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When it comes to finding the selling strategy that generates the most leads while producing the most value, it can get overwhelming figuring out where to turn. 
And these days, it’s not enough to cold call your offer around…You need to nurture your leads and provide value in a way that doesn’t ‘feel’ like selling.READ MORE

Too many entrepreneurs are concerned with getting an interview on the most popular podcast or landing a summit slot as a guest speaker…but when it comes to getting the value from those experiences, it won’t be so easy if you show up empty-handed. READ MORE

Learning how to make business changes when you aren’t producing the results you want or the world turns upside down is key to always winning (even when it feels like you’re losing). 
So when you have to adapt, it won’t feel like such a ‘shock from the norm’ or absolute failure from the beginning.READ MORE

When it comes to running a successful coaching program, you might get so consumed in helping others that you forget to help yourself…And if you’re giving advice for free or stretching yourself too thin, you’re not making the money you want (and taking on too many clients in exchange for your freedom).… READ MORE

You don’t need to give up your hobbies, neglect your family, and work with difficult clients to make the money you want. If you know how to talk about the value of your offer, it doesn’t matter what you price it at (and selling high ticket offers will feel like a breeze).READ MORE

Regardless of how unique an offer is or how much it costs, all coaching consultants have one thing in common: they rely on the words that sell. 
And when it comes to the copy that explodes sales, you need to know how to get into the head of every client and prospect.READ MORE

The more you learn about generating leads online, the easier it gets to forget the basics.
And when you complicate the simple things, you end up with 60-hour work weeks and less money than you started with. READ MORE

When it comes to writing an offer, you want the words that sell. And you don’t need to waste your nights drafting bad copy to try and get clients.
Using a call-to-action that gets people to understand your offer is how they buy the offer.… READ MORE

If you want to get paid like a pro for speaking gigs, you’ve got to know how to sell to your audience. And while stage presence is important, the value you provide is what attracts lifelong clients. 
In this episode, you’ll discover what speaking pros say for the most money on stage and how your words attract dream clients and build brand recognition today.READ MORE

Most entrepreneurs are creating content and marketing online without really understanding who they’re trying to targeting. Then they end up with ‘business burnout’ and no clients to show for it. READ MORE

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