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In today’s show, Kevin is joined by AJ Silvers to talk about the power of using flash fiction in your copy. AJ Silvers is a fantastic direct response and fiction writer.

Show Highlights:

  • Why great fiction is actually sales copy in disguise (2:15)
  • The definition of flash fiction and how you can use it in your own copy (3:10)
  • How to create massive impact to your readers in less than six seconds (4:45)
  • A book every copywriter needs to read (7:30)
  • The big difference between a writer and someone who writes (18:30)

Using flash fiction can massively increase the power of your copy. As humans we are hardwired to listen to stories. Especially stories with impact and deep emotional meaning. Flash fiction is a way of storytelling that consumes the reader in a short length of time.

Because you have so little words to tell your story, the writer has to make every word count. Having constraints will liberate your creativity. AJ Silvers gives you some fantastic examples how you can create a flash fiction story that’s packed with emotion and puts the reader in a scene within your copy.

Believe it or not, fiction writing is a form of sales copywriting. The writer is still selling an overall idea and world view. Once you master the art of storytelling in your copywriting, you’ll be able to create extremely powerful copy with deep emotional meaning.

To find out more about AJ Silvers work, visit his website www.ajsilvers.com

Kevin Rogers

Kevin Rogers spent years traveling the United States as a dead-broke stand-up comedian until he discovered how a simple joke formula could be used as a powerful marketing hook and began teaching it to marketers.

The formula worked so well that entrepreneurs and business owners all over the world have now used this deceptively simple 4-sentence formula to skyrocket their profits and grow their businesses at record pace.

Today Kevin is one of the most in-demand sales consultants online, working closely with high-volume information marketers, corporations and local brick and mortar businesses alike to turn around sluggish ad campaigns.

Kevin’s unique background as a stand-up comic and in-the-trenches salesperson provide a rare spectrum of experience and ability. His greatest strength is teaching anyone to use the power of their own story to connect better with customers and compel them to take action.

You can download a free copy of Kevin’s Amazon best-selling book at www.60secondsaleshook.com and join his copywriting community at www.copychief.com

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