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Show highlights include: 

  • The “seed and soil” strategy that lets you reach your potential as fast as possible (3:34)
  • (4:25)
  • Never procrastinate on your “big money” again, by applying the “site of decision” rule (5:40)
  • Why observing a 4 year old turns you into a better public speaker (12:08)
  • Become the best version of yourself by avoiding the “three F’s” (14:18)
  • Why “wasting” your talents lets you reach your highest potential (20:40)
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In life, you have two choices. You can build a lifestyle or you can live a bullshit life, but you can't do both. Welcome to the “Freedom Lifestyle Experience”, where we focus on building the lifestyle you want—and now, here's your host, Michael Burns.

(00:17): Hey guys. Welcome back. You're listening to the second part of, of last week's episode. Let's jump back in. So this TD Jakes of, of the whole weekend, he was definitely one of my top speakers. And, you know, I'm sitting here writing all the notes down that he said, and as I'm kind of going through and sharing my notes with you, you know, these sentences and things that I, the words that I wrote down, I'm like, oh yeah, that sounds good. That sounds good. But what I remember about TD J aches is the way that he made me feel the way that I felt when the energy was in that room and the way that he was speaking to my soul and the energy transfer. That's what I remember about TD Jakes. And it just kind of really reminded me of my purpose. I have for Michael. You know, I literally wrote down for Michael, these are notes for myself. People need an example, people need hope.

(01:01): I'm going to provide it. I want to speak and preach to people's heart and soul. And that's just how much, you know, that's what I'm trying to do with my podcast. I'm just trying to share my message of personal accountability and staying loyal to the potential and all things, you know, and the lifestyle piece. So it's, you know, you're, you're winning across the board and but that's all people want, man. They just, they want, everyone wants to hope that there's possibility for a better tomorrow and that I'm loved and I'm accepted and I'm appreciated. And that I matter. And these guys just really pounded that home. So the next speaker, her name was stormy Wellington, this chick, she really special individual. I had no idea who she was until she came on to on stage really character. I mean, she, so she had, she was very intentional with her outfit and just the way she owns her uniqueness, but she gets up there and you know, one of the first things she says is how blackety black.

(01:55): She is. And I mean, she, I don't know where she's from, but she, she definitely loves her culture. And I think she's some from somewhere in the south and have, you know, just their different slang and style and, and whatever, but it was just super cool, but there's another level with your name on it. But she really talked a lot about culture and she addressed the black and the white thing fucking head on, and it was awesome and it was beautiful and it brought people together. It wasn't talking about division and wasn't talking about racism and all this shit it was talking about. She was saying, Hey, white people don't be scared of us. We want to get to know you, you know, and just her, her direct approach to such a sensitive subject in such a raw unique way was just something super awesome to experience.

(02:42): But she said the culture needs an am. And she's talking specifically about her culture. And she said that that was another thing that I appreciated too. She's like, we don't wanna be called African American. We're fucking black. We wanna be called black. It was just cool. A lot of the things that she was speaking to, and just cutting down all of this politically correct bullshit and just human to human connection. But she was saying, you know, the culture needs an example. And that's her big thing is she's trying to be an example for her culture and the people that come from the streets and the hood and all the stuff she was talking about. Like, they need an example and that's what she's here doing. But she said, everyone is battling a few things. And the number one that everyone is battling is who am I?

(03:20): People don't know who they are. Don't be afraid of the unknown. Don't let anyone steal your power, put limitations on you. No matter what, don't forget who you are. You have to see it before you create it. And she kept using an analogy that I thought was cool about the seed and the soil and Essent the seed is the potential. And the soil is like the mentor or the environment. So she was re referring to how, you know, she's a seed and she wants to put herself in the 10 X soil, but the whole seed and the soil thing, you know, you're a seed. You need to be in the right soil to grow. So she's talking about, you need to be in the right environment. Like if you're, if you're a garden seed for a flower and you're not in the right soil, and you're not getting the right water and sunlight and or if you're not in the right geographic location, you know, if you're at bird of paradise and you're trying to grow in fucking Northern Canada, it's not gonna work out.

(04:15): So just recognizing and, and using the analogy that you are a sea eat and you're not gonna grow, unless you put yourself in the right soil. Another thing she said that I thought was cool was manifest. And she was talking about sitting there meditating and wishing and praying. That's not good enough. She's like manifest is man. I feast go get what you want. Like, you're not gonna get what you want or manifest what you want, but by not going and taking and getting it. And she had another little analogy. So she had formula. So F O R M U L a and there was a kind of a word or whatever you want to call it for each one. So for F was faith, and this is the way she runs her life. So she has faith, you know, for O is oneness and connected consciousness, R for routine M for mindset, you for unique L for love a, for alignment, that's her life formula right there, right?

(05:11): If she's having faith, if she's feeling the oneness and the connected consciousness, if she's following her routine, if she's keeping up on her mindset, if she's, you know, being unique and, and true to herself and authentic, and she's, if she's coming from a place of love only, and if she's in alignment, she's doing all of those things. That's her formula for success. And I thought that was cool. I do a similar thing with lifestyle and our different core values. We have a, a core value for each letter. Never leave the site of decision without taking, I'll say that again. This is a big fucking deal. Never leave the sight of decision without taking action. So what does that mean? That doesn't mean you sit down and, you know, I want to be successful and I'm gonna do all these things. I'm gonna come up with a game plan and yeah, I'm all excited.

(05:56): I'm gonna start Monday. No, you don't leave the site of decision without taking action. So when you make a decision, you're gonna do something. You take action on it right then and there, it doesn't have to, you know, you're not gonna do the whole thing, but you have to take an action right then and there because that's cementing the decision. And it's actually you taking the action, which is showing that you're serious about the, and that's the difference of a thought and idea versus something you're gonna start doing is, is the action piece. All I wanted to become, I became, therefore, I am. I'll read that again. All I wanted to become, I became therefore I am. And that's really just taking control of can be, be, and do whoever it is you want to do or want to be. If it has been done, it can be done.

(06:44): You just haven't stepped up to the plate yet. If it has been done before, that's proof that it can be done. So the reason you're not able to do it is you just haven't stepped up to the plate and committed yet. I thought that was super powerful. The world didn't get the memo about your vision. You have to go show the world, your vision. Trump said something similar. He said, you have to go tell the world who you are and what you do. You know, you have to go tell the world about you, but the world didn't get the memo about your vision. You have to go show the world, your vision. And this ties into the whole concept of 10 X that I'm talking about. And you know, her manifest, man, I feast like, just because you've got goals and dreams and all of that shit, and you're serious about it.

(07:25): The world doesn't know about it. They didn't get the memo. Like, no, one's gonna give you anything. No one's coming to save you. And that's what that means to me. Like the world, didn't get the memo about your vision. You have to go show the world, your vision, and you have to go, you show it, you know, you gotta like, cuz you're not gonna create your vision and do it by yourself. You have to go motivate and move and inspire people and encourage people and give them hope and give them faith and, you know, build this culture cuz you're not gonna do anything by yourself. And to me, that's what she meant by that. But stormy Wellington, I, I still don't exactly quite know who she is and where she came from and, and all off. I just know that she's sharing her message. And she came in, probably moved the crowd just as much as anyone did.

(08:06): And I think at the end of the event, she was probably one of the fan favorites. But when she was done, speaking, Cardone came back up and he basically said the most important thing I've done all weekend is put this girl on this stage in front of you and her and him talked a little bit, but really just addressing this racial gap and addressing this fucking division that's created like humans. Aren't that way. Like our, society's not that way. It's, it's this it's, I believe it's an agenda. And it's a thing that's just shoved down our throat and you know, it's gonna take us saying, you know, no, like isn't, it doesn't have to be that way. And it isn't that way. So really just her approach of like, Hey white people, don't be scared of us. We're scared of you. We wanna know about you.

(08:49): We wanna understand your culture. We think you guys are kind of fucking weird, you know, and don't be scared of us and thinking just whatever it is, you're thinking, it was just such a powerful thing. And I really pretty much like of everything I'm sharing with you guys today, the mindset stuff and all that. Shit's cool. But you know, I really hope you guys are listening to the communication thing that I'm talking about and the oneness thing I'm talking about and really stormy Wellington's message of just talk all this black versus white stuff. It really powerful phone spoke to my heart and I wanted to share it and that's why I'm going on and on about it because I think the world needs to really get that message. So next up is Tim's story. He's one, one of my all time. Favorite speakers.

(09:28): He's basically, he's a motivational speaker. He's a professional speaker. That's what he does. I'm actually saw him speak for the first time at, at coincidentally enough, the first 10 X growth con. But if you want to go somewhere, you haven't been, you have to do things you've never done. If you want to go somewhere, you haven't been, you have to do things you've never done. And Tim didn't say that these are just notes that I had here. I'm not sure who said that, but it's so true. It's like, we all want these saying, but it's like, do we want to pay the price? Or we don't want to, you know, do the fear of the unknown or we don't want to let go of what we have to get what we want or we don't want to change. You know? Like there's you are where you are.

(10:06): That's great. But what got you, where you are now is probably not getting you where you want to go. And you know, you gotta make that shift. So if you want to go somewhere, you haven't been, you have to do things never done. So anyways, moving into Tim's story, he opened up with, I might have been, are the saddest words, any human could ever say, I might have been it's time. You fight to be everything God created me to be living in the past. Makes you a discount version of yourself living in the past, you a discount version of yourself. Yeah. I mean, that's a lot right there who wants to be a discounted version of themselves? You know, God is big enough to reverse the pain and curses in our lives. Don't nurse, it disperse it. A lot of what Tim was talking about.

(10:53): And you'll pick this up in my notes is just not living in the past. And like just letting go and, and just, just not living in the past and, and just saying, fuck it. It is what it is not being a slave to that. You know? So don't nurse it disperse it, move on, go forward, do not dwell on what has already occurred. Stop talking about your then when you are living in your now, I need to operate with what God already has planned for me. It's in your spirit. Let it out. When you walk in a room, the energy should shift to suit your tempo. When you walk in a room, the energy should shift to suit your tempo. You set the tempo of the room you're in or the space you're in. And that really stuck out with me because what it was I telling you guys, when Trump walked up, like the dude, literally he changed the energy of the whole room grant card owns another guy like this.

(11:44): And Tim's story has the same unique ability. So does TD Jakes and sort does stormy Wellington. These guys all literally set the temp of the room that they're in. And I thought that was awesome. But you know, he's talking about don't live in the past and, and basically stop talking about your then when you're living in your now and then shifting into, you know, you control the tempo of, of the room that you're in. And he's talks about how a lot of people have lost their shout, you know, and he is talking about how little kids, you know, you're talking to 'em and they're just shout they shout. And you know, he's saying, let this shout out of you, pump up the volume, be on fire, be contagious, like interrupt life. And just the, the way that this guy speaks and his just the energy that he brings and waking up your soul was just a really cool experience.

(12:30): And I've seen him speak multiple times. He's always one of my favorite speakers. Just because again, it's not what he's saying, but it's how he's making you feel. And as we're talking a lot about relationships and communication and stuff in this thing too, and it's like, it's not what we're saying, but it's how are people feeling or how are we making people feel? Or how are we making ourself feel? People want to try and discount you. They try to hold you in your setbacks, the greater the setback, the greater, the comeback. I love that the greater the setback, the greater the comeback. So Robert Downey, Jr. If you guys know who he is, he's iron man. Robert Downey Jr. Was like a big time Hollywood actor. And then he bought him out, was on drugs and he went to jail or prison or whatever. And he was there for a while.

(13:14): And then Tim's story started working with him and Robert Downey Jr. Was putting together a team of people to try and not even bring his career back, but just get his life back, get back on his feet. You know, he is addicted to drugs and alcohol and all sorts of mental struggles and all of that shit. So he started building this team around him and, and Tim's story was one of the guys, but you know, the greater, the setback, the greater the comeback. And that's something that Tim's played a vital role with Robert Downey, Jr. But I really, those are kind of the notes that I shared with him. Don't be in a prison of your pain mindset or past, and start being animated, animate and create. So then grant card came out and shared a few words and he brought up Glen Sterns, who was the owner of Sterns, which is a, a giant mortgage company.

(14:03): And it recently sold. I'm not sure how long ago he sold, but he's a billionaire as well. He's actually had undercover billionaire. I don't know if you guys have seen that show, but Glen Sterns is a guy that started that. And grant Cardone was like season two of that. He was on there, but when Cardone came out, this is something I wanted to share with you guys, foods, fears, and friends kill your best version of yourself. Food, fear and friends will kill the best version of yourself. Another thing too. So this was day three. So because Trump Cardone opened the event with Trump, there was four speakers who actually bailed out. They just straight bitched out and no-showed, and they, they basically said, because they weren't gonna share a stage with Trump or because Trump came and spoke, they were basically not gonna come to the event.

(14:50): So they just no-showed and it kind of fucked the schedule up. So there was a little bit of feeling in the gaps, but Cardone was talking about that, but he said, you know, one of the conversations, you know, one of the guys hit him up and was like, why would you have Trump come out first? Like, why wouldn't you have him finish the event? You know, I can't have my name associated with him. And Cardone said, then don't come bitch. I got it. I don't need anyone. But me. I got my courage and that's big. I mean, then don't come bitch. I got it. I don't need anyone. But me. I got my courage really think about that when you're like in the face of adversity and being judged or whatever it might be. It's like, I got me, I got my courage. I don't need anyone analysis.

(15:31): That's super powerful. So anyways, Glen Stearns is up there with Cardone Glen. Like I said, he's a billionaire as well, but he made a, he said a couple of things that will tie into what other speakers has said. But first thing that I wrote down seek to understand, not to be understood, you know? So this, whether it's Tillman for TIDA or TD Jakes or Tim's story communication is this, this ongoing theme for me and this event. So seek to understand, not to be understood, find people around you who support you. You make money by spending slash investing. So you make money by investing money Tillman for Tito saying, I invest in my business. As I invest in my business, you know, find people around you who support you. And that's one thing that I'm noticing not only in this conference, but any, and everyone that's successful, like they have people around them that support them.

(16:23): And that goes back to the environment that I'm always talking about in the show. It's like, you have to control your environment. And people are either support. Like everything you're doing is either supporting your in your dreams. Or it's not, there's no middle ground. Maybe there's some neutral stuff, but like everything you're doing and the people you're like all your actions, the people you're spending your time around all the shit that you're doing, like it's either in alignment or it's not. So you really, you know, this is that, that's a common thing that I'm seeing over and over creating opportunities is the best value I can bring to change our country and the world. And I just thought that's really cool. If you guys know who Dan Fleishman is, Dan Fleishman is he's a, a big angel investor business guy, social media guru that speaks a lot, but that's kind of, I've heard him say that multiple times too.

(17:10): You know, there's all this political stuff going on and all this shit go on in our country and all this division. And you know, some people choose to not really address it and speak to it too much. And that's something I would say Dan Fleischman does, but Dan has the, you know, he has the attitude. I'm investing in X amount of businesses and I'm gonna create this many jobs and that's how I'm gonna do my part in saving our country and our culture and Glen sitting here saying it again, creating opportunities is the best value I can bring to change our country and the world. And that's just really powerful instead of sitting there bitching and talking shit and, you know, getting caught up in the left versus right. Black versus white and whatever it is, it's like, what value can I bring to change the country and the world?

(17:52): Like if we were all focused on what can I do to come bring value and support people and encourage people and just like do my part to make this thing better. Again, you're either in alignment and you're making shit better or you're making it worse. There's nothing in between. So if we were all to make that decision of what can I do, what value can I bring? You have enough time, energy, and money to do. What's important to you. I'll read that again. You have enough time, energy, and money to do. What's important to you. You know, I don't have, time is probably the biggest bullshit lie that humanity says to itself, but this really is the truth. Like anything that's important to you, you have the time, energy and money. If you don't, you're gonna find it and you're gonna make it work. And one last thing that I had written down with Glen, if you say yes to something, you see it through period, like quitting is not an option.

(18:38): If you put your name on something, if you commit to it just, quittings not an option, you know? And for me kind of plan B is reinforcing plan a is, is the way I go about that. So then grant brings up his five or six year old daughter, Scarlet, and this little girl, this beautiful soul probably gave of all this, all the shit that I've just told you guys, and all the speeches and business advice and the humanity stuff. And speaking to people's soul, you have this, I don't know, she's probably six. You have this six or seven year old girl come up on stage. And she probably shared the most powerful words of the whole weekend. And it was probably a four minute talk, but people label things and people to make sense of things. So people or we, we label things and people to make sense of things.

(19:31): Don't let anyone label you or box you in. You are limitless. And those are the three things I wrote down from this six year old girl, but talking about how we label people and we label each other. So our mind can make sense of it and don't let anyone label you or box you in. It's just so basic can, but so powerful. So anyways, and then basically Cardone came out, you know, the end of day three and, and kind of pretty much said, Hey, you know, this is the, I know everyone watched and, and you took your notes and he kind of, you know, went through each speaker in the event and shared what, what he learned and what he saw, cuz you know, he there to be a student as well. So this is the stuff that he ran through saying that he had learned through the weekend.

(20:17): But every time he has compromised what he knew to be true to himself, it bit him in the ass. I'll say that again. Every time he has compromised what he knew to be true to himself, it bit him in the ass. So not listening your gut, not listening to your instinct and going against that and not trusting yourself every time he is gone against that. It came back and got him. This was another thing that spoke really loud to me. You have to pass on stuff you can do to do the things you want to do. So you have to pass on stuff that you can do. You're comfortable at doing. You're good at doing so you can go do the things that you want to do. And I have a buddy here in salt lake named Jordan Atkin. And I remember having a conversation with him.

(21:02): We were, was earlier in business and he was flipping houses and I was flipping houses doing the realtor thing. And he sat there and he, he told me one day, he said, I'm gonna become a developer. I don't wanna flip houses anymore. I wanna be a developer. And I was like, dude, that's fucking awesome. You should do it. And he was like, yeah, I'm going to, well, he, he finished his flips and he didn't do another deal for like, I think a year or a year and a half. And because he was leaving what he was good at and what he was comfortable with because he didn't wanna flip houses anymore. He wanted to go on to bigger development shit. And I watched him do it. And it was just something. I have a ton of respect for this dude. And he's a young guy and now he is doing huge deals, downtown salt lake.

(21:41): And he is got a ton of shit going on. I'm really proud of him, but you have to pass on stuff you can do to do the thing you want to do. And that's like, you gotta let go of what you have to get what you want. You know, you can't sit there and, and focus on and, and be like, oh, well this is all the shit that I did. What you've have done. Doesn't fucking matter because that's not gonna get you where you want to go. But that was a big thing. You know, what was an asset is now a liability. So this was interesting too Cardone. He's got that weekend. He raised 33 million for his real estate portfolio. He's got like four or 5 billion of multifamily apartments, but there was a guy in there that Cardone had pointed to in the crowd.

(22:20): And this is speaking to the, what was an asset is, is going to be a liability. And this guy paid Cardone for one on one coaching. It's a hundred grand or whatever it was. And he's sitting down him and his wife are sitting down with Cardone and he has like, I think he had a $15 million business and Cardone tells him, dude, you need to shut it down. This thing's gonna become a liability for you. So imagine sitting there, you're paying this guy, all this money. You think you got a good business going, you know, 15 million a year in revenue. That's, that's not small by any means. And this dude's telling you, Hey, this is gonna become a liability. You need to shut the whole fucking thing down. And this guy actually did it. And that was 24 months ago. And Cardone pointed out to him in the crowd and asked him, what are you guys gonna do this year?

(23:02): And he said, we're gonna do 28 million this year on this new business or a, you know, a revised business that he's doing from what he was doing before four. And not just, and at the same time, grant Cardone pulled out a check and showed everyone. It was for a million dollars for his real estate fund that this guy that he was pointing out to and the crowd actually wrote. So, but anyways, you have to pass on the stuff you can do to do the things you want to do. And I just put in there, you know, this was a note to myself, what are you doing? Because easy that is getting in the way of bigger and better. And that's something we all need to ask ourself is what am I doing? Because it's easier because I know Howard, it's comfortable. That's getting in the way and holding me back or preventing me from doing bigger and better things.

(23:45): So that's something I'm taking a hard look at right now. I don't want the old me. You were doing all the shit you were doing to change basically. Yeah. My notes are off a little bit there, but basically saying he doesn't want the old version of himself. Believe in your name more than any other brand, believe in your name more than any other brand. Arone built this 10 X brand. And he really was talking about Trump. You know what he learned from Trump going through all the different speakers and what he had learned. So believe in your name more than any other brand. And that's something that Donald Trump did. And he, he claimed his brand and then he grew into it. Which was pretty cool by putting his last name on that building. I'm not trying to be perfect. I'm trying to accomplish my goals.

(24:29): That's a big deal. You know, like for me, I'm always like, things need to be perfect. Or I, instead of pulling the trigger on stuff, it's like just ready fire then aim instead of ready, aim. Make sure everything's perfect. Check, check, check, then fire. You're gonna, you're not gonna build momentum. So I'm not trying to be perfect. I'm just to get started, wake up to the marketing game. Everything is marketing. You need infrastructure, support people and protection. So every business, it needs infrastructure, it needs support. It needs people and it needs protection. This was what Cardone was saying that he learned from Tillman for TA is always be prepared for an as whoop in, always be prepared for an as whoop and risk takers are rewarded. You need to get known. So people will invite you to the stage. You can change the world with your words that was coming from TD Jakes.

(25:20): You can change the world with your words and you need to get known. So people will invite you to the stage. And when you're on the stage, that's when you can share your, you need to be branding everywhere. Cardone is really, really good at marketing. Trump is really, really good at marketing Tillman for TIDA and his restaurants are really good at marketing and you're you need your branding everywhere. So for example, he was saying no blank walls in your office or your event space. So Cardone was talking, he was literally in the room and he was, you know, know, pointing to his staff. What's wrong with that wall. And they're looking at this wall, like at the, at the actual event. And they're just, don't, you know, they're not seeing what's wrong with this wall. It's just a plain wall. And he's saying, there's no fucking branding on it.

(25:59): There's no 10 X, no Cardone enterprises, no anything on there. Why would we have a wall where there's 3,500 people in this space and we don't have any on there. He's like that. That's crazy. That's up, you know, just not okay if you can't do it, hire it, me hiring and delegating is probably the thing that slowed my business down the most is, you know, until having Laura over the last like year, year and a half, I'd never really had like a full blown assistant that I trusted and, and actually Del the delegated too, for real. And like let go and trusted that it would get done. And since I've brought her on, like, my business has exploded because it's allows me to focus on other things, but not only like stuff that, you know, just not only delegating, but shit that I'm not good at.

(26:44): You know, for the longest time I would run my books and like, you know, super involved in the taxes and I'm shifting all of that in the mortgage business, you know, instead of me fucking around with the loans and stuff, my brother's really good at that. So I bring it in and, and let him, you know, do what he does. So if you can't do it, hire it or going back to what Tillman for TIDA earlier in the episode, he said, he's not that smart. He just does what he does. And he does it really well. And he hires everything else. If you can be someone you've never been, you can do things you've never done. If you can be someone you've never been, you can do things you've never done, be all in on you and your gig, be all in on you and your business, you know, Tillman same thing.

(27:28): He was, you know, just invest in your business, invest in your business. What things do I need to get out of my life so I can get the life? What things do I need to get out of my life so I can get the life. And this is going through and looking at all, the, and this is, is what stormy Wellington, you know, he's saying what he learned from her, but you gotta remove all the negative and all the distractions and like, okay. And really being honest with yourself, like, where am I now? And what are the things that aren't serving me? What do I need to get out of my life? So I can get the life, find out what people want and give it to them. When you invest in yourself, you believe in yourself. When you invest in yourself, you believe in yourself.

(28:08): So listening to a podcast, you're investing yourself, me spending five grand for a ticket to go to 10 X, plus the flight out there, plus the hotel and all the food. And, you know, the opportunity cost of being away from my business and just being down there when I'm investing in myself, you believe in yourself, or I have said before, like when you, you know, what I learned from the medic guy is like, when you have a plan, you have confidence. Success always favors the risk taker, do the hard stuff, fuck taking the easy route. So anyways, guys, I know that was probably a little choppy. I just reading through all my notes there. I hope that brought a bunch of value. I just gave you all the, the information that I got, that I spent $5,000 for. So you're welcome. But know in all seriousness, the more that I invest, whether it's time, money, time, and money, really, my focus, my attention, the more that I invest in myself, the better life gets, whether it's business and investing to go to 10 X conference or investing in a book that I'm reading or investing in a mastermind, or if it's health and fitness and investing in a trainer, a nutritionist, investing in good food, investing in, you know, a nice workout club to go to your relationship, investing your time, doing a date night, just investing, you know, your time and energy to live, listening to them.

(29:27): And that's something that I need to do a much better job of is is, is the investment and the listening with others. But the more that you invest into you and your life, the better things you're gonna get. But if you don't invest into yourself and your life, how are you gonna expect it to grow? Like if you have a plant it's not gonna grow, unless you water it and fertilize it, you're investing in it. You're caring for it. So you gotta do that for your life. You gotta do that for your business. And I've committed to being a lifetime student. That's what I'm always gonna be is, is always learning. And, and when you, when you're not learning, you're dying and also you, and you're not communicating. Things are dying as well. So I hope that brought some value for you guys. I'm, I'm glad to be on back on bringing another episode to you. I want to connect with you. Let me know what you want to hear about. I'd love some topics. I'm gonna start bringing on guests as well. I just wanted to get some of my material out there, but I'm gonna start interviewing some people as well. And I want to connect with you on Instagram at Mr. Mike Burns on Facebook at Mr. Michael Burns. So you guys go kick ass, build that lifestyle, and we'll see you guys next week.

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