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As entrepreneurs, we’re constantly looking for new ways to get an edge. New software, tools, strategies… 

Truth is, none of that matters. Because as this episode proves, even an 8 year old can understand the principles of a 7-figure business. 

Today’s guest is Mj – Marquel Russell Jr. He’s only 8, but already building his T-shirt empire. And the wisdom he drops in this episode is what you’d expect from a 7-figure entrepreneur. 

In this episode, you’ll discover how to develop unshakeable belief in yourself, push through the hard times and make more sales – even without fancy tools and tactics! 

Listen now!

Show highlights include:

  • Why hanging around pessimists ruins your chances of business success (2:29) 
  • How to spot the “cheerleaders” who accelerate your journey to 7 figures (2:37) 
  • The “believer” mindset that lets you push to new profit records (even when sales are down and it looks like your business will go bankrupt) (2:46)
  • Why “DIY” is the most expensive way to do business (3:22) 
  • Develop multi-millionaire confidence with nothing but a bathroom mirror and some faith (4:13) 

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(00:57): Hey, what's up my friends, Dr. To king of Kline attraction, and welcome to this brand episode of the school of client attraction. And today is actually a special episode for two reasons. Number one is this is our 100th episode. So thank you so much for supporting us, checking out the show, sharing it, subscribing great, leaving reviews, all that good stuff. Right? So that's number one. Number two, we wanna do something special for this particular episode. So I actually have a very, very special guest for today's episode. Who's gonna share some gems, some gold nuggets, some knowledge, some wisdom that you can actually apply into your business to start getting some amazing results. And that special guest is my eight year old. Mr. MJ, our Russell Jr. Say hi.

(01:42): Hello. Tell her about your name and your business. My name is MJ I'm I'm eight years old and my business is young jeans, which is a shirt, which is a t-shirt business that helps kids to, to teenagers, to adults, to seniors know that they have inner youth wealth and genius.

(02:02): Okay, good, good, good. I excellent. Excellent. So, alright. So you've been building a business you've been doing really, really well. Right? You've been having some good pay days making some good money. So, and you've been learning a lot about business, right? What, for those who are watching everybody who is watching this, their business owners, right? They either have, they either have businesses already or they want to start a business. So what are some tips that you've learned since you've been growing your business, that other individuals can implement to help them grow their business?

(02:28): So the first thing I learned is that you don't wanna hang around the wrong people to make the wrong mindset for your business. Okay. So you wanna hang around what what's, what's the best type of people to hang around. You wanna hang around the people that will encourage you or believe in you through a whole, like

(02:45): Got it. Does business get hard? Sometimes It does. What, what are some, what are some discouraging moments that you've experienced with growing your business so far? Some discouraging moments is that I, one time I had, I didn't get a lot of sales in. And what kind of thoughts were you having? I was having thoughts that my business was gonna end up churning down. So, so when that happened, what actually made you push through and keep going?

(03:09): What made me push through is that I, that I believed in myself and knew that I was knew that I was gonna keep selling. Okay. Perfect. Good, good. So that's number one. So make sure you had gonna run the right people to encourage you to keep going. Right. Okay, cool. What's another tip. You got any more tips that you were share? I have another tip. Okay.

(03:27): What you got? One thing that, that I also learned is that if you don't think you can do the whole thing by yourself, there is nothing wrong with getting, with getting people to help you out. Got it. That's a good one. Cause of, lot of people struggle to actually ask people help for help. They feel like they gotta do everything themselves. How has being okay with asking other people for help? How has that benefited you?

(03:48): It's been getting me a lot of sales and a lot of money. Cool. Okay. So be okay. So make sure you're sticking around people who gonna encourage you. Number two, make sure you are act you okay. Asking people for help? Any, any other tips? That's all my tips I Have. That's all your tips have. Oh, and I have one more. Okay. What's one more, Just believe in yourself.

(04:10): Just believe in yourself. So what are some things like? You're eight you've, you've very confident. You've always been very confident. Which is great. And I'm proud of you of, and the belief that you have yourself. What, what are some things that you've done over the years or some things you've learned, that's helped you develop that belief. Cause everybody doesn't have that. So that's a unique gift that you have Mostly praying every day. Okay. Praying every day. Cool. Any, anything else doing daily affirmations

(04:37): Doing daily affirmations? What's some of your favorite affirmations. I'm a, a speaker and, and the Imogen. Okay, cool. Cool. So for those who don't know what affirmations are, you want to explain what affirmations are Affirmations are. What are, when you say stuff loud and look at yourself in the mirror and you have to, the most important step is you have to believe in yourself to know that it's true.

(04:59): Cool. Cool. Cool. So the building that belief for yourself, so praying every day, that helps with your belief and then also affirmations every day. Anything else? One more got reading books, reading books about people. Cause that cuz sometimes it tells me how they, how they grew their, their belief.

(05:16): Cool. I love you got a favorite book that you wanna share. It's called the MABA mentality. MABA mentality. Okay. Kobe Bryan's book. Cool. Good. Anything else you wanna share. That's All cool. Well thank you so much. This is a special episode. Thank you so much. So obviously M J's brand is called young wealthy genius. If you wanna order his site is under construction right now. So is, is it done right now? But if you inbox me on Instagram, so if you go to Instagram and just my name, Marco, M a R Q U E L R U S S E L L, send me a DM. Let me know that you want to order has all size from kids to adults, right? So let me know your sizes, what you want to get and then place your order and then we'll get, 'em shipped out to you. So reach out and we'll do something special. Just let us know that you saw us on this episode and we'll do some kind of special rights or something for you for, for tapping in.

(06:01): So thank you so much also. So that's how you get the shirts. Also, if you're watching this and you're ready to start getting more clients for your business, go to pay that playbook.com. That's P I D add playbook.com. You get our free pay. That playbook show you how to get 50 to a hundred leads every single day for your business. Or if you just like, Hey, you know, you're ready to start working with us to start getting more clients for your business. You want to have a quick 13 minute chat so we can have a game planning call to help you add an extra five to six figures to your monthly revenue. Just go to rapid growth session.com that's rapid growth session.com rapid growth session.com. And we can schedule a chat to see how we can be of service. So that's it. Thank you so much. Checking out today's episode into the next one on phenomenal day, because you absolutely deserve it to December.

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