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In a rush? The Highlights From Today’s Show

1. How Kevin got involved with the ASK method launch (2:30 mark)

2. Why copy is the missing element (4:40 mark)

3. Three reasons Kevin was blown away by the ASK formula (7:25 mark)

4. What happened to Kevin when he was the ‘only guy’ labeled copywriter (8:15 mark)

5. Why becoming a specialist is so important (8:40 mark)

6. The future of marketing your products (10:20 mark)

7. Why theres a huge opportunity for business owners and freelance writers to do great

work together (10:45 mark)

8. The real reason why the podcast factory was born (12:15 mark)

9. Kevin’s thoughts on the ASK formula and his results (13:00 mark)

10. Why not everyone needs to be an authority (16:50 mark)

11. Big takeaways from the ASK launch (18:10 mark)

Today's Show

In today’s show, Kevin talks about his recent joint launch of the ‘ASK’ Formula along side

Ryan Levesque. He shares with us why he had a total mind shift at the recent intensive

event in Chicago about whats possible as a business person.

An Opportunity to Good to Miss

Kevin shares his inside experience with working alongside the creator of the ASK formula

and how he was quite literally blown away by the in depth content taught.

Not only by the depth of information that was taught but where he sees the future of

marketing heading. ‘Its like we’re standing at the crossroads right now’ Kevin quotes.

Listen to the show and find out why now is such a huge opportunity for both business

owners and freelance writers to do great work together.

The Future of Marketing

Whilst attending the ASK intensive event in Chicago, Kevin explains the power of the ASK

formula and why he believes its going to become the key ‘staple’ to any product marketing

venture in the future.

The Missing Element

Copy is hugely under represented as an element in any kind of marketing today. Kevin

shares with you what happened when he was labeled as ‘the only copywriter’ in the room

at the ASK method event. Copy is the single most overlooked element in any kind of

marketing. It doesn’t matter if its for a landing page, building a funnel or generating traffic –

every system needs it.

A Huge Breakthrough

Not everyone needs to be an authority. In this day and age, everyone is telling you that

you have to be an expert or ‘specialize’ in a small niche as Kevin says. There is in fact

other ways to be ‘game fully employed’ as a freelancer – and you don’t even have to let

people know your name surprisingly…

Big Takeaways From The ASK Launch

1. Why having a true relationship with your subscribers is vitally important and just how to

measure it.

2. Why list segmentation is so important

3. How hard you should be promoting your own products to your subscribers

4. Why being open and honest really pays off


Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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