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Most people love to travel. But, running a business while constantly traveling is challanging.

Shannon Rose runs her business while traveling the world months at a time. And, her phone rings off the hook while she's on the road helping others get their dream home.

In this episode, million dollar loan officer and travel enthusiast, Shannon Rose, reveals how to live your best life while growing your mortgage business.

Show highlights include:

  • How partying like a rockstar for 200 days in 12 states and 2 countries doubles your mortgage business (1:01)
  • Why creating a mastermind group immerses you in a co-winning paradigm shift that grows your business (3:48)
  • Why traveling regulates the stress of growing your business (4:43)
  • The “Open Border” method that lets you write mortgages while flying First Class (9:20)
  • Why taking a personality profile test matches you with the best partners to grow your business (11:54)
  • The authentic “Get-A-Life” way that makes you more money (13:28)
  • Why asking yourself “How does it get better than this?” lets you grow as an individual as well as your business (15:35)

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Welcome to The Millionaire Loan Officer podcast with your host, Scott Hudspeth sharing tools, tips and strategies so that you can go from a mortgage loan officer to a millionaire loan officer. It's your host, Scott Hudspeth.

Scotty: Hello, hello, hello everybody, this is Scott Hudspeth with Millionaire Loan Officer, powered by Mortgage Marketing Animals and The Loan Officer Officer Coffee Club. And man, I don't know if I've ever been this excited to have a guest on in my life. Today, you guys are in for a treat, because I have Ms. Shannon rose on the call with us, who I don't even want to tell him, cause I want you to do it. I want you to tell them what you did during the craziest year of our lives. What'd you do?

Shannon: Well, yeah. Hey Scott, thanks for having me on the podcast today. Yeah, gosh, it was the craziest year of our lives in every possible way. So yeah, I'm here to tell you about my travels. I spent the last 15 months or so traveling and working and doubled my income, did 200 days on the road, 12 states, two countries, and had the time of my life. I mean, truly last year, this year it's continued. It's been hands down the best year of my life. [01:33.4]

Scotty: So.

Shannon: Yeah.

Scotty: Yeah, we can just end it right there. 12 states, two countries, double my income. I don't even know how to go with that.

Shannon: I made like a hundred friends.

Scotty: And say that again.

Shannon: I made probably a hundred new friends during this time as well.

Scotty: Hundred new friends.

Shannon: Yeah.

Scotty: You know, it's funny. I have to share this story so that when I first talked to Shannon with like a week ago or two weeks ago, she's like I said, what are you doing now? She goes, I'm just at home resting. I had to go home to rest. I had to take a break from all this truck traveling 12 states, two countries and 100 new friends. And so, I love the whole, when you started, when we first talked, you said I did this, when COVID first hit, what happened?

Shannon: Yeah.

Scotty: Did they call you? Or you call them or how'd that all go down? Tell us what you did. [02:12.8]

Shannon: Okay so, I mean, to start off with, I was in Portugal when the whole COVID thing happened, right. And I was there at a mastermind for public speaking and we're doing a zoom with some friends back in the states and they're like, Hey, it was that Wednesday that when Trump announced the border closing, right. And he's like, Hey, you guys Trump just closed the border. And we're like, what? You know, we're in Portugal having the best time and we get off the zoom and we're like, yeah, we should probably look into what that was, right. So, we pull it up on our phones and you know, the borders closing on Friday, Tom Hanks has Corona, right. Then I know this is serious, right. So, and I've been hearing rumblings about it, you know, leading up to it. And I was just hoping I could get that mastermind, you know, before everything happened. So anyhow decide to keep my flight come back. You know, I was leaving, the border close on Friday. I was leaving on a Sunday. So, I kept the regular ticket. I get home. I go right home. I get all my groceries delivered. Like I'm in, right. I'm doing COVID and I'm not going outside. Nobody knows how this thing's spreading. So. [03:18.6]

Scotty: Going outside.

Shannon: I'm inside probably for like six weeks. You know, I think I went out once to drop a letter in the mail, you know, like it was like, I was legit and I left, I live on a fourth-floor walkup and I'm, I'm you know, looking out the window and all these people have taken up running and I'm from where I'm sitting, I'm like, ah, you know, where's your masks. And I'm judging everybody, tight. I'm only doing the whole COVID judging thing.
So, it gets to be may. And at this point we have some stats about what's going on and I'm looking at, and it, and I'm like, I'm not as concerned as I had been, you know. So, my friend calls me up, she says, I'm in Philadelphia. She was like, Hey, do you want to come out to Austin and stay at this Airbnb, on lake Austin? And I'm like are we even allowed to leave our houses? Are our planes leaving? Like, you know, like what's going on, you know. So, I look into it, and it's legit. And I'm like, listen, I'll do it if our other friends will do it. Cause I'm thinking, it's hard for me to say no, right. I love to say yes. So, I'm thinking our other friends are to say no, but our other friends said, Yes too. So next thing you know, we're going to this Airbnb to do some co-working co-winning as what we would call it. [04:22.2]

Scotty: Co-winning, I love it.

Shannon: And yeah, Co-winning. And there got to be, you know, like 15 people there at the time. So now we've got like our bubble, our group, right. And that's just like, we have people come in from Florida There was other people from Utah, like just all over the place. So, the next thing you know, I got all these, the friends that I've now met out in Texas, and I just started traveling, I got invited to go to Florida. I get invited to go to Utah. I got invited to go to Bellingham, Washington. So, I started traveling and doing like a mix of flying and renting cars and everything's dirt cheap, right. Like the.

Scotty: Nothing.

Shannon: Cheapest prices you're going to find. And you can book your flights like day of. So, I'm flying all over the place for peanuts first class, right. I decided I'm going to upgrade, right. So, I'm upgrading everywhere I go. And then we rented like convertible Mustangs and just, it was the best, oh, this is the other thing too. I have like 30 free hotels nights at the Marriott from a credit card that I just, I wasn't paying attention to, right. Like 10 years of credit card use, I didn't even, I didn't know I was in the reward system. So, these 30 flights, I discovered back in January 2020, I'm like, oh, how am I ever gonna use 20, 20, 30 nights at the Marriott? Right. So, lo and behold COVID happens. And now I've got like hotels staying at the Marriott and renting the greatest cars, I'm flying first class and I'm visiting with friends and we're just having the best time ever, you know. So, and oh, and because the rates have dropped, of course, like phone is blown up, pop up. Right. So now all this business, I'm like, I mean, my stress was like, how do I manage the business that's coming in and this beautiful travel schedule, right. So, it was pretty amazing. [06:12.4]

Scotty: So, I had to go live with this on Facebook. I hope you don't care. So, we're live on Facebook. So, the 15 people, like your first friend that called you, was she in the mortgage business? Or just a friend who like, said, Hey man, I'm gonna go work from this Airbnb.

Shannon: No, no, she actually, she is a mindset and belief coach.

Scotty: Okay.

Shannon: Yeah, she’s amazing. She’s a wizard.

Scotty: Cool. Thanks for the invite by the way. Oh, I didn't get one. You’re right, I did not get that invite. Oh so, all the 15 were just random business owners who could work from anywhere.

Shannon: Yeah. We have business owners and some people from Austin, we had a musician expert speaker, coach, you name it.

Scotty: Wow.

Shannon: We had everybody, we've got to, one of our friends is a realtor. So, we had, you know, a great mix.

Scotty: Wow.

Shannon: All kinds of businesses. Yeah.

Scotty: You got to spill the beans though. You get invited to some private party concert with like, what was all that about? Tell me about that.

Shannon: So, the private concert in Florida, so one of the people that was, there was a musician writes down music and just shares the music. You can't even buy it on, can't get it on apple music or anything like that. And yeah, so she was like, Hey, do you want to come to this concert? And of course, I said, yes, cause now that I'm out of my bubble, you know, I don't want to go home.

Scotty: Yeah.

Shannon: So yeah. [07:29.0]

Scotty: Wasn’t she.

Shannon: Concert.

Scotty: Are we allowed to say who she opened for? Are we allowed to say it and say that?

Shannon: She is still in for Britney Spears, yeah.

Scotty: She is still in for Brittany Spears. So, this lady just stood up her own private concert. Hey, Shannon, you want to come and kind of hang out, we're going to kind of do it upright in Florida.

Shannon: Yeah, yeah.

Scotty: So, everybody's locked down.

Shannon: Hmm…hmm.

Scotty: Not moving anywhere, not going anywhere. You're just like flying around all over the place, driving around, like, how'd you even do it? Like, didn't the airports shut down? I mean like, didn't you have a hard time ever?

Shannon: Well, so the airports were open, you know.

Scotty: Okay.

Shannon: So, I’d like to say I was supporting the airline industry, right. Because people need jobs, right.

Scotty: You’re the only one.

Shannon: Yeah. So, I was out there keeping the airlines going. Same thing with the rental cars, you know, there's a rental car shortage happening right now. So, it could have been a lot worse. Region to region, the way that COVID was being handled differently, region to region. So, you know, the mask thing was legit everywhere. And umm, I mean, for the most part of there was still social distancing happening. So, when I would visit with people, I'd say, listen, you know, this is, this is what's going on. This is where I've been. You feel comfortable with me coming to visit? And some people didn't, which is okay. [08:33.6]

Scotty: Sure.

Shannon: Because we're all, we're all dealing with COVID in our own way. And on top of that, it's such a mental health thing. So, I realized in all of this, the way I cope with stress is I travel. So, it was a real, you know, it was a stress release for me to be bouncing around all over the place.

Scotty: You might get some haters from this podcast. I'm just saying right now that might get some haters, but I guess, Hey man, we like traveling, right?

Shannon: We do. We do, yeah.

Scotty: So, going back 15 months, knowing what you know now, like.

Shannon: Yeah.

Scotty: Just remove the pandemic and go.

Shannon: Okay.

Scotty: I mean, you've learned so much, you've met so many people you've doubled your business.

Shannon: Yeah.

Scotty: What would you say to somebody that's kind of like, oh man, I don't know. Like, cause you now, you know, you can live from anywhere.

Shannon: Yes.

Scotty: And do this business. I mean, what would you say to them? [09:21.2]

Shannon: I would say, I mean, I would say because we're now so mobile, you know, prior to this too physically, I had to be, I didn't have to, but I went to all my closings.

Scotty: Hmm...hmm.

Shannon: So physically I'm at my closings, I'm meeting with my real estate agents. I'm attending my weekly networking meeting and you know, so there was a reason for me to physically be in my hometown, you know. Now the borders have opened up, you know, now we can be mobile and bounce around and, you know, with Airbnb, with Uber and Lyft and you know, just getting around things, it's, it's become so much more mobile so quickly. In hindsight, what I would have done sooner is you know, I've, I have a loan officer assistant now I would've done that sooner. So.

Scotty: Hmmm.

Shannon: Yeah, that, it was a key piece that was missing for most of that year, which would have made things a lot nicer.

Scotty: Nicer than double? Like triple or something? I don’t know like.

Shannon: I mean definitely, I would have done more business and probably had a few less stressors, you know.

Scotty: Okay.

Shannon: But I think we all experienced that growing pain together as an industry. [10:28.8]

Scotty: Yeah. So let me ask you this. So, your clients didn't care, your realtor partners didn't care that you weren't there for them, for the closings?

Shannon: I mean, in my region, none of us are meeting in person. So, the title companies have asked us not to come and you know, it's not, there's not really a whole lot of opportunity. There's still a few agents that I haven't seen in person yet just because with vaccines and all that, that's all just started. So, no, I mean, I was home, I'd bounce home, you know, I'd bounce home and I'd stay home for a few weeks at a time, get my groceries delivered and then, you know, and then I'd have another opportunity to do something fun. So.

Scotty: I love it. I love it. So, you got a loan partner now?

Shannon: Hmm…hmm. Yeah.

Scotty: Yeah, you never had a loan partner before this?

Shannon: I had one and it didn't work out initially and you know I was a little skiddish to hire again.

Scotty: Okay.

Shannon: No little, little bit of growing pains, but you know, the second time around I've got a great fit and yeah. You know, I know, I know with hiring a loan partner, it can be hit or miss.

Scotty: And it sounds like you were kind of forced into having a loan partner, maybe.

Shannon: Ahh…no it was a choice; it was a choice.

Scotty: Yeah, it was a choice. Okay, cool. [11:33.9]

Shannon: I have a choice.

Scotty: Well, if I'm going to go travel, I got to have help, right?

Shannon: Sure.

Scotty: Like you can leave like that. That’s why I was saying you got to.

Shannon: Gotcha, gotcha.

Scotty: It’s like I'm not going to be home, I got to have help.

Shannon: Yeah.

Scotty: So, with one loan partner, tell us what that has done for you with your life, knowing what you know, I mean, who hasn't had somebody start and fail, right?

Shannon: Yes, exactly.

Scotty: How'd you find your second one? How did they come about?

Shannon: You know, I know how I went to DiSC profile, but also there's a couple other great tools to use. One is called wealth dynamics.

Scotty: Wealth dynamics, okay.

Shannon: Now Wealth dynamics is awesome. So, if anybody wants to get a little more information on that, definitely look me up and I'll get you the info. But wealth dynamics, there's basically like eight different profiles. And based on your profile, you want to hire someone that is somewhere along the wheel. So, in the travels and meeting up with people, I was also looking for who I wanted that loan partner to be and.

Scotty: Hmm…hmm.

Shannon: And found that person through traveling.

Scotty: Gotcha.

Shannon: So, they're remote as well. And that's been perfect because it was exactly how I wanted from a DiSC profile standpoint. Exactly what I wanted from a wealth dynamics standpoint. And, you know, hiring based off those two things have been really happy. [12:40.4]

Scotty: And so where does this loan partner live, here in Philadelphia? Well.

Shannon: Las Vegas.

Scotty: What? Was that on purpose?

Shannon: No, it wasn’t on purpose, but it works out really well. Cause I have bunch of friends there too.

Scotty: Uhh…I'm sure you do. Like, is there any place you don't have friends now? Like come…let’s get real.

Shannon: Umm…

Scotty: Alaska, maybe or something?

Shannon: No, I used to live in Alaska, so I have friends there.

Scotty: Oh, all right. What would you tell somebody that's well you already said you would have hired the loan partner sooner or found one.

Shannon: Yeah.

Scotty: That was excellent sooner.

Shannon: Yes.

Scotty: That's the number one thing.

Shannon: Yeah. I mean, are you saying like what other tips would you give out?

Scotty: Yeah. Yeah. What are the things would you tell somebody that maybe is either just getting started?

Shannon: Yeah.

Scotty: They're doing great. They're doing good, but they want to do better.

Shannon: Okay.

Scotty: What would you, what would you tell them?

Shannon: This is the best advice that was ever given to me. And it was given to me by the mortgage godfather, Ralph LoVuolo, do you know him?

Scotty: I do.Yeah.

Shannon Okay. This was back in 2010.

Scotty: We used to network or something, yeah.

Shannon: Yeah, yeah. He's great. He said was back in 2010, he's like, what are you doing for fun? And I was like, Ugh, not really anything. You know, everything I do is somehow tied to this business, you know. If I'm going out to do anything, any happy hour or anything like that, it's, work-related. He's like, go get a life and as soon as you get a life, you'll make more money. And I was like, oh, you know, that feels uncomfortable if you're not used to that, if you're, you know, if your whole life is built around your business and you don't have a life outside of your business, that can feel really uncomfortable. So, but you know, he's a mortgage godfather. You got to listen to him, right?

Scotty: Right.

Shannon: So, I took his advice and I went and got a life. And I started doing things that were important to me and were fun to me. And when that happened, my income went way up. And this time around, you know, these last 15 months, I got to be more authentically myself than ever before.

Scotty: Hmm…hmm.

Shannon: And that I know that rates were low and there was that, but my phone was ringing off the hook. And I know some people, their phones are ringing off the hook as well, and some were not. But I think the key for me that I would give to anyone starting this business, or has been in this business for a while and is looking for a little bit more, wants to feel a little more alive, I’d say go out and do the things that you love and the business will come. And I see that in my own life and I've seen it with other people as well. It's kind of that whole concept of like, oh, when you go on vacation, you're, phone's going to ring off the hook, right? [15:02.6]

Scotty: Yeah, right.

Shannon: Yeah. So, I was like, man, and that's cute for me too. Every time I go on vacation, it happens. So, you know, this past year it was pretty crazy. But yeah, I'd say, go out and get a life outside of this business and your business will blossom. And the other thing is which no time like the present to do this, but getting up and seeing a sunrise in the morning or checking out and seeing a sunset at night, it's a Monday, Tuesday, even working, you know, putting eight to 12 hours in, go watch that sunset.

Scotty: Hmm.

Shannon: And recalibrate yourself. And I always ask, you know, this last year, one of the questions that I've learned to ask a lot is, how does it get better than this?

Scotty: Wow.

Shannon: You ask yourself that question. It will get better, everytime.

Scotty: You're making the name of this podcast even harder. Like I’m writing something I keep writing down, like get a life, make more money. Like I don't even know what to do.

Shannon: I mean, you know.

Scotty: Sunrise, sunsets.

Shannon: You know, it’s like why are we working? This whole past year has been a paradigm shift. I mean, people have asked, they wanted more time with their family. They wanted more time at home. That's what this situation presented, right?

Scotty: Yeah. [16:15.9]

Shannon: And the basic needs were met. No matter where you were, you had a roof over your head until this was over, right.

Scotty: Yeah.

Shannon: They come to your house away during this time.

Scotty: True.

Shannon: Food on the table. If you didn't have food on the table, everyone in your community wanted to help out. So, you've got that. So, you know, air water, all the basic needs were met. And we had a chance to kind of take an inventory of what was going on and say, how do I want to live my life moving forward? You know? And for me, this path just beautifully unfolded and it's still unfolding. I'm down in the Outer Banks right now.

Scotty: You are, okay. Do you promise, you're going to tell me when you come to Colorado though?

Shannon: Absolutely, absolutely

Scotty: All right.

Shannon: I’ll be there out this summer.

Scotty: Good, cause I'll be here. So do you think that by you getting a life that you did start doing stuff for, there was other people. And so those people are like, I do that stuff too. Let's do it together. And now we're having fun together. And now what do you do? I'm in the mortgage business? What do you do? I'm like this, is that where you think that came from? Or are you just, you freed your mind of the other minutia that goes along with the business? [17:17.3]

Shannon: I think it's freeing your mind as a minutia.

Scotty: Okay.

Shannon: I got a lot of the friends I've made throughout the country are not real estate related. You know, some are, which is great, you know, and I'm able to start building businesses in other areas. But I think it was that freeing of the mind and being in flow. And flow sometimes can be a word that's overused, but flow for me is things just keep lining up perfectly. You get that spot right at the front. You know, if you're headed to the mall, you're parking in the front spot or, you know, you're running late to the airport but it just so happens that that flight was running a little behind or, you know, your ticket gets upgraded or your hotel gets upgraded. It's those kinds of things for me, that's what flow is. And, and it also brings business with it as well. So, I guess along the lines of manifesting as well. Yeah.

Scotty: Huge, manifesting, you know, I'm reading a book called The Happiness Curve and he just, he talks a lot about what you just talked about, manifesting and.

Shannon: Yeah.

Scotty: Thinking positive instead of the negative and just Joel Olsteen mentions it as well, you know.

Shannon: Yeah.

Scotty: That's living your best life now. It just happens. It's weird.

Shannon: Yeah, yeah.

Scotty: So maybe that's why we connected. I don’t know man

Shannon: That’s okay, you don’t have to. Yeah.

Scotty: Something there. So in wrapping up, but like holy smokes, I don't even like the beginning of visit all of the states or like.

Shannon: Well.

Scotty: If not countries, like what's next for Shannon cause when you travel, it seems like you can make more money so like save money for ever going home. [18:43.5]

Shannon: I mean, I do love where I live. You know, we have opportunities being presented to make some moves, but I do love living in Philadelphia and I have been off at the state so.

Scotty: Wow.

Shannon: But I am going to be traveling quite a bit this summer. And you know, you go through periods when there's times where you want to travel and then there's times where you want to be a homebody, you know, so I've had a good mix of both.

Scotty: I love it.

Shannon: And, yeah. Over the next couple of weeks, I'll be traveling and then probably September I'll be home.

Scotty: September. Wait July, August, what 2- 3 months from now. Come on!

Shannon: You know I got a, got a wedding in the Smokey Mountains and.

Scotty: Oh, sounds rough. I mean, I'm just, I'm just not feeling it for you, man. I'm just having a hard time right here. I'm having a hard time feeling it for Shannon. I don’t know.

Shannon: Thank you.

Scotty: So, amazing, I'm so glad we reached out and talked. You're a huge inspiration for me as well. Even though I do travel not as much as you do, I need to play catch up now. So, so, so cool. Can’t wait to hang out with you in Colorado. [19:46.1]


Scotty: I don't know if you want to put this out there because I don't want to bombard you because it's going to go to a lot of people, but if someone wanted to reach out, I don't know, again, I don't, you don't have to.

Shannon: Yeah.

Scotty: If you wanted to maybe.

Shannon: I would say, shoot me a text, right?

Scotty: How about an email?

Shannon: You want email, yeah.

Scotty: And if you get 150 200 texts, it's just not good. It's happened and it's just not good.

Shannon: My email it's shannonerose@gmail.com.

Scotty: Boom.

Shannon: And you know, you can find me on social media as well, I’d love to connect with people. And yeah, I mean, if there's anyone that is looking at about maybe trying out van life or something like that, yeah, I'd love to talk to them. [20:21.9]

Scotty: And I have one last question. So, when you were doing all this traveling like your 15 months, you're just on the road, on the road, on the road, did you put that out there? Did you publicize it so your clients could see it? Your realtors could see it. Did everybody know what you were doing?

Shannon: I would say initially, no.

Scotty: Okay

Shannon: Because originally, we really didn't know what was happening, you know.

Scotty: Yeah

Shannon: As it got to be like mid-summer, then it was like, you know what, I do want to share this. I want people to know that there's life happening.

Scotty: Absolutely.

Shannon: I mean like COVID is very spreadable and you know, it's, you can catch it at the grocery store just as easily as I can catch it on an airplane.

Scotty: Hmm…hmm.

Shannon: Now I don't think the airplanes are very clean and flying, I found to be completely safe. But if this is potentially this deadly and it has been.

Scotty: Absolutely.

Shannon: You know, this virus, do I want to spend a year at home or do I want to spend the year living my best life.

Scotty: Okay.

Shannon: Because tomorrow's not guaranteed, right?

Scotty: Right.

Shannon: But that was kind of my take on it. And, and also the impacts to mental health and everything else. So, in the traveling and, and visiting with people, I think brought a lot of joy and I'm super grateful for the way that the year went and greatly, you know, thank God everyone in my circle has been okay. But yes. We, we only get one life, right. So [21:32.6]

Scotty: Amen. Yeah. And I do you want to say, you know, very, very, very sorry. And we'll pray for anyone that did lose anybody to COVID. So, I'm very sorry about that. And so, yeah, Shannon unbelievable, great, amazing story. You're an inspiration to literally lighting like, I don't know if you know this, but the people that hear this, I guarantee you're going to light their candles and make them get out there and travel and see things. And we only have, we only have one life so.

Shannon: Yeah.

Scotty: Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to be here and do it. I'm a fan, I'm a follower. I'm stalker fan. Like where's she going now? Where's she going like, what is going on? So, thank you so much for being you and keep being you, don't change.

Shannon: You got it.

Scotty: All right my friends, all right thank you for being here at Millionaire Loan Officer powered by Mortgage Marketing Animals. Super big surprise that I'd love to have you part of eventually, depending on what time zone you're in. Loan Officer Coffee Club coming your way. Can't say any more about it, but that's it. Thank you so much, Shannon. Appreciate you.

Shannon: Thank you.

Scotty: We’ll see you on the next podcast. Take everybody.

Shannon: Thank you everybody, bye [22:33.7]

I'm a Millionaire Loan Officer.

Thank you for tuning into the Millionaire Loan Officer podcast with your host Scott Hudspeth, don't forget to visit MLOlive.com to have your questions answered. See you next time. [22:53.1]

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