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You might think consistency is a good thing. 

But for most people, consistency is driving them towards a life of desperation, depression and poverty. 

That’s because there’s two types of consistency. “Good consistency” brings you nothing but success. The other type stands behind almost every problem you’re currently facing. 

In this episode, you’ll discover how to turn your life back on course by being consistent in all the right ways. 

Listen now!  

Show highlights include:

  • The “magic bullet” that lets you effect positive transformation in your life (0:48) 
  • Why consistency is killing most people’s chances of success (1:17) 
  • How a time-logging app can save you from a life of regret (1:38) 
  • How to “drown” the negativity out of your life through self-awareness (2:56) 
  • Create a lasting positive impact on the world by being “delusional” (3:41)
  • Become the MVP of your family, organization or life with nothing but a pencil and a calendar (4:35) 
  • The “massive action” principle that lets you grow your business rapidly while spending $0 on advertising (8:45) 

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Do you ever feel stuck in the rat race? Life doesn't have to be that way. If you're willing to put in the work, in “bigger vision”, Chris Garrison helps you discover the keys to abundance, freedom, and personal growth, that let you live the life of your dreams. And now here's your host, Chris Garrison.

Chris: Welcome everybody. It's Chris Garrison and you've made it to the “bigger vision” podcast. I'm so excited that you tuned in today. I hope if you're driving down the road or you're at the gym, that this right here will change your life, because it sure has changed mine. The message today is about consistency. Why is consistency so important? Because consistency is the magic bullet for your life. When you implement consistency, you will see major transformation in whatever part that you're implementing it.

I have not seen anybody that has been consistent in positive action, and they've been disappointed in the results. But consistency can also work against you. And it does for most people. Hopefully it's not for you. I know it's been against me in my life. What kind of consistency are you putting into your life? Is it negative? Because if we're consistently complaining, if we're consistently wasting our time. Think about this now, if you logged your daily routine and you saw where your time was applied, would it be for positive or negative actions. If you recorded yourself throughout the day and you listened to your speech and what words you said, would it be positive or would it be negative? (01:57)

First of all, our words are extremely powerful. Second, everything that we're taking in influences us, whether we like it or not, what are we allowing to be consistent in our life? Most of us truly don't realize how much negative we allow to stay consistent in our life, through our speech. We want to complain, moan and groan about stuff. And we don't even realize that we're complaining because it's so routine. That It's unrecognizable at this point.

It's just a part of normal daily life for us. And we want to eat unhealthy. We want to complain about not feeling good, not having the beach body. We want to complain about not having the finances that we want, or we want to complain about not being at the level of playing and business or relationship or whatever the case is. If you sit back and analyze it, it's going to be because you've got negative actions that are consistent in your life. (02:54)

How do you fix that? Well, you just turn it around. If you want change, you got to change something in your life, right? So how do you change that? You're going to implement some positive actions. You're going to push out those negatives. You're going to become aware of them. Self-Awareness and you're going to say, okay, no longer will I talk negatively throughout the day? And you're going to become more cognizant of it because now you're more aware.

You're making yourself more aware of what's coming out of your mouth. By making that mental decision that you're going to stop being negative. It's going to be extremely difficult to break these habits when you first start. But as you begin to break them, it's going to be more comfortable implementing the positive actions in their place. So if you're sitting there and wanting to complain about how you don't feel good, then you're going to lie to yourself. (03:46)

And you're going to say out loud, I feel great today, because mentally things take place and biologically things take place. When you physically say out loud, I feel great. Today is going to be a good day. Today I'm going to conquer, today I'm going to win. Today I'm going to achieve, today I'm going to bless somebody. Today I am going to be a positive influence to everyone and things around me.

Yes, you do. But that's what you're going to say. You might feel like you're lying to yourself and you are, if you're talking about how you're feeling at the moment, but what's going to happen is, you're going to start feeling a change. And then there is going to be a positive feeling. There is going to be a positive flow and vibe that is going to radiate off. So how do we implement consistency in our life? We make it a part of our daily routine. (04:38)

It's as simple as that, you're going to schedule it in. You're going to make those points throughout the day that you do this. I've seen it transform my business. I've seen it transform my financial status. I've seen it transform my relationship. I've seen it transform so much in my personal life, not to count all of the other individual rules that are taking massive action and growing and are extremely successful that I allow to influence my life. And I pay attention, because I want to follow. And I see they're consistent and positive action, not negative.

That's the majority of the world. That's the average ordinary person. They're consistent in negative actions. But you're going to be consistent in positive action because you want change, because you want growth, because you want to hit your potential self, because you're tired of not being happy. You're tired of not having enough. (05:35)

You're tired of not hitting that goal to where you're the MVP. You're the most valuable player. You're tired of lacking. If you want to just put it into one phrase. So let's put positive action consistently in our life. I wanted to bulk up. I was tired of having the adolescent skinny boy look. So I started going to the gym five days a week. I hired a personal trainer and the personal trainer said dude, you're not taking in enough calories.

You need to be eating anything and everything. So I started to make sure I wasn’t skipping breakfast. I just didn't stick to my routine. I started eating a big breakfast and then I made sure I ate a good lunch. And then I ate a great supper. I began to see my body transform because five days a week I was weightlifting. Seven days a week I was eating three full meals and I wasn't even me personally and my biological makeup. (06:32)

I didn't have to even necessarily make sure I was only eating fruit and vegetables. Although that would've been much better I'm sure. I was just taking in whatever I needed to take, but it was important to me to bulk up and get a thicker physique. And that thicker physique allowed me to carry more confidence in the rest of my life because that was something that was important to me. What is important to you?

Find out what that is. And then let's put a plan together and let's start taking action today. Take action today and implement it in your life. I knew at five 5:00 PM every single day, while I was in the training with that coach, I had to be at the gym and we worked out for two hours. Before I couldn't get home before seven o'clock. It was always work. There was a reason to be at work and it was the priority. But as soon as I decided that I wanted to bulk up my physique and have that militant look and squared off shoulders, I found the time, I pushed work out of that timeframe. (07:42)

And I showed up at the gym at five o'clock and I worked out for two hours weightlifting and I made sure in the mornings I found the time to grab breakfast, whether I was cooking it at the house or I was running through a drive through and picking up a chicken burrito or it's all about routine, because our daily habits, it that's what it is “It's habits”. And here's the problem. We go through life without even thinking most of the time. And without thinking, we allow things in our life that shouldn't be there.

But as soon as we start becoming aware of our life and what's going on in it, at that point, we can start to structure it so that it takes us where we want to go. It's like anything else, it has to be built so that it can maximize its effort. And if you will put a plan of action consistently into your daily routine, you will start seeing transformation. (08:43)

I made a goal that I was going to build my business and I was going to brand myself after watching several YouTube videos of Grant Cardone. For those that don't know him, you all should look it up. He's got some great motivational stuff out there. He communicates about branding and sales. And this dude is a marketing genius, and he is bold and convincing. I was sold that I would be able to transform my business through massive action and branding myself on social media, which was costing me absolutely nothing but a little bit of time and effort from myself.

So every day I said, I'm going to post something and I was making sure I was grabbing content of what I was doing. And I was stating who I was and what company I was with, because I was trying to brand me and the company and bringing new leads so that new revenue could be generated, so that I can make more income because more income was going to allow me to build the business, bigger, expand, and invest back into the business and then ultimately have enough income so I could start investing. (09:48)

I did it consistently. And boy did I start seeing response? I started having people comment on the video. So I was seeing what content people were enjoying. And then I was trying to post more of that content. Same thing has happened with my real estate. I post what I'm doing while I'm at a house, looking at it, viewing it. If I've gotten something under contract, if I'm at the closing table, if I'm talking through a rehab, I'm telling them who I am, what company I'm with, what I'm doing and what I want.

I put an ask in there as well. And I have had private money investors approach me from social media posts. I have had deal lead, come in and purchased homes because of my social media post and the awareness that it made in their life, I literally had someone just the other day say, “I need to call Chris”. He might be interested in this house. It's all because I stayed consistent, It's repetition. That is why the media, big companies and corporations spend so much money on advertising and marketing so that it stays repetitive into your life because repetition wins, consistency wins. (11:04)

That's why it is so important that you stop floating through life without a plan of action and letting the negative things be consistent in your life. Because those negative consistencies are going to win. If you allow them to stay, that is exactly why it's so important to have a plan of action and to implement that plan and stay consistent in it, in a positive action, positive manner.

Then that's where we see people say. I'm living the life of my dreams, I love my life. I love my lifestyle, any place in your life that you're unhappy. Look and see what's in there. And you're going to find negative consistencies, any place that you feel blessed. There's so much gratitude. Look at that portion of your life. And you're going to see positive consistencies. 100% would bet my entire life savings and net worth on that fact. Because I know it's true. I've seen it in my life. I've seen it in others' lives. You can look at anybody's life. (12:07)

Look at your family members, look at your friends. Think about what they complain about. Think about why they're unhappy. Think about what they say they would like to have, but they don't have, and then figure out why. You'll find it every single time something's consistent and it's either negative or positive. The question is, what are you going to do about your life? You want that big promotion? You want to grow the company?

You want the yacht? You want the jet? You want the sports car? What action are you taking? That's positive to lead you to that goal and that achievement. And are you consistent in it? You might say, Hey, I go to the gym. All right, so are you going to the gym? How often? Once a week, two days out of the week, maybe you'll hit the gym three days, four days, and then the next week you take off. If it's not consistent, you're not going to see the results that you're hoping for. (13:01)

That's the promise, consistency gives you results, but we need to make sure that those results are the positive results and not the negative results because we have implemented positive actions and not negative actions. I want you to live in success. I appreciate you tuning in. I hope that this has given you something to think about and to move on that will transform your life and take you to your future self, your potential that you have because you have massive potential.

You've just got to implement the right things in your daily routines and make sure it's consistent. Check me out on “bigger vision” Facebook group. It's a great free community to plug into, tons of great content. We're about to start launching weekly lives, where I'm interviewing other individuals that are doing awesome, massive growth in their life. You can also find me on the website at www.mybiggervision.com where we talk about some real estate. (14:04)

I've also got a plugin for all the podcasts. Just another place where you can plug in on the podcast. And then ultimately here's my request. Hit the light button, hit the subscribe button. Give me a five star review and leave me some comments in the comments section. Let me know what you think. I want to know. Do you like this? Do you wish there was different content? Did you not like it?

What kind of content do you want to hear about? Because that's what I want to bring to you. I am here to help you transform your life. It's influencers that I picked up from podcasts and from YouTube videos that transformed my life. So I understand how big of a deal it is to have something that is positive playing in your headset so that it motivates you to reach your potential. Live in success. And until next time. (14:57)

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