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In today’s episode, Jim talks with client and great friend Bruce King who has been providing solutions for all sorts of people in real estate. Whether its sellers, buyers or house flippers, Bruce has helped them out.

Show Highlights:

  • Bruce’s view on trying to ‘convince’ people that you’re better than everyone else (7:30)
  • How to walk into ANY house and instantly build massive levels of trust with the seller (8:30)
  • Everything happens around the kitchen table (10:20)
  • The key to educating your sellers with rock solid confidence (10:50)
  • Why you have to go against all conventional wisdom when winning someone's trust and understanding (18:20)
  • The reason most investors have only sold ten properties (or less) in their whole career (20:00)

There are seven billion people on the planet today, all with their own unique story to share. Understanding each individual seller is key to you success in real estate. The truth is, most sellers are looking for someone who will listen to them and understand them.

You’re missing out on a massive segment of your market if you’re trying to fit your clients into the ‘bigger picture’ plan. To build concrete trust, you must treat the motivated seller like a human being.

80% of investors have done less than 10 properties in their whole career and most probably lost money on half of those. The reason why is simple.

They’re trying to fit their clients into a ‘one size fits all box’ and not treating them as individuals. In such a competitive environment, it's critical that you go above and beyond for your seller by understanding his story and needs.

Do the real work.

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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