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Hello again…..

I say we must stop meeting like this old chum(say that out loud with a semi-pretentious British accent)

I trust you have had a GREAT week

What that you want to know about my week?

Well it would be RUDE not to tell you seeing how you asked so nicely….

Well my week has been interesting to say the least if you REALLY want to know why then you will have to listen to the show today wont you?

HAHA see what I did there?

The old bait and switch…

But really i am in a weird place right now and I am ENJOYING it thoroughly, and it will all make sense when you listen to the show


Myself and producer extraordinaire Jonathan Rivera talk about

-Season 2 reviews and feedback
– Making up the rules as you go along
– Dan’s going on a journey
– Got lost on a highway in America
– Stop worrying about the outcome
– The Tenets of Stoicism
– Be More Dog: Sole purpose of life is to enjoy it

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