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A while back I heard this story of a man and his wife who visited a major tourist destination in Maui called, The Road To Hana. The long winding road took many hours. During their trip they passed breathtaking landscapes, waterfalls, cliffs, and beautiful beaches. At the end of the journey they arrived at the small, indistinct town of Hana.

When they finally arrived, the man's wife was extremely upset. She said, “We drove all this way for this?” She missed the point. The road to Hana wasn't about the destination, it was about the journey.

Similarly, when we're creating content, we get so focused on the destination that we forget about the journey. When we focus on our clients' journey, it’s much easier to create content that converts.

In today's article we'll discuss The C3 Method for creating content that converts:

  • Highway To Heaven: Curiosity
  • Make it beautiful: Connection
  • Don't disappoint: Conversion

Highway To Heaven: Curiosity

An estimated 400,000 people travel the road to Hana each year. With the nickname, “The Road To Heaven,” it's easy to see why so many people are curious about Hana. This kind of promise gets your listeners moving in the right direction.

When we're creating content, the first step to conversion is getting people to start the journey with us. The easiest way to hook people is to tap into their curiosity. For instance, if you wanted better conversions from your content and you found this article titled, “The C3 Method to Creating Content That Converts.” You might be curious to know what The C3 Method is, and how you can use it to get better conversions from your content.

Curiosity is the first “C.” Once we’ve got their attention, we have to keep them engaged. Let's take a look at how to do that in the next section.

Make it beautiful: Connection

In the opening story, the man's wife was so excited to get to Hana, that she ignored everything else along the way. She missed the beautiful waterfalls, cliffs, and beaches because she was so focused on getting to Hana.

One of the biggest mistakes people make with their content is focusing too much on the destination, rather than making the journey beautiful for our listeners. Since our listeners will spend most of their time on the journey, we have to make it as interesting as possible. One of the best ways to do this is sharing stories that connect with them. This keeps them locked in and interested in what we're saying.

Connection is the second “C.” Now that we know how to connect with our listeners, let's take a look at the final “C.”

Don't disappoint: Conversion

When you're traveling “The Highway To Heaven” and you arrive at a “1 gas station” town, it's easy to see why some people would be disappointed. It's the same in our content marketing. We have to make sure the “Call To Action” is as interesting as the journey. The best way to do this is to tap into our listeners' desires. Ask yourself, “What does my listener want most?” Then give it to them.

At The Podcast Factory we treat everything as the beginning of an interesting new journey. When you join our eMail list, that's the start of your journey into podcasting. When you sign up for a call, that's the journey of discovering how podcasting could work for you. When you become a client, you're on a journey to turn listeners into raving fans and awesome clients.

We covered a lot. Let's bring it together.

The “C3 Method” in action

We spend more time on the journey than we do the destination. That's why it makes sense to treat every journey as something beautiful and interesting for our listeners.

The first step to creating content that converts is to tap into our listeners' curiosity. Once we have their attention it's time to tell a good story that connects with them. When we have their attention we can offer them a way to continue their adventure with us. Using a good Call To Action that taps into their desires will get us the conversions we seek.

The Journey Continues

This article was all about The 3C Method for creating content that converts. We started the journey with “curiosity.” If you're not sure how to make your readers curious, check out this article https://thepodcastfactory.com/decoding-what-your-audience-really-wants-with-3-simple-tools/

When you're ready to turn your ideas into a podcast that delivers clients like clockwork, we should talk. We've helped 50+ experts launch their podcasts to eager audiences. I can show you how it all works on a quick 30-minute call. Book a time that works for you at https://thepodcastfactory.com/start/

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