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As leaders, we get results because we’re driven by ambition and obsessed focus.

That relentless focus makes many leaders neglect their families and abandon friendships. But a small elite of business leaders have both: Awesome relationships and a thriving business.

And you can join that elite. Today’s guest is John Kidwell. As a leadership coach, he helps you achieve results in your business and harmony in your life.

In this episode, you’ll discover how to reach your most ambitious goals while staying true to God and your family.

Listen now!

Show highlights include:

  • A hilarious addition to your bookshelf that will make you a better parent (1:27)
  • Why finding your “framily” lets you live a healthy, rewarding life (4:58)
  • Why striving for “balance” in your life leads to burnout (and what to seek instead) (5:35)
  • The “Sunday First” method that lets you achieve harmony in your life with one tweak to your calendar (7:49)
  • How to unconsciously become more charitable by changing one word at the top of your budget spreadsheet (9:43)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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