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Many people dream of the “entrepreneur lifestyle”: Wake up when you want, work on things you love, travel wherever, whenever.

But if you’re building your business on the side, your life looks different—after a full day at your 9-5, you commute home, just to look at your laptop for another few hours.

It’s tempting to quit the 9-5 and go full time on your side hustle. But it’s scary, too—what if it doesn’t work out? You’ll be working even harder for even less.

But what if you could make an extra $90k a year without risking your 9-5?

And what if you could make so much money that your accountant “forces” you to buy your dream car to lower your tax bill?

It sounds unbelievable, but JaMaury did exactly that. He went from a side-hustle charging a few hundred per client to a part-time business selling $5k packages.

In this episode, you’ll discover the paint by numbers system that lets you make a full-time income in just a handful of hours a week.

Listen now!

Show highlights include: 

  • Why ignoring CNBC lets you beat the market with your investments (even if you know nothing about finances) (7:11)
  • The “paint by numbers” strategy that turns your side hustle into a full-time income (even if you work 45 hours at your 9 to 5) (11:34)
  • A subtle mindset shift that lets you work 50 times less without taking a pay cut (15:40)
  • How to get the US Government to buy your dream car with a hidden tax loophole (17:14)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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