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We have been lied to.  The biggest scam in history is believing that the government will take care of us.
This is because the average person is a sheep and believes that we need the government for our survival.… READ MORE

Most people live miserable lives. They have poor habits, bad influences, and an overall weak mindset.
What happens to these people?
They live a mediocre and unfulfilled life.
But there is hope.
With the right mindset and habits, you start attracting wealth and ultimately being fulfilled.… READ MORE

Is your business stuck in a rut?
Here’s the cold, truth:
If your business is at a standstill, you are shrinking. This can lead you to losing your momentum, and eventually bankruptcy.
In fact, the laws of physics explain how lethal this phenomenon is:
“An object will not change its motion unless a force acts on it”
But you know what?… READ MORE

Most people live lives they hate with no sense of purpose.
They do the same thing with the same people and get little or no results.
Before they know it, they’re living a life full of mediocrity and frustration.… READ MORE

The entrepreneurial path is difficult. But you’re responsible for most of the hardships.  Why?  Your negative self-talk and belief systems keep you there.
These internal struggles keep you from achieving true freedom.… READ MORE

The early twenties and thirties can be a distracting time. It either breaks, or builds your future.
The most destructive distraction during this time is lust. It devours your time, your energy, and sabotages your future.… READ MORE

Leaving a legacy is something that every entrepreneur aspires to.
We want to give the future generation opportunities we never had when we grew up. We want to build something that’s bigger and more fulfilling than ourselves.… READ MORE

Developing courage is one of the most important attributes of a successful business owner.
But courage is difficult to develop. That’s why most people get stuck in mediocre growth and enslave themselves in their business.… READ MORE

There comes a time when every entrepreneur will have to make decisions on their journey. Some stay stuck and let indecision eat their business alive.
Because they think they lack resources — and they’re scared of embarrassing themselves if they make the wrong decision.… READ MORE

Most entrepreneurs try to do everything on their own. They try over and over again with limited success or no success at all.
But the best entrepreneurs know a secret and surround themselves with like-minded people that can challenge them to level up.… READ MORE

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