a list for every kind of buyer in your market (5:00)
How to skyrocket your ability to close high end real estate sales (5:30)

Jim talks about a recent conversion he had with a real estate agent called Mark.… READ MORE

In today’s insightful show, Jim shares with you two of the greatest things his mentor taught him that changed his life in a very dramatic fashion.
Show Highlights:

How to set yourself free by setting others free (2:15)
The greatest ever freedom you’ll ever experience (3:40)
What’s the perfect path?… READ MORE

In today’s episode, the real estate master coach Jim shares his story of building a real estate business and the importance of  systems if you want to scale.
Show Highlights:

One key fundamental that must be in place to scale a real estate busines (1:40)
How to free your business of moving parts and overwhelm (3:30)
The 3 Step Google Doc Strategy that brought in 100 more deals per year (4:30)
How to pin point the next step to take in your business using a Google Doc (10:50)

Jim tells us the story of the enormous business he built with his partner Ray Lopez.… READ MORE

In today’s episode, Jim talks with client and great friend Bruce King who has been providing solutions for all sorts of people in real estate. Whether its sellers, buyers or house flippers, Bruce has helped them out.… READ MORE

In today’s daily podcast, Jim tells us the story of wanting to look after his parents and fill some of their bucket list items. He took his mum snorkeling in Aruba. He tells the story of how living in the moment is so important.… READ MORE

In today’s show, Jim talks you through the only three options you have when it comes to business. Every day, you are faced with challenges in business. Overcoming these challenges is hard work.
Show Highlights:

The difference between a rookie agent and the veteran real estate business owner (1:30)
Why struggling is EASIER than quitting altogether (3:20)
What you’ve got to do in order to become an industry real estate leader (4:30)
The two ‘special’ talents it takes to adapt to new opportunities (5:40)
How to get sellers reaching out to you today if you do these two things (6:25)
Your experience doesn’t matter as much as you think it does (7:45)

Real Estate is an easy business to get into.… READ MORE

In today’s show, Jim talks about time and how to shortcut the mastery process. Did you know the average person lives to 78 years old? Or 684,000 hours!
It doesn’t matter if you’re running the world or sitting on a park bench, everyone has the same 168 hours every single week.… READ MORE

On the podcast today, Jim is joined by Mark who has built a business that is second to none. Mark is able to run his business from anywhere on the planet and manages to serve his customers at the absolute best.… READ MORE

In today’s show, Jim talks about a recent tv show he’s been watching multiple times over called Chef’s Table. Each episode focuses on the life and time of one chef and his rise to the top and how they achieve the ever elusive michelin star.… READ MORE

In today’s show Jim takes you through the 7 Key Performance Indicators that you must know.
Show Highlights:

How well do you know your numbers? (0:55)
The seven KPI’s you must now in real estate (1:45)

Everybody wants to know what’s going on inside the real estate business.… READ MORE

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