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We have been taught at an early age that we should avoid failure.  School, our parents, and society ingrained this belief into our psyches.

That’s why failure usually stops people in their tracks, instead of unlocking answers that can fuel your success.

Here’s the cold, hard truth you’d never learn in school:

You cannot achieve success without failure. If you want to achieve unlimited success, you must embrace failure.

The good news is that you can learn from other people’s failures instead of making them yourself.

In this episode, Jonathan Rivera, founder of The Podcast Factory, shares how his failures helped him start and grow multiple companies. And he reveals how to use your failures to do the same.

Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • How to experience “Mini Retirements” even when you’re only in your 30s (3:01)
  • The weird way getting straight Fs in school gives you an unfair advantage in business (5:10)
  • How to buy real estate properties and unlock passive income (even if you have no money) (8:00)
  • The “Self-Talk” technique for overcoming your most humiliating failures (8:45)
  • The insidious way that the devil tries to limit you (and how you can overcome it) (11:15)
  • A free “Mind” tool to tap in anytime to calm your mind from worry and fear (16:35)
  • The most important asset in the world (and how you can get it for free) (21:10)
  • The “Question” technique for unleashing massive waves of motivation (23:00)

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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