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If you’ve been in any organization for long, you’ll know that most leaders use urgency to get what they want…

Although helpful in the short term. It’s lethal in the long run.


Because you coax your teammates to get what you want instead of getting them to do the job out of their own free will.

In this episode, ultra-leader & CEO of Reveal.ai, Bob Dimicco, shares his secrets on how to get agreement from your employees while building an environment of trust & connection that helps them succeed on their own.

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Show Highlights Include:

  • The “WIIFM” method to get everyone on board with new changes (Note: This works even if you’re trying to get ridiculously stubborn people to agree with you) (4:51)
  • What every high performing individual has in common (and how you can cultivate it within yourself and team) (6:06)
  • The “Question Technique” top leaders at multi billion dollar companies use for an effective customer research (8:05)
  • The right way to use vulnerability to get your team to open up and start contributing more to your organization (8:53)
  • #1 leadership secret every aspiring leader needs to hear (13:39)
  • The fatal mistake most upcoming leaders fall victim to that makes their most talented members quit (and how to prevent it) (14:33)
  • Steal this “Empathy Tonality” technique to get agreement from your teammates (and get them to follow you out of trust) (15:29)

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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