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Some days, you feel like you’re king of the hill. Other days, you wonder how you’re going to survive.
That’s a fact of life for the early entrepreneur.
You’ll go through hard times at some point in your career.… READ MORE

We’re all guilty of it.
Someone you know has overnight success and your first thought is “how lucky.”
Maybe they are. But they’re not any luckier than you. Truth is, if you feel unlucky in life, it’s because of your level of preparation.… READ MORE

“If you watch your pennies, your dollars will take care of themselves”
You’ve heard the saying. It’s been drilled into your brain since birth. But this lie will cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars over your career.… READ MORE

What do you want from life?
Specifically. Get granular.
Where do you want to live? In what kind of house? Where, when and how often do you want to holiday? How many kids do you want? With which spouse…?
Write it all down.… READ MORE

Every day isn’t the beach, sun, and roses.
Bad luck, bad clients and your team will sometimes exhaust you.
When those days come, it is essential to compose yourself. Because if you don’t, one bad day snowballs into a bad week… or even business collapse.… READ MORE

Your mind has limitless resources.
It can guide you towards mountains of cash, a business that generates 7-figures on autopilot, and a life of luxury. Or it can keep you stuck exactly where you are now.… READ MORE

“You could own a $150,000 business next week.”
Read that sentence again. Did you believe it? Or are you like most people who think:
“I don’t have enough money”
“I don’t know enough”
“He’s talking to someone else”
If you believe any of the excuses above, your chances of abundant wealth evaporate — fast.… READ MORE

Why haven’t you succeeded already?
Let’s guess what thoughts come to mind:
“I wasn’t given the right opportunity”
“I don’t have enough money to get started”
“I don’t know how to…”
Listen—you have the world at your fingertips.… READ MORE

All of us dream of wealth, yet what do most people do? They laze on the couch and binge Netflix like addicts – their dreams fade into poverty.
But a small group of us, the 3 percent, are out there transforming dreams into reality.… READ MORE

Imagine this: your business has grown to the point that you need to make your next hire.
But soon after, this small victory turns to a gut-wrenching feeling, like something’s about to go wrong.
Then it hits you — what if you can’t afford to hire?… READ MORE

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