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Hey coach — you're in a competitive market. Many business coaches would love to steal your clients. And I'm sure, you'd like their clients as well.

To stay competitive and avoid customer rejection, you might feel the pressure to keep your prices low.

But what if charging higher rates were the key to your success? You could attract clients that value your work and shed those that make your life hard.

On today's episode, entrepreneur Elroy White shares how your expertise sets you up as the problem solver. And when people know you can solve their problems, they'll pay your asking price.

Don't let your fear of rejection hold you back. Earn what you're worth as a business coach today.

Listen now to find out how!

Show Highlights Include:

  • Have your employers put you through training? Here's how to earn money from that knowledge (3:31)
  • Why your early failures train your mind for long-term success (8:01)
  • How tapping your friends' expertise gives you a clear vision of your road ahead (8:29)
  • Why facing your fears for 5 minutes today will attract new clients for years to come (10:25)
  • How treating your clients like old friends creates long-term relationships (11:45)
  • The questions to ask yourself to overcome the employee mindset and position yourself as a valuable expert (13:37)
  • Why you should never convince your prospects to buy from you (14:30)

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Marquel: Hey, what's up, my friend? Marquel Russell here. Welcome to this brand new episode of the School of Client Attraction. Super excited to have you here. [01:03.0]

I want to share with you, a lot of people are, especially it’s crazy because it's coaches, consultants, and service providers who are amazing at what they do, but they're hesitant to increase their prices. In this interview, in this episode, instead of me going into the strategies of how I’ve personally seen and helped other individuals increase their price and overcome this fear, we're just going to jump into an interview. I’m going to actually have my buddy, Elroy, from Canada, share exactly how he was able to overcome this fear and start attracting $10,000-clients for his coaching business.

With no further ado, I’m going to start rambling, let's get right into it. Our president of communications, Richelle, is going to interview him and she's amazing at this, asking the right questions, so you can take some actionable insights to apply it into your business. Let's get into it.

Richelle: Hey, everybody. It's Richelle Shaw, senior director of communications here at Client Attraction University, where we help service providers, coaches, and consultants change the game and increase their revenue by helping them attract clients. [02:01.7]

Today is my favorite day. I know I say that, but it truly is my favorite day of the week when I get to chat with some of our clients and talk to them about their business. Every single one of them has been so unique, but that's when you know that no business is different, right? We all need leads. We all need clients, and the Client Attraction University is there to help you.

Everybody, welcome, welcome, welcome. Elroy, [sound dropped].

Elroy: Thank you for having me.

Richelle: I need to have my sound system so that it goes, Yay, which is fun. But, Elroy, introduce yourself. Tell everybody what you do.

Elroy: My name is Elroy Whyte. I’m a trucker at heart and I actually help trucking companies improve their driver retention and actually help them find the driver that they're looking for, so that's basically what I do. Basically I’m a mentor at heart, and I’m also a student. I’m always looking to get to another level. That's it. [03:04.8]

Richelle: There you go. We like that. We like that. Tell me everybody comes in a different way, in a different journey of how they found Marquel. But before we get to that, why don't you tell me what your business looked like two years ago? Did you even have a business? Were you just driving? What did it look like then?

Elroy: I was actually driving, but I’d actually just started my new venture because I was basically in a position where I was given a lot of value even through every company that I go to, so I decided, hey, you know what? I should start on my venture, my coaching and consulting business to help trucking companies get the drivers and help them reduce their turnovers.

That's basically what I was doing all on my journey and actually mentoring drivers, and they were benefiting from all my value, so I was like, man, why not? I started a venture and actually helped a lot of companies because that's their main struggle then. [04:00.8]

I ventured and that's when I decided to just start my own business and I knew that I couldn't do it on my own, and that's why I actually reached out to Marquel and actually joined this program.

Richelle: Wow. What was it though that made you say, I think I have a business here, or were you totally unsure before you got here?

Elroy: Basically, the way I look at it is that it's like there are a lot of trucking companies out there who are actually struggling to find drivers, right? And they have a massive high turnover. I decided, hey, why not actually share my expertise with them and actually help them out, and, man, it's been amazing so far actually to see what I could do to help trucking companies, so how to make a difference in their lives.

Richelle: Yeah. Did you always know you were an entrepreneur? I say that I was born an entrepreneur. I had one job in my life and then I bought the company, right? I’ve always known that, ugh, employment wasn't for me. What about you? Was that your thing? [05:08.0]

Elroy: For me, when I was growing up, my family, they had a job, so I had that mentality of go get a job, too. I had no problem with that unless I have to love what I do, right? I have this thing for driving, so I decided to become a trucker and that's when it started, and along the way I met a lot of entrepreneurs on the way and I’m like, Hey, this sounds very interesting, and that's what [happened].

I think it was 2014. I actually met up with a lot of business coaches and actually learned from them to see what their lifestyles are, and actually learn from them marketing and branding and all that kind of stuff, and that's when I started to realize that I wanted myself and actually my future generation to have that when they grew up. That's why I got really attracted to that. I believe at heart that I was born as an entrepreneur, but I didn't really see it because my parents and stuff had a job, so I believe that that's what happened. [06:12.5]

Richelle: You know what? But I think there are a lot of people that are probably watching this that they’ve felt the same way. Don't get me wrong. My mom was like, Wait a minute, we sent you to college. We paid for you to go to UCLA. I’m going to need you to get a job, right? And I was like, Yeah, no, I don't think so. That's not what I really wanted to do, but I was definitely attracted to not only the lifestyle, but I’ve always been kind of ornery, and so following somebody else's rules just did not make sense to me. That's kind of how I got here.

So, it started in around 2014. Did you have any failures or did you just go straight through? What happened between 2014 and 2021 before we got to meet you? [07:03.4]

Elroy: There were a lot of, I wouldn't say, struggles or failures, but I see failures as an opportunity to grow, right, because we all make mistakes in life and we have to learn from those mistakes. Right?

Richelle: Yes.

Elroy: I mean, I’ve tried a lot of business ventures online and, basically, I wasn't that successful in it, and you know what? I just brush it off myself and move on to the next, and learn and learn and take as much knowledge as I can to grow myself, because when I grow myself, I’ll be able to impact other people's lives as well. That was my thing, to expand my mind and elevate myself, so that’s how I think.

Richelle: What a great mindset. That's so important, because I think so many people, when they feel like they're less successful, they quit and say, This isn't for me, but you battled this for seven years before you saw this, so this is great to hear. I often say how you deal with failure determines if you ever get to deal with success and you are just a living proof of that. [08:09.7]

How you even looked at it as just a learning lesson, as a way to get better and to keep going, just shows why and now how this is all coming to fruition. Where did you find Marquel? Did you just find them online? Did you see an ad? How did you find us?

Elroy: Actually, me and Marquel were friends for a long time and I didn't really get a chance to work with him, but you know what? I learned a lot from him and we share the same values and we connected. One day he had an event and you know what? I’m like, Let's go to this event, and then he educated us and it was really good, but he delivered and you know what, man? I was like, Hey, let's give it a shot. I got nothing to lose, man. Lots of gain from him because he's awesome, man.

Richelle: There you go. There you go. Then what happened? Now tell us about the business. Tell us where you're at right now. If you don't want to share numbers, you don't have to, but just kind of tell us what's going on right now in the business. [09:10.5]

Elroy: For me, man, when I started, I had no clue how to set this up and that the coaches and the mentors are so impactful in my business, because you know what? They put all the system together and actually really helped me with all the scripts and all that kind of good stuff. And you know what? I actually worked with my last client and, man, it was a huge transformation for me to actually help him because he even sent me a message like, You know what? I’m so glad that I found you to really help me find the diver that I want, and stuff like that.

That's what really gives me a drive to actually go do it even more because I know people out there really need my help. I’m out there, man, looking for any trucking company who need help to find the driver they want and help improve their business and that's where I’m at. [10:03.3]

Richelle: Yeah, that’s awesome. How did your clients find you? Did they find you from your client-attraction system? How did they find you?

Elroy: Yes, they did and it's through video, very, very powerful. I was a shy guy. I didn't really like to go on video.

Richelle: Shut up. We could never tell that.

Elroy: Yeah, no, before I started, I was shy, but you know what? I just got into the groove of it. I know that video is one of the best things that could really build a relationship with your potential clients before they even come to you. That's where he found me, on YouTube.

Richelle: Oh, that's awesome. That's awesome. I think everybody is … yeah, it's great when they find you, but how did that sales call first go? How did that enrollment call go? Were you super confident? Did you have to read the script? How did it go?

Elroy: Are you talking about the first call I had or …?

Richelle: Yeah, or even from the client that bought from me, right? Were you at that point just really relaxed or how many did you have before that? What happened? [11:07.4]

Elroy: Man, my first call doing the script, I knew it was something different. Man, I was nervous, but I’m like, does this really work? But I’m like, you know what? I’m better coached with something like, you know what? Let's give it a shot. Let's follow the process and see what happens.

The first client I had, it was really good. It turned out really good. The gentleman, I guess, for him, it wasn't the right time at the moment, but we still built a solid relationship, but that client that I had, I mean, the call went really smooth because I keep on practicing over and over and that's when I become better, right? I was just basically talking to my friend, right? With my friend. And then he was very open to me and it's like we met each other for a long time and that's what happened. [11:57.2]

Richelle: Sure. I think a lot of coaches come to us a lot, but a lot of consultants, they think that their business is different, right? What you're doing with a long-term client, with a client where you really go in and change the way that their business works, and really help them through the transformation. What would you say to other consultants? First of all, how did that feel to have somebody come to you instead of you constantly pitching them?

Elroy: You know what? If you're a consultant or service provider there, you think that your business is different, I believe what Marquel and the CAU team has going on. I believe it doesn't matter what business that you have. You can actually learn something from them because this group is so powerful and so impactful to my life and other people's lives around here. Sometimes even when I’m feeling down, I just go into the group, man, and hang around for a bit and I’m all up again. I believe you can actually learn something powerful that could actually help you to go to another level. [13:03.1]

Richelle: That's awesome. How long did the client work with you?

Elroy: The client worked with me for approximately six months. No, sorry, six weeks.

Richelle: Got it. Got it. Now, when you go in, is it a different situation now? You as an employee or the truck driver, right, when you were trying to give them advice, were they always open versus the one that finds you from your content, from your marketing that you're doing and comes to you? Is that a different person? Is that energy totally different?

Elroy: When I started out, I had some fears and stuff, and that's when I came to the team and they fixed that, right? I mean, for me as a driver, I had that belief, like, Hey, why would they listen to me? But then again, I thought to myself, man, I was doing this all along, so why not go out there now and share my value with them? Most of them are open and listen to what I have to say and, I mean, the ones that are open, that's the one that I give the value to, and if they're not open, too bad. That’s their loss, right? [14:09.2]

Richelle: Absolutely, and I think that's where so many business owners get caught up in thinking that it needs to be everybody, that they need to reach everybody, instead of those that are open who are going to be your easiest wins. Those are going to be the ones who really love you, who like you and who buy from you, not the ones that you have to chase.

I like to tell people that we at CAU teach you how to not be in the convincing business, right? Because we're not in the convincing business. We believe that we're higher. Just because you have the money to be here doesn't mean that you get to come. It's like we have a full vetting system, but mainly because we want to make sure that it's a really good fit and that we can help you, right? We don't want you to come in and have unrealistic expectations about the work and about putting in the work. [15:00.8]

What would you say, even during the program, during the process, there are lots of moving parts, but how was the workload? Was it too much? Was it just right? Was it easy-peasy? What would you say it was?

Elroy: For me, it was really, really simple because the person is coachable, because that's what they asked on the call, “I mean, are you coachable?” and if the person is not, then they are not a good fit, because if they're not coachable, they're going to make my life much, much harder. Right? That's my thing.

Richelle: That's awesome, because who you say no to determines who you get to say yes to, too, right? If you just say yes to every single person, you're going to hurry up and be burnt out, and really, really frustrated, so that's not fun. That's not fun at all. What's next for your business? Tell me all the good stuff that's coming up.

Elroy: Man, for me, I have this big vision of actually coming up with a truck driving school, so we could actually educate drivers the right way so they could go out there and get the job that they truly deserve. That's where my next plan is right now, and just going out there and making a difference in the lives of the trucking companies out there and that's what I’m actually here for right now. [16:18.6]

Richelle: And changing the game. We love that. We love that. Also, before people go away, as I always ask everybody, all right, so if you had anything to say to Marquel, what would you say?

Elroy: Man, that guy is a beast. He's a genius, man. You know what? He's just amazing. I mean, he just let it all out. He's very transparent. He's an amazing guy, father, husband, and he's just incredible and that's what I have to say to him, man. I appreciate him so much for just sharing his value and making an impact on other people's lives. [16:54.3]

Richelle: Sure, because I think it's one of the things that is different about CAU than anywhere else, which is that it's not that the marketing isn't fantastic and the way we put the program together—that's great—but it's also just the values that he instills, so that he wants everybody to every quarter take a vacation with your family. He’s so serious about that.

Not only for us, the folks that are on his team, but for everybody else, for the clients, he's like, Look, this is what we want you to do. We pray before every meeting, which is fantastic. It's a totally different energy than anywhere else. That's what I tell everybody, once you come in, you're part of the family and we don't let you go. We just do not let you go.

Elroy: That’s it, we're coming in to stay for life.

Richelle: Yes, yes, yes, CAU for life, right? For life.

Elroy: That’s it. [17:50.4]

Richelle: That's awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. I just thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to just share all of the good news and all the great stuff that you're doing for trucking, for the industry, for the employees, for the companies, and for other consultants that are out there that are kind of on the fence and thinking, I don't know if this will work for me. You just proved for every single person out there that, no matter what, if you've got that fire in your belly, you just take action because it'll all come true.

Elroy: Yeah, definitely, you’ve got to jump off that fence. Nothing great is going to happen on the fence. You’ve got to take that leap of faith, right? Let’s do it.

Richelle: Absolutely. Absolutely. If you, while you're watching, are a consultant just like Elroy and really want to change the game, change everything for your life, go to PaidAdPlaybook.com. That is P-A-I-D Playbook [dot] com, and go grab just the basic information so you can learn the S.F.M. Method and the 5x5x5 method, so that you can learn how to change your own game.

Thank you so much to Elroy. Thank you everybody else, and we will see you soon. [19:05.0]

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