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In today’s bonus episode, Kevin chats with Kev Kaye who specialises in business growth using his unique validation technique.
Show Highlights:

The number one thing that accelerates growth rate (2:00)
A clear definition of what an idea actually is (3:20)
The quickest way to validate an idea (5:20)
The massive time saver & very first thing you must have in place before you begin validating an idea (7:50)
Specific walkthrough of how you can use validation in your own business (11:00)
Do not call yourself a copywriter!READ MORE

Six Hard and Fast Rules For Fitness Reports That Convert With Aaron Crocker – Part Two
This is part two of the series where Aaron digs even deeper into creating meaningful stories using emotion. Kevin quotes that ‘this is some of the best stuff we’ve ever shared on the show’.READ MORE

5 Hard and Fast rules for fitness reports that convert with Aaron Crocker part 1
In the first part of this two part series, Aaron Crocker is the guest on the show. He’s a fitness copywriting expert and today shares with you his five quick fire rules to improve conversions of your fitness reports.READ MORE

The “Lean” ask method for quickly validating big ideas with Nate Dye
In today’s show Kevin and Nate talk about their “Lean Ask’ Formula. Nate has been studying the Ask formula since January.READ MORE

A/B Split Testing With Allison Carpio
In today’s show, Kevin has another special guest join him. Allison Carpio talks about the power of A/B split testing, how you can get started from scratch and what’s the first thing you must test to see the fastest, most accurate results.READ MORE

Good and Bad ways to invite yourself on a podcast
In today’s show, Kevin talks to us about a topic that really gets under his skin. Getting exposure on podcasts was one of the most powerful things Kevin has done to grow his business.… READ MORE

In Today’s show Kevin is joined by Abbey Woodcock and KC Baney to talk about how freelance copywriters can restore their sanity using project management systems.
Here are today’s main talking points:
How to create order in your life where there isn’t any (9:00 mark)
The reason why freelance copywriters miss the opportunity to scale and grow (9:30 mark)
Why its so important to have a professional look right out the box on first impressions (10:10 mark)
The first step to take to end your anxieties about project planning and time management (16:20 mark)
KC & Abbey’s four phase time management process that will help you streamline copy projects (17:20 mark)
The most often overlooked thing missed by many copywriters even before you start writing (18:30 mark)
How to save massive chunks of your time using templates (20:20 mark)
How being an interrogator with your clients is a great thing!… READ MORE

In today’s show, Kevin is joined by Abbey Woodcock to talk about the anxieties that business owners face when searching for a great copywriter and the red flags that pop up you must be aware of.
Here are the main talking point from today’s show:
-How to stand out as a copywriter and attract more potential clients (1:50 mark)
-The most important information you MUST know as a copywriter BEFORE you speak with a potential client (2:20 mark)
-The two BIG things people fear when searching for a good copywriter (3:00 mark)
-Abbey’s very own vetting process for selecting who to work with (3:50 mark)
-Brian Kurtz’s critical rule on what must come before copywriting is even considered (5:00 mark)
-The one thing that must happen before you meet with a potential client for the first time (6:30 mark)
-Where you WONT find a great copywriter hanging out (8:40 mark)
-The red flags business owners should look out for when hiring a copywriter (9:30 mark)
-Are you a perfect fit?… READ MORE

In today’s show, Kevin brings on to the show guest Scott Mckinstry to talk about how you can write great story openers.
Here are the show highlights:
2:45 How The Disney classic Beauty And The Beast can improve your writing
4:50 The most overlooked element in marketing
5:20 The MOST valuable thing people can pay you that isn’t money
6:40 Three important guideposts to follow when creating an attention grabbing story opener
9:40 Why your story is like a mouse trap
10:40 The ‘just one more’ syndrome and why Kevin is addicted to Homeland
11:40 The magic ingredients that make a great story
13:00 What you should REALLY be focusing on ( the most powerful principle ever created)
15:45 How to be the ‘detective’ in your storytelling
17:00 Email master Ben Settle’s advice when it comes to research and storytelling
Story Openers
This is one of the most important parts to telling your story.… READ MORE

5 Elements of a High Converting Retail Brand Launch
Kevin brings on a fellow guest of The Copy Chief Community Mike Rinard. He's an established
retail brand writer. In today’s show talks about the five elements that go into creating a successful
retail brand launch.… READ MORE

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