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If a person gets extra money, whether through their job or business, what are they likely to do with it?
If you said they’ll spend it, you guessed right.
Which is terrible news! Considering money spent is money gone…
More importantly, most people end up spending all their money on their WANTS rather than stuff they truly need.… READ MORE

Working harder is the secret to success, right? Wrong!
In fact, working harder won’t get you closer to your goals or get you the financial success you dream of.
It’ll only help you get old, tired, and burned out—not successful.… READ MORE

Life goes by quickly.  You get into a lucrative position, climb the ladder of success, build a portfolio and then look forward to retirement.
Unfortunately, that is the path that most take and it’s outdated. … READ MORE

Every day, you see middle-class investors putting their hard-earned money into the stock market, only to get burned by the whims of the rich.
It’s because they follow bogus advice, thinking they are getting the best deal when in fact they’re getting the worst.… READ MORE

Show Highlights Include:

How the middle class loses 30-40% of their wealth by the time they retire (and how you can prevent that.)  (2:39)
Why investing by yourself is secretly eroding your wealth (4:43)
How to identify if a company’s stock price is overvalued (5:38)
Avoid this “FSTP investing” trap that sets up 99% of middle-class investors to fail (7:01)
The wrong way to diversify that even professional investors are guilty of (and how you can safeguard your investments properly.) (7:29)
The “Familiarity Bias” pothole that even experienced investors fall victim to (9:31)
Why do-it-yourself investing is costing you a fortune over time (and how you can save time and grow your wealth without lifting a finger) (18:16)
How you can hire a fiduciary advisor today for 6 months of free service (20:25)

The biggest human emotional driver is money.  This can destroy families and ultimately people’s lives if not mastered.
This is especially true when people buy cars and houses that they can’t afford.… READ MORE

Show Highlights Include:

The overlooked reason why 95% of the people trying to get rich are stuck in the middle class (and how you can avoid that…) (9:44)
How to make sure your kid becomes a rich millionaire (10:38)
The silent wealth killers that the middle class families face that rich don’t (14:11)
The “Family Tax” that literally burns a hole in your wallet over the long term (Being aware of this protects you against sudden financial crisis…) (15:46)

People inherently know that investing is difficult and risky.
But then, why does everyone run off to buy the stocks that their favorite news channels talk about without researching and fact-checking?
Not only is this terrible in hindsight, but it also costs us our wealth in the long term.… READ MORE

“Be greedy when others are fearful.”
If you’ve been investing for some time, you probably know who said that quote. And it’s true now more than ever.
Especially in this recession, where the smart ones know that investing now will lead to bigger gains in the long term.… READ MORE

When do you think is the right time to talk to a financial advisor when you’re planning to retire early?
Before you retire, right? Wrong!
Because you’ll be 10 years too late to retire by then.
If you want to retire early, you need to have a solid game plan that doesn’t involve having to live miserably and saving pennies by skipping coffee.… READ MORE

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