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If you turn on the news today, you’re bombarded with people who “need” a higher minimum wage or free health care. And if you don’t shut off your TV ASAP, you realize they blame everyone around them for their problems instead of taking responsibility.

Here’s why I bring this up:

When you lead with your “need,” you’re destined to fail. It doesn’t matter if you want free health care or if you want to land a 6-figure client.

But when you lead with your seed — your unique value to the world — you get everything you want out of life and more.

In this episode, I reveal the powerful way to reap what you sow by having a service mindset. And how this subtle mindset shift can forever change your finances, family, and happiness.

Show highlights include:

  • Why the Bible is the single greatest self-help book ever created (even if you’re not religious) (1:41)
  • How your closest friends and family members prevent you from achieving your wildest dreams (7:38)
  • The “Protect Your Seed” method that transforms your business idea into a money printing machine (8:59)
  • The “Service Secret” that magnetizes everyone around you and helps you land big, fat paychecks with ease (11:47)
  • Why leading with your price when talking to potential clients is worse than shooting yourself in the foot (14:05)
  • The weird way serving other people feels more pleasurable than having sex or devouring a delicious 12-course meal (20:43)
  • How giving more away almost instantly helps you get more than you ever dreamed (21:39)

You’re only as strong as your circle. Want to surround yourself with other patriot entrepreneurs like yourself? Then join my Inner Circle at https://www.mikesinnercircle.com/.

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Welcome to the “Inner Circle Podcast”, the place where patriot entrepreneurs create, build, and play. Each episode will help you move forward to the place where we all want to be, a place of total creative freedom, personal freedom, and financial freedom.

My name is Mike Fallat and I am your host. I’ve started a bunch of businesses, helped to write a couple of hundred books, and interviewed lots of millionaires. I will be your guide as we enter the Inner Circle.

Mike: This episode will help you sow better seed. After all, you reap what you sow. Let's get right into it. [00:55.0]

I want to preface this episode by saying I’ve been listening to a lot of Jim Rohn recently, and when I go for runs or whenever I go to sleep at night, I put on Jim Rohn, and this episode I just seem to be playing over and over. He always says, if someone said it so well, then it is wrong to try and say it another way. That's why I’m going to borrow a lot of his words for this episode. I’m going to tie in a personal story that just changed my life. Some science, there's actually some science when it comes to reaping what you sow.

Then also the Bible. I’ve done so many books now and I’ve read many books. You realize that self-help and personal-development books are really just spinoffs of the Bible. They're saying the same stuff in the Bible, which is crazy. They didn't teach me that in school, but now I’m seeing it. [01:57.2]

The marketplace only cares about your seed, not your need. Let me say that again. The marketplace, the world, the people around you, the people you can help, only care about your seed, not your need. We all have needs. We all have wants. Whether you want to make millions of dollars, a big house, fancy car, you want to live a crazy lifestyle, you want to have all that freedom, if you lead with that, if you start off a conversation with that, if you try to impact the world with that, that's a selfish standpoint.

The way you impact the world and the way you change things is by leading with your seed. Your seed could be your strengths. This could be what you value, what you protect. It could be your ability to articulate a message, your ability to communicate, your ability to solve other people's problems. [03:04.4]

Whatever you classify as something that's extremely valuable and it's yours, that you know that if you take care of it and if you grow it, and if you help it along, it's going to produce an amazing harvest and that harvest can give you what you want and what you need.

But the harvest isn't there until you do what's necessary. You have to deserve that harvest. You have to put in the work. You have to care for it. The moment you forget about your wants and focus on what you can provide others. That's when it all clicks. That's when you can have everything you want.

Too many people out there, especially right now with the nonsense that's happening, they're all yelling about what they want and what they need. Oh, I want a higher minimum wage. First of all, what the hell? Why would you even say that? Why would you want the minimum? Who is out there saying, I want the minimum? Anyway, I want to hire, I need a higher minimum wage. I want and need free healthcare. I want and need “you” to get a shot. [04:18.3]

Wait, wait, wait a second. Your wants and needs, you don't start there. You start with what you can provide others, because it doesn't work like that, people. It doesn't work with “I’m going to force my wants and needs onto you.” It doesn't operate like that. Your harvest is based on your efforts.

Jim Rohn always says life doesn't give you what you want. It gives you what you deserve. I don't know if that's true, because the way I look at it, and this is what I’ve seen, life doesn't give you what you want. It does give you what you put up with, what you work for, and maybe you can classify that as what you deserve. [05:09.2]

Your harvest is based on what you plant, and it's not just what you plant, it's how you protect. It’s how you nurture it. It's how you water it. It's how you look after it, right? But it's not even just that. It's, where are you planting it? You could plant your life in the worst environment ever. You know how hard it is to grow if you're in a very bad environment? Almost impossible maybe.

The parable that Jim Rohn always mentions is the one that Jesus talks about with the sower, the sower of the excellent seed, and I’ll summarize this for you, There was a sower, which if you guys don't even know what a sower is—I really had to look it up or even think about it—it’s just a planter or a farmer. He had this seed and it was excellent in the world. It produced great stuff. [06:08.0]

When he walked along the path, some seed spilled off onto the Rocky road and that's when the birds came and ate it up. Some seeds spilled off onto the rocks and the wind pushed it away and blew it around and could never settle. Then some seed still left in his hand that he could plant in the right spot and baby it and look after it, and I think the best way to do this is to just read the last part of that. Other seeds fell into good soil and produced grain, growing up and increasing and yielding 30 fold and 60 fold and 100 fold. Think about that. One seed could produce more than you can possibly imagine. [07:00.0]

Too many people out there are going out to the world and saying, I want the harvest, but the seed that I have, I’m not caring for it. I’m letting it spill off and I’m letting the birds get it. I’m letting the people around me take it away from me. I have this dream of mine and I know I can be the greatest speaker or the greatest motivator, the greatest real estate investor and the greatest anything, and I’m letting other people steal it from me. What the hell is that? That is allowing the birds, the people to steal from you.

Of course, you have many seeds, potentially. You have many greatnesses. You have many, but you can only protect so much. What you offer the world needs to be protected. That dream of yours, that skill set, that desire—and, yes, absolutely desire and ambition is a seed—people are going to try to steal that from you. What do you mean you're going to join this network marketing business? What do you mean you're going to go start your business? What do you mean you're going to quit your job? Aren't you afraid of looking like a fool? All of a sudden, those seeds get stolen. [08:07.0]

There was another thing. There's the other part of that parable, which is that the seed gets spilled on the rocks. There are people out there who have a dream and have aspirations and goals, and have these amazing things to offer the world, but they don't baby it. They don't take care of it. They don't plant it. They go halfway. Maybe they start that book and they don't finish. Maybe they start that podcast and don't finish. Maybe they start that business and don't finish. They have it. They throw it down. It just doesn't grow, just doesn't work.

Now, why is that? Because you didn't look after it. You didn't care for it. You reap what you sow. If you don't baby your seed, fuck, you're done. It's gone and you're going to blame the world. You're going to blame the wind. You're going to blame the rocks. You're going to the foundation when it was technically all you. [08:59.7]

Then there are those times where you're going to plant the seed. It could be a book business and that's where the personal story that I have comes into play, but I planted the seed and I looked after it, and no matter what came my way, I just protected it. I kept watering it. When I didn't see anything growing, I just kept watering. Whenever I started to feel a little bit momentum, I didn't ease off. I kept making it grow. When the wind would come, I would try to get around it and try to protect it. When people tried to steal it or dig in and try to get it for themselves, I’d stand up for it. That builds character.

Maybe that's the greatest thing that comes from when you protect a seed. There are actually two things I think. Character is built. The origin of the word “character” actually comes from, I believe it’s Greek, Greek lingo, and it comes from the word chisel. It actually means the word “chisel”. Your character is chiseled. [10:04.3]

It doesn't just happen to you. The world is going to push you around, do things to you that you never thought were possible, but it's chiseling your character, and when you're looking at your seed and your ability to speak, your ability to dance, your ability to solve other people's problems, that soul of yours, whatever you value, whatever that is, by protecting it, two things happen there. You identify that that means a lot to you, and then you also identify what you're willing to do to protect it, which builds the character within, and that character can't be taken away.

Another thing Jim Rohn always says is he learned from Earl Shoaff, his master, “master”—his mentor—that becoming a millionaire is not the end all, be all. Who you become when you become a millionaire is what matters. What it takes for you to become that is all that's valuable. That can never be taken away from you. [11:10.0]

That means even if you lost all your money the next day, you can get it all back, because who you became is what's valuable and money and everything that you want in this world is attracted to value. The more value you will provide the world, the more valuable that you are, it's easier to grow. It's easier to be protected. You get around other people who want to be around you. Your value grows.

That philosophy that who you become as you chase millions is an amazing viewpoint, because when you level up in your life and your value increases to a point where people start coming to you and seeing what you can do for the world, it's almost like, Oh, I get it now. That's what I appreciate. There's impact. There's some type of service that I can provide others. [12:12.0]

That service, my god, that could light up your brain with certain energy and it's easier to wake up every day because now you are of service. The money obviously is a great bonus, but your life becomes a magnet for others who need you, whether it's other individuals who want to be around valuable people, and that prefrontal cortex of your brain where all the activity is whenever you enjoy your life, that lights up when you are of service. It's a fantastic way to look at it.

Everybody has needs. They all have food. They want food. They want survival. They want longevity. They want money. They want freedom. You don't lead with that. You lead with your seed. [13:01.4]

I know that I can help you with books. I know I can help you make money. I know I can help you become a better speaker. I know. Whatever it is, you start there. Forget about the money you want to make. Throw it into the back of your car. You don't lead with it.

If you like what you hear and you are a patriot entrepreneur, go to Mike’sInnerCircle.com. Remember, you are only as strong as your circle. We'll see you there.

The story that taught me this lesson, what set me apart was whenever I was, I think it was 2015, 2016, I’m sitting there and I’m struggling. I mean, even though I have a client every once in a while, I’m struggling, but I’m doing all the right things. I meet with you. I’m going to offer you a price, and then I’m going to do the work for you. [14:04.7]

Here I am doing all the stuff that you think is right. You really do. I mean, it's right, but I’m still leading, unintentionally, by the way, with my services costs, $3,000 or $2,000 or whatever it was at the time. That's my service. “Oh, you can't do that. See you later,” because I need this money. I need the ability to pay my bills. I need food. I want the ability to buy a nice watch. I want to pay my electric bill. I need to pay my mortgage. That was in the back of my mind or maybe it was even in the front of my mind because I wouldn't get sales right away.

Then it hit me one day. I’m thinking to myself, What the hell am I doing wrong? I’m trying to do everything right, but I’m failing. You start to look into all the stats and 80 percent of all businesses fail because they probably thought they were going to do the right thing also, right? We all have these needs, these wants. These are pressing issues. [15:09.0]

I get a call from a guy named Anthony Lolli. He called me up and he said, “Looks like you're the best-seller guy. I have a book. Can you help me become an Amazon best-seller?” and I don't know where I’ve got this from or I don't know why I did this, but it was almost like, This is what I need to do. I knew it. I knew it. There was something. I said, “Absolutely, I’ll do it for you and then I’m not even going to charge you. Let me just do it for you.”

Maybe for the very first time I started to say, I have all these skills and I have all this energy and these things to provide for others. Let me just start with that. Forget about money. Let's take money out of the equation. I’m not even going to think about it. I don't even want money from you, Anthony. I don't want it.

I turned him into an Amazon best-seller. He called me up and he said, “Wow, you came through. Amazing. I’m going to be on radio stations, talking about my book. Thank you so much. Great, great work. Do you want to come to my book signing?” [16:05.8]

And here I am, by the way, I’m dead broke, and I’m like, Uh … yeah, sure. He's in New York City. I’m in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I don't really have any money, so I was like, Okay, yeah, when is it? Then he told me a date and I said, “Yeah, I’ll be there. I’d love to come out and meet you in person,” because this was all done via Instagram and phone calls. Here I am basically severely in debt, no money. Once again, I just solved this problem.

Here I am now, thinking, What the hell am I going to do for money to get out there? I used my credit card for gas. I have a little bit of money on there. I don't have money for a hotel or motel or anything. I’m going to go to Staten Island and I’m going to sleep in my car for two days for his book event.

I drive out there and I’m at the book event. I sleep in my car two days in a row. I shower at the gym, by the way. You can get a free pass at some gyms and you could shower at the gym. It's exactly what I did. I go to the book-signing. I get to know him. We start to talk a little bit and he was so appreciative and he's like, Thank you so much for coming to my event. [17:14.3]

Not even realizing this, but going to his event and supporting him was also part of my seed, my willingness to commit, my willingness to stick to my word, my willingness to go all the way to New York City to meet him in person. He didn't give me a dollar, remember this. We worked together, all of us in the past, never one cent, because I didn't lead with that. I didn't start off by saying, My services are $2,000. You start off with the intention of why I want to help. I want to produce. I want to be of service for you.

After that event, he set me up with many clients, six, seven, eight. I don't know what it was, but here I was at a stage in my life where I had a business, a real business now, and it was flowing and it was all because I led with the want to help. I led with the seed. All right? There are all kinds of ways you can look at seed, but get your mind out of the gutter, okay, guys? [18:19.0]

If you lead with your seed, you'll eventually get your need. If you lead with your need, you're going to fail. You are going to be miserable for the rest of your life. You're going to be all those people on TV, complaining about how it's always someone else's fault, always someone else's fault and it's disgusting.

There's that, and to touch on the aspect of you reap what you sow is Galatians 6. You know what? I’m going to skip this Galatians 6. I’m going to end it with that, but leading with service, there's a science behind this, too, and I want to talk about that now. [19:01.6]

When you lead with service, something happens in your brain that lights you up. There was a scientific experiment done in 2006 and I want to pull it up here, and you guys have got to look this up. Jorge Moll and Jordan Grafman, okay, the results are astounding, how our brains are hardwired to serve. You wouldn't even think about it, but this produces pretty much the greatest sense of happiness and satisfaction.

The study is broken down into a bunch of people sitting down and saying here's $128. The computer program in front of you is going to pop up with a charity and it's up to you to decide if you want to give money or not give money, and it's up to you to decide how much money you want to give. They watched these people do this. Turns out that the average person would give around $51. Then whatever was left over, they kept. [20:05.8]

If you guys are doing the math in your head, the average person would give $51, but they’d make sure they made more money, okay? They made more money. They kept $77, right? Think about that. The average person says, I’ll give you. They got the 128 for free and they had the decision to make of, Do I give money or not? And if I’m going to give money, how much do I give? The average person will give 51, so why is that? Oh, because I want to always keep more. Crazy, right? I had a podcast about that recently.

However, what they found out was in this study, by the way, they were monitoring the prefrontal cortex of your brain and this is where all the excitement comes from, from sex, from food, from all the pleasure. They monitored that the people who gave more money, the front of their brain lit up. Think about this. The front of your brain lit up the more money you gave. [21:05.7]

Now, why is that? It is because there's a sense of impact that you can do. There's maybe that exhilarating rush that happens that you are making change. You're doing something that could be maybe thought of as hard. It's hard to get money and, if you're struggling, to give it up, but the sense of joy that comes from that is astounding.

If you give, you're going to enjoy life more. If you give, you're going to be noticed more. You're going to be provided more. You're going to be producing a greater life. Giving more, not only makes your life better because it's more satisfying, but it also leads to better results in your life. How is that possible? [22:00.5]

It turns out the people in this study, by the way, were told to evaluate how much they give on a day-to-day basis outside of this experiment and the people who gave the most here in this study also gave the most in life, and their evaluation of their happiness level was higher than the people who didn't give as much money.

If that doesn't blow your mind, I don't know what will. The satisfaction of life and happiness is in a much greater amount for those who serve, who lead with what they have, with their seed, and provide for others. It's scary that this is not being taught in society. [22:54.5]

Of course, you're always talking about how there are these different charities and, hey, contribute this much, but the science behind it is overwhelming. Giving is a muscle. Mark Evans DM, one of my mentors, told me this. You don't start off by giving a lot. You start off by giving a little and it becomes a habit, and then you give and you give and you give.

That's a money aspect, right? You think that giving is all about money. It's not. It could also be the giving of time, the giving of ideas, the giving of energy, the giving of joy. If you lead with that, your life is better and the harvest produces 30 fold, 60 fold, and 100 fold, just like the Bible says. Show the world your seed and you will eventually get your need.

I’ll end it with this. This is Galatians 6. [24:00.0]

Galatians 6:7–9

7 Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. 8 The one who sows to please his sinful nature, from that nature will reap destruction; the one who sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life. 9 Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

Break down some of the things that you value in your life. Maybe it is that real estate investment business. Maybe it's your family. Maybe it's your kids. Maybe it's your ability to help others solve a problem. Maybe it's your ability with numbers. Maybe it's your ability to help people get into better shape. I don't know what it is, but write that down. That's your seed. Lead with that. Whatever you can do to help other people, start off that way with a conversation. That seed should be Step 1. [25:12.0]

Protect it, though, and no matter what the birds are going to come your way—the enemies are always going to be out there—the wind is always going to try to push your seed away and you lose it, but you need to protect it. You need to fight for it.

If someone jokes around about your dream business or that dream of yours or what you want to do and they kind of make a joke, you stand up for yourself. You say, Hey, man, I know you're joking, but don't joke around about that because it means a lot to me. This gives you a backbone. This gives you the identification of what's worth fighting for. If you don't fight for it, nobody else will and that seed will be taken away. The other part of it is, if you start to fight for it, you protect it and you value it, your character builds. You're being chiseled into someone that's a dangerous individual. [26:04.0]

The great sowers out there, they protect what means a lot to them, and they eventually are the ones that have an amazing harvest. The other people around them will say, He just got lucky. She just got lucky, but the great sowers know that it’s not luck. It's what you deserve. It's what you fight for. It's what you protect.

When the winds come, when the birds come, do you have what it takes to forget about everything else around you and to just stand guard of your mind, of that seed of yours, of what you really value? For at the proper time, we will reap a harvest, if we do not give up. [26:57.3]

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