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It’s our 5 year anniversary, so we’re taking a trip down memory lane. Meet my team as we reminisce about the episodes we’re still talking about, in some cases several years after they originally aired. It’s been a privilege to bring this show to you week after week for the last five years and in some ways I feel like we’re just warming up. To celebrate, today we’re launching the Brilliant Balance Boutique – our own little shop with some really cute items to remind you to  get out there and shine – you’ll find the link just below. Have fun shopping…and cheers to five years!

Show Highlights:

  • My reflections on how the podcast came to be (2:18)
  • How to take back control of the emotions that may have started back when you were waiting to be picked for a kickball team (12:45)
  • Why certain pesky qualifiers can diminish your power and your ability to be persuasive(14:04)
  • The simple way to unlock big chunks of time in your day by integrating your to-do list with an app from the app store (even if you’re calendar is fully booked) (18:12)
  • How to get in the game for key family moments instead of standing on the sidelines like a spectator (21:00)
  • How the “invisible” million things we carry in our head as moms can weigh us down until we learn to share the load (24:05)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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