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I’d like to talk you’re ear off about all the adventures I’m having as a new Dad,

But I know ain’t nobody got time for that.

So instead I’ll give you what I know you really want – the hotness from The Podcast Factory last week.

This week at “The factory”


Kevin Rogers | CopyChief Radio

Ask Launch Recap

In a rush? The Highlights From Today’s Show

1. How Kevin got involved with the ASK method launch (2:30 mark)

2. Why copy is the missing element (4:40 mark)

3. Three reasons Kevin was blown away by the ASK formula (7:25 mark)

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Dan Meredith | Death Glory or Disappointment

Dan is going on an adventure…

Hello again…..

I say we must stop meeting like this old chum(say that out loud with a semi-pretentious British accent)

I trust you have had a GREAT week

What that you want to know about my week?

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Doberman Dan | Off The Chain

Your future ain’t pretty… unless you’re hip to THIS…

In 1790, the French “gummit” was running a little short on cash.

So they needed to find a new way to finance all the spending they wanted to do.

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Michelle Spiva | Epic Story Lifestyle

Creating immortality

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Igor Kheifets | List Building Lifestyle

Generic Company Squeeze Page vs Custom Landing Page

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Tracy Matthews | Thrive By Design

Building Sales and PR Confidence

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Igor Kheifets | List Building Lifestyle

Repulsion Marketing Secrets With Ben Settle

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