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“Oh crap, I forgot to call [insert name]!”

How many times have you lost a client because that happened to you?

Many people from all industries forget to make follow up phone calls. But not making those calls can cost a lot of money. Having a process automate that is worth the price to not lose another client.

Millionaire Loan Officer Brad Brondt designed a form and process that helps you with follow up phone calls. Implementing that process could increase your business by millions.

In this episode, discover how you use the form to follow up with more clients and skyrocket your business.

Show highlights include:

  • Why having a client relations manager puts money in your bank account (even if you have to hire for the position) (10:15)
  • The “Wufu Form” that simplifies the follow up process to net you millions (13:32)
  • Why sending a text message every Thursday collects endless referral clients for you (19:31)
  • How eating half of a watermelon finds more buyers for you (25:47)

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Welcome to The Millionaire Loan Officer podcast with your host, Scott Hudspeth sharing tools, tips and strategies so that you can go from a mortgage loan officer to a millionaire loan officer. It's your host, Scott Hudspeth.

Scotty: Hey everybody, Scott Hudspeth here Millionaire Loan Officer powered by Mortgage Marketing Animals and The Loan Officer Breakfast Club, which I'm super excited beyond excited to have my dear friend Brad Brondt on here. Man, we've been hanging out every single morning for like 18 months. It's been a lot of fun, man, and I just I hate to say this, but I think I've learned more from you than you from me. So, I'm just going to put that out there. So, it's a bit exciting to be a part of your life. Just be excited to be a part of your journey. What we're going to call this podcast is 2 steps back, 10 steps forward. And I want to go deep with Brad on that. He's approaching that 90 million mark. I think you said you're at 65 million to date with the last quarter. So, congratulations on your success. Welcome to Millionaire Loan Officer man.

Brad: Yeah, thanks for having me, man. It's been really good to know you as well. I feel like we've met, and we haven't really met in person yet, but we spent a lot of mornings together. That's for sure.

Scotty: Yeah, a lot of mornings man. So, Brad, I met you in the heat of the COVID. We'd start hanging out first thing in the morning and you know, I'll always love this stuff that happens before we actually click record or go live. And you said, man, you know, it's been a rebuilding phase. It's been 2 steps back, 10 steps forward. Tell me what's going on there, man. [01:40.5]

Brad: Yeah, I mean this year we've really focused heavily on our plumbing. So just obviously everybody knows what the whole change with the new [inaudible] a, that was a major hurdle for us because we were already working towards moving. Los’s is from Caitlin's point to a newer one, I think called lending QB. I'm not sure how new it is, but I know most people I've spoken with, haven't heard of it and it's great. But the thing is that usually when you transition to something like a big technology or software product like that there's months of development and months in that transition phase, well, we had to do it overnight because you know, lack of better words, but Kayla, shit the bed. So, we had to migrate to a new loan origination software this year. We transitioned to the enterprise version of Floify, which was a, not a major hurdle for us because we were already using Floify, but now what it does is, is directly integrated with that new LOS we're using. So, every time a milestone is met, it's sending out live notifications to the borrowers and the clients. And even part of that, I had to record every single milestone video, so that way they get that milestone video when those milestones are met. But it kind of goes back and forth where applications are coming in, it's feeding right into the LOS. And then the third part is that I worked on some major integrations and custom buildouts with Jungo and you know, in my Jungo with software developers. And I feel like all of these plumbing as I called it earlier is done. So now we can really focus. And I've spent a lot of time as you know, Scott, I'm very geeky when it comes to the technology, part of it as my value proposition to agents to show them how we run our business and help them implement these things. But while I've been working on that because I haven't been making as many outbound calls, I'm still having appointments and I, and everybody on my team, there's very fine lines drawn in the sand where everybody has their non-negotiables, that they're working on, to make sure all the calls and the DSP is being made. [03:36.0]

Scotty: Yeah, and you've been instrumental in sharing every step of the way on the breakfast club. So, if you guys, if you're not hanging out in the breakfast club, you're missing out on Brad’s, I'm just telling you, man, you've dropped some serious bombs. You've been an instrumental key in showing all the systems you've been, you’re on Agent Mastermind, what you, I think you're the one that brought the Facebook strategy to us, and you took it to a whole another level doing video marketing. And you've been a huge, like what got you into video marketing? What was it that said, man, I'm going to start communicating by video? Was it COVID or just like who you are or what was that?

Brad: Because I'm just as ugly on video as I am in a person, you know? So, what's the difference. I just feel like it gives it a more, it's a wow factor. Like sending the videos on Facebook, I don't really do that as much as I used to. I really don't do it at all. It's very rare unless I'm making an intro, I'll do an intro to two people on Facebook with a video it's just easier. I'm a slow typer, that's another thing. But I think it just gives it that wow factor. So, I do a lot of video email. I do video like retargeting ads on Facebook. I'm very big on video. [04:35.8]

Scotty: Awesome, awesome. So, you said you've been Uber techie and everybody's like, I get asked a million times what's CRM and I'm like, yes, that one, whatever one you're going to use, right. But like what is the one techie, I mean, there's so many things that you've brought to the table that have been successful. What's one thing that you would say you'd pull out of your bag and go, man, if you're not using this, you're kind of missing out.

Brad: Well, the one thing I think that anybody can use cause there is no replacement for Homebot, but there's a few pieces of technology that we can't live without. One of them is home, the other one is Jungo which that comes to, that can be replaced. There are, there are, I can't replace it with anything else. I can never find something that would replace it, but you have to understand CRMs and technology at a higher level to use that, but there are other options. So, CRM, it's just a matter of which one you're going to use, that's the important thing. So, the CRM, Homebot is a definite cause anybody can implement that right away. We also use MortgageCoach. It just makes the process of showing people, their options transparent, where they can understand it at a lower level.

Scotty: Okay.

Brad: So those are the three things that we use every day in our business and Homebot would be the easiest to implement. And I, 100% agree that people should use that if they're not. [05:48.5]

Scotty: So, you going from zero, cause we all started at zero going from zero to 65. Now you've got another three months left, tell us how long you've been in the business. Like where were you at 24 months ago compared to where you're at now. And just so kind of keep people can get irrelevance of how long you’ve been in.

Brad: I would say Tammy Schneider was key to this because my business partner and I, I say at the time of joining The Mortgage Marketing Animals or The Freedom Club, we were probably at about 140 deals a year cumulative so 70 apiece. 70 to 80, we hung around that. I always beat him by a little bit, cause that's just how we roll. So, we were very close in that sense and even when we opened a branch, we weren't owners, we weren't operators, we weren't anything. We were a loan originator. So, we had to learn a lot of things that we weren't used to doing, right? So, we opened this branch or a sharing expense, but we were still running our own origination. So, he was getting paid on his stuff. I was getting paid on my stuff. We were sharing support. We both had our own loan partners, but it was like a revolving door. He couldn't find someone that was loyal, but also good at what they did. So, I guess right before the pandemic, so November of 2019 Tammy and I had a conversation cause Craig, and I went to lunch and Craig said, Hey, you know, if we could do this all over again, I'd be your loan partner. And I was like, well, I don't know if that would work. That's a little bit extreme, but I kept thinking about it. Like maybe he's on to something, right. So, I really liked the outreach stuff. Like my value proposition is no expectations, right? Like I want to help you grow your business. I want to show you what we're doing. I want you to implement software and technology and be able to cover more areas. So that's like my approach with realtors is showing this cool stuff. Craig likes the mortgage part of it, the consultation part of it, the running the team part of it. [07:36.2]

So that's where we really saw major changes because then what we did was we took, okay, everything's going to close in my name so I can be the face of the business. He's going to make sure stuff is getting done and consultations are being had. And it's going to allow me to just focus on selling and building the business all day long, right. So, I think we saw a rapid increase. I mean, we can contribute everything to the rates and the refinances. But last year we did, I think like 330 transactions with refinances, like the amount like refinances, it was like every five people we talked to, we were getting five refinances. You know what I mean? It was like five for five. So, this year the refinances slowed down a bit because a lot of people have already done it. Purchases are still hard because of the competition. So, we have a ton of pre-approvals, but we don't have as many people closing as we would in a normal market. But we've still at year to date, we've closed 232 loans and we have another 40 in the pipe. So, we'll be at right now. Like what's in process on what's closed, we're at 270. So, if I can close out the year and be equal to where I was last year, a little bit higher, I'm fine with that, cause last year was just a crazy year. Not that this year hasn't been, but with all the plumbing, you know, I think it's going to be crazy. I can't wait to see what next year brings. But to answer your original question, it was that conversation with Tammy, really the conversation with Craig at lunch and we've really been able to focus on our strengths. [08:56.1]

Scotty: A big shout out to Tammy man. She's amazing in so many ways and she just the good and the bad is she just tells it how it is. You know what I mean? She just puts it out there, whether you like it or not. So, we shout out to Tammy if you're listening or I'm sure she'll hear about it. So just to break that down, what you just said is you both were LO’s, and he was more of a, Hey man, let me meet with the clients, make the experience good. Brad, you go, just bring them in the door. I'll skin them and close them.

Brad: Yeah.

Scotty: But that kind of what you said.

Brad: Yeah. I mean, it kind of transitioned more into that, but as it started, and we started growing and he was almost acting like an operations manager. So, he was having pipeline meetings with the processors cleaning stuff up. I had who we call are, he’s still a loan consultant. He goes by that. But his position now is loan coordinator. He was doing our consultations, but the problem is he's great, but he's like 90% there. There's still a lot of opportunities that he was missing or leaving on the table just because of his lack of experience. And we had a freedom club meeting in Salt Lake City, a few months back and the one thing that I committed to was increasing, like I'm not worried about getting more leads. Like I want that I want more referrals, but the biggest, the key thing is converting more, right?

Scotty: Got it.

Brad: Increasing my conversion rate. So, I said, if Craig starts doing the consultations, we're guaranteed to convert more of these buyers cause he understands it at a higher level.

Scotty: I love it. I love it. [10:15.0]

Brad: So in like 30 seconds or less, this is our process. We have a client relations manager. She's like the guard dog, the very front of it. She manages all of our internet leads, which she has a VA calling the internet leads as well alongside of her. But she's talking to the people that respond positively. She's taking loan applications and she is reaching out to our clients every 90 days.

Scotty: Wow. So, if VA is U.S, Philippines?

Brad: So, my client relations manager is she's stateside.

Scotty: Okay.

Brad: She's been with him for over a year.

Scotty: Okay.

Brad: So, she's taking the application. She's dealing with the internet leads that raise their hand. So, she's only dealing with the ones that respond with positive intent.

Scotty: Gotcha.

Brad: And then she's making our past database calls. But she has a VA working with her that's doing every single internet lead that comes in he calls them each 15 times.

Scotty: Wow.

Brad: Or until he gets a hold of him. And if he gets a hold of them, then he, you know, if they want to move forward, then he'll pass them along to her.

Scotty: Okay, Okay.

Brad: She gets the application done. Inflow of file automatically request the documents. Then it'll go to Greg, who's our loan coordinator. He'll run credit, he'll run DU. He'll set up a total cost analysis and mortgage coach because everybody gets one regardless, refinance or purchase. So, he'll set the file up and he'll call them to schedule their pre-qualification or pre-approval consultation, depending on if we have documents or not. Either way, we want to talk to them right away to cause a lot of people don't do the application, but they won't start submitting the documents right away because they still don't know like, and trust us, right. That's very personal sending over W2's and stuff so, when we have that call, Hey, listen, you're pre-qualified, everything looks good. However, we do need this stuff. They're more inclined to take that next step now. So, either way a consultation gets done with Craig, he does it and then they'll either be marked pre-qualified or pre-approved. Regardless of what they are, if they're marked pre-qualified in the system, they get a call once a week to ask for business right. [12:07.3]

Scotty: Yeah.

Brad: But the pre-qualified is also to say, Hey, let's get you to the next step. The pre-approved people were calling every week to ask for business, Greg is doing those our loan coordinators.

Scotty: Okay. Okay.

Brad: Now, once we have a deal in process, it gets assigned to the loan opener, he opens it and submits it to processing, but he works directly with the processor. So, he's making the Tuesday calls.

Scotty: Okay and ask him for the business.

Brad: And ask him for the business.

Scotty: Gotcha.

Brad: And meetings, if he's calling realtors, he's asking for meetings. So now we've established our client relations manager, our loan coordinator. Under the loan coordinator, he has a loan partner. We do it a little bit differently. Our loan partner is essentially a bird dog. He does whatever's needed for the team, but he's also calling different lists. So, we really broke up the DSP. So, he's calling, for instance, he's calling, we have everything disposition. Like I'm very in tune with my CRM and I constant, that's where I spend, most of my time is working on it and changing it. So, every single issue could think of if they're unqualified, he's calling them every 90 days to try to get them to come back into our funnel, but also to ask them for business, right.

Scotty: Yeah. [13:09.8]

Brad: If we send a [inaudible] to somebody, they get marked 10 to 3 cent status. Typically, we're trying to do it over the phone, but if they get mark [inaudible] cent, because they want one, that's how they want to do it, then he's going to call them every week to try to get them to do over the phone because they still haven't completed it and he's going to ask them for business. So that's another DSP call

Scotty: Gotcha.

Brad: If [inaudible] gets completed, we're calling that to get their consultation scheduled and we're asking them for business, right. So, like every single disposition status that you can think of, they're getting called. Like even for instance, our open leads, I created a form. I'm using a company called [inaudible] and I had the software developers develop it in a sense that it gets filled out and it runs queries in Jungo. And it not only adds the client in there as the open status, but it finds the referral partner associates, it's that referral partner. If the referral partners not in there, it knows that because it ran a query and now it will create a contact for that referral partner, right.

Scotty: Wow. [14:06.8]

Brad: So, this forum, I'm starting to share it with my agents. Like, listen, you guys can send your leads message in a bottle, smoke signals, you know, carrier pigeon, if you want. But if you want them converted at a high level, use this form and this is why. When that form gets filled out, it creates a contact associated to the realtor and then puts the contact. It creates a mortgage lead opportunity as we call it with our system, and it puts it in an open status.

Scotty: Wow.

Brad: My client relations manager, part of her daily success plan is that every single day she calls all new open leads that have not been in the system for longer than 30 calendar days. So, our agreement with referral partners is, Hey, listen, if you send us referrals and they're in the open status, we're going to call them every day business days for 30 calendar, until we get them to convert to an application. After 30 days, they're going to call once a week for 60, until we can get them to convert to an application. After 90 now, which is the first 30 and the 60, they're going to get called once a month forever until they convert to an application, or they tell us to pound sand. So, if you send us your deals, we're going to know how many deals we're working with you. And every single lead is going to get called. [15:17.2]

Scotty: Wow.

Brad: Forever. You know and even once they convert, if they convert the 10 or 3 cent, they're getting called once a week. If they convert 10 or three completed once a week, pre-approved once a week. If they're unqualified, now they're getting called once every three months, if they're on hold or getting called once a month. So, every status when I've daily success plan set up, just because I want to convert as many of those people as I can, but it also gives us opportunities to say, who do you know, that's looking to buy, sell or refinance, right.

Scotty: Yeah.

Brad: So, I kind of like put the DSP on steroids in a sense in these systems that I'm using have helped me do that.

Scotty: Yeah. And I know Carl's trying to get you to come to the freedom club to talk about this so. Dude, I can tell where your passion is, man, you gets so fired up, it sounds real, man. I was like, man, I'm not even going to stop slowing down here, man. Like, he's on fire. What I heard of through all that is you've literally mastered the follow-up, but nothing gets through the cracks and the follow-up is game on. Like nobody's better at you than follow up, cause that's the number one place that people lose deals left and right on a daily basis, they don't call. They don't follow up.

Brad: Yeah.

Scotty: So, you've taken that out of the equation. [16:22.3]

Brad: Yeah man. And I do like, that's the call, the outbound call. Follow-Up I'm doing monthly video emails to the whole database. My wife she's very creative. She does a postcard every month to our close clients, cause those are the people that really know, like, and trust us. And it would be very expensive to send cards out to 15,000 contact records and for them, I don't have addresses, right. So, it's only going to the people that we've done business for. So, we're doing the calls, we're doing the mail, homebot. Everybody's getting a homebot email. And then on top of that, I'm retargeting my entire client database on Facebook with video back to the video thing. I love doing video. So, they're like annoyingly in front of them all the time.

Scotty: You guys do something really cool. And I don't know what it's called. I asked the Brock family or something like you guys are doing that once a week I think.

Brad: We have to get back to doing that because it's.

Scotty: Something cool.

Brad: Yeah. Some people did like it. That was all Kristen's ideas. She called it the nine at nine.

Scotty: Yeah.

Brad: And she would do it. She put a post out like a day before and get nine questions, business or personal. And we would address the nine questions that she liked the most.

Scotty: Oh.

Brad: And we would go live.

Scotty: Yeah.

Brad: And we got a lot of reaction and I think it's good. And I definitely want to get back to it. She's just crazy busy. And to be honest with you, I think what people love about that that night at nine is her the most. So [17:35.6]

Scotty: Hey man, put her out there. She's she does have a face for TV. Like, you know what I mean? Put it out there, so very cool, man. I could just talk to you all day, man. Honest to God. So, I gotta be careful here where I, where I go with this, but you text me the other day like if excitement could come through the phone and the text that would have come through the phone, like about a relationships, which you kind of mentioned a little bit, but relationships manager. Tell me about that. Like who is that person and did I call the right name.

Brad: Yeah. We're calling it a …she's got a relationship manager, same thing as a business development rep. And she's going to be doing is she's going to get full commission, but like she's hired, but she's not yet. I haven't sent her her proposal yet because you have to be careful for compliance reasons. You can't pay an unlicensed person, a commission on a deal. At least that's our interpretation. You know, anybody listening to this would have to talk to their attorneys or whoever.

Scotty: Okay.

Brad: But I'm trying to figure out cause our agreement is that she's going to continue working her other job, but she's going to solicit business for us to basically potential referral partners, calling agents, attorneys, stuff like that. And she's going to get paid a commission on deals that get assigned to her as the assigned relationship manager. So, I think we're going to do a mixture of a small, hourly rate and then a bonus that's equivalent to like a commission. So, it works out out to be her getting X amount of basis points per loan. But all she's going to do is shake trees. And this girl is like a rock star. Her disc profile was off the charts. She was an Allstate Lacrosse player in college. She works for a law firm in the city and she's like, dude, my job is so boring. I hate it. I'm very competitive. And I feel like I need a job in sales. And she was actually recommended by a friend of mine, Tai Martin, who works for a guy named Michael McCann. Michael McCann, he's the biggest top producing real estate agent in all of Pennsylvania. He's number one. [19:20.4]

Scotty: Wow.

Brad: Number one.

Scotty: Wow.

Brad: Tai tells me who works for Michael, I believe him. Like, if he says this girl is a rock star, you need to hire, then I'm going to take his word for it, but I'm still going to interview her and stuff, which I did. And she passed all the tests. Now it's just the compensation part of it.

Scotty: Yeah. Gotcha.

Brad: So, I'm excited about that, but I think what's more important that relates more to this call is that how I came about that conversation with her and it's my Thursday text because that's another part of my system is that we were talking about how I reach out to clients and stay in front of them. But also with realtors, every time a business contact is added to my CRM, they're in the open status and there's open appointment, scheduled appointment, completed, follow up, referral received.

Scotty: Wow.

Brad: So, they're like five statuses for every referral partner. So, when they added to my system, initially they're in the open status. Our goal is to try to meet with every referral partner and get them to eventually where it's lead received. So, I use their statuses is to know how I market to the agents. My text message goes out to any agent who's been a listing agent, a buying agent on a deal that I've met with, which is based on those statuses or that has actively sent me business if I've ever received a referral. So, it's essentially a warm list of people, but it's a pretty big list, it's like 800 people. So, I send out messages and I changed it up last week. And I sent out a message about an opportunity we have for a relationship manager. I can't tell you how many realtors were interested for themselves and started calling me. Like it was like, I sent it out on Thursday, I took off Friday and on Monday I'm telling people like, listen, we already pretty much filled the position. We're just trying to get the proposal finished. So, we will be hiring for this in the future. So, if we are, I'll send out another text message like I did on Thursday. You'll be one of the first people I think of. [21:01.5]

Scotty: So, tell people about the Thursday texts. Cause I think that's a big deal and you know, Brad, I hear people do it and then they stopped doing it. I don't know why, because it works said, man, I sent it out and got a referral and it just goes by the wayside. What is that text?

Brad: For most people, you'll be better at the verbiage than I am and something along the lines like, Hey, if you're planning on driving people around this weekend, make it so, it's not a waste of your time. Let me know if you need anybody to pre-approved or something like that. Well, the problem is that wasn't working for me in my market because people in the New Jersey, Philadelphia area they're a little bit, you know, they could be kind of mean. So, I was getting all negative response, even from the people that I work with. They're like, dude, what do you think I'm stupid? So that just wasn't working for me. So, what I started doing is what I do best as value propositions. Like, Hey guys, this is working, if you ever want to talk about it, let me know. So, every week it kind of gets to a point where they're looking forward to those text messages. Cause like, Hey, Brad's going to share something cool this Thursday, right.

Scotty: Oh.

Brad: So, like the one week I shared, the Thursday, I shared something about homebot. One week I shared something about retargeting on Facebook one week. But like I just started doing this. We've talked about this for years, Scott. And it's been like, I've been trying to get all the plumbing done. And finally, the plumbing is done. So now they're going out every Thursday. I write the message by Wednesday, so I'll have the message written by the end of today, my VA knows exactly where to go in my system, she has a license to Jungo, she works in it too. She'll go in there, choose that message, send it out to the list of agents that are on that warm list. And then the cool thing is when they start responding positive or negative, I don't even see it. [22:34.8]

Scotty: Wow.

Brad: So, it's like out of sight, out of mind for me.

Scotty: Yeah.

Brad: Like all I'm doing is showing up to appointments because, I'm not going to say this is something again, back to the plumbing, 2 steps backwards to take 10 steps forward. Like I plan on in this last quarter, I'm going to start hitting the phone more. But I'm, I mean, I'm averaging 20 appointments a week with agents.

Scotty: Wow.

Brad: My team is taken care of the rest of the stuff I'm working on the plumbing and the marketing and all that stuff constantly. So, the cool thing is that there's a text, they come in any positive response. She is to reach out to them and book an appointment, that goes for your agent mastermind too. So, like when I set that up with Garris, right.

Scotty: Yup.

Brad: We've, me and you both, he set it up. So that's all automated. But when people book or schedule or, or fill out the opt-in form that to join next week's class, one of her action items is to call them immediately and schedule time.

Scotty: Love it.

Brad: She's scheduling based on the Thursday text, she schedules them based on agent mastermind. And then she works at LinkedIn strategy that we've talked about in the past, which I'm not going to get into.

Scotty: Yeah.

Brad: but.

Scotty: Yeah.

Brad: Basically.

Scotty: Another. Another call. Yeah. [23:35.8]

Brad: Basically, I have it automated to reach out to agents on LinkedIn and then anybody that accepts my request to connect, they get a video 45 minutes later from me introducing myself and why we should connect. And then the people that express positive intent on those messages she's then messaging them back as if she's me saying I'm going to have my admin reach out and then she's calling immediately and scheduling in time. So based on your agent mastermind, a Thursday texts and LinkedIn, that alone is setting.

Scotty: Endless.

Brad: A dozen to 20 appointments a week for me.

Scotty: Wow, wow.

Brad: The Monday I spoke Monday, I spoke to an agent I never did business with and her team she's like, Hey, I want to use this guy now. And I want you guys to get familiar with his process. So, I pretty much.

Scotty: Took over.

Brad: Yeah, I met with them. And last week I presented in front of 25 agents because I was invited to do that because of my homebot text message I sent out. [24:26.0]

Scotty: So, going back to how you got that relationships manager that you hired this from a referral, from a referred referral, it was just the Thursday text tool realtor that said, Hey man, like I might have that person. Here you go. So, to just connect and asking, I mean, you just asked, and you had agents applying for the position. It's just that simple, just ask, ask for what you're looking for.

Brad: Yeah.

Scotty: Like you got an 800-person network that 800 people know thousands of people, you know what I mean? And they're in the business. So, it's just, it's endless, once you build that relationship, again. Sounds like man, just backing all the way up, cause like, again, I go on forever. You've just literally systematize your business. You systematize the people everybody's in their lane. The follow-up is relentless and the appointments you wake up and you just, you just show up, you wake up and show up. That should probably be the name of the wake up and show up, you know. And the day or week or month you don't want to work, you just don't set any appointments, but everything else keeps moving. It's the best of all worlds. [25:18.0]

Brad: Yeah, it sounds about right. I mean, we're still working on a lot of stuff.

Scotty: Of course.

Brad: And I’m always trying to figure out how to break it and make it faster. But we have definitely. Like, even that, I mean it's big like last week that Wufoo form that I finished, it's not only adding all that stuff to into Jungo, but it's also adding the buyer automatically to homebot it and it's also sending a notification in our Microsoft team’s channel. So, our entire team is notified.

Scotty: Wow.

Brad: The minute lead gets filled out on that form, so.

Scotty: Just solid man. So, to end it, you know, to kind of finish up, you've said so many things and you know, the bottom line is find the person that fits that lane, hold them accountable, put a system in place, cause they are system driven detail-oriented people. And then you literally unleash the selling part, and you show up, but what would you tell somebody, man, that's at five loans a month, go on Brad, I want to, I want that. Like, I want what you have, what's the first thing that I should do? [26:12.2]

Brad: Get help.

Scotty: Get help.

Brad: You have to get help. Most people don't want to get help and that's the thing like that, you know, not to go off on a tangent, but I talked to an agent that again, that Thursday texts, that business development texts, even though I had a person in that position now fit, I'm still booking appointments with those agents. And then, Hey, we're not hiring right now, but let's talk about other things. Like I'm just getting them into a meeting, right. And I had an agent that was like practically in tears and this market and all this stuff through, there's two things I tell people, find people to help like spread more ground and that's getting how you can get a VA for very cheap. And when I've talked to agents, I know we're talking, this is more directed towards loan officers. But when I talk to agents, there's it always comes back to Carl’s saying with that hole, would you rather have 50% of a watermelon or a 100% of a grape? So, like when I'm talking to this agent the other day, she's practically crying, cause she's running around five buyers and can't get anything accepted. I said, why don't you just start having conversations, have a VA doing outreach for you and assigning those people that want to buy houses to other agents that can do it and just make a referral fee, right. To me, you're going to scale your business faster. You're going to have less stress. You can have more time to spend with your family. And I think that's the main problem is that most people want to make their 100, 125,150 basis points on every deal. So, they think like if I hire someone that I'm not going to make as much. But if you hire someone, you can not only take off Fridays in the evenings and the weekends, but you can close more deals, which even if you're paying yourself less of a commission at that point, it's a less of a commission on a much higher volume. [27:45.8]

Scotty: The best message. Part of a [inaudible] That of all the great man. It's, it's the number one key to growth. I mean, think about that agent that has five buyers. Could she have 50 buyers? A 100% that, it's, she's good at it, right. So, she could have 50 buyers and have 45 or 49 buyers, agents out showing homes for her. She gets a commission, and she takes one and has a good time and has a life, you know, and she'd quadruple her income.

Brad: Yeah.

Scotty: So good stuff, man. Unbelievable stuff, man. Dude, I'm excited to see, so what's next man? What's next for Brad dude? 2022, what are we doing?

Brad: My immediate goal. I'd like to, I'd like to finish out 2022 with 700 closed deals.

Scotty: Wow. Love it. [inaudible]

Brad: I want to get over a 1,000 and I know we should 10X, this and shoot for a 1,000 and fall short. We're still winning, which I am doing.

Scotty: Yes.

Brad: Like I'm going to shoot for a 1,000 but I've learned like I'm going to be very unhappy, if I close less than 700 deals next year. [28:36.0]

Scotty: I know you can do it, man. You have all the systems in place. You have the plumbing in place. Yeah, so unbelievable dude. I'm honored to have to be a part of your life sincerely. I look forward to your growth. Look forward to being a part of it. Just watching you run, man so, congratulations on your success. I appreciate you. You know, if someone wants to reach out to Brad, man, I don't want to bombard you with, everybody's going to listen to this. So, man, just join us on The Loan Officer Breakfast Club. Brad's there almost every morning. You know, not only Brad, but a ton of their people. So, Brad's always there. If you have questions for Brad loanofficerbreakfastclub.com, unless you want to give out your information, I would advise against it, but you got enough going on. You've got enough things going, so.

Brad: I always, I like helping. I feel like I have to give back. I've gotten so much out of this group so much out of the freedom club. I can't tell you how many people have directly helped me like with one-on-ones in the freedom club that have gotten me to where I'm at and where I want to be. So, I'm an open book. I'm not going to give out my cell phone, but I'm on a Facebook, Brad Brondt. There's two, Brad Brondts you are going to find on Facebook, me and a guy that's like very burly and bikerish, which is my dad and he's certainly not doing mortgages. So, it's not going to be hard to confuse the two.

Scotty: All right.

Brad: But to send me a DM on Facebook, I'm here to help. [29:39.3]

Scotty: All right guys, Hey Brad, love you, man. Thanks for hanging out with me on Millionaire Loan Officer powered by Mortgage Marketing Animals. Guys join us on the Loan Officer Breakfast Club. Go to loanofficerbreakfastclub.com. Look forward to seeing you guys, look forward to riding this wave as long as we can ride it into the sunset. Hopefully Brad, you and I, and everybody else that listens to this will be on a beach in five years, drinking some water and looking at the waves and having a good time man.

Brad: Sounds good except for the waterpark, but I'll see you there.

Scotty: All right buddy. All right guys. Have a good day. Thank you. Appreciate you. And we'll see you on the web. Be safe. [30:12.3]

I'm a Millionaire Loan Officer.

Thank you for tuning into the Millionaire Loan Officer podcast with your host Scott Hudspeth, don't forget to visit MLOlive.com to have your questions answered. See you next time. [30:32.3]

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