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The world is falling apart before your eyes. Skyrocketing inflation, gas prices, and shipping prices are squeezing the middle class out of existence. 

But here’s the thing… 

Even if you’re in the middle class right now, you don’t have to stay in it. You don’t have to be a helpless victim while evil politicians and governments steal more and more of your money. 

You can change. And never have to worry about rising prices again — even if they continue to skyrocket. 

How can you do this? 

In this episode, you’ll discover how to enter the upper class and how you can create an extra 9 income streams in as little as two years. 

Listen now and protect your family before it’s too late. 

Show highlights include:

  • 4 insidious ways the powers that be squeezes the middle class out of existence (and what you can do today to protect your family) (2:22) 
  • Why it’s your God-given duty to transform the ideas in your head into real, money-making businesses (even if you’re scared and drowning in debt) (4:51) 
  • The “Mirror Test” method for knowing if you should quit your job todya and build something great instead (6:14) 
  • The “Lever Secret” only wealthy business owners use to never worry about money again (7:35) 
  • Why “wasting” money on a storage unit or mobile home park can make you stinkin’, filthy rich in the next 3 years (11:47) 
  • How to rent out an Airbnb for $16-$20k a week (even if you have no experience and your Airbnb isn’t on a beach) (22:39) 

You’re only as strong as your circle. Want to surround yourself with other patriot entrepreneurs like yourself? Then join my Inner Circle at https://www.mikesinnercircle.com/.

Read Full Transcript

Welcome to the “Inner Circle Podcast”, the place where patriot entrepreneurs create, build, and play. Each episode will help you move forward to the place where we all want to be, a place of total creative freedom, personal freedom, and financial freedom.

My name is Mike Fallat and I am your host. I’ve started a bunch of businesses, helped to write a couple of hundred books, and interviewed lots of millionaires. I will be your guide as we enter the Inner Circle.

(00:15): This episode will help you ask yourself the ultimate question. What are you going to do? That's the question? Right? See, I just got back from Chris Rud. Who's an inner circle member. He had an event down in Destin, Florida. And the question that comes up after every presentation is so what are you gonna do about what's happening in the world? What are you gonna do after you leave this event? What are you gonna do when you wake up the next day? Are you gonna take action? Are you gonna adjust some things in your life? Are you gonna read that book? Are you gonna apply the knowledge? Are you gonna join that membership? Are you gonna invest? Are you gonna create that business? What are you going to do? We have a approximately 260 some members. So I wanna thank everybody. Who's a part of the inner circle. Bunch of Patriots, joining, wanting to work together, inspired by others. Other people's progress, moving ahead in their life. And it's just infectious. It's contagious. Other people are joining the inner circle. So I wanna thank you. And I want to ask you guys, what are you gonna do? The world is falling apart. They're printing money left and right. If you are able to look at five minutes of the news, they're blaming everything in your world right now on Russia.

(02:03): If there's an issue it's Russia's fault. Everything is a lie on TV. It's all a lie. Which means if, if it's all a lie, they're gonna use everything. They're gonna pull every lever in front of them to say, if pain comes your way, it's not our fault. It's Russia's fault. So this is the perfect scapegoat for the bad guys. They caused this and now they're gonna use it for all. It's worth more. Money's gonna get printed supply. Chain's gonna get messed up beyond belief. Gas prices are gonna skyrocket. Shipping is going to skyrocket. Middle class is going to get squeezed in many, many, many ways. So what are you gonna do about it? You might think that you're gonna ride this out. Things are gonna get a little easier, a little smoother, just the next two weeks. But I got news for you. It's only gonna get worse.

(03:04): Gas prices are gonna skyrocket. Even more prices are going to go up. Insanity is gonna brew on the news more and more will probably end up in a war. It's gonna get crazy. You can only control what's in your mind, which means you can't stop the politicians and the governments from doing certain things. You can't stop evil. It's just, what are you gonna do about it? How are you gonna make enough money where you're protected, where you don't have to worry about the gas prices, where you don't even think about expenses, you just do. What levers are you going to pull? Just talked to a guy who was part of the inner circle, Rob Culbertson, great conversation we had last night. He's PO he he's making moves and he's joining the DM family. And, and I'm a part of the DM family and the there's, I guess there's two different groups of the DM family.

(03:58): And I'm a part of one. And a lot of people from the inner circle have joined and really upgraded their life because you're around people like Mark Evans and all those people making big moves, okay. With real estate and other different businesses. And it's it's pretty amazing to see people take that leap of faith. Joining the masterminds, in addition to the inner circle that will potentially put you on another gateway to a different lifestyle. So I talked to Rob and I, I, I heard in his voice and I was able to notice that, you know, he's overcoming that fear and he's making a lot of strides in his life mentally, which will turn out in a physical form very soon in his life. So to see that happened, he's already asked himself, well, what am I gonna do about it with the corporate job?

(04:47): There's only so much you can do. There's only so many levers you can pull since everything is happening around him and his family. And he's able to see, he realizes that now's the time he's going to do something about it. Cuz if you wait six, nine months, 12 months, it's only gonna be worse. You're gonna be a little bit older, maybe a little bit more in debt. Maybe a little bit more time has passed. And someone else took those ideas. Heard a great saying this past week that you know, these ideas that you have in your head, they're given to you, you didn't earn 'em. You didn't, you didn't create them. They were given you and it's up to you to do something about them. And if you don't use them, you're gonna lose them. Somebody else is gonna pick up that idea and run with it.

(05:33): And I just love to see people like Rob Culbertson, doing something about it, got off another call with Scott, Victor, another inner circle member. He got in contact with Jason DeRose. I'm another inner circle member, creating a product line, a supplement line. We had a great conversation today and he said that he's gonna be doing something about his life. A recent inner circle call sparked in his brain. That's signified that if he keeps doing what he's doing, he's gonna hate his life. He's gonna wake up and look in the mirror. Not be thrilled, not be excited about going to work. Obviously has a great family, but the look in your eyes that you see yourself, it's the mirror test. It's the, it's the picture test. When you see yourself at work or doing what you're getting paid to do, if someone were to take a picture of that, would someone be able to express or, or, or, or maybe paint the picture or describe you as happy and thrilled and fulfilled.

(06:34): What about you looking in the mirror? When you go out that door for work, are you satisfied? Do you look in your eyes and say, yeah, I'm happy. Or are you saying, man, you could be doing so much more. It's the mirror test or even the picture test. I always call it. And, and Scotty told me today that you know, that conversation from the inner server got him to, to make that move, to push that lever or the button. However you wanna look at it to, to take action on that supplement line because he already put out a book that's amazing in itself. But what if you can now have multiple trophies around you, a book, a supplement line, a fitness program, a webinar, some type of membership, your own tribe, your own products, your own services. It's gonna show that you're more committed.

(07:31): And now you have different levers to pull. Whenever the time comes as an employee, you don't have many levers, but as a business owner who has many different options, you do have levers that you can pull. You can use different social media channels. You can get on certain podcasts. You can go to certain events. You can meet certain people all over the world, digitally or in person, and you can make the right connections to increase the revenue streams. What are you gonna do about it? Are you gonna sit there and wait for the perfect time? The perfect amount of energy? The perfect idea. Nothing is perfect. So what levers are you going to pull in your life? So you leave that house or leave your room or leave that bathroom and see that mirror and say, go do some big today because you're gonna do it.

(08:21): The levers start analyzing what levers are you resisting? Start, start analyzing some of the levers that you should be pulling, but you are not. Maybe right now, you're thinking I should be creating my own podcast. I should be doing what Mike is doing right now, speaking into a microphone, recording it, sending it to a producer. And that way he is going to be more valuable. He has more digital assets a month from now than he does right now. Get yourself out there. Get known. If someone were to ask me about you, Hey, what's what's what's bill. Like, would I be able to explain what you do and how you do it? Would I be able to tell people what you're known for? I worked very hard in the past couple years to be known as the book guy. The lever that I'm pulling is now we're the book guy with many different solutions for you, not only the software, but the fulfillment, the book itself, the connections, the PR the life that it can lead to.

(09:23): That's what we want to be known for right now. If someone were to describe your life, are you known for something? Are they able to pinpoint what you're really good at? How you can help them in life are we're the book people and I'm the book guy, but I will tell you that at there are many things behind the scenes that I'm investing in and working together with other people on that's way more than just books. And so there are many levers being pulled behind the scenes to put me in a better position to make myself my, the company, everything more valuable five years from now than it is today. Pat, you're on. If you keep doing what you're doing, are you, are you gonna be more valuable tomorrow than you are today? Jordan Peterson always asks that the only person you should compare yourself to is who you are yesterday.

(10:18): And this is what me into my next point. What is the price of clarity? What is the price of progress? Are you paying anything to get more clear? Are you doing anything in your life that makes you more valuable tomorrow than you are today? If I were to ask you, what is the price of clarity? Is it 5,000? Is it 10 for thousand? Is it a hundred thousand dollars? If someone were to say, you are going to be more clear about where you're going, all you gotta do is pay me $10,000. Would you pay it? Be honest, clarity, a dangerous mind is a clear mind. And a clear mind is a dangerous mind. You know what you want? Do you know where you're going? Because if you don't, you're not gonna know who to talk to. You're not gonna know what levers to pull. You're not gonna know what investment makes sense to you. Mark Evans emailed me today and just said, if I gave you $50,000 right now, where would you invest it? And I said, that would put me over a hundred thousand dollars free capital free money right now. So I would do a mobile home park or a storage unit right now. Instant answer. No questions asked mobile home park is on my agenda. I want one storage unit. I want one. See, I believe. And this is where, you know, when it, when it comes to, what are you gonna do about it? Hey, inflation's coming big time. I think the middle class is gonna get squeezed in the next three years.

(11:58): Like you wouldn't believe, I think it's coming so bad. Gas prices, every bit of expense going up, which means a lot of people are gonna be downsizing, which means a lot of people are gonna be going into storage units and mobile home parks. That's where I'm, that's where I'm going. Am I right? Who knows? But I believe it. And I'm clear on that. So the lever I'm gonna pull, it's one of those two investments very soon. So what is the price of clarity? You gotta figure out who can give you the answers. Where do you have to go to get clear? Who do you have to talk to? What books do you have to read? Cause if you're not even doing that, then you don't want it bad enough. You're gonna walk around aimlessly in the woods, burning up energy, burning up food, Just losing time. So what are you gonna do starting tomorrow? If you like, what you, you here and you are a Patriot entrepreneur go to Mike's inner circle.com. Remember you are only as strong as your circle. We'll see you there.

(13:11): Great phrase I heard from Alex Hermo I just read his book a hundred million offers. He said that the recipe to stay poor is to start tomorrow. It's a great way to look at things. Keep putting off, keep waiting. And I assure you, you'll be struggling for the rest of your life. You do stuff right now. You get up and you do what you're born to do. When you know where you're going, you know who, who you need to talk to. You know what solution you can, you can provide the world and you know what you want to be known for. And you know what? Levers the pull, when to pull them, my God, you can be very, very dangerous in this world. You could take control of many different avenues, real estate developers and investors that I work with. You think they're worried one bit. When it comes to printing more money, all this inflation is making them very wealthy.

(14:13): So what levers are they gonna pull? They know right away, there are about 15 different strategies that I can list off of. You know, whether it's through Airbnb or mobile home parks or fix and flip or turnkey or long term rentals or wholesaling, you can have many different strategies just in real estate. Take that with your business. Are you creating enough verticals within your business? Our book business, Mark Evans helped me see this. He showed me that I, we could just do, we could do books, but we also could do be all our PR. We also can do fulfillment. We can also do ALA carte. We can also do PR for people. We can also put people in touch with other individuals in similar businesses that can help them accomplish other goals with their book. What about software and funnel building all of these things we can offer individual. So I, I created many verticals within dream starters publishing you. Can't just rely on 1 20 20 when that hit. I just had one. And when it hit, it scared me. It screwed me over. It forced me to say, I need to fix myself.

(15:31): I got back from a Chris root event back then it was right around this December of 2019. Man was the world on fire with just incredible good news. You remember people were fighting about straws. The worst thing that was happening was straws. People were using plastic straws. That was the biggest piece of news on, on, on CNN, go into January of 2020, and the world changed. It scared me though. It scared me straight started to make a lot of moves. One revenue stream built, jumped into 11 over two years. People find that fascinating. I had a great conversation with a, an individual at the event, Kyle bailiff, he's a mobile home park investor with Chris road, part of E XP, really smart guy. And it's just great to be able to say to people. I did something about it two years ago, and I think we're gonna enter that again. It's gonna be another cycle of just insanity. I think this one's gonna be a little bit more painful for the middle class though, even though you shut down the businesses and the, this, the crazy pandemic, which all of a sudden just went away. By the way, you're gonna have a lot of insanity come from this because now they have someone else to blame it on. They got the bad guys in power right now, and they can control a lot of switches. It's gonna get scary.

(16:57): So you're gonna start that business. You're gonna create that lever. Are you gonna create another vertical within that business? So you have other levers to pull on certain days, your digital media, you're gonna go dive deep into that. Are you gonna start going to events? Are you gonna pay that money to get more clear? Are you gonna pay that money to be in the right circles with people? Are you gonna join the inner circle so you can see how other people all over the United States and all over the world really are making a difference in their own life. What's working for them. What's not working for them. You're gonna get inspired to take action. Are you gonna be the one that inspires others to take action? That's the most fascinating part about the inner circle, I think is not only the business deals to come from it, but I'm seeing that when it's two, three or four people stand up and you could see their growth and you could see the, the trend that they're on of, wow, they are staying in, in the fast lane.

(17:50): They're, they're keeping their pedal down and they are moving faster and faster and faster because growth is not linear. It is not a steady climb. It is not like the, the prices, right? The yo that person going up, it's not a little steady climb. And then it just tips off it. It is a hockey stick straight up. When you get the, the, the ball rolling, you get the, the feet underneath of you moving in the right direction and people know who you are. And now you're using the karma and the energy to your advantage. And all of a sudden, all the stuff that you've created, and those wheels were spinning in that mud for potentially months and years. And it finally catches and the energy from the other people that you've helped out, and maybe people have shared your name and the referrals are bouncing around left and right. They start coming to you because you can solve problems. This does not happen unless you become known for something, unless you stay with it to actually create something. This doesn't happen unless you pull enough levers and have enough confidence in yourself and portray it to the world. And you communicated on a podcast on video, on social media, over and over and over for enough time. That's how it works.

(19:06): And so what are you going to do about the world falling apart? What are you gonna do about inflation? What are you going to do about the high gas prices? Are you gonna be one of those people that complain about expenses, or are you gonna be the person that has so much income? That expenses don't even matter? If you're worried about gas and all that, you don't have an expense, probably have an in, in income problem. If you can't sleep at night, you don't have an expense problem. You have an income problem. Maybe you have a purpose problem. Also, maybe you have a business vehicle problem. Maybe there's many different things you just need to fix. But when you look in that mirror and you can see yourself eye to eye, the answer's there, you know, you need to do something. There are a thousand different strategies.

(19:57): There are a thousand different ways in front of you. The only way you know what the answer is. If you know yourself, you want freedom. You gotta find it inside. First. You gotta say to yourself, what is freedom to me, define it. Is it going to a job that you love whenever you want? Is it being able to leave for as long as you want? Is it being able to put out your true beliefs on social media and not care? You have to define what freedom is to you. That's what the inner circle is. It's a place of total creative freedom, personal freedom and financial freedom. You need all three. You know, I, I need to do books. I need to, because I get to help people to craft stories and they I'm able to help them use it as a marketing tool. And I could see them cha I could see them become more clear and, and it changed their life.

(20:48): I see it happen day in and day out today, we just did a bestseller push for a young 13 year old girl for the rest of her life. She's gonna be a bestselling author. The confidence gonna give her is insane. I like being a part of it. It's yeah. I feel like I have the creative freedom to help people craft covers and titles. And it just feeds me. And it just pushes me along. And it forces me to stay at it. Keep the ball bouncing. I need that creative freedom. Do you need that? Some people don't. There are people I meet that just don't need the creative freedom. They need the personal freedom. Maybe they need to spend their time with their, with their kids and their families and all that. I get it. If that's very important to you, maybe you gotta start building your life around something that allows you to do that.

(21:36): You need, you know, you need to escape that job. You need to do something. Doing nothing is not doing two years from now. You're gonna say to yourself, I wish I would've started. The beginning's always the hardest, always financial freedom from what I'm really realizing is that all you gotta do is put together enough funds. One time, invest with the right people, have the right strategy, and then repeat and repeat and repeat. As often as you can, the more irons you have in the fire, the more more options you have, there are more levers at your disposal now, more than ever, if you use them. So it's gonna be a hell of a ride these next couple years, don't let them go by without taking full advantage of the insanity. That comes your way. Great conversation with Chris rude, who hosted an amazing of vent allies, mastermind God, family, country, allies.

(22:39): He talked about his Airbnb business. Never even thought about Airbnbs. Just not it wasn't in my cards. I didn't think I didn't have any love for it. He showed me something. He showed me a great pathway. You can take with Airbnbs, go to a very nice area, like a Destin in Florida. You go to places where wealthy will always go. Always no matter what, no matter how bad the market is, they'll always have a need to go somewhere. Nice. Right? Well, if you get a nice place, you can rent it out. And I'm telling you, it blew me away with the, the, the rates of some of these houses that are going for weeks, sometimes months at a time, but a week you can get 16, $20,000 a week at some of these nice houses, not on the beach. That's great, right? Totally passive. You get a property manager to, to take care of everything.

(23:28): Pay them 20%. Sounds like a lot, right? People out there with an expense problem, I guarantee will say, 20%. What are they doing for it? They didn't the place all they're coming in is clean in the place. And that's where your mind is, has to get fixed because 20% will take care of all your problems for you. And you have a property manager, you handle everything, and you make a decent amount of money from that $16,000 a week. For sure, totally passive. He even said that it's probably the most passive revenue stream that he has. And then you get really smart. You create a tribe, write a book use as a marketing tool, build a tribe, create a membership host events. He goes to this house two, three times a year, host an event in charges, ticket prices to go to this event cost nothing by the way, right?

(24:11): I mean, technically there's a cost of doing business or an opportunity cost that's that's lost right to $16,000 because someone would've rented that house to, to do that. But if you would go anywhere else, you're probably spending a hundred thousand dollars any event center or whatever. So anyway, he is able to have a vacation with a bunch of friends, allies, if you will host amazing event where people are gonna be talking about wealth creation, charge up to maybe more, but $5,000 per ticket. Two, three times a year. This one property Airbnb down by the beach. We yield us $700,000 a year. So you're gonna say, well, the market could tank and the Airbnbs might go away. No, no, no wealthy people will always have a place to go and destined Florida a peaceful area. Just incredible area. Check it out. If you can, you could go there.

(25:02): Anytime of the year, pretty much heard is somewhat cold in the winter. But anyways, you have a S bought that's yours. You it's a, an income producing activity. Recession proof almost, maybe. I mean, maybe it completely, but wealthy will always need a place to go. And you could think like that. So even if the property values dropped from 2.6 million down to 500,000, you're still gonna need to rent out. People are still gonna need a place to rent for a week. That's not going away. Wealthy have options, give them options. Airbnb has showed me that that could be a great strategy. So what am I gonna do? If, if I get the mobile home park and the storage units right away, I'm focusing on right out of the gate, an Airbnb. So what are you going to do? Someone handed you money right now, what would you do? Where would you put it? If you need to be clear and how do you get that clarity? You gotta pay for it in some aspect, whether it's time in business, whether it's at the masterminds, whether it's reading the book you need to pay for that clarity, doesn't just come. And I think that comes with blood, sweat in tears. But once you have it, you're a dangerous son of a. You want to be free, get clear. So my last question to you is what are you going to do?

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