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When you're watching your favorite action adventure movie and the protagonist has their back against the wall, what happens?

They have nothing to lose and go for it!

Millionaire loan officer Steve Kyles had his back against the wall when he was first married and broke. He went for it, putting his best efforts to learn and understand the loan processing industry.

Now 18 years later, he's honed loan processes so well that he's saturated a market and rebuilt it again.

In this episode, he reveals how to use loan processes and other resources to lock up to 10-20 times more loans per month.

Show highlights include:

  • Why having no Plan B forces you to master the skills necessary to write loans (4:16)
  • The “Acts of Freedom” strategy that hires your first back-end loan partner to complete loan tasks all the way to closing (7:22)
  • How letting go of your ego skyrockets your business 9-fold (even if you're not talented) (12:58)
  • Why leveraging free resources at your brokerage firm multiplies your team (even if you pay for seminars and courses) (17:24)
  • How replicating loan processes teaches your team to write the same amount of business you write (23:35)

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Welcome to The Millionaire Loan Officer podcast with your host, Scott Hudspeth sharing tools, tips and strategies so that you can go from a mortgage loan officer to a millionaire loan officer. It's your host, Scott Hudspeth.

Scotty: Hello everybody, this is Scott Hudspeth with Millionaire Loan Officer powered by Mortgage Marketing Animals and The Loan Officer Breakfast Club. And man, I don't know about you, but I'm super stoked to have my friend and business partner, Steve Kyles. Steve, I was like trying to catch up with all the things you have done in your short, well, I don't know, maybe you've been in the business a long time, like holy crap, successful mortgage business, over successful podcast. Man, dude, I'm just excited to peel back the curtain and see how in the heck you did all this man? What's going on brother?

Steve: That's great to see you brother. Love, man I just love being a part of what you do. And man, I love that saying that says better together. And when I think about you, man, you are absolutely making a huge impact in this industry. And so just love being here, love being a part of the community and linking arms to make a difference in our industry, bro. [01:19.3]

Scotty: You know, well, we have one common thread that I think is a uber important, everything to me, which is our brother, Carl White. So, we're attached at the hip. So, brothers from other mothers is what I say. So, it's been an amazing ride dude And man, so Steve, tell me a little bit about yourself, man. How long you've been in the business, where are you located at?

Steve: Yeah man. So, got in the business in 2003 and so been in, was it 18, 19 years. And so, man, 18 years ago I started originating loans and really just knew that it was what I was called to do, man. So started doing that, found purpose in helping people get into homes and then really have just been on a journey to continue to get better. And as we originate, one of things is a few years ago started The Loan Officer Leadership podcast, which gave us the ability to help loan officers even more and that's really my passion. You know, I love to originate, but I also love helping people. You know, I don't know about you Scotty, when I got in brother, I couldn't trip on a loan. Like we were in the middle of a refinance boom in 2002, 2003, I didn't even know that. I think my first year I closed, I think I made $18,000 this year, newly married, 25 years old, dead broke, four houses in foreclosure had a failed real estate business and owed a ton of money. And man, I'm telling you what, my wife and I were sitting there saying, okay, what do we do? Newly married and you know, the stress of money to a newly married couple. And I just felt like God had spoke to my heart, that man you're supposed to get in the mortgage business. And Scotty, I didn't even know you spelled mortgage with two G’s like I can sell, not spell. And I'm like mortgage, where's that other G that tricky G where's that I have no idea where is that. [02:59.5]

Scotty: Wait a minute. It has two G’s. What?

Steve: I know, right. Like Mortgage. And the man that just began an obsession. You know I say it all the time, I didn't have a plan B. I just knew this was what I was called to do. And then as we started seeing more and more success and especially in the last probably five to seven years, I just wanted to share that success, you know. I heard a lot of people pontificating about man, what they used to do in 1982 and I bought everybody's material, but I just wanted to know what do I say today to stop losing rate shoppers? What do I say today to help grow my team? How do I make the first hire? How do I get out of chasing conditions and bank statements and pay stubs so that I can do the activity, which you and I know the loan officer's value is not in getting things, the loan offer’s value is in the relationships and leads. The referrals, that's where the money and the golds at. And man, as we began to see a better way, I just wanted to shout it from the rooftop and that's where even your, this last year linked arms with Carl and you, and just so many of our good friends, because here's what we found. We're just better together. We're saying the same thing. We're helping lead other LO’s to where they, it didn't take them 15 years to figure out what it took me 15 years to figure it out. They can do it in the first six months. Change your life. [04:17.4]

Scotty: You know, it's funny a couple of things, man, like I could kill so many things off of what you just said, but you said you didn't have a plan B and I love that in the fact that like, do you think that gives me chills talking about this? Do you think that people get in the business, this is what I want to do, but there's always a plan B, so they never fully go all in? What do you think about that?

Steve: Yeah, man, that's a great point. You know, what's interesting is when you have options, there's a way out. And I've got to tell you, it's kind of like my marriage. We've been married, my wife and I, 19 years to the most amazing woman that I love. Like I'm more in love with her today than I was even a year ago. Like, it's amazing, but you know what Steph and I committed to when we got married, it was, there's never a way out, only a way through.

Scotty: Hmm.

Steve: And I think it talks to perspective in this industry, if you think there's a plan B, or if you say, Hey, I'm going to give it a whirl. I'm going to give it a try. You might as well just go to a different industry because this is not for the faint of heart. And for me, I was so naive. I didn't know any better, man. I just honest to God, Scott, you know what happened? I knew God called me to this industry and I just knew there could be no other way. It was like, it doesn't matter if it's easy, if it's hard, I'm a little scrappy. I grew up in a lower income home. You know, we actually growing up qualified for food stamps. My dad was too proud to take them, but we qualified. And here's what I learned in the first 15 years of my business. No one would outwork me, but here's what I've learned in the last five years of my business. Just because you work hard, doesn't mean it's effective. [05:54.4]

Scotty: Hmm.

Steve: That's the shift in mindset. We grew up Scotty, you remember this. Hey bro, you gotta work 70 hours a week. My wife was in the business with me for the first 10 years and I swear we didn't have kids because all we did was work. Like your badge of honor was I put in my 70 hours. Well, looking back, that was a great mantra. Like dude, I even own the website, grow in grout, grow and grind.

Scotty: I love it.

Steve: Like everything is [inaudible], everything. And now what I realize is it's not the grinding it's can I be more effective with what I currently have? What's the least I have to do to produce the same result. And that's really these last three to five years and part of why we put out so much content to The Marketing Animals and your podcast and mine. And you know, one of the things we want to do is show the officers, it doesn't have to be that way.

Scotty: Yeah.

Steve: This industry was designed or can be designed to live in freedom and not in the bondage of I'm a slave to what I do. [06:55.1]

Scotty: I love it, dude. I love it. Hey, quick way off the cuff here. So, I met a lady over the weekend who literally, and I want your opinion on this was off the grid. Off the grid, no power, no water for three and a half years. You know the first word she said to me, freedom, I had freedom. Is that insane?

Steve: Wow.

Scotty: Right. So, I'm going to actually have her on my podcast. I'm pretty excited about that. But you talk about freedom. One of the things that you brought up in that statement was first hire. So, knowing what you know now fast forward 18 years.

Steve: Yeah.

Scotty: Man, if I would have just known that in year 1, 2, 3, what would that be? Like who’s your first hire? [07:34.4]

Steve: Yeah, the first hire, here's what I would think for those who are listening. If they'll go to our site, the premium planning, call.com or whatever your site is to do a strategy call.

Scotty: Yeah.

Steve: The first thing I would do is I would do an acts of freedom. And the very first hire is the one that does the bee activity. I love what Carl always says, A] Activity is getting loans B] Activity is fulfilling the loans once they come in. And the very first hire, and this is if you're closing two loans a month or even four, but Scotty, this is the mindset like most managers would say, oh, you're not doing enough production. Here's what I heard for the first 15 years. When you close eight loans consistently, we'll get you help. Well, excuse my French, but hell you can't close eight loans because you get to eight, you're putting out all the fires and then you drop down to two and then you do it again. Then you do six and then you do eight. Here goes that Seesaw up and down. The very first hire I would hire is a backend loan partner that literally chases conditions and takes it all the way through to closing. The second person I would hire would be the one who helps in what we call sales fulfillment. There's four areas of business marketing, what it takes to go get the loan. We call that the DSP and those marketing activities. Sales fulfillment is what happens when the phone rings. That would be my second hire would be when the phone rings, they complete the app book the loan consultation. They go through the documents, chase conditions. They set up the loan consultation and send out the pre-approval. And then as the loan officer, I would literally stay on the marketing activities, loan consultation, and lock and that's it. If you do that alone, with those three positions, you can get to 22 units a month consistently every time, hands down. First one contract to close chasing conditions, chasing docs, ensuring it goes to closing, client-Facing. Second one is sitting in the sales fulfillment helping me so that all I do is market loan, consult, lock loans. [09:29.0]

Scotty: And for, anybody, anywhere, if you're in California or I don't care, Maine and Steve, you have this setup like you have, like, I've heard people that work with you. I've heard you talk about it. Like you're not talking about here's what you do. Like here's what you did, correct?

Steve: Yeah. A 100% Yeah, it's what I'm doing currently. So, it's this, I want a simple, consistent, so it's gotta be so simple anybody can do it. Consistent means it happens every time. You know, Scotty here's the interesting thing is this as loan officers, we think our business grows to our greatest division, but in reality, it falls to our lowest everyday process.

Scotty: Hmm.

Steve: And I'm a vision guy, vision guy, vision guy on the disc assessment my SNC are like super low, but I have learned, I have to be really good at the details. Like for me, I've got to be good at processes and details because that's the only way it's simple and consistent. But when you got to process Scotty, it produces. So, the simple, consistent process doesn't work hard, it just like a fruit on a tree. It produces a repeatable referrable experience. So, what I mean by that is if the phone is answered the same time every time and the purpose of the lead call is to complete the app and book the consult the same way, the same time, every time. Guess what? I can put a long partner in there to produce the same result. Why? It's not rocket science. Now, what do I do when I booked the loan consultation? Well, if I do the loan consultation the same way every time study, not one day, I'm going to go talk about credit reports and one day I'm talking about [inaudible] like I go through my loan consult, sales price, monthly payment cash to close answer questions, rate, option if needed and close for the business. Guess what happens? Scotty, my loan partner, who is not gifted in personality can do it and close 9 out of 10. [11:28.2]

How do you know Steve? This year like Tammy challenged me, Carl challenged me. You've got to get out of the business so we can focus on coaching and the things we're doing. Scotty, started it in April, reproduced it with a second, reproduced it with a third, reproduced it with a fourth loan partner, capturing 90% of every contract that came in, went to closing or into the backend process because it's a simple, consistent process that produces a repeatable referrable experience. Now, one last thing, and I know I'm talking a lot, but here was the interesting thing, Scott, you and I are really good. We're really gifted. What's the problem with gifted loan officers? You can't repeat it. [inaudible]. And what I found was if my process is strong enough, it's not based on personality, it's based on process. So, you can take somebody who's maybe a 10 on your team, but as far as personality, as part as, as far as being gregarious and really having the wow factor, maybe there are six or seven. And if they'll follow the process, follow the script, you're able to work yourself out of the business and they can produce the same result and come alive doing it because they know, Hey, it's done this way every time. And so, it's not gifting your personality, it's just structure and process. And that's, what's been fun over the last two to five years is we've been working on this process that's now producing results that are just mind blowing because it's repeatable with anybody all you gotta do is this way. [12:58.8]

Scotty: So, you I know you hear this, but it's Steve Kyles though. It's Steve Kyle's right. He's special. He's gifted.

Steve: Yeah.

Scotty: So, what's the one thing that's like cause Steve, you and I talked to so many talented, over talented loan officers, I mean, what is it that's keeping them from having the success that you've had in your career short term long term?

Steve: Let go. Not even a hesitation letting go. So, here's the problem, we believe our own press clippings. Really it takes a lot of talent to be able to say, Hey Scotty, in this 30-minute loan consultation, I'm gonna help you build a clear mortgage plan. Scotty, we're gonna work through sales, price, monthly payment cash to close answer any and all questions you have. And then from there, let me ask you this. You got any questions? How talented is that? [12:58.8]

Scotty: It's basic. It's repeatable. It's like simple.

Steve: [inaudible] right?

Scotty: Yeah.

Steve: But see the problem is when talent's not enough to have a real business. So, if you want a short shelf-life Scotty, build your business on talent. Guess who's going to be literally in the middle of everything they do. You are. But here's what I found is, you know what, I'm going to live in my lane, but that's not a real business. That's being dominated by what you do. And I don't want to be in the middle of that. So, I think talent's not enough. And the biggest challenge loan officers face is what if they make a mistake and guess what they're going to do. Scotty? Make a mistake.

Scotty: Make a mistake. I hope so, you're not working hard enough man. [14:23.6]

Steve: And it's okay. Like literally, Hey, well what happens when they lose that lock? I literally, or what happens when they, that client chooses another lender? I'll go into my team meetings on Monday, and I just say, Hey guys, listen, super excited. We've got a lead goal. We've got a lock goal. We've got literally loan consultation goals and we'll walk in. And the person who sits in that seat for me, Mary Lou, her goal is to keep everybody focused on the three main goals for the week. And you know what, when one's lost, it's like, great. Here's what I tell her last week she lost one to a rate shopper. I said, good, that means you've got nine more, they're going to lock without any questions. [inaudible] On Monday cause you know the next nine and we've done this for the last three years. So, we know mathematically, if you follow the formula, you'll lock in and move into underwriting 9 out of 10. So great, you lost your first. Cool. What if I lost two this week? Great, that means your next 20, 18 are going to stay. Like, I mean you got it.

Scotty: Yeah. [15:20.7]

Steve: And so, I think we get scared to break the engine. You know, here's what I had to do. And this is what I would challenge a loan officer. If you have a vision, you feel like God's placed it in you to do more than be okay with the breakage. How do you tune a Ferrari? With your foot on the gas man. Well, what happens if it breaks? Well, it gonna break. And what's cool about it is when it breaks I don't have to control it. I go back to my team and say, Hey guys, how do we build it bigger, better, faster, stronger, cool. Hey, did that work? Not didn't work. Cool. What are you going to do to make it different? Awesome. Hey, here's what my opinion might be. But you know what? Let's test it out and whichever gets the better results that's what we're going to do.

Scotty: I love it. So, the cloud hanging over, I know people are listening, going, Yeah, but Steve I've hired somebody before, and I know what you're talking about. It just didn't work. So, I find myself just having to take time to train them and having to take time to UHHH, so I just, I said, now it's not going to work. I just went back to myself. [16:14.8]

Steve: Hey Scotty, let me ask you this.

Scotty: Yeah.

Steve: And me included. Have you ever had a bad haircut? Hey like listen, look.

Scotty: [inaudible]Yeah just yesterday.

Steve: I have had it to where they literally gave me a buzz on my head. It doesn't mean I stopped getting my hair cut. I just gotta go find a different barber. Hey, in study, you bring up a great point out of all the thousands of students or clients, we have helped thousands of clients we've helped with The Marketing Animals and Freedom Club. Do you know that the stat is only about one in four of your hires works out.

Scotty: Hmm…

Steve: And that's shocking. You know, I think we think I'm going to get it right the first time. And the truth is you're just not. So go ahead and hire your four. One's going to stick. And if you're really good, two out of four will stick and I think we've got to be okay with it or I love the phrase we say, then, ‘I choose to play small and not live out my potential.’

Scotty: Hmm.

Steve: And so, it's a responsibility issue. It's my responsibility to choose, to be okay with breakage to choose, to be okay with hiring the wrong person, to choose to be okay with making mistakes and losing deals and maybe dropping a little bit in income while I'm training people to go to the next level. I'm okay with it because I know what's inside of me. Hey Scotty, let me say one other thing too.

Scotty: Yeah.

Steve: I'm on a 90-day run right now. I'm 90 days where we made some shifts, and I made a positional move because I really believe I can build something significant. I started all over brand new, fresh June 1st. So, it was about 90 to about a hundred days ago. And let me tell you, there were four of us. There's 18 of us today.

Scotty: Wow. [17:50.0]

Steve: What I would tell you is this. First off, how many of those did I hire? Well, I brought on probably maybe four, but what I did was I began to find team members. And if you're saying, Hey, I'm all by myself. I went internally to our company and said, Hey guys in HR, Hey, who can help us? Hey, who's recruiting operations people. Who's recruiting loan partners and processors? So, I think we feel like if I'm by myself, there were only four of us.

Scotty: Hmm.

Steve: So, I went from a market that we had grown significantly to starting all over June 1st with no resource, no nothing. And I just started looking okay, well I don't have it in my hands so let me see what's around me. Oh my gosh, HR has a recruiter that can help hire processors and loan partners. Fantastic. Hey, well, Sarah, here's what I'm looking for. You got anybody? And I began to look out inside my company to find resources that I could leverage that I wasn't even paying for, but the company was.

Scotty: Hmm.

Steve: And I think we look in our hand and say, but I'm all by myself. Yeah, you are, but you're not. You got, you got branches and branch managers and HR. And I think you've got to learn to be resourceful. And honestly the best person to hire is not me. So let me find the right people to do the interviews, to go through the disk, to go through all of what it takes to bring on the right people. I'll be happy to give a last blessing, but it had been easy for me to say, well, I've got to hire every one of them. No, I just found people, clothes that were better than me. That would give me insight into is that the right person. [19:17.1]

Scotty: A 100% man. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Yeah, use your resources, right. So, moving to loan officers. So, okay. I just signed up with Steve and part of his monstrous, what do I do? Like what should a loan officer do to have the fastest, like, like you said, what's the least amount I can do to have the desired results. What do I do now? Now that I've delegated, just let go of all the stuff.

Steve: You know, the thing that I'm focused to there's 74 days till the end of the year. Absolutely insane. And here's what I encouraged my LO’s this morning in our sales call is this, it goes back to the fundamentals. If you will focus on the fundamentals in the next 74 days, when most people start taking their foot off the gas, literally I got in my truck and I live in Houston. It is rare to be in the sixties. Usually we're wearing Bermuda, Bahama shorts or whatever on, on Christmas Eve. But I got in and it was chilly this morning. You know what it does? It makes me want to start checking out for the holidays. Then I got in and I said, you know what? 9 to 11 fundamentals, what do I do every day 9 to 11? I prospect. Who do I prospect? On Mondays of calling my Thor's hammer, 30 qualified agents. What am I doing on Tuesday? My just ask every single person a part of a transaction. What am I doing on Wednesday? I'm reaching out to my database because probably 40% of that database has still not refinanced. [20:35.7]

What am I doing on Thursday? And making sure I'm not losing my pre-approved in lookings. So, if I can stay focused on my fundamentals, then I think you're going to see great success. The problem is we get distracted with trying to build a list of recruit and hire from 9 to 11. We don't do that at that time, we prospect 9 to 11. we work on our business in the afternoon and do long consults. So, the very first thing I would do, if you're closing four to six units, you want to close six to 10 by December, January, I would look to make your first hire. If my company doesn't pay for it so what pony up or share a partner with somebody who is already seeing the same kind of success you are. And I would offload the busy work, the bee activity, the chasing conditions, the chasing documents, the all the things once it's contract closed and I would focus on the fundamentals of marketing, prospecting, building new relationships when everybody else has going to sleep. Take off on the holiday week. I'm good. Here's what I want to encourage our listeners. Put your foot on the gas until the week of Thanksgiving. Take that week off. Cool. But don't let it off the gas until that week. The week of Christmas, take it off. But every week prior to put your foot on the gas, and if you do that, remember loans move in 90-day cycles. The challenge is what you do today is the fruit of what you'll eat the last week of December and January. [21:54.9]

Scotty: A 100% DSP, what you mapped out there was the D - daily success plan. And it's like, oh man, if everybody just did the DSP. So, I don't know what link you want to give them. If someone said, Steve, you just said some really cool stuff. I want more, I want more from Steve, where do they go? Yeah. freedomplanningcall.com. And what that does is that's going to book you a one-hour strategy session with our team. And what we will do is help you map out the next 12 months and then really bring it down to the next 90 days. We call it a white boarding session. And we're literally going to give you the tools in the, in the, what we come up with together on that one-hour strategy call and look at the end of it, if you want to do it on your own, do it. If you'd like to say, Hey, we'd love help in executing it we'd love to help you. Our passion is to help you get better. Our passion is that you don't find the locals that truly push so many great originators out of the business. I was talking to a loan officer last week and the rollercoaster is so hard on his family, he was literally talking about getting out of an industry that has the greatest potential. [22:56.4]

Scotty, I've never been a part of something where there's no ceiling. You want to make a million bucks, they focus on the fundamentals. Well, what do I do? this every single day. And if you'll do it like clockwork, you'll break the two-comma club. And I guarantee you there's no other industry that has no education requirement. You don't need a doctorate or a degree. I'm a six-year college dropout seeing the level of success we're in because the fundamentals. Don't chase, shiny objects and widgets. And it's not about sync leads and being busy, it's about being effective so that you can have even more and realize the life of freedom. So, freedomplanningcall.com, check it out. [23:36.4]

Scotty: freedomplanningcall.com. Love it. And it was just the other day you hired one person. I don't know what you, I want to say, mortgage expert or somebody between you and the team. What did you do here? Cause I think this is epic for, I don't know. I want to give people something to shoot for. And this is like the most epic thing that I think you've done, and I just want to talk about that a little bit.

Steve: Yeah. So, you know, what's interesting is earlier this year, Carl and Tammy with The Marketing Animals and you know, they really challenged me, Hey, the next evolution of your business. Because let me tell you what happens as a good tactician owner, a good loan officer, I was still taking the majority of the leads. I had somebody, a loan partner on the front end who was helping clean up the details. I would do every loan consult. I would lock in every loan and then I would hand it off and I was doing all the marketing. And that was just earlier this year. And I said, what if there was a better way where you could replicate your position so that you're not the one that has to do the loan consultation or locked in the call. And the first thought is this guy, oh man, what happens if they lose the client? What if they get shopped? You know, they're not going to convert as well as I did. And so, it goes back to breaking the engine. So, I just said, listen, we've got nothing to lose. So, April 19th, I literally made the decision. That was the day I stopped taking loan consults. And what I did was I really had already been dialing in the structure of a loan consultation, which is helping build a clear mortgage plan, sales price, monthly payment cash to close answer any and all questions. And when necessary, talk about rate range. And then at the end I would close for the business. [25:13.5]

And that was so dialed in. I had one of my guys, Michael just started watching and listening on teams. And then there was a point where it was like, look brother, it's yours. So, you're going to watch and listen to me, do this. He watched, listened to me the same script, the same process, and he did it and started producing the same results. And it was remarkable because that's when I realized I'm good, but if the script was the same, the process was the same, he could produce the same result. And he did. So, we call that a mortgage expert. So, if you're closing and I would say a mortgage expert, if you want to get to about 20, 22 units a month, that's really where a mortgage expert can help you even bus through to get to 25, 30, 35 units a month. And so, it just depends on what you're trying to grow, but the mortgage expert sits in your seat as the loan officer and does the loan consultation and locks in the call or locks in the client, whether it's a refi or a purchase. So, you would have a front-end load partner who is taking the call, completing the app, booking the consultation. They would literally gather the trailing documents set up the note in the file, set up the fees, set it up, how they think it should be structured best, add it in a outlook calendar invitation. [26:29.8]

The mortgage expert goes in every day and the goal is they're doing four to six long consults a day. If they're doing that, it's a phenomenal book of business. And we do loan consultations from 2 to four. And if somebody has got to have a morning, it's 10 to 11 and we do it every 30 minutes, gives you opportunity to have six consultations a day, which is more than enough. For the week, it's something like 30 consultations you can fit in a week. But what that mortgage expert does is they go in and they execute loan consults, and then they help you with the marketing efforts. So, they can do Thor's hammers, just ask database. They can do pals, but that is the seat they sit in. And then when the contract comes in, they're locking it in and then the loan partner is handing it off to the backend. So, with two people, a loan partner and a mortgage expert, a front-end loan partner, you should be able to close pan twenties, mid-twenties all day long. And if you want to break into the thirties, that's probably where you would add in another loan partner on the front end. So, you'd have two loan partners feeding into the mortgage expert, so. [27:29.7]

Scotty: So, Steve, I love that, but all my real estate agents want to talk with me.

Steve: Yeah. Well, let's that's what we've trained them to do, man. You're going to have some breakage in that. I got to tell you; it all goes back to how we set it up. You know what I love, when I did it Scotty earlier this year, I did it in an awful way. And I lost, I don't know, a third of my partners, which was really funny because for me, it went back to breaking the engine, bad haircut. I wouldn't do it the way I did it. I literally just flipped the switch one day and that was it. What I've done since then is if I were trying to groom a mortgage expert, I'm taking my mortgage expert to my lunches, to my coffees, to my zoom calls, to my sales meetings, with my realtor offices that we currently have. And so, what I'm doing now is really making her very visible in my team as my mortgage expert. Hey, listen, when the phone when we do the consultations, if I'm in another appointment, helping another great family, like the one you've referred, Mary Lou on my team is going to be the one walking through the consultation and building a clear mortgage plan. And here's, what's interesting Scotty, when am I helping another family? [28:35.8]

Scotty: Every time.

Steve: Every time.

Scotty: Yeah.

Steve: I mean, it doesn't matter, it's every time. And so, but what happens is here's something that really helped us. Everybody on my team, when you touch a referral or touch a lead, you're required to touch the partner. And the reason why that's really powerful is when a new lead call comes in and my front-end loan partner takes that call, the second they booked the consultation and complete the application the next call is to the realtor partner to say, Hey, listen, it's Sabrina on Steve's team, just want to let you know that Carl called today, we completed the loan application. We got him scheduled for a loan consultation tomorrow at 2:00 PM. Hey, listen as soon as we get done with that, we'll call you with a full update so, you know exactly where they're staying. And you good with that? Fantastic girl. Hey listen, can I ask you a quick question? Hey, do you have anybody else that we can get pre-approved today so that we can get them looking for a home? Now, if that were a client, I would do the three by three, can I count on you? And it would be that when you have a friend, family, coworker looking to buy, sell or refi, but since it's a partner, I'm going to say, Hey, can I count on you? That when you have the person who needs to get pre-approved that you'd send them my way. And so that's what that touch the referral. Touch the partner conversation is every time, because then tomorrow guess who's doing the loan consult? Not me, Mary Lou. And as soon as she's done, she's going to call and say, Hey, Carl, it's Mary Lou on Steve's team. How are you? Hey, listen. I just did a loan consultation with whoever and give them an update. And that partner gets familiar with Mary Lou, and they realized, wow, Mary Lou is doing a great job. She gave me an update. The buyers will qualify, and she's done everything she said she did. So, they're earning the trust and competence and takes about 30 days to really shift in. The thing I would have done different was I would have had her meet with all of my top partners first, but I just didn't. So, but it's working great now. Hey, and I'll tell you with your mortgage expert too. The great thing about that is they can lift in the marketing arena. She's now doing Thor's hammers on a Thor's hammer on Monday. She's helped with the just ask. Now she's not doing database cause actually have a company that's doing VA’s calling do database for refis. [30:42.2]

Then I did that for lift, but then on Thursday, she's absolutely critical. She does all the pals calls because she's warming them back up. Hey, do you need us to run numbers ahead of making an offer over the weekend? So that mortgage expert really has a lot of bandwidth because you don't let them do other things. They are focused on loan consults, locks. That's the order loan consults, locks and then it goes back to marketing as you have bandwidth. And so, with that, you get an extra lift and if you're getting 80 leads a month, you can easily get to 120-150. Now, not just for more leads with the understanding you keep a high conversion, 25% or less. [31:19.6]

Scotty: Unbelievable man. Dude, I can talk to you all day, bro. So, in ending here, any final words that you've said so much. So, I think it's freedomstrategycall.com, correct?

Steve: freedomplanningcall.com.

Scotty: freedomplanningcall.com. freedomplanningcall.com. All right cool.

Steve: Go and check it out, we'd love to help you and, and I just get to encourage them. Wherever you're at don't quit. In link arms with people honest to God, I'm better today because I'm linked arms with Scotty. I'm better today because I've linked arms with Carl and Tammy. And I'm thinking about even the times we have in the other people. You know what here's my final thought is when you're isolated and when you're alone, it's easy to get picked off, who you're tethered to matters. And life moves at the speed of relationships.

Scotty: Hmm.

Steve: And if you want to go far and fast, you know I've heard it Hey, if you want to run fast, run alone, if you want to go far run together, I think that's a half truth. I think you can run fast and far together when you're tethered to the right people. And so, my encouragement to the audience today is really make sure you're looking as you go into the holiday season, get tethered to the right people, get connected with people that want to go further and faster together, but it doesn't mean you have to work more. The fallacy in our industry is if I want more, I've got to work more, which is why I don't want it. And what I would encourage is this I'm doing more than I've ever done with less effort, not out of laziness, but out of the effectiveness of having other people help me on this journey. And I know you may say, well, I'm by myself. Cool. Then who's our next team member to help you go further, faster together. And so, I just want to challenge you, man. This is a great season. 74 days left. By the time you listen to this, there's going to be even fewer days left in the year. What you do today is the fruit of what you eat in December and January. So, man, whatever you do anything worth doing is worth doing badly. Just get started. Start today, start now because I choose to have an exceptional business. [33:24.7]

Scotty: Unbelievable Steve. So, Hey check out Steve freedomplanningcall.com his podcast [inaudible] .com. Dude man, unbelievable. Thank you so much honored to be a part of you, guys. Guys this is The Millionaire Loan Officer powered by Mortgage Marketing Animals and The Loan Officer Breakfast Club. Be safe and we'll see you on the web. Take everybody. [33:45.1]

I'm a Millionaire Loan Officer.

Thank you for tuning into the Millionaire Loan Officer podcast with your host Scott Hudspeth, don't forget to visit MLOlive.com to have your questions answered. See you next time. [34:08.1]

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