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Have you ever wondered how some people increase their revenue, grow a powerful marketing team, and get clients-on-demand all while having the rest of the day to spare?

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If you invest in the systems that work, top dollars will follow.

In this episode, Dr. Jasmine Zapata shares how the Client Attraction Academy helped her create multiple streams of income, build an empire of inspirational women, and create an everlasting legacy – all while working full-time as a doctor.

Highlights from this episode include:

  • Why marketing automation immediately acts like ‘lighter fluid’ for your leads (without needing any of your help). (1:45)
  • How to grow your mailing list, get clients-on-demand, and get paid instantly without lifting a finger. (9:17)
  • Why high-ticket offers are an easy sell (even if you’ve never charged based on your value before).  (20:14)
  • Why building your legacy starts with fewer phone calls and limiting your ads. (25:05)

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You're listening to “The School of Client Attraction.” Marquel Russell is the founder of Client Attraction University, a marketing consultancy helping you attract clients on autopilot and scale your business while working 50% less.

Quick disclaimer: a side effect of listening to the show is more clients, more profits, more freedom, and it's more impact in your business. Now, here's your host, Marquel Russell.

Marquel: Hey, what's up, my friend? Marquel Russell. Welcome to this brand new episode of the School of Client Attraction.
Today we're going to do it a little bit differently as you probably can tell already. We're going to jump over to a quick interview where our senior director of communications interviewed. Dr. Jasmine Zapata, and Dr. Jasmin broke down step by step how she was actually able to make an extra six figures in only six months in her coaching business, while only working two to three hours a week or so in her business, because she's actually an in-demand doctor.

What she’s going to do is she’s going to break it down step by step by step in his interview, so hopefully you’ve got a pen and paper and ready to take some notes because she really goes in depth. Let’s get into it. [01:05.4]

Rochelle: There it is. Hey, Hey, Hey. I am Rochelle Shaw and I am the senior director of communications here at CAU, and today it is my pleasure to finally, finally, finally get to talk to Dr. Jaz. Hey, welcome to our little conversation Dr. Jaz. How are you doing?

Dr. Jasmine: I'm doing well. I'm blessed to be here and I'm just excited.

Rochelle: Yeah, we're excited to have you because not only did you get off work and stop being in the delivery room, but you had enough time to come and chat with us about just your vision and your goal. Why don't you tell everybody, introduce yourself, so that anybody watching will know exactly who you are and what you do?

Dr. Jasmine: Yes, I am. Dr. Jasmine Zapata, aka Dr. Jaz, and I help aspiring authors publish books that empower others and create multiple streams of income.

Rochelle: Yes, we love that. Now, how did you start doing that? You’re a medical doctor, so what made you decide that you wanted to go in this direction? [02:09.2]

Dr. Jasmine: Yes, that's a really great question. I've known ever since I was five years old that I wanted to be a medical doctor, and I wanted to be a medical doctor because that was one of the things that I knew would help me really serve on a great level and help people in the ultimate way. I had many obstacles on my journey to becoming a doctor and maybe we'll have time to get into some of those a little later, but when I finally crossed that stage and had that M.D. behind my name had my diploma, I was so excited.

But then when I started going through my further medical training, I realized that there are some things that even if you're a doctor, there's no medicine that you can prescribe that it can help. For example, there is all the racism that we see, all the different social determinants of health, the racial wealth gap, hopelessness, broken families. There's not anything that I can do about that with a medication or a surgery, and so I realized that I had a higher calling. [03:11.0]

Being a medical doctor was a stepping stone into something greater. I needed to serve in a deeper way, so I entered into the world of being an author and I've written a couple books, but one of my main books is called Beyond Beautiful: A Girl's Guide to Unlocking the Power of Inner Beauty, Self Esteem, Resilience, and Courage.

Why I wrote that book was because there would be times, countless times where young ladies would be flown by the emergency helicopter or on the ambulance into our hospitals after a suicide attempt where they thought they were going to die, but they didn't die and they woke up like, Why am I still here? And we were steady, trying to resuscitate them and do lifesaving measures. [03:57.6]

I'll never forget one time there was a little girl who was at church, actually at a youth night with her friends, and then she kind of just walked away and disappeared, and her friends went to try to find her and then they found her in a closet. She had hanged herself. They were able to cut her down, call the ambulance.

She flew by helicopter to the ICU and I was a trainee at the time, and I was typing in orders, watching them try to resuscitate her. I realized and I said to myself at that point, “I have to find a way to reach these young ladies before they reach the hospital.” I closed my eyes and said, “I want to find a way that I can go to community centers, churches, beauty salons, hug these young ladies and let them know you are beautiful on the inside and out, no matter what you're going through. You are loved. You are needed. You can make it. There's somebody who is here for you.”

Long story short, I wrote up that book, Beyond Beautiful, and that was able to take me on national tours. The book has been translated into other languages. I was able to really make an impact. It has got adopted by certain school districts. [05:02.0]

When I came back from that tour, though, it was the most incredible thing. I realized there's even more need because I started meeting other people and parent-parents stories. Young men would come up to me saying, “It's great you're doing this for the young women, but we need you, too,” so I came back from that tour and said, “I need to light a fire in other authors to do the same thing.” That's how I started Motivational M.D. Publishing, my book publishing company, and we write books that heal, uplift and inspire. I have worked with several authors from across the nation to write these empowering books.
How does that all have to do with being a medical doctor? A lot of people ask me. Actually, it has everything to do with being a medical doctor because it is a way to tackle some of these social determinants of health, and why I joined CAU is because I know that wealth is a tool to get some powerful things done and a tremendous impact and leave a legacy. [06:00.0]

I have seen the devastation of poverty of just systemic racism, where decisions are made and things are controlled by people that don't look like us and there's so much oppression, and so if we can create our own reparations and we can have tremendous wealth where we can buy up entire blocks, where we can create our own schools, where we can do some big, big things, I know that that's actually going to have an impact on our collective health.

Rochelle: Oh, that's so true. [crosstalk] you said that.

Dr. Jasmine: I'll stop right there. [crosstalk]

Rochelle: No, I loved that story.

Dr. Jasmine: That's how what I'm doing now has to do with being a medical doctor. It has everything to do with it.

Rochelle: Everything, I tend to agree. I mean, I would agree with you a thousand percent because that is the battle that so many families just face every single day. Tell me this. You came back, you’ve got this fire lit under you. How were you finding clients before you came to CAU? [07:06.3]

Dr. Jasmine: Yes. I was finding clients a lot of times by personal relationships, word of mouth. I am an inspirational speaker and educator, and so I was leading a lot of workshops and doing speaking events and then I would get clients after that, but I was not using Facebook ads at all. I was using social media, but not necessarily paid ads.

Rochelle: Was it a system before or did it just kind of happen after we spoke?

Dr. Jasmine: I had a system, but it was definitely not as advanced and as easy and simple and automated as CAU.

Rochelle: Oh, God.

Dr. Jasmine: I had a variety of systems where I would have an actual physical sign-up sheet people would sign up on. I had a Google Forms I was using and then manually sending a message to every single person. I did not have any type of CRM mailing system at all. I was doing everything, a lot of things. I had a system, but it was all manual. It was definitely not on autopilot. [08:15.0]

Rochelle: One of the things when we talk to people about CAU is that we talk to them about saving at least 50% of your time while you're generating 50% more income. Is that exactly what happened with you?

Dr. Jasmine: Exactly what happened, except it's probably more than saving 50% of your time. It probably saves 75% of my time with the system that's used.

Rochelle: Because even with being a medical doctor, I can't imagine that you have lots of extra time, right? When you’ve got busy at the hospital, would it make it more difficult for you to get more clients and more speaking gigs?

Dr. Jasmine: I would go through ebbs and flows where if I had more free time in my schedule, I would have a burst of clients or action, but then if I’ve got very busy doing something else in my life or focused on work, my business would kind of just be at a standstill and then I would come back. [09:09.0]

It was more like the more effort I put in, the more action we would get, and then when I kind of just forgot about it for a while, there would be quiet periods.

Rochelle: Yeah, and you happen to have a really good gig being a medical doctor, so that helps, but for before entrepreneurs who don't have that backup, that rollercoaster can be devastating.

Dr. Jasmine: Yeah.

Rochelle: And I tell them all the time, the challenge that you're having is just with consistent income.

Dr. Jasmine: Exactly.

Rochelle: And so they close not because they never made any money. It’s because they couldn't get it consistently.

Dr. Jasmine: Exactly.

Rochelle: Do you agree?

Dr. Jasmine: I agree.

Rochelle: Yeah. Now, so, Doc, how did you find Marquel? [09:52.8]

Dr. Jasmine: Yes, I found Marquel through the amazing Taurea Vision Avant. She is a client of Marquel’s and she's also one of my coaches. I connected with her a while ago, many years ago, and she actually helps me write my very first book. In fact, I’ve got it right here, Multiple Streams of Income. It was a collaboration book, and in my chapter I talked about the importance of wealth generation for your physical health, how wealth is a social determinant of health. Money and finances is a social determinant of health.

She helped me write my first book. I've been connected with her and I really trust her, and so not even a year ago, six months ago—I've been in CAU for six months—she told us, Hey, you have to connect with Marquel, check him out. Then the rest is history.

Rochelle: Yeah, we love referrals. We love Taurea. I actually did her client success interview a couple of weeks ago. It was fantastic. I'm trying to think of the easiest way to ask this without asking it, so I’m just going to try.

Dr. Jasmine: Yes.

Rochelle: It was a significant investment to come and hang out with us. [11:02.6]

Dr. Jasmine: Yes.

Rochelle: What was it that finally just made you [say], yes, this is it, this is what I need?

Dr. Jasmine: There were many factors. It was a very interesting time when I joined CAU because we're in the midst of a pandemic. I'm board certified in pediatrics, but I'm also board certified in the field of preventive medicine and public health. When the pandemic hit, I was busy and slammed, getting out in the community, doing interviews on research studies, working to try to find cures and help the community as well, because I saw the physical devastation, but also I had to watch people suffer financially and that was so hard for me, especially as a public health doctor.

That was right around the time, so I knew I was on a mission to increase generational wealth in my own life, but empowering other people to do the same. But when the pandemic hit, I really knew like, okay, it's go time. I have to have a radical shift. I need a quantum leap, so that I can really bless, be in a position to bless people. [12:08.0]

The other thing is that when I was on the three-day experience, I was on some training. I got some trainings with the CAU team, and when Marquel said, “If you want to be a millionaire or wherever you want to be, you need to start making decisions as if you're at that spot right now,” and also he really broke it down and he explained to us that our relationship with money is based on some of the things that you have experienced in the first seven years of your life while your brain is developing and forming, and that really resonated with me because I’ve studied child development and I know that's true.

Then I really began to think about what was my relationship with money my first seven years, and just so much shifted for me. That was a life-changing three-day experience, getting to work with the team, and then that is kind of what released me to say, You know what? This investment is worth it—and it was. It definitely was. [13:04.3]

Rochelle: Yeah. Tell us also how are things since you’ve got in? I saw some wonderful posts where…

Dr. Jasmine: Yes.

Rochelle: Did I read that you were at work and generating income? Is that what happened?
Dr. Jasmine: Yeah, it was just absolutely amazing. Some of the big things that I can say since I started working, I've been in the Client Attraction University for six months, I was able to set up a landing page, my first landing page ever. I've never even had a landing page, so I was able to set up. For my publishing business, I was able to set up a landing page.

I was able to get set up on an email system, an automated email system to follow up with clients. I had never had that before. So, over these six months, I've gone from zero people on my list to over 2,300 on my list. I just checked it, so 2,300 in these last six months. [14:06.4]

I was also able to set up an automated calendar and integrate all of those things, which has been amazing, and I did not have it to that level before where it was all just a smooth flowing system to get clients where people could see me, hear my story and then just get on my calendar, so all I had to do is show up. That, in and of itself, is huge, especially as a busy doctor.

I can be at work. I could be spending time with my kids. I can be on the beach or something. I can be doing whatever, relaxing, and then, all of a sudden, I get a notification like, Oh, you have somebody who heard about your company, who has seen you speaking, and has scheduled a point with you, and all you’ve got to do is show up and press the Zoom link. Okay, so that's amazing, in and of itself. [14:53.6]

Then, in addition to that, I’ve never had a…I think it’s what you guys call a “million-dollar script” where I had my own pitch and presentation, but the training to really take it to the next level and know the psychology of how people buy, how people trust you, how it's not salesy, you're just having a conversation, and really just believing that whoever is meant to work with you is going to work, and how you might not even offer people the opportunity to work with you and they're applying. That was a mindset shift that I’d never had, so I not only developed the Client Attraction system, but I develop what to say when I’ve got them on the phone and how to do it.

And even the payment methods, how to accept payments. And the contracts. I honestly didn't have a formal contract. I should have, but I didn't have a formal contract or a client agreement. We don't even call it a contract. A client agreement.
Rochelle: A client agreement, yes.

Dr. Jasmine: So, I’ve got all of those things. Before I even get to the financial gains and blessings, that in and of itself, was just tremendous. [15:59.2]

Rochelle: Tremendous, and we try to tell people that, that that’s what they're going to get, but in their head I don't know if they know that they need all of those things.

Dr. Jasmine: I didn't even know I needed all of that. It was all as a bonus. I really, honestly, just thought, Oh, I'm going to get nicely set up on some Facebook ads and have a little system to help me. I knew there was going to be something extra, but I just didn't comprehend how amazing it was going to be. It's literally like a machine that you're building, and I knew it, but I was just blown away once we actually got it up and running.

That was a win, period, point blank, for the time that I gained back from automating everything. That, in and of itself, was more valuable than any money that I can save to have that time back.

Rochelle: To get the time back, because most business owners either have their hustle and grind thing. It's like, what is that about? That is so not what we teach and what we like. [17:05.8]

Dr. Jasmine: Exactly.
Rochelle: We would much rather create a system that's automated and just generating the leads to you.

Dr. Jasmine: Yes.

Rochelle: So, you can be in the grocery store and be like, Oh, okay, I have to meet somebody in a couple of hours.

Dr. Jasmine: I do. That's exactly what happened. I'll be in the grocery store like, Oh, a couple of people signed up, or then once you start actually making money from all of this, I literally was at the Lake with my family and my phone rang, and it was a client who had I had taught or a prospect, or it was someone, a potential client that I had talked to -

Rochelle: There you go.

Dr. Jasmine: - the prior evening and she just needed to think about it, and then she called me the next day. I'm at the Lake with my family, just enjoying it and having fun. She's like, I decided I have to sign up. Here's my money right here. Can you accept a payment? Quickly, I sent that invoice so fast and then saw that money show up, and just went right back on the beach. It was absolutely amazing. [18:07.0]

I've had other stories that, too, where I think it was one of the ones you were referring to that within a two-hour span, I saw $6,600 show up in my PayPal and I'm literally at work doing other things, because I have been able to not only get the system going and me alone. Because of my situation of still working full time as a medical doctor, I needed to rapidly build a team to help me continue to move things along.

With the systems and processes, the automations, the systems and processes that CAU helped me to set up, my team has a smooth system where from the lead calls coming in that's automated to my sales team having these powerful conversations, to then signing the client agreement to then submitting the money and then it just shows up, that is all automated without me physically participating at all. Then I get involved when it's time to actually serve the client, which is amazing. It's just such a dream come true. [19:13.0]

Rochelle: Yes. my goodness, that's why it’s so fun to hear because I think there are a lot of people and a lot of entrepreneurs who are struggling just with that. Even we're not telling you to leave your job. You love your job.

Dr. Jasmine: Right.

Rochelle: Your job is amazing, right? That's where a part of you serving the world is you being a black doctor, so that when we come in the room, there are people who look like us and we feel very comfortable, and we know that you are going to honor our children just like you would any other child and we don't have to ever worry about that.

Dr. Jasmine: Yes.

Rochelle: That's the first piece, and then to know that you have the second piece where you are just taking care of the client from here, inside their brain and inside their heart, and physically, too. Come on, man. [20:07.6]

Dr. Jasmine: Yes. Yes. Yes. It's just such a blessing and I'm just so thankful. I see that in the physical, my job is to be a medical doctor where, especially with the babies, when babies are delivered, they're supposed to be crying and happy, but when they come out floppy or not breathing, I know my calling and my mission is to resuscitate those babies and bring life. In the same way, my calling spiritually is everybody that I meet to heal, uplift, and inspire.

People come into my life that are in critical condition, and as a result of working with me, working with our publishing company, having me speak, whatever my hand touches, it's healing in the spiritual sense as well and transformational. In addition to that, though, money and wealth, it’s almost like it's a fire that's already going and being able to have the financial means to put it on top of that anointing that I already have, it’s kind of like a wildfire that just rapidly is expanding, and that's what. [21:12.2]

I already had a system going, I already knew what my purpose was, but when I added CAU systems in there and then started seeing incredible wealth just materialize, it was like a little fire that was kind of like you just lit the gas on it, and that's what happened. That's what CAU was. It was like a fire that was going like, Oh, that's cute, it's keeping us warm, okay, and then somebody just had a bucket of gas and just dumped it on it, and, whoosh. That’s what happened.

Rochelle: Yeah, I say that. That's what we are. I say that we're lighter fluid.

Dr. Jasmine: Yes.

Rochelle: And I say that you've got to already have a business, but then we just throw lighter fluid on it and -

Dr. Jasmine: Oh my gosh.

Rochelle: - then you’ve got our system on top of yours and it just grows exponentially.

Dr. Jasmine: No, that is just so true. I have never… I'm still in shock. Sometimes I still feel like it's a dream because something that the CAU team said, I believe it was Marquel, yeah, it was He said, once we set the system up, it's just like printing money. [22:12.0]

Rochelle: Yes.

Dr. Jasmine: Yeah.

Dr. Jasmine: It's just printing money and I was like, Oh my gosh, whatever, it can't be that easy, and some of his testimonials—honestly, it's funny that I'm doing testimonials now—to be quite honest, when I very first met Marquel and was watching the testimonials, I was like, Yeah, right, it's not that easy. It's a scam. Their situation is different than mine. Yeah, right, that's too good to be true that somebody can make $14,000 in two weeks or you made that much money in a month, yeah, right.
But just because I had never seen it doesn't mean it can't be real. I was just like, There's no way it could be that easy, yeah, right. But then I started coming to a half-day seminar. I did the three-day event and then when I started making money, I was like, Oh, wow, this is real. How do I handle this? [23:01.8]

Just a couple of examples of when I was starting to realize and I'm still in shock. I still am like, Oh my gosh. But the very first time where I felt like that was when I got…I think one of my first sales was that $3,500 got deposited into my account while I was on the Lake, so I was like, Oh my gosh, did she really just do that? Because before that, I was definitely not charging that high. I was charging between $50 to $2,000 maybe, and that was huge, big, my biggest package.

That was just more, in and of itself, and within the first 30 days of my ads going live, I made $30,000 as a result of the skills that I learned with CAU and I couldn't believe it and I was just like, Wow, it's real. The way that it's real is because you have the courage to know your worth and your value and shift over to high-ticket offers, because I was so used to pricing things, making the investment so, so low that I had to hustle and grind and do so much. [24:11.0]

There's no way I could have reached that unless I created a high-ticket offer, what Marquel famously says, between $3,000 and $10,000, and then you don't have to sell as many of those for it to quickly add up. Once I saw that, I was like…I'm still in shock. I'm still like, Did that really just happen?

Rochelle: Yes, it just happened, and what's so fun about that piece and communicating that to people, you said so much there that I'd love to just kind of go back to a couple of things. Number one, we always tell you it's just an equation. Right? It just literally is. I put an X amount of money into my ads and this amount comes out, four times, five times, 10 times.

Dr. Jasmine: Or 14 times. Let me tell you my number, okay?

Rochelle: I heard 14? [25:00.5]

Dr. Jasmine: I’ve got to stop you. I’ve got to interrupt you right there, okay? I calculated that because I hear Marquel say that all the time, so I was like, Let me pull up my spreadsheet and let me calculate it. On average I calculated how much money we made over [the last six months]. I'll just tell you. Over the last, … in my first six months, we made over a hundred thousand dollars in revenue as a result of the systems and strategies we learned in CAU, all while I'm working full time. Now, listen to me. Don’t let me. Let me alert the world. Don't let Dr. Jaz start doing this full time, okay?

Rochelle: Right.

Dr. Jasmine: If I started doing this full time like y'all, we’re about to buy up all the hotels. It's about to be a big deal, okay? So, this is just me dipping my baby toe in like, Let me see what CAU is all about. Let me get this up and running. This is while I'm still working full-time. We made over $100,000 in client contracts, close revenue, okay? [26:01.8]

Now, when I calculate, I'm slowly ramping the ads up because, honestly, I had them too high at first, where we started getting so many leads in, we literally were booking out months at a time and we couldn't handle it, so I actually had to tone down on the ads and build my team.

But over the last six months, all this to say, I calculated it. For every $1,000 of ad spends, we've averaged $14,000 of revenue, so 14 times that. It's just amazing, and so this year I'm like, Okay, we're going to crank it up. We're going to turn up the heat with the ad spend, and then as I turn it up slowly, I'm expanding my team so we can have capacity to grow.
Rochelle: Yeah, that's so fun.

Dr. Jasmine: You're getting me just too fired up and excited.

Rochelle: That’s so fun. But the reason for pricing, too, with the lowest is when you don't know when your next person is coming. [27:02.8]

Dr. Jasmine: Yeah.

Rochelle: And so you're like, Let me just tell them whatever they have. How much do you have? Okay, we'll do it for this one, right?

Dr. Jasmine: That was literally my conversation. How much do you have? And then I would make up a package.

Rochelle: Yeah, make up a package.

Dr. Jasmine: Just sort of like, All I’ve got is $500. Well, guess what? Today's your day. For 497, I’m going to do this, this and this for you. All I’ve got is $20. Well, for 19.99, I'll send you this worksheet. I was coming like that was definitely me.

Rochelle: Right, when you don't know when the next one [is coming], but when you have no problem saying, You know what? I don't think this will work for you or maybe this isn't the right time. Then it’s not a sales lead. It just becomes a conversation of “How can I serve you?”

Dr. Jasmine: Yes, yes, yes. I totally [agree]. The other beautiful thing about this is me and my team, I actually no longer do the lead calls anymore. I have my team completely doing it. That was a huge shift and blessing for me when I finally was able to just completely take myself off the schedule. [28:08.2]

Sometimes I'll do it just because I have fun, like they're fun for me to do it, but I'm trying to really shift to that CEO multi-millionaire mindset, where I'm going to use my brain and my time to find ways that I can continue to grow the company, where

I can think and create and forge partnerships, and really just allow my brilliance to flow.

But it's very important to just have those powerful conversations because the people that we've met from across the world and even in the Virgin Islands, the people that we are meeting in these conversations are so powerful and healing.

Even if they end up not being clients, we're able to pour into people and encourage people in some of these conversations that we're having, because that's just natural with our team, because book publishing and healing, uplifting and inspiring, it's kind of like these conversations are very healing and uplifting anyway. So, this has been a financial blessing, but anybody who just gets on that call is being blessed. Even if they don't invest in us right away, we're planting seeds. [29:11.0]

Rochelle: Planting seeds.

Dr. Jasmine: So, I agree.

Rochelle: That’s how you have the harvest. That's how you have a harvest. My goodness, what a fantastic story and I’m so glad that we didn't discuss it before we hit record, so that I could have all of my natural reactions to the great stuff that you're doing. Is there anything last that you'd like to tell anybody watching this who needs some inspiration from you?

Dr. Jasmine: Yeah. A other things that I would say is that when you think about why these things are so important and we talk about these numbers, it's not so we can have fancy cars and yachts and all that. Now, if I have that and that comes along with it, I'm not going to complain, but ultimately this is to be able to create lasting wealth and wealth is not only just money. It's the wealth of time, the wealth of relationships, being able to bless others in just a radical way. [30:11.0]

I'll tell you a quick story of why, one of the reasons of why I do this and why this is so important. As a result of the money that I generate through my business, and I have many different streams of income, but as a result of directly things that I have done through CAU, it's been able to help me continue to grow my real estate investing business.

Just last month we had a family who had been turned down from a lot of other places. They had a past and so many people were turning them down and some racism was climbing up in there, systemic racism within our housing crisis that we're facing across the United States. I was able to give, my husband and I were able to give this family a second chance and they had a lot of kids. [31:02.2]

When they’ve got the keys, when they came and we were saying, Hi, we're your new landlords? Welcome. Here are your keys. I was able to buy some presents for the kids. Because it was around Christmas time, I was able to buy some presents for the kids. They were so excited, it was just like a welcome gift. But when they walked through the front door, all of a sudden, all the kids just started running around the apartment, opened up every door. They were just so excited and had so much joy, and it was one of the best feelings that I've ever had, being able to use my power and authority as a Black woman who, oh, guess what? I own the property. I'm making the decisions about approving or denying applications and I'm helping people get their life back on track.

That was just so amazing and that was something else that lit a fire in me to say, okay, let's continue. Let's keep turning these ads all the way up because it's more than just the money you make from one sale or a couple of sales. It’s being able to take that revenue and put it into other powerful mechanisms to create wealth and also bless other people in radical ways. [32:12.0]
We’re continuing to grow our real estate portfolio and it's going to even bless people even more, and there are so many other great and amazing things that you can do. So, if you're thinking about signing up, if you are like me and you're watching this video like, Dr. Jaz is lying, this is fake, it's not fake. It is real. It is real, and so I would encourage you to just take the leap.

It's going to be scary. I was extremely scared to make an investment at this level in myself, but people say you can't ask people, you can't charge people a certain amount that you've not even invested in yourself. And how much do you believe in yourself? A lot of times, I didn't believe in my own dreams and visions enough to spend the money, but if you believe in yourself that much, you will make the investment. It's scary, but it will be well worth it. Well worth it. I've far exceeded multiple, multiple times the investment level that I made to be a member of the Client Attraction University and we're doing more than just getting paid. We're changing lives and we're building empires, so come on and join us. [33:15.5]

Rochelle: There you go. Anything specifically you'd like to say to Marquel?

Dr. Jasmine: Oh, I would like to say to Marqul, thank you for being our fearless leader and I know that God has you… You are more than just a business coach. You are anointed, okay? You are anointed and your divine purpose is to lead other people to freedom, and I'm just blessed and thankful. I've always prayed and said, God, connects me with exactly who was supposed to be aligned with my purpose, and when I was able to connect with you, I feel it's like God has a special anointing on Marquel to do some big things and everybody in his circle is blessed.

In actuality, I don't know if you could see the shirt I have on. I got it from CAU. It says, “God gets the glory and we cash the checks,” and that's exactly what we do. That's my CAU shirt that I got in the mail for my birthday. Thank you, Marquel, for that. [34:10.3]

Anyway, I just want to say to Marquel, thank you for what you're doing. You’ve literally changed my life, and as a result of my life being changed, I'm having the tools to do some amazing, amazing things.

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