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In today’s show, Kevin talks about his decision to return as a stand up comic, the importance of doing what scares you and why it’s critical to follow your passion (even if it doesn’t generate money for you).

Show Highlights:

  • The one thing nearly all first time stand up comics do that you should avoid ( 3:00)
  • What ‘actually’ happens when you put yourself out in front of the world and fail (7:30)
  • A critical marketing lesson from Jonathan’s drawing of cartoon characters (12:00)
  • A gauge to determine how successful you are right now in your life (14:00)
  • How to make energy flow effortlessly like water and be a happy human being (16:20)


To progress and grow as an individual, it’s critical that you’re consistently striving to push outside your comfort zones and do things that scare you. If the thought of doing something scares you, this is usually a great indicator that you should do it. Kevin has been a professional stand up comic for over a decade and his decision to make a comeback wasn’t an easy decision as you’ll find out in today’s episode.


If you’re busy in life collecting money, you’re missing the bigger picture of life. Kevin talks about the importance of keeping the fire lit under your passions and keeping them apart of who you are. Whether it's a sport you once played or a hobby you gave up because you had no time.

It’s critical have passions in life that aren’t there to make you money.


Happiness is different for everyone but there’s a sure fire way to massively improve your life right now. Whatever passion you have inside you that grows and breathes life, it’s critical you keep pursuing it and never let it become ‘a thing you once did’. Kevin’s comedy is a part of him and not a previous life he once lived.

Continuing to follow your passion will create an effortless flow of energy that transfers across to all aspects of your life including relationships, business and self development.

Listen to this insightful episode for all of the details about how Kevin’s comedy come back could massively help improve your life.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

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