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In Today’s show Kevin takes a step back in time and chats about his stand up comedy days. Jonathan expels all the truth of expectation vs reality when it comes to having a child and being an entrepreneur.
Show Highlights:

Expectation VS Reality when it comes to having kids as an entrepreneur
Why taking out the trash everyday has changed Jonathan’s life
Melt away ALL your work stress by finding out what truly grounds you
Will Kevin be back behind the mic performing stand up again?READ MORE

Today’s show features special guest Ross O’Lachlainn who shares his best tips on productivity and distraction management.
Productivity is a competitive advantage (3:20 mark)
Ross’s unique take on productivity (4:20 mark)
Notepad and Pen or computer.… READ MORE

The industry as a whole is much more colourful and interesting now. There’s people sharing their point of views from all walks of life and in today’s show, special guest Max Rouser chats with Kevin about race relations in marketing.… READ MORE

Stuck for time and just want to jump to the point?
– The one thing freelancer writers should be doing to get more business (1:20 mark)
– Three reasons why the worst situations often bring out the best in you (4:35 mark)
– Kevin’s massive ‘lightbulb moment’ (5:40 mark)
– The truth about what happens when you become an authority (7:40 mark)
– Just how powerful is specialising and should you specialise?… READ MORE

In a rush? The Highlights From Today’s Show
1. How Kevin got involved with the ASK method launch (2:30 mark)
2. Why copy is the missing element (4:40 mark)
3. Three reasons Kevin was blown away by the ASK formula (7:25 mark)

In a rush? Here are the highlights from today’s show:
– The Shark Tank Follow Up’ (1:40 mark)
– The changes and lessons Jonathan learned figuring out his USP’s (2:25 mark)
– How you can put yourself ahead of the competition (2:55 mark)
– Why its important to focus on just one customer avatar at a time (4:00 mark)
– Jonathan’s initial confusion, how he found clarity and then the major breakthrough that led to multiplying growth in The Podcast Factory Network (5:15 mark)
– Why seeing your USP through your customers reality will increase the value your company can offer (6:25 mark)
– Jonathan found out why the growth of your company is solely directed by your USP ( 9:02 mark)
– The big ‘value proposition question’ that will give you absolute clarity (9:30 mark)
– What to do as soon as you figure out your USP to make sure you’ve hit the nail on the head (11:30 mark)
– The reason you aren’t seeing whats special about you and your company.… READ MORE

In a rush?
Here are highlights of The 7 Stories Every Sales Letter Needs with Henry Bingaman Pt.2 if you are in a hurry:
Escalation (2:09 Mark)
Why a team is important (6:30 Mark)
The Mission Statement? (12:35 Mark)
What is the value proposition?… READ MORE

In a rush?
Here are highlights of The 7 Stories Every Sales Letter Needs with Henry Bingaman Pt.1 if you are in a hurry:
Who is Henry Bingaman? (:43 Mark)
Intuition as emotion (8:25 Mark)
What is a Paradigm shift?… READ MORE

In a rush?
Here are highlights of How to Write Great Product Taglines with Angie Colee if you are in a hurry:
Why are taglines important? (2:40 Mark)
Who is Angie? (4:20 Mark)
Angie’s favorite tagline?… READ MORE

In a rush?
Here are highlights of Mastering the Voice of Your Copy with Abbey Woodcock if you are in a hurry:
How in tune are you with your voice? (4:30 Mark)
Advanced vocabulary style (10:50 Mark)
Let’s figure this out together.… READ MORE

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