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That's what today's guests Dr Mia Cowan and Joseph Brown learned when they joined CAU. After a short amount of time with CAU, they scaled their health clinic so much they were forced to upgrade their building.

In this episode you'll discover how to get a predictable income from your consulting or coaching business that lets your business finally hit those $100k months.

Listen now!

Show highlights include:

  • Why working on your business is holding you back from exponential income growth (11:18)
  • The “profit rollercoaster” method that lets you predict your income 3 months in advance with near-certainty (12:04)
  • Why making half as much money next quarter lets you double your income next year
  • Why a flat growth trajectory lets your business grow like crazy (15:02)
  • How hanging out in a room of rich entrepreneurs makes you more money (even if they never give you any business advice) (17:13)

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(00:57): Hey, what's up my friend, Dr. Mark here, the king contraction, and welcome to this brand episode of the school of client attraction. And today I'm super excited because you get to hear something really, really cool. We're gonna pull back the curtain and show you how to actually get an influx of cash for your business. So you can actually, let's say you want to expand and you want to go buy a new building or you want to go buy other assets to actually grow and expand. You're gonna see exactly how to do it. Dr. Beer and Joseph Brown are gonna show you how they was actually able to in their wellness practice. And it's very, very exciting, very, very inspiring story. And you're gonna get a lot of nuggets out of this and how they've been able to do this and grow a multimillion and all the business. Let's go ahead and jump into the episode. Elle is amazing that interview and then getting the nuggets out so you can actually apply 'em into your business immediately. So let's go ahead and jump into the episode. All right.

(01:37): Hey everybody. It is her girl, Elle haw. I am president of communications here at client attraction university. And there are some days that, you know, I do kind of funky things here, always dealing with problems, making sure that our clients have the best experience ever, but it's days like today that I absolutely love where I get to talk to. Some of my favorite people are favorite clients who have done amazing things while they've been in the program and get to kind of brag on them a little bit and also let them brag on marque too. Cuz you know, I have to kind of suck up to the boss a little bit. Right? That's when it all makes some fun. So welcome today to Dr. Mia Cowan and Joseph Brown. Yay. Thanks for having nice. Hey Michelle, what up, yo, I didn't get to see you the last time, but I will definitely see you at the next retreat. Yeah. Sometimes life gets in the way, but I'm excited that I will get to see you. So please introduce yourself and what y'all do.

(02:41): I am Dr. Mia, and this is Joseph. I am the B3 specialist and a board certified physician. I help women and men suffering with weight, gain fatigue and sexual dysfunction improve their quality of life through our wonderful me solutions, which include total wellness, hormone therapy, weight management, as well as intimacy solutions and Joseph, I am Joseph Brown. I am a CEO and the men's health intimacy consultant and I help men seek their, you younger self. So using our, well, just take that for what that is, right? You help them get back to their younger self. Yes, exactly.There we go. We love that. OK. We love that. Yes. So basically we keep, we make relationships better. Yes. We make people have a live, a better life through total wellness and we teach women and men how to live well, age well and experience everlasting intimacy. Yes, yes. Yes. Because this is a big problem. I know, you know, like I was laughing with my daughter the other day, so she's 16. Right. And I was saying that her aunt and her uncle, like, even though they don't like, but that they do right. And that they kind of get it on. And she was like, oh, oh my gosh. And I like, what are you talking about? She goes, but they're old. And they, they aren't old. Right? I'm like, she's 58 and he's 63. What? So what are you supposed to stop at a certain

(04:13): No. yes. Right. And I think so many people get caught up in that. And so you are true. Advocates are, you're not supposed to stop at a certain age, correct? No, not at all until you die. It's the gift from God that you can experience until you die, whether you have a partner or not. Right? Yes. And, and what we have realized is the days of old, and we can say our grandparents, right? Our grandparents, if you ever went to see them or visit the them, some of them did sleep in separate rooms and things like that. But back then physicians and other people who thought they knew saying these were normal circumstances of aging, you know, which these are not normal circumstances of aging, just technology. Hadn't reached that point to where we could tell people, now this is not, this is something you can't, there's something you can do about this.

(05:04): Sure. Cause I bet you had saved so many marriages, huh? Oh my God. Absolutely. Yes, absolutely. And even just without the intimacy, just like even the hormone balance. When you think about when women actually go through menopause and all the different changes they go through. And if you think about that age, that's around the forties and that's the most common time of divorce too, because when women are going through those times, even though they're not in what we consider true menopause may still be having cycles, but they're fatigue. Their libido is low. They don't enjoy intercourse as much. They can't sleep. They become more anxious. They can't focus. And remember they're tired, they're gaining weight. So that affects not only their part personal confidence and affects them professionally, but also their personal relationships right. Are negatively affected. Like I've had women to tell me if I had come to you two years ago, I would still be married.

(05:53): Right. And it's the same thing with men too, you know, know, because we get to the point where we start, we have fatigue and our libido gets down and then we're not having the type of erections we were having, you know, eh, we might have one, but it's not the same. Right. You know, not the same. Right. So at that point it could, you know, we could lose confidence and even trying to do it. Yeah. You know, so we decide I don't even, I don't even want to have that let down, you know, and, and then what other people don't realize is by having intimate situations with your partner, you're really building your health, you know, building your health, your heart health, you know, your respiratory, everything, you know, is being built up because you're having more intimate situations. Yeah. Instead it even show that men who have regular intercourse decrease their risk of a recurrent heart attack by like 40%.

(06:47): Right. Exactly. Absolutely women who still have intercourse and enjoy intercourse a couple times a week, live about five years longer than women who don't. Right. So we know that intimacy, we a huge role in your total wellness as well as your health. Yep. Oh my goodness. Well, well, so my goodness. Right, right. All just great, great stuff that I think the world needs to know. Right. Absolutely. So when you first like discovered this and we're trying to communicate that with the world, what was having, like, what did, did your business look like before you got here to client attraction? University? Hmm. So before I got to client attraction university, I would say we were, we were already thinking a lot of those things, but we didn't really know how to put it out to the world the way we learned. We didn't know how to communicate it. So a lot of these services we've been doing, so I've been doing hormone teletherapy for men and women. I started off doing some of the vaginal rejuvenation procedures for women because I'm a gynecologist. So that made sense. But then once I started dealing with women in relationships, they wanted to make sure that their husbands could do, you know, continue to be intimate without having a erectile dissatisfaction. So we added that on, but I think before, or we knew what we wanted to do, but I think now that we've become a part of client attraction university, we know how to communicate that more effectively. And we know how to have a bigger presence in not just our community, but in the nation and in the world, you know?

(08:16): Right. Absolutely. wow. That's, that's exciting. You know, cuz I, I think because intimacy is so is so tough, right. That people automatically think it's them. And so especially when the husband doesn't want to, I think the wife automatically says it's me right. When she doesn't want to, he automatically says, well it's because of me, oftentimes it's those things that you shared earlier, right? Is that that correct? And yes. And also now we have the opportunity and ability to communicate with specific individuals. Right. We can target the man and we can target the woman. Okay. The targeted man and say, Hey, listen, it's not her, it's you? Okay. You know, you're getting older. Your testosterone is lowered. You know, you're not, don't have the same erection. You don't have the same libido. You don't have the same drive and confidence now,

(09:13): Same confidence, all, all that stuff is compounded over the last few years that you've been seeing this, this decline, you know? And so now we can communicate directly with the individual we want to get to instead of mass producing or going out to so many people, now we can go directly to that person say, this is you. Yeah. We can help you do that. Yeah. Yeah. Cause I think, you know, even, you know, I, you get into habits, right. And you say, well, you used to walk by me and, and pat me on the bottom, you know, and you don't do that anymore. Do you not find me? Right. And it, but it has nothing to do with that. They don't find them attractive. It has to do with right. You know, all that stuff that's going on in your head. Right? Yes. And the relief though, like the relief that you see, like, you know, when I did, I did a couple consults that I do consults virtually and I did one yesterday with somebody who really loves her husband. Like she is in love with her husband. And she was like, you know, I've been feeling so bad. And he mentioned to me that whenever I reject him, it like pierces him in the heart. And she's like, that's not what I want. I love my husband. I'm attracted to him. She's like, but now I'm just so tired with the kids and with having everything else. And I really just don't have the desire. Right. And so when I reiterate and let women know that this is very common. Yes. Many women experience this in their late thirties, early forties, they start to have this decline, but it's not, you, you is not your relationship.

(10:38): It's not your husband, it's your hormones. I can replace your hormones and balance your hormones. And you will be back to the old married or the old, you know what I mean? The 1 15, 20 years ago when you remembered, why you enjoyed six, because you had orgasms every time. And then you remember how close you went, your partner were when you intimate. So, you know, you have to have that emotional intimacy and that connection, but you're gonna enhance the emotional intimacy by really participating in a physical intimacy and vice versa. You need them together, not one or the other rRight. Oh my gosh. So, so needed, you know, so needed as a savior to relationships. So now you've been here a while, right? You've been here a little while, already had a thriving practice, you know? So, so we're not gonna take credit for that. It was decent. It was decent.

(11:30): We were getting to the point where we were starting to grow, we weren't where we wanted to be. And we definitely got to where we were trying to get much faster and more and exponentially, you know, in that short amount of time. So I'll say that we, you know, it appeared that I was a very successful practice. You know, people knew me, we had a great brand. They knew what we did, but really in actuality, I would say we became a successful practice over the last two years because we've learned how to really run a corporation and not a business. Got it. Not a business. Right, right. Right. Well, part of it is you guys are members of our seven figure society. And that's what we do in our seven figure society. Right. Is that we, we teach you how to run the thing so that it is a well-oiled machine, not just kinda a sporadic, a random up and down, right. Get rid of the roller coasters is what we like to say so that you can predict what your next three months will look like. Yes. And that we reverse engineer them. Numberwise how has that helped with build a, the practice?

(12:34): Well, it's helped. It's helped us a lot. And over the last year it's helped us even more because we were able to really see where we, we were going to take a decline in business as well, because we, we did some major purchases. We made, we bought a building, you know, we upgraded everything, you know, so we did some, but in, in doing that, and this is all because we learned this during cau and doing that is we realized where we had to take a couple steps backwards to go forward, to go forward. You know, we had to take a couple steps back, settle down, get all the processes in order. Yeah. You know, in order for us to take off in January, like we're doing, you know, so in our last quarter we didn't make as much as we made last year in, you know, in the fourth quarter, we still did exactly. We did exactly what we projected to do. We did exactly what we did each month, October, November, December, we did exactly what we projected to do. We didn't do as well as last year, but we needed to do that in order to spring. Like we're doing right now, you know, cuz we have goals that we need to make by the end of this year. But without those processes, there's no way we'll be able to do that.

(13:43): And I'll say that he's saying that because we didn't go up, but I don't think that we've made less. And I know that overall, even with this year of bringing on bigger SIM systems, investing in people, helping us to do those things, you know, bringing in a new EMR, having to take, you know, some time down and not see as many patients for a whole quarter, we still made at least 20% more than we made the year before. Where if we had not been in this massive 20% over the whole year. Yeah. Over the whole year. Not the, but not that last. right. That's what I'm saying. That's what I'm saying. Just wanted to make, you know, give them a real clear picture. Like yeah, we didn't grow exponentially. Like we've been doing every quarter compared to the last year. That's what we didn't do fourth quarter, but we still did well because cau and marque has taught us how to really run a business and plan and project and really look at the data and then use the data for better projections and predictions so that we could prepare ourselves for all of this newness and all of this greatness and all of this bigness and all of these, you know, sweat and tears that come along with growth that you didn't even think about. Like everybody wants to grow. It's so exciting. But you didn't think about all the stuff that comes with growth, you know?

(14:57): Right, right. You know, I, I think it was TD Jakes who said new level, new devil. Right. Right. And so it's not like, and even, you know, for many years, I think folks who, who aren't in growth mode think that it's a straight line, it's a trajectory and it is nowhere near that, you know, it goes up and then it goes down. Yeah. And you go down and then flat pro moment, you know, and that's where we needed to be. We needed to be flat for this for these three months, you know? Sure. at least that day we flat, we must right, right. Flat, flat is good. And, and sometimes I think people, they get confused by what it should truly look like. Right. And so I love that you guys are just telling the truth. That's that's like, perfect. You know, by the way you just kind of skimed over that you bought a building. Hello. Like that should be applauded. There's not many. Yeah. Hell yeah. Out there buying buildings. Right. And buying the building. And obviously it was a much bigger building than the one that you had before. And so there's, there's that investment there's preparing for that. So I think you staying stagnant, you know, as someone who, who has built, you know, several multimillion dollar businesses, staying stagnant is a good thing during that process. Right. Right. It helps you be predictable. And that's the one thing that I think that most business owners don't have is that predictability and so that when you can predict it to stay stable, that's a 10 outta 10 in one of that. So

(16:32): You gotta have two things, you gotta have predictability yep. To predictability and stickability too. Yes. when even when it comes down a little bit, you gotta be able to say, okay, we, we still in the game, you know, we still in the game, let's just, we, this is watch our numbers, watch the data and see where we need to go from here. And that's to what we're focused on, we focus on the data. What's making money, what's making money and how we gonna push what's making money. That's what we're focused on. Cause we want to grow. I mean, we are growing now, but we have, our goals are so much larger than where we are right now. Yeah. Well, you know, you, you make it sound like you guys are like, like just barely hitting six figures, you know, I, but you're, you're so far past seven, you know what I just have and you know what your, the conversation is different when you're in a room with certain people. And that's what cau is for us too. Yeah. We're in a room with people with much bigger and better goals. You know what I mean? So what we thought was a big deal and we thought we were getting there maybe two or three years ago, we thought we would've arrived. Now our goals have increased that much more because we see all the greatness around us and we realize we can do even more than we ever thought we could, you know? Yeah.

(17:52): Well, I always, I always, I always love to hear that because it means that number one, that we're doing what we're supposed to do. And of course, number two, that we're all going in the right direction. So right. I don't wanna keep y'all from your multimillion dollar business. Right. But tell me how, how do y'all feel about the experience at cau, what Markle has done for y'all and where do you see yourself in the next three to five years? Well, I just feel really blessed to have been led to this, this university, you know? And I, you know, I got a whole bunch of degrees, unnecessary degrees, bunch of reason, but I would say by far, this is one of the best experiences I've ever had with real education and education that we can put, you know, to use right away. And that has not faded away and become obsolete because of time. We are learning new things every day with technology, we're staying the present and the future tents with what we are learning to keep up, you know, with what's going on in the world, as far as business goes. So I say it was one of the best decisions that we've ever made. And it's because of all the things that we've learned us, and then it's also the people who run cau the entire team and how they build up our, of confidence and they show us what to do. And we know we have people we can always go to whenever we have a issue. So it's been an amazing experience for me. And I'm just feeling blessed that I was even led in this direction.

(19:23): Yay. Yeah. Yeah. We're blessed to have you all right. So everything she said, but I think the, besides learning all the knowledge and stuff, the mindset, yeah. That's created in the room, you know, cause you know, we all dealing with something. Hmm. You know what I'm saying? I don't care who you are from marque on down. Everybody's dealing with something, right? Yeah. But once you get, once you get in that room and you, you, you, you start to learn and you, and it's not just the knowledge of what we're learning and how to be CEOs and business owners and things like that, but also the mindset of life that goes with it. And I'm, I'm not, I'm probably one of the older people in the room, you know what I'm saying? You know, but, but the mindset of life and how it pertains to you being an entrepreneur, cause this is not, this is not like working for Xerox or somebody like that. This it is different when you own the business, you know? So that mindset part is so, so, so important on our daily living. Just how we go into looking at the business, how we go about you running the business. You know, it's just so important. Especially as being an African American in the United States of America, you gotta this right here has to be solid.

(20:44): And, and the other thing, the last thing I say is like being in a room full of business owners with integrity. I mean, I think that is very standoutish with this group is that marque and the entire team, they all focus on integrity and walking with integrity, working with integrity, building good relationships, you know? So just you as a person in you, not even just what you can create and what you can build, but looking at yourself and being the best person that you can be. So you can put that and share, put that out to the world and share that with the world. Well, you definitely have done that. You are making huge, huge impacts, you know, given God the glory while you collect the chicks. Right. Because of y'all, we got to create the new mantra at cau of one check two coms when we do our annual party. And so we are so, so, so, so excited to have you where inspired by your growth. And can't wait to see what next year break. Thank you so much for spending some time with us.

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