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Show highlights include:

  • How skipping college conquers “the system” (10:16)
  • Why becoming a life-long learner lets you bypass becoming part of “the system” (11:45)
  • How dreaming big forces you to avoid being told what to do (13:07)
  • The “Brain, Skill, Drive, and Talent” way that triumphs over “the system” (15:19)
  • The “Goal, Plan, and Team” process that runs circles around “the system” (16:25)

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Do you hate the thought of working past 55 or 60? Do you hate not being able to live the life you deserve today? Do you hate not knowing what your financial future looks like? It's time to stop doing what you hate, here's your host, Mr. Harold Green.

(00:20): Oh, hi everybody. Good morning. This is Harold Green of Braintree financial group. How are you doing today? I'm extremely excited to be bringing the show to you. It is definitely time to stop doing what you hate. You know, I'm going to start off by talking about a bone that I got to pick,

(00:39): You know, and that's what my mom used to say. When I had did something that was in too good. She would say, boy, come in here. I got a bone to pick with you. In other words, which means we about to have some words and I'm about to have some, some problems. And I, at the time, I didn't like when my mom corrected me or she got onto me about things, you know? Cause I, I thought I was hot stuff. I thought I knew everything, but she really wanted to keep me in line and she didn't allow me to do all the things that, you know, my friends were doing. My cousins were doing and you know, she just wanted a lot more from me than I wanted for myself at the time. So I want to talk about a bone that I have to pick.

(01:21): And the title of today's show is beat the system. You can beat the system and I'm going to talk to you guys about this system today and what I've gone through and my life in regards to the system. Now this whole thing started when I hired a, another attorney to work with me on building a project that I've had in mind for quite some time. And I think it's just definitely going to take us to a new level. It's going to help. It's going to help other financial firms take their business to a whole new level. And you know, I'm extremely excited about it. And so, you know, I had him working on some documentation for me and as he was working on it you know, he, he got it finished and he sent it back for me to review and it was filled with comments and different things like that.

(02:11): And so, you know, as I was going through it, I saw that one of the regulatory bodies that oversees the investment world has a requirement. It has a rule and the rule is this. If you do not have a formal education, you must state. So in your documentation, you must tell the world that you do not have a formal education. And I've been stewing on this for a little bit. It's been cooking and cooking and cooking in my mind. And now it's ready. Let's talk about this. There's no formal education situation that I've found myself in that I have to disclose to the world that I don't have a education. The truth is most of my clients, they know that they know how to in graduate a top tier college or university, they, they know my story. So you guys ready? 1, 2, 3, let's get it.

(03:12): No, no formal education for Harold. I agree. The owner of Brightree financial group, the owner of Freshstart financial LLC, no formal education at 17. I was trying to figure out what to do with my life. So I took the AZ VAP test. Now that's the test, the aptitude tests that you take for the middle military to determine what particular jobs that you would qualify for. And so there has Bab is a pretty big deal. So here I am 17 in the lunch room taken as van and would you know it, I had to use the bathroom. Now this is a long test. As vibe is like taking the sat or the act itself, a long test. And so I think it was about three quarters of the way through. And I looked at the Proctor and I said, Hey, I really got to go to the bathroom.

(04:01): And they said, no, you can't leave. You got to finish this test. So three quarters of the way through the test, I just started yeah. Multiple choice. Cause I had to go to the bathroom and feel bad if I didn't go, I was going to like, you know, right there in it, in, in lunch room and apple have been bad. So I hurry up, hurry up and finish the the aspect test. And next thing, you know, I score high enough that they wanted me to be an air traffic controller and the United States Navy controlling planes worth 30, 40, 50, 60, $70 million with no formal education. I graduated air traffic control school and the top 10 of my class in Millington, Tennessee for the United States Navy with no formal education, got my ATC pink card with no formal education and got out of the military and started in the financial services field and became the number two rookie of the year worldwide for Aegon corporation with no formal education left that career joined the first domestic life insurance company in Hawaii and became the number two producer for that company.

(05:21) And all the, you know, they had people licensed in different states and I became the, the number two or that company got invited by the main corporation that owned that company in Japan and got time to spend or had the opportunity to spend some time with the president. I've launched with them. Five-Star restaurant five course French meal, hanging out, going back to the office, meeting some of the people in that corporation, which was a very big deal with no formal education, started several companies and earned designations and insurance planning and charitable giving from the American college with no formal education became the top college funding or in my association, which had about maybe 300 people at the time and the United States of America, no formal education for how Reno decided to become a fiduciary advisor and had to pass that crazy series 65 test along with some of the other exams, I became a fiduciary advisor, right?

(06:24): That's cool spent 10 years or more helping thousands of people through my seminars, workshops, college funding, planning and systems, you know, figuring out how to get their kids through college, right? But no formal education for for how to green raised the kids, sent them off to college. One went to MIT and is working on a, as PhD in medical physics. And when I say medical physics, most people say, what, what, what the hell is medical physics? And my other kid got into architecture school ends about to graduate next year and has earned over $150,000 in scholarships money, but non for Harold Green, no formal education built and trademark the rapid retire planning process, which basically puts people in position or can help put people in position to retire seven to 10 years sooner than they normally would. But I guess that doesn't matter.

(07:26): And I grew my investment management practice from basically 12 million when I started Brighttree RAA and September of 2020, or August of 2020, started with about $12 million in assets, under management. And right now we're almost at about 60 million and we did that in less than two years. But I guess that don't matter put out almost, I think 70 plus podcast episodes since January of 2020 with the title being stopped, doing what you hate. But I guess that don't matter. And I'm talking to you right now and I'm Harold Green and I don't have a formal edgy occasion. I didn't get the opportunity to go to a college and graduate in four years and have a big plaque that I hang on my wall that says, I sure love science and whatever, whatever XYZ college or university Harold brilliant with no formal education.

(08:27): No, here's what I started thinking. I got all, all of these designations, I've passed all of these exams and I qualify basically on the rules and regulations to be doing what I'm doing right now. Why is it that I have to disclose in my documentation that I do not have a formal education and, and I'm still sitting here baffled by that rule or that regulation. Why should it matter if I've passed, passed all the exams, which means I'm competent enough to help you manage your investments accounts and to help you grow your wealth. Why is that so important? You know what I honestly think, I think because as part of the system, as part of the system, that's designed to show favoritism to certain people or certain classes of people or certain individuals of people. But no, I'm not going to let that rake me.

(09:30): I never let that stop me before when I'm talking to kids and I'm talking and to parents and I'm talking to families and I'm talking to business owners and I'm talking to people that are trying to get ahead and in life, when they find out that I don't have a formal education, they're all like blown away in shock. Like how, how did you learn all this stuff? Well, it doesn't mean I'm stupid. It just simply means I took a different pathway to get to where I wanted to be. And I'm going to share with you guys some of my secrets to success access, and they're really simple. And I probably have said some of the stuff that you guys before, but I may not have been as frustrated or perturbed or disturbed as I am about this whole thing. Right now you can beat the system.

(10:19): That's number one, you with no formal education Chan the, the system there's people who have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars. I've ran estimates of people, paying millions of dollars to get their kids educated, all to become poor part of the system. You get a job, you get a job. You're going to job. [inaudible] Society to exist in the world to put food on your table, to give your family a better life. Right now are instances where you need a formula. You're going to become a doctor. You need a formal education. I'm an accountant, an engineer, scientist, whatever. There are reasons for having a formal education, but a formal education isn't for everybody. And yes, they will to make college affordable for everybody. That's not the way to go making college affordable for everybody. That's not the way to go. Now, my thing is they should make money available for everyone who wants to pursue various different types of fields.

(11:27): Some kids may want to become pilots. Some kids may want to become chefs. Some kids may want to become home builders or whatever, right? We need to make money available so that people can learn. It doesn't mean they need a formal all education. They need skills training. They need other types of training. They need mentorship. They need people to come in that are visionaries, help them build their skills so that they can beat the system, not become a part of the system. The rapid retire planning process is there to help people beat the system, not become part of the system. You can win. The first thing you have to do is make it up in your mind that you want to win. And I did a show earlier, title, winning, winning, winning. If you haven't listened to it yet, go back and listen to winning because I'm all about that.

(12:23): Winning and not about that. Losing when you become part of the system. Okay? Now there are instances where there are some people that's what they want and that's okay. I'm not beating up on you about that. I'm talking about what happened to Harold Green, with no formal education where I have to disclose to the world that I don't have a formal education. And that is part of the system. I'm not going to keep dealing with that. I want to win. I'm going to educate myself. I still learn today. I still study today. I still research today. It doesn't just stop with the formal education. You have to continue to learn for the rest of your life. If you want to continue to grow. And if you want to continue to win number two, dream bigger, wake up. There's a lot of people that think small, they dream small.

(13:13): You might as well wake up. And if you can't dream big, then a formal education probably is for you because you need to be in a system. You need to be in structure. You need to be told what to do. You need to be in a system. Okay? There are some people that that's how they are and that's okay, but you either dream big or you wake up. Right? And so I don't, I don't have time for small dreams and different things like that. Now I granted everybody got to start somewhere, but even then you should be dreaming big, bigger, and thinking bigger, thinking higher, thinking more than what you're thinking right now. It's a word that I've heard. Paul thought auditing where you, you audit your thoughts. You, you basically monitored the things that you think in your brain because the Bible says as a man thinketh.

(14:03): So is he, whatever you think you are, that's what you will become. If you think you're never going to be able to get out of the situation you're in right now, you're never going to get out. If you think you're never going to be able to find a great spouse, you're not going to be able to find him. When if you think that you're going to be broke for the rest of your life or not have all the things that you want in life, that's what you're going to become. I used to say to myself, I will never be broke another day of my life. I would never be broke another day of my life. I used to carry a hundred dollar bills around in my wallet, just so I would feel, I will feel empowered. I know it's kind of crazy, but it was like changing my mindset.

(14:41): Now I can walk around with no money in my wallet with credit cards, with thousands and thousands of dollars of limit. I don't feel broke. It's it's a feeling. And I had to change my mindset that it wasn't necessarily, I needed to see money in my wallet. That's not the point. It's just a mindset that I needed to have that I'm never going to be broke. I know that day of my life, whether the money is sitting in my life, insurance policies is sitting in the stock market. It's sitting in business value. I kept saying to myself, I will never be broke another day of my life. And what are you saying to yourself? Right? Are you dreaming big or are you saying the right thing? So yourself, because if you're not, you're not going to beat the system. Okay. And I used to hear it thrown around all the time.

(15:21): It's like the man is holding us down. The man is holding us back. You know, there is some of that because the system is not designed for you to get ahead. The system was created by people with formal educations. You know that right stock market wasn't created by somebody who didn't have a formal education. The medical field was increased, made by somebody who didn't have a formal education. All of the stuff that we haven't enjoyed today was created by people that had formal education. So now I'm all for formal educations, but just because a person doesn't have one doesn't mean they're any less than anybody else. If they have the brain, they have the skill, they have the drive, they have the talent, they can make stuff happen. So if you don't have a formal education, that's okay. We can make something happen, but you know what?

(16:10): You can't be lazy. And that's when people think about people with no formal education is they're lazy. They didn't, you know, they didn't do it at Taylor. They didn't go borrow all the money. They didn't go do all the stuff that's available to them. That's why they don't have an education. Yeah, no, it's not for everybody. And number three, the way you can beat the system, you got to set some goals and then you got to create a plan. And then you got to make sure you have the right people on your team. Look at half these athletes that are playing and pro sports today. A lot of those guys and you know, and then the, the, the athletes, some of them didn't graduate college before the NBA changed, you know, before they changed the rules and different things like that, you had to spend some time playing in college to develop and on and on and on.

(16:57): And you know, a lot of these guys, they did graduate. Some of them had degrees in like parks and recreation management, or just something where I knew the cheating scandals, where, you know, you had these kids taking tests for them, just so they meet eligibility. There's a lot of garbage that was going on, but those guys got their degrees and they're able to, you know, graduate college, get in the NFL moment. A lot of them are doing well for them selves, right? But they still have to get the right people around them. Right? You still have to have the right team of people because a lot of them end up broke after making hundreds of millions of dollars playing professional sports. If you win broke, something's wrong, don't necessarily need a formal education. You need a growth mindset. And that's how you are going to beat the system is by having a growth.

(17:49): It's just that simple, getting yourself in the right environment, putting yourself around the right people, putting the right people on your team and then believing in yourself and then investing in yourself and then believing that you can, and believing that gets knowing you go from believing that you can to knowing that you can. And that's a confidence that nobody can take away from you. Nobody can take the fact that way from me that I accomplished all of these things with no formal education. Nobody can take away the fact that I helped so many people retire early. I've made so many people's lives better with no formal education. It's about the dream. It's about the mission. It's about what you want it to be about. Now, if you're sitting out there and you want to consult with me, great, get in contact with us at 8 0 8 5 2 1 4 4 0 1. And Beverly, which is our new client concierge or Kayla, somebody on my team is going to get you on the calendar so that we can talk. If you want to do the consultation, that's fine. That's free. If you want any evaluation where you want me to look at your numbers and then come up with an action plan, that's going to cost you $375 per hour. And then we can package deal that, but at the show has helped you do me a favor,

(19:14): Get in contact with me and let me know that the show is helping you send me an email that Harold dougGreen@brightfg.com, and you can go click on the website and then, you know, send us a message through the message to the website. I'm not big on social media. I could care less about social media right now. I only care about the people that really, you know, get in contact with me. I care about my clients. I care about my family. If we're friends on Facebook, that's fine. I'm hardly on there, but it's social media is not a big part of my life because to me that that world is just out there. And it's a lot of make-believe and a lot of issues come out of social media. So I like to keep it on the down low, low heat and get in contact with me either way. So the show is designed to help you is designed to encourage you is designed to make you a better person than you are right now. And so if you know other people that can benefit the show, please pass it along to them because I know people need to hear this because not everybody out there as a formal education. And so again, I'm Harold Green and I have no formal education. So until next time everybody, 1, 2, 3, let's get it.

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