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In this episode, Nicole Piper shares her wealth of experience from being in the big brand world and how you can apply the exact same strategies to your own business to create above and beyond customer loyalty.

Show Highlights:

  • Establishing a voice and tone for your company that aligns with your brand (6:00)
  • Two key things you should always consider when writing for a company (12:00)
  • Is your brand resonating with your audience? Nicole shares a strategy she used whilst working at the giant kids tv channel Nickelodeon. (14:45)
  • A huge mistake most start up companies make (18:15)
  • Three important steps to deconstruct a brand down to it’s core (19:00)

As a copywriter, it’s essential that your copy matches your client’s ultimate goal of growing their brand.

Being able to establish a voice and tone for the company is key. On a deeper emotional level, you’re able to create a unique ‘feel’ for your brand and how it’s delivered to the customer.

The problem is that most people only ever think of the word ‘brand’ in visual terms. For example, when you think of Mcdonald's, you might have visioned the ‘golden arches’. But an important point most people miss is that customers aren’t identifying with the visual component of the brand. It’s actually the emotional side of the brand that the customer is really identifying with.

Abbey dives into how you can deconstruct a company down to it’s core message and really dig up the emotional identity behind the brand. She does this by using three simple strategies. Jump right to 19:00 if you’d like hear exactly how Abbey does this.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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