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In today’s episode, the real estate master coach Jim shares his story of building a real estate business and the importance of  systems if you want to scale.

Show Highlights:

  • One key fundamental that must be in place to scale a real estate busines (1:40)
  • How to free your business of moving parts and overwhelm (3:30)
  • The 3 Step Google Doc Strategy that brought in 100 more deals per year (4:30)
  • How to pin point the next step to take in your business using a Google Doc (10:50)

Jim tells us the story of the enormous business he built with his partner Ray Lopez. It was a very large team but It's where Jim realised that he needed some kind of automation in place if he wanted to scale his business.

Without automation and business systems, there is simply too many moving parts. Messages get lost in communication and costs both time and money.

So when Jim set up his business in Charlotte, he planned to duplicate the large business he built with Ray in Orlando. Only this time, without the large team and with automation in place.

He set up a successful real estate business with just one assistant and used Google Docs as the main form of communication. Doing this helped eliminate clutter and created an efficient and well oiled business that ran like clock work.

Having this simple system in place allowed me to add another 30 deals per year without hiring any extra staff. With just himself and a single assistant, Jim was able to close anastomosing 100 deals each year.

The big take home from today’s show is that you should take a step back, manage your team and lead your people. In doing so you're able to make some good strategic moves.

Question Today: What is the biggest hole in your business right now?

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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