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You must have heard the phrase “hard work betrays none “. But is that always true?

We often feel like we should be working more, doing more and saying yes to all the things.

But when you try to do it all, you feel like you’re pulled in a thousand directions. You’re left with no room to breathe.

Our guest Andrew suddenly collapsed while running in the gym and became bed-ridden for years as a result of chronic stress. Thanks to his incredible courage, he came back from rock bottom. Now he’s all about helping entrepreneurs build stress free businesses.

Listen now to discover what you can do right now to optimize the most powerful asset you have: your body.

Show Highlights Include

  • Simple advice to help you reduce work-related stress, make less mistakes and enjoy work more (17:31)
  • How to incorporate the oxygen therapy used by basketball and football players in your life to prevent diseases (20:57)
  • Why your body is the best technology you’ll ever have and how you can optimize for even better performance (30:27)
  • A powerful mindset shift that changes your perspective on mistakes and sets you free from limiting beliefs (34:22)
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From near death experiences to the devastation of homelessness, how and where do we find the will to overcome insurmountable odds? And when we do overcome these challenges, how do we pass that story of survival onto others? Life on the rocks is that place where these stories are heard from those who live to tell them. And now here is your host Kyle Miller.

(00:22): Welcome to life on the rocks. Andrew, I'm so excited to have you on the show, man. I've just followed your journey for a while now, and I'm just super excited to share it with these people. Are you ready to share it with us? Absolutely. Thanks for inviting me. Absolutely, man, I I've just, I've followed you along for the last couple years and I've seen this whole journey, but I know my listeners haven't so why don't you take us tell who is Andrew and how did your life become the way it is right now?

(00:52): That's, that's a lot to unpackage right there, but I'll start from the beginning. So I've, I've been in full time, real estate for almost 10 years, years now. And I started out wholesaling. Then I started out. Then I went to flipping. Then I went to building a, a rental portfolio. Then I started working with the wrong people, about three or four years into me working full time. And I, I already built a portfolio. I did it really fast. My first year in business, I made six figures in wholesaling fees. And my second year I was like, you know what, I'm gonna stop wholesaling. I need to start keeping the deals for myself. At one point I was doing six or seven rehabs at the time and I was like, you know, I need to, I need to find people to help me. So, but I was doing it. I was doing real estate the wrong way. And I started from scratch. Basically. I didn't have any connections. I didn't know any better. My parents weren't in real estate. So it was like, I'm the first generation in real estate. Right? So I ended up meeting people at that. We're doing contract and work for me and property management, really bad people ended up losing six figures, total cause of those people. And These are just bad contractors. Yeah. Shady

(02:20): Going on at once with them. And they just stopped working and kept my deposits. And yeah, it was just a really bad thing. And at that point I thought six figures was a lot of money. And I basically lost my health because of stress. And one time, one day I was at the gym. I was running on the treadmill sprinting. And so I was fine the one minute. And then the next it, I literally thought I was going to like die. So I think I had a mini stroke or something like that equivalent or a breakdown. I'm not entirely sure. They, they couldn't really tell me what was wrong. That was four years ago. And basically from that point that day, I remember it just the, like it was yesterday. My life completely ended. I spent a week in hospital. I went to the ER about three or four times.

(03:14): I thought I was gonna die in hospital. My body completely shut down. I was bedridden. I could not even walk to the shower or to the toilet. I could not even lift my head off the pillow for six months. And during that period of time, I had all the, I had all this real estate and I couldn't work. And I, at one point I thought I was gonna, I, I had to, what do I do? Do I sell everything because I don't wanna be homeless. So I had to sell my entire portfolio and just to survive. And you know, what ended up happening was I was going through so many emotions at the time because I'd been so successful so quickly. In three to four years, I built up so much real estate and so much experience. I was running a real estate club at the time and I was doing all kinds of stuff for other people, helping people and everything. And traveling across the country, doing networking events and attending every conference you could, you know, from California to New York and everywhere in between, you know, Vegas, things like that. And just my, my life went from that to nothing within just one second. My life completely changed.

(04:34): So you were running on the treadmill and then just something hit you and you just like, just dropped. It's like, well, I was, I was super stressed out. I was dehydrated. I was eating terrible. My body just could not take anything additional at, at the time. I didn't realize that exercising a, a body that's completely stressed and that had nothing left was a bad thing. Okay. In my mind, I thought going to the gym was good for my body. Right. Was the worst thing I could have done. So gotcha. I completely fried myself, burned myself out ended up with chronic fatigue syndrome. And for the past four years I've been battling getting my health back. And that's my main, that's been my main focus, but yeah, that's in a nutshell is it's even worse than getting cancer because at least with cancer, you can get your life back to a certain, certain extent. Okay. With chronic fatigue syndrome, it's like, you can't even function the way I, the way to describe it is it's like being in solitary confinement in prison every single day that you have it. It's that's how bad it's.

(05:43): So you were just, you were bedridden. You couldn't do anything. Couldn't do nothing, Man. Couldn't do nothing and you have kids. And yeah, at the time, at the time, my son was one year old and my wife was pregnant with my daughter. So my daughter's known me with this, her whole life. My son was only a year when this happened to me. Now, flash forward to today, I've did so much as far as healing and, and like unconventional medicine to get me to the point where I've got somewhat of a life back. But six months ago, I would never dreamed about where I'd be today. Right. So it's just a dramatic change because of the things that I've been doing. And I can explain, I can share with your people what I've been doing, but that's, it's up to you what you wanted.

(06:34): Yeah, man. No. So here you were, you, you were a real estate investor and you were killing it. You were making money, you were doing deals, you were turning the stuff over and you didn't have any preexisting health conditions or anything like that. Nothing, nothing. I mean, it, just to give you the example I was at real estate meeting in and Pennsylvania, and one of the investors, one of the big dogs in the room had me stand up and be recognized in front of the whole group because I was kicking that much. Yeah. You know, so I was, people knew me and people like I was associating with high level people at the time. And so I was rapidly just on an Ascension level. Like you shoot to the moon, but I just dealt with the wrong people. And it pulled me into such a depression and such a, such a, it, it just crashed my entire world basically, you know? And at the lowest point of my life, I never thought I'd be able to play with my children ever again. I'd never thought I'd be able to do anything again. I thought that was the end of my life. I thought I literally, I was contemplating like, not even living anymore because I never, I didn't have any hope. And it took a whole year, maybe two years before I even felt, I even felt like a human being again, you know? So it just, it was horrific. It was, I could not wish what happened to me on anybody, even my worst enemy, you know?

(08:02): Yeah, yeah. No, that sounds, that sounds awful. So you're here, you are with zero hope. You're you're bedridden, right? Is that, is that correct? Yep. Yeah, not can't do anything. You have your kids there, you know, and you, and you said you didn't know if you wanted to keep living, but how did you get outta them? How did you change the trajectory of where you were? I always had internal strength, so my, I always believed that I, I, I used my children to pull me through, if it wasn't for my kids, I don't know where I would be today. My wife was went through, she went through everything with me and it was a disaster for her, her too, because she lost her husband. It was just as bad for her as it was for me. Right. But it was really my kids, the will to live for my kids, pulled me through the will to, you know, just, just the, the inner strength that I had because I'm just a naturally strong person. And so this just was, I think, a test for me. And so I, I believe honestly that the things that happen your life are designed to be overcome. So this was one of the tests that was just for me.

(09:14): And so this came to me and I was, you know, I, I believe that you're equipped with, with things to overcome any obstacle, right? So God won't give you something that you're not equipped to handle. It pushed me to my absolute limits. But the kid, my kids pulled me through. I had hope I never gave up hope. I had hope that one day I'd be able to go to my backyard and walk around. That was just little things, like little things that I used to have that I used to pray. If you got God, if you got me through, like, I'd be able to, I want to help people in just exactly like me. So little things like that. Yeah. But yeah, that's the main things, man. Man, I, I, I can't imagine what was going through your head at those times and, and your wife's well, I mean, your wife's gotta be strong to be able to like, and, and stay with you, take care of the kids and do all that. I mean, she's really, she's an amazing woman.

(10:10): Yeah. It, it just, it rocked my whole family. I mean, I lost all my friends, people I thought were my friends. I was, I went to church every week and I never, you know, people for my church, never. I, I, I lost, I, I lost my faith. I lost my friend. I lost my real estate. I lost everything. Like literally I was mad at God for a long period of time. So we had each other. That was it. And, and, you know, for me, it was just, and for her too, she had to hold, she had to hold onto something. And so she saw it in me, what I didn't see in myself. And so, you know, she always had hope as well. So we kind of pull each other through the worst period of our lives together.

(10:54): That's fascinating. You know, I just find that to to be absolutely fascinating that, you know, when, when people stick together and they bring strength together, they can do amazing things. Oh yeah. I couldn't do this alone. If it was doing it by myself, I'd be, I wouldn't be here today. I'd be, I wouldn't be alive. I don't think that gets hard. I couldn't even cook for myself. I couldn't do nothing. Couldn't not, I couldn could not go to the doctor's nothing. Like I couldn't leave. I couldn't drive. I couldn't even answer my phone. I couldn't open mail, nothing, nothing. So for two years I completely disappeared from earth. Wow. So here you were at the bottom of the bottom. How do you start pulling out of this? How did you kind of like figure out how, how did you get your strength back? Cause now, I mean, I'm looking at you right now and you're healthy and, and going around. Well,

(11:45): I had to become my own doctor. I literally had to become my own doctor because the, they told me what I had, you know, the things that were going, like everything that about chronic fatigue syndrome is uncurable. So, you know, by standard medicine. Right. So I had to basically start from scratch. Like, so I cleaned up my diet. I ate, I ate only fruit for like a year of solid. I took every kind of herbs, every supplements, as far as natural medicine, Indian medicine, Chinese medicine, anything you can think of. I tried, yeah. I spent thousands of dollars on doctors and different kinds of herbs and different kinds of healing modalities, the greatest things that, so what gave me my life back six months ago, I was still really bed. Not bedbound, but housebound. I was just going from my bed to my couch, back to my bed and not really living life at all, not really enjoying it.

(12:44): So things that really helped me. I got, I tried hyperbaric oxygen therapy and ozone IVs. Those two things got me my life back. So right now it is the first time of four years that I got on a plane and was able to travel. So I'm now gonna spend the next year traveling to make up for all the lost time. Yeah. And what gave me a purpose as well was two years ago, actually three years ago while I was still sick. It really bad sick. My partner, Matt, who I've known for 10 years saw that I was struggling and said, Hey, dude, I can help you let's work together. And that's how I got into the business that I am today. So that's a good segue, right?

(13:27): Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. And so what is that business? I know what it is, but what is it, what do you specifically do? Yeah, so, so I, I couldn't work. I couldn't do anything. I couldn't leave my house. The one thing I could do really was just talk to someone like, I, I could only have energy for like one call a day. Right. So what I got into the lending business, and so my partner, Matt has a fund. And so he's like, dude, I'm only lending to my friends and family, go get me business. And then, you know, you can work for me. And so that's what I did. And so I started out my first year, three years ago, completely sick. And I, my first year I must have closed like one loan a month. It was like, terrible. Like I was,

(14:16): I was so stressed out because I wasn't making enough to really live. And I was like, I, I really need to make income. So right. But I believed in this. And so fast forward to last year, last year was my, a record breaking year, as far as income to the point where it just was a blessing to our whole family. If it wasn't for that business, I would definitely be homeless. And I'd definitely be destitute. Like, so he gave you that opportunity. He was like, Hey, you can do this. Yeah. He basically restored my faith in humanity and allowed me and my wife to have a platform to, you know, to rebuild from scratch. Cause like we had not, we had nothing, we had nothing. And it took years just to get, build up a reputation and all the things needed for people to trust you and like you and all that stuff. So, you know, to, it's not just, you know, you click your fingers and you, and you're in that business,

(15:17): You, you have to spend a long time to build up trust with people and, and, and people have word of mouth and things like that. So that, you know, you're not just, you just don't jump into a business and you're immediately getting results for, for me and my wife. It took us three years. Yeah. So, well that's any business really? Right. So any entrepreneur out there, you don't just jump into business and you, you just blast off. I mean, it takes, people gotta know and trust you, right? Yeah. So I still have the, of what I have somewhat of my life back to the point where I still deal with things, but it's nothing compared to four years ago, if you'd have told me four years ago about how I'm at by a mountain right now, I'd I wouldn't have believed that person telling me that. So it to, it's just a I'm just thankful that I have a, I'm getting a second chance and that I'll be able to pass on the knowledge that, of all the mistakes that I ever made to my children because right. I don't want them or anybody that I know to go through what I went through

(16:29): Right now. I don't know much about on a fatigue syndrome. Is that a, is that a condition you inherit or is that a condition that like no, through so much stress, your body goes into anybody. Anybody can go into it. It's basically a condition that is triggered. It's like when your body has the absolute, maximum output of adrenal hormones, and, and like, it's literally your body's putting the maximum limit out and you go over that and you just it's like an electrical switch. It's like electrical panel when there's too much going out, it switches all the panels off that aren't needed. Got it. So that's what it did with me. Gotcha. What turned me, what turned the back long was auction therapy auction. So if somebody's going through this high stress situation and feels like this, or 99% of all real estate investor, real estate investing is the most highest stress stressful industry. There is. It's even worse than being a doctor. So, oh wow. A lot of people will have stress related issues because they do it alone. And that's, I don't do business anymore by myself. I don't recommend going solo in business. It's easier to share the workload with a partner. It's just easier. You don't make mistakes.

(17:54): I mean, you do make mistakes. But what I mean is, you know, if some, if somebody's gonna do a stupid idea, the other person will catch. If that makes hopefully that's, that's very true. And yeah. And so yeah, it's perfectly, yeah. What you just said is a hundred percent correct. The, the perfect person will make your life a dream or the, on the flip side, the wrong person will make your life a, a living misery. Yeah, absolutely. So you talked about a little bit of a diet, you cleans your diet up. So what do you currently eat now? Like what, what is, what's the stuff you eat? So I significantly, I mean, fruit and I eat like some, I eat meat as well. Now I didn't before, because I was so determined to get my health back, but I eat I mean just regular food. Like I try not to junk because if I eat, if eat like, like chocolate or any kind of like processed like chips or stuff, it makes me feel terrible. So yeah. If think about it as a healthy person, a healthy person, if you would feel the same, but you have the ability, the access energy to clean up and your, your detox pathways are completely clear or as a sick person, they're, they can't detox properly. And if you add dirty water to the fish bowl, you're just gonna get more and more sick. So you need to detox the cell to get well.

(19:27): Gotcha. Gotcha. And, and so I did for a year, so you, how come the doctors, you said you went and you became your own doctor. How come, how come the doctors, what were they doing in this whole process? Were they, were they, were they helpful or were you, well, I went to so many that I just gave up and I, I stopped going to them cuz it was a waste of money and time. Yeah. they would, you know, I did let test and they'd say, oh, your blood work is fine. There's nothing wrong with you. I went to an endocrinologist, they looked at my thyroid and stuff and all the, yeah. Oh yeah, everything looks fine. You know, you, you, you have no energy. Oh, well just go and rest. Yeah. I mean just regular medicine is just, you know, it's, it's for emergencies only, and it's not for chronic conditions where someone is completely, you know, there's a condition because they don't, medicine is all they can provide is just pharma. You know, just here, take this pill,

(20:24): Let sell you something. And if it does, if it does work, it's only masking pain. It's only masking. So this goes into philosophy of if, if so if a, a regular traditional Western medicine doctor gets you, well, that's the end of the customer. Right? So you're a sick person is their BMW payment. Right. So there's no incentive to help people really when it comes to Western medicine. That's why I, I love Indi you know, Iveta medicine, Indian medicine, Chinese medicine. I like oxygen medicine is my favorite medicine because it literally, it can take somebody who's brain dead and bring their brain back to life. So it's just, yeah. So that's what happened with me so that you don't have to be sick to use oxygen medicine. Like for example, basketball players or football players will go into an oxygen chamber and re you know, rebuild their body and go in there for maximum performance. So you can do it as a real estate investor and you don't have to be sick to do it. So I actually highly recommend that people proactively do things for their health because without health, you don't have nothing.

(21:42): Absolutely. And where, like, how would like, do we just type in, like, how do we search for this? Do we type in like hyperbaric? And then your zip code or your city. Okay. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy. And you can buy your own chamber. It's like five or six grand highly recommend it because you know, they're usually about $50 a session. But with that, you can just have one for your own home. And it completely, well, I bought a hydrogen inhalation machine as well. Every night I breathe hydrogen and I drink hydrogen water as well. OK. Most two things is the future of emergency medicine. If you breathe hydrogen, instead of oxygen at the emergency room, it'll stop somebody from dying. Really? Yeah. So they have them in Korea and Japan, they have hydrogen in their emergency rooms. So hydrogen is so important because it's the smallest molecule and it is actually penetrates every cell. And it's the it's even the greatest Antiox than there is hydrogen.

(22:51): It actually increases your blood vessel. So if you have a stroke symptom or a heart attack, it'll actually prevent that from happening. Oh, wow. And how long has this information been out there and how did you like, just, I mean, I mean, it, it, so you have to start from where you're current knowledges and then you have to go out and you go look for things. So I bought books, I bought, I scoured the internet. I went in every kind of group there was. And you just learned bits and pieces from every person you interact with. And I literally watched thousands of hours of alternative medicine videos on YouTube. So literally, like I said, I can have a PhD in, in alternative medicine myself.

(23:35): And I think alternative is a bad name. I think it is just like real medicine it's real medicine it's yeah. Yeah. It's alternative. Alternative is a bad, is a puts a bad like, oh, wow. That's, that's not mainstream when that was mainstream for thousands and thousands of years before Western medicine took over and we have all these pills. I know it's just, it's insane. Right. But it literally got, gave me my life back. It, it, it took me from the depths of hell and pulled me out of it. I, I mean like six months ago, I couldn't lift a suitcase. This year. And just like a couple weeks ago I was pushing four. So I was like, yeah, it's a big difference, man. That's awesome, man. Well, I I'm super stoked for you in this whole journey of yours, man. I'm glad, I'm glad you're able to find this information and continue to push forward. It's pretty inspiring. And I've watched it for the last four years. I kind of, I've seen you go, you had these issues cuz you do your, your Facebook updates and stuff. And I, I was super impressed and that's why I kind of reached out to you. Cause I love, yeah. It just never gave up, you know? Cause like number one, I, I had no choice. Like see that's the difference, right? Yeah.

(24:48): There's certain and certain situations where you can feel sorry for yourself. Right. When you're trying, when you want to give up. Right. And there's days where, you know, I, I felt like I didn't want to get my out of bed and I just pull my covers over my head, go back to sleep and that's fine. You can't do that permanently. I always felt like, okay, alright. I feel like a, I feel like a cell phone battery with a 1% charge. What can I do to get another char 1%? What can I do to continue getting a charge so that I could do a little bit extra, a little bit extra, a little bit extra. See the difference between depressed people and people with, with what I had was depressed. People don't want to do anything. Right. Whereas I wanted my life back. Right. And I wanted to do everything.

(25:32): That's the difference. Right? So it wasn't depression that I had, but it's very similar people who are depressed and who are upset with life, they get in this kind of situation that they just lose all motivation. I never lost momentum because I had the internal something inside me that just never let go. I, I was that I had that internal strength if I didn't have it, what people that have, what I have commit suicide all the time. And I understand why, because it's, it drains every drop of hope out of you. Once I met Matt again and started working with him, I could see the future. I could see, I started imagining and I started using, you know, my visualization. I started looking into the future and thinking, what can I do? What does my future look like? What do I want it to be? So I started using the lobby, traction, visualization, and I manifested what I wanted. So I, I, I meditated on what I wanted. I wanted this to happen in my life. I wanted to have my business back. I wanted to have friends again. I wanted a social life again. I wanted to go out to eat things like that. Right. Basic stuff. Yeah. And you can't drag somebody unless they're willing, you can be unable to do something but willing. But if you're unwilling and unable, there's no hope for that person. Right. No,

(27:02): I was willing to do what it took no matter what. Right. And so you gotta find that within yourself. So there's so many people when I was starting in real estate, it was so difficult, but I never gave up. Right. And so right. Everybody has challenges. It's not just, you know, I'm not the only one that has C everybody has something unique and something different, but there's so many ways to find that little fire within you so that you just make sure that you gotta find that, that thing that keeps you going keeps you know, absolutely. Absolutely. Man, absolutely. Man, I'm just inspired by your story. Makes you like really look back at some of the things I'm doing in life and going, oh wow. Maybe I can change some stuff up. I'm definitely gonna be looking up this, the hyperbaric chamber and oxygen therapy and then hydrogen breathing. Yeah. Oh

(27:58): Yeah. I'm telling you, like, it's just like, it's like especially the, the ozone IVs and like, so I did, like, I did vitamin C IV. I did I did everything, man. I tried a little bit of everything because I had, I had nothing to lose. And so it, it really just gives you like, I mean, it's like rocket fuel almost, you know, it's just like my parents tried it and they're like, whoa, it's like ozone is just kind of like, so I bought an ozone machine for my house as well. And the O like you can you can do ozone inhalation through olive oil and you can make ozone water and it's just so healthy for you. Oh my God. It's amazing. I do additional my mushrooms now. So like rice and lion main mushrooms and cor decept and chaga.

(28:52): So I do, I do all those things because check it out guys, if you optimize your health, now it just gives you the extra energy to go do more. Right. So yeah, now that I've got extra energy to do more, I'm gonna go out and I'm gonna go out and probably double or triple my business just because I have the energy to do so. Right, right. So just imagine if you don't have that energy to, to grow your business, you're gonna feel, you know, you're not gonna feel motivated. So energy equals motivation. If you don't have energy, you won't be able to accomplish more. Absolutely. You have the desire, you know, absolutely. Dude. and I mean, just as little as something as little as eating fruit, only like having a fruit diet for a month, test it out, see how you like it. I mean, I'm eating right now. I'm eating a bowl of mans. That just is like, that's pure electricity cuz our bodies are electricity. Right. And if you're lacking minerals, so I highly recommend sea Moss. And so I take sea Moss and fruit and just those two things combined is the perfect electricity into the body. It gives you everything, you need it, it cleans your blood, everything. So yeah. You're just able to do more and you're able to just do everything better. It makes you happier as well. If you're, if you notice when you eat really heavy food, you can be, it leads you to some kind of, you know, bad feelings as well. So yeah. I mean like literally I could talk to you for hours on this topic.

(30:27): No. And it's so it's so fascinating, right? Because if you're not like, you know, if, even if you're not healthy right now, like you probably don't feel it as much, but if you start eating healthy, just if you eat healthy for a week and then you go back to eating something crack, you can feel it, right. You stop drinking sodas and you stop doing that kind of stuff. And then you, you, you do that for a week or two weeks and then you drink another one and you kind of like step back because now your taste buds and everything, your whole body's kind of like rejecting it, but we've been doing it for so long we're we're used to it. So it doesn't feel bad. Or he was just kind of like, okay, this is what it is. But once it gets rid of that stuff and you, you take it back in and it feels horrible.

(31:09): Kyle, you know, the, the funny thing is the Western diet, the standard American diet, right. Is horrific for people. And in the seventies, there was a fraction of the BC that there is today. And, and I forgot to mention, I fast probably from 8:00 PM at night, all the way through to 2:00 PM the next day, every single day. Okay. Fasting. I lost about 30 pounds. Just fasting. Yeah. And there's about 50% of the country borderline going on to chronic fatigue syndrome because they are so chronically damaged themself with diet diet is the number one diet and sleep.

(31:54): I used to sleep four hours a night, five hours a night and I, and I'd do it. Like I'd go to bed at four o'clock in the morning. And just the craziest. I did the craziest things to my body. I go to bed now, eight, nine o'clock at night. And I wake up at, at four or five in the morning. And I've never felt better when I go to bed early. So the best sleep, like if you go to bed, like, see, that's a problem. Like if you're not optimized with your sleep, you're gonna feel crappy the next day. And you're not gonna get anything accomplished. Yeah. And it's just, you, you know, so you need to get your sleep down, sleep diet, not eating, like, think about it. Like if you don't eat, your body has all the additional energy needed to go do the other processes and give you energy to do the things that you need to get done.

(32:39): So whenever I'm, whenever I have something big, I don't eat. So I'll, I'll, you know, I can, you know, I I'll fast longer if I need to, just because I need that extra, extra energy to, to do what I need to do. Right. And meditation without meditation guys, like meditation should be mandatory. Literally. Like it's any benefits to it because if you're stressed out, it calms you down. It takes you out of your problems. And you're not hyper focused on what your brain, your monkey brain is trying to tell you, Hey, do this, do this, ah, you know, all these problems that are worse than they are. So there's so many things that I can recommend to people just to get their life on track. So if you really it's just with you can't so if you try to look like this, if you build your real estate empire on a foundation made of sand, you know, what's gonna happen. Right, right, right. It's gonna collapse. Yeah. So it's the same thing. If you build a foundation on rock that it's not gonna go anywhere. Yeah. So to make your foundation with rock, your health has to be amazing. You have to be like, you have to know how you are with stress and just be aware of how to manage your body. Because this is the best technology there is. Right. Your body, your brain is the smartest supercomputer. There is. Yeah. You don't know how to handle your body. How can you handle anything else?

(34:08): So that was my mistake, You know? Yeah. But I did, I only, I made decisions with the information I had at the time, so I can't beat my, I, I was so angry with myself for first two years. I was so I, I was my worst critic. Now I love myself completely because you have no choice, you know, it's like, you have to forgive yourself from making decisions with the information you had, if you make mistakes. Right. Yeah. Cause you gotta think, yeah. That was the best decision that we could make at the time with the information that we had. Now we have better information. We can make better decisions and that's life, that's business, that's everything. Right. I think that's 100% absolutely correct. You know, we've been doing it this way. And, and I think, but here's the other thing that I think that's really frustrating for me anyway. And maybe for you probably is for you, is that some people think that they've been in this situation or they've been in this, this realm and they've been thinking like this for so long. Once they see new information or once they get new information, they can't go back and change the way they believe that what they believe, the core beliefs.

(35:19): Yeah. Yeah. So it's been ingrain for so long and can't some people, Some people including me had to be dragged for rock bottom to that's where you rebuild from, from rock bottom. And you have to have your core beliefs smashed to pieces because, but the problem is, here's the thing you should not let that happen because on proof of what happens, if you wait until something bad happens to change, Right. It's not those consequences are not gonna be pleasant.

(35:55): I waited. I, I didn't oh, any better and I suffered firsthand, but so I'm trying to use myself as an example to other people out there, Hey, by the way, be careful what you're doing with your body. Be careful what you're doing with your stress. Don't get to the point where I got to. And if you're going through crazy things and life, go get some help, bring some people into there so that it can help you.

(36:23): Absolutely. And don't be scared to ask for help. Yeah. You need help. And that's what got me through other people. And if it wasn't for my parents, my wife and my kids, I don't where I'd be today. And, and my partner, Matt, if it wasn't Matt, I'd be homeless. I'd be completely homeless that you living under a bridge. So, but you know, it's just those things, man. Just the basics. Like it's about philosophy of life and I have so much energy to help other people now. It's unbelievable. Yeah. And that's my, my prayer was answered. Yeah. That's awesome. You can only help people now because I got my life back. Yeah. Well, I I'm super stoked. I I'm so glad you agreed to come on the show and, and share your your journey, man. My pleasure. It's been, it's been a pleasure to see you come through all that. And I, man, I'm just blown away by this information. I think that I think this alone is gonna help a lot of people.

(37:20): Andrew, I really appreciate you sharing all this stuff, man. So how would one who, you know, connects with your story? How would they, how would they be able to find you? Well, I'm on basically every single social media, but Facebook is my primary way of getting in touch with me. So, but you know, you're also get in touch with, if Kyle, if somebody reaches out to you, feel free to have them, you can connect us that way as all, you can send them an email and connect that way through Kyle. But the, the cool thing is, you know, I, you know, the main thing for me is if somebody that you know, has, is going through the same thing that I went through, or you have a friend or the same similar circumstance, I can be a resource where I can point you in the right direction. I'm not, you know, I'm not gonna be, you know everybody's doctor or anything like that. Cause I'm not

(38:13): I'm not a health professional. I'm just share my own experiences, but I can provide some insight if someone has a particular or issue with their health or issue with their mind or something, that's stopping them from getting them from where they are to where they wanna be. And you know, for my business, like I help people every day. And so the best way to contact me is, again, just through social media on Facebook, you can look me up Andrew McDonald's M MC D a N N E LS. Or you can just get in touch with Kyle and Kyle will definitely connect this. So that's the, the best way to do it, man. Absolutely. Absolutely. Andrew again, appreciate it, man. Thanks for coming on the show. You I've informed a lot of people and I learned a lot too. I'm gonna go buy some of this stuff this week and get it here. So cool, man. Thank you again. You're welcome. Thank you very much.

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