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In this episode, Nicole Piper shares her wealth of experience from being in the big brand world and how you can apply the exact same strategies to your own business to create above and beyond customer loyalty.READ MORE

As a copywriter, it’s easy to write what you think is a great piece of copy that feels right to you, but comes across to the reader in a totally different way.
In today’s show, Kevin is joined by freelance direct response writer Max Hamm to share his 10 sales killing phrases (and what to say instead).… READ MORE

In the second part of this two part series, Abbey reveals the 11 reasons why you’re not getting the gig as a copywriter. If you missed part one, you can catch up by clicking here.
One of the reasons Abbey talks about today is the importance of doing great work (20:00).… READ MORE

In today’s show, Kevin is joined by Abbey Woodcock who shares with you ‘11 reasons why freelancers are blowing the gig’.
Abbey is an aspiring copywriter who has grown a successful copywriting business and is now at the point of firing other writers for support.… READ MORE

In today’s show, Kevin talks about his decision to return as a stand up comic, the importance of doing what scares you and why it’s critical to follow your passion (even if it doesn’t generate money for you).READ MORE

In today’s episode, Kevin is joined by April Dykman to talk about the hidden powers of weekly newsletter. April is an expert when it comes to building sales funnels for health businesses.
Show Highlights:

How to make the world’s greatest taco (2:30)
The benefits of sending newsletters to your subscribers (5:00)
Jonathan’s top 3 reasons why he sends a paid newsletter (6:20)
The problem’s many people have with newsletters (9:40)
Weekly or Monthly Newsletter: Which is best?READ MORE

In today’s show, Kevin is joined by AJ Silvers to talk about the power of using flash fiction in your copy. AJ Silvers is a fantastic direct response and fiction writer.
Show Highlights:

Why great fiction is actually sales copy in disguise (2:15)
The definition of flash fiction and how you can use it in your own copy (3:10)
How to create massive impact to your readers in less than six seconds (4:45)
A book every copywriter needs to read (7:30)
The big difference between a writer and someone who writes (18:30)

Using flash fiction can massively increase the power of your copy.READ MORE

In today’s episode, Kevin is joined by guest Melanie Saladino to talk about their recent visit to the AWAI job fair and how to fast track your freelance career.
Show Highlights:

The reason everybody needs to have a mentor (2:30)
The importance of having a crystal clear unique selling proposition (8:45)
How Melanie went from not even having a sample to multi million dollar launch (10:30)
Functional reality vs emotional reality (10:40)
A critical lesson from John Carlton and how you should view yourself as a copywriter (16:50)

Melanie has the ability to enter multiple niches and totally dominate as a writer.READ MORE

In today’s episode, Kevin is joined by two special guests: Pamela Hermann and Patty Dominguez who run a business called ‘Create Buzz Now’. Both Pamela and Patty have had many years experience working with multi million dollar businesses and are the experts when it comes to understanding your customer.READ MORE

In today’s episode, Kevin chats about his latest trip to numerous masterminds and meetups with some of the world’s greatest living direct response copywriters.
One in particular was John Carlton’s Mastermind in San Francisco: One of the few events that Kevin took his family along with him.READ MORE

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