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Most people take forever to get anything done. They ponder business ideas while others build empires. They “consider” buying real estate while others gobble up properties left and right. 

Let’s be real: If you want to WIN, you have to make fast decisions. Because when you act fast and with conviction, nobody can stop you. 

In this episode, you’ll find out how to speed up your decision making and get results before anyone else even knows what you’re doing. 

Want to make faster decisions and get faster results? Listen now!

Show highlights include: 

  • Why making a business plan keeps you stuck in the employee rat race (even if you have a million dollar business idea) (10:05)
  • The weird way making horrible business decisions on a whim multiplies your business in the long term. (19:25)
  • How “taking the good with the bad” offsets all of your bad decisions and skyrockets your wealth in the long term (26:51)
  • Why success doesn’t happen by accident (and how to decide your way to realizing your wildest dreams) (33:20)

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Welcome to the “Making of a DM.” Fast decisions equals fast results. Are you with me? We're about to find out. So, with that said, let's get started.

Mark: Hey there, it’s your host, Mark Evans DM. Today it means decision-maker. I’m sitting out back, actually in a different location today, and I have a couple different locations where I sit or do my shows. [00:58.6]

Typically, this one I sit just to kind of no technology and I can just kind of sit and stare off because I can kind of see further down the ravine, and I just saw a big old 10-point buck run by, and just awesome. I'm just trying to always paint the picture. It's a little overcast, a little warm today, but we'll get through it.

Today is just about decision-making. Fast decisions equal fast results. Note it doesn't really say fast successful results. Just because you make a fast decision, it doesn't even mean it's always positive. Oftentimes I make crazy decisions very fast and you’ve just got to deal with them.

But one thing I do know, as I make fast decisions all day long, I couldn't imagine where I'd be in my life if I sat there and wallowed in a decision. I used to do it, but I got so busy, I just could not not make fast decisions because things are waiting on you to move the needle. [02:05.6]

If you've ever been a bottleneck to your company, which I was for many, many, many years, you know exactly what I mean. Literally, you become a decision overload or decision fatigue where it's like, when your spouse is like, Hey, what do you want for dinner? you're like, I don't even know, whatever. If they put dog food in front of you, you'd probably eat it and not even know what you're eating because your brain is just blah, mush.

But before I get into this more, I just always like to take a minute and say thank you, guys, so much for all the amazing comments I get. We sold out the jet experience in one day. Literally, I did one post and everyone stepped up to the plate, made the investment. The investment is $10,000 a person, which is absolutely a steal to be on the jet, flying, round trip, and to go to a two-day mastermind with 200 people. It's going to be epic, life-changing. [02:56.6]

For the ones that made fast decisions to make that happen, I want to say congratulations. I take that very seriously and I look forward to you not only having a fucking amazing time, but creating massive, massive return of investment. That's my goal for you.

And I appreciate all of you guys who shoot me messages, giving me props, and sharing the podcast show because it hits home and you feel like we're connected, which we are. If you're listening to this and you feel like we're connected, there's a reason you're here at this very moment. There's a lot going on in this crazy world we live in, but what matters is what's going on right now and moving forward. We can't do anything about the past. We want to do something about the future—today, in the future, right? We've got to make better decisions to get better future results.

And I appreciate you guys leaving five-star reviews over on iTunes and it does mean a lot. It really does. You never know, I might be having a bad day. I see that stuff and it's really cool. It really is neat to see the movement that the DM podcast, Making of a DM, is really making, and I'm honored to be a part of this with you guys on this journey and thing called life. Fast decisions, equal fast results. [04:09.8]

It’s cool, I was watching one of my buddies. He's a pretty big marketer, actually a really big marketer running a multi-million-dollar brand, and a lot of times when you're trying to come up with a new product, you spend a lot of energy and effort creating the product and, eventually, you get it out the door, and then you go to market it and it bombs. You're like, Shit, I just wasted six months of my life.

He's different and I like that about him, because what he does, he does the opposite. He markets a product to see if there's a demand. Without ever creating the product, he puts a couple of dollars, let's say, $2,000 or $5,000, on a media ad spend, creates a basic squeeze page front end, whatever, maybe except for product, spends real quick, spends it out in a day, pushes it out. If you get good opens, good clicks, and good opt-ins and good response, guess what? We go to production out of the gate. Quick, fast decision. [05:08.5]

Most people are making decisions to build the product. He has changed the formula. Make an offer, an offer you can't even buy, but you would know that they're coming there because there's a demand and that maybe they're taking a quick survey. Then, if the product or survey comes up and says thumbs up or thumbs down, that makes the decision for you.

See, a lot of times there are decisions that can be made by crowdsourcing, by putting to the marketplace and asking them what they think. You don't have to think any more about if it's going to work or not. You just have to present the opportunity and let the market decide. I do this all the time with my books. When I come out with a new book, which I'm working on some right now, I always crowdsource book covers. [05:56.5]

I don't have an eye at all for book covers, but my designer does. They build four or five, 10, sometimes 100 different covers, different layouts, different designs, colors, etc., and then we narrow it down to 10 and then I go to the marketplace and say, Which one do you like? Then we narrow it down to four. Which one is your favorite? Then we narrow it down to two.

What is pretty cool about this is that, not only are you guys helping on the journey of making everyone's life easier, but we're making fast decisions because you're giving us massive feedback, real life in the trenches. These are 24-hour turnarounds. “Which one do you like?” Burr. Blue, blue, blue. Red, red, red. Yellow, yellow, yellow. Whatever. Then, now all of a sudden, you're getting ingrained in the process. You're part of the journey. It's fun to be a part of the journey. There are some cool benefits of doing fast action for fast results.

Yesterday, one of my team members, actually a lead team member at one of our companies, called and said, “Mark, we need to talk. Here's the situation,” burr, whatever. Not whatever, but she's like, Hey, I don't feel like I'm being heard, this or that. [07:06.3]

I'm like, Listen, I don't play this game where he said she said. Let's call the people up right now. Not tomorrow, not set it on my schedule, not next week, not next month, not sweep it under the rug. Let's get on the fucking phone right now.

That's what we did. There were four people in the call total. We addressed it in about seven and a half to eight minutes and everyone was happy. I woke up this morning. The actions were taken. The results were already coming in and we're moving forward quicker.

See, in that particular company, the shit is hitting the fan in there a little bit. A lot of it is out of our control. Actually, all of it is out of our control. What actually happened was that some stuff broke, some software, but the team is on it. They're working 12, 15 hours a day, seven days a week for the last three weeks. We will push through. We will win and we'll win bigger. We'll win stronger and their clients are going to win even better, because we move fast, we move diligently. [08:01.3]

What’s cool is that when I was at the race with my boy, Sean Whalen, and Jason Harward at the race. Jason's car broke, his transmission, his Lamborghini race car. I have to show you the pic one day. It's got the DM on the side of it, which is really cool. It's a cool car. He's an awesome driver. But what was really neat, as I'm sitting there in the garage with the transmission of the cars in pieces everywhere, what usually takes four hours to put a transmission in one of these race cars, these guys did it in a minute, an hour and six minutes or so, fast.

It was quiet. It was calm. No one was screaming, yelling, arguing. Everyone knew their role and they were taking fast action. It was like music to my ears, to my eyes, I should say, watching them work. I literally just stood there. There are guys working on one screw. This happened. then boom, boom, boom. I mean, it's how shit really gets done. [09:01.8]

If you're drawing out a business plan that takes 12 months to build out, you're missing the point, especially if you have no business sense at all. You're guessing at best. “Based off my market research, I can get 0.5% of the market share and own $20 billion.” Bullshit. If it was that easy, everyone would be doing that.

But what you can do is carve off a piece, go to market within 24 hours, run some Facebook ads, IG ads, Twitter ads, whatever ads, and see what's working, what people are clicking on, what people want to buy. I can go do a Google search. I can see the top 10 products that people are paying for advertising. If they're paying, that usually means they're earning. FYI, that’s how marketing works. If you spend, you typically make. Typically, not always. [09:51.2]

But think about that. How much time are you wasting on bullshit that will never happen? How much energy is absorbed in your brain, where if you actually took fast action and fast results, boom, make a decision? Instead, it's more like, I'm going to create a business plan. I've got to go get coffee first, though. I’ve got to make three calls. I’ve got to do some market research. I'm going to get back to that next week. Then next week rolls around. You done forgot the research. I mean, massive amounts of people do that. This is why they very rarely get anything done.

If you ever see someone around and they're getting shit tons of work done all the time and getting results and you're like, Holy shit, how did they do all this? The answer is really simple. I'm giving you the secret right now. They're massive action-takers, very fast. It's almost like the Tasmanian devil, fast. Come in and it’s like burr. Some of the stuff will stay and some of it's going to be a wreck, but fast decision-making. [10:58.3]

Another thing that's always interesting to me is people that are trying to make a decision off another decision that they think is going to happen because they researched something thinking that it's like they’ve spent so much time thinking if this and that, okay, then this and that, they get all excited by creating this big chart and ninety-eight percent of that shit will never happen.

If you really trust yourself and you believe in what you're doing, and you're doing it with good morals and hard work and all that, guess what? Fix the problem when it becomes a real problem. Stop predicting problems. Stop thinking about what the problem could be or couldn't be.

I see this all the time. I want to do a show about it soon, but I see it all the time, this is the difference with business degrees and fucking real in the ground, in the trenches degrees, you know what I mean? People have business degrees. They like to ponder. They like to think. They like to talk. The guys I roll with, we get in the fucking trenches and we get to work and we get results, and we mess it up and we mess it up, and we fix it and then we fix it again, and then we mess it up and fix it. [12:06.2]

But the key is that we're constantly moving forward. We're growing something that we're proud of. We build great teams. You're going to hire people fast. You're going to fire people fast. You're going to fuck this up, but don't stop. If you stop, you lose. You quit. The only way to lose in this game of life is quitting.

It reminds me of when I do stuff. I was having a meeting about my house when we were redoing it recently. Actually, we're doing one in Florida as well right now, too, but here in Ohio, dude, I'm on the project making, on the fly, multi tens of thousands of dollars of decisions and my wife is like, Oh, slow down. Oh, wait, we’ve got to figure this out. I'm like, Dude, we can figure it out. We don't like the fucking door handles that we just spent $1,200 on. We'll replace them tomorrow. Get them done now. Just execute the decision. [13:02.5]

Do you know what happens? Because a lot of people deal with decision-making massively differently. You know that, right? I'm okay if I have 100 decisions to make today because I'm going to make them. For some people, it takes 100 days to make one decision. It's called a procrastinator, a bullshitter, a never-get-fucking-nothing-done person. Right? That's not our world.

But my wife, again, she's still in training. We're all in training. I'm still learning myself. But she's like, Oh my gosh, what if it's not the kind that we want?

We're good. Trust me. Get it. Execute. Order. If we don't like them, we'll figure it out when that time comes. You like what you see now?


Done, check. Next decisions. Chandelier. How wide? How big?

Boom, 37 inches.

Okay, cool, let's go. Let's buy one.

I don't know if I like it.

Do you like it now? Is it good enough? Done. Next decision.

Sometimes good enough is good enough. Most of you are pondering decisions that you done fucking forgot about two seconds after you done made the decision 30 years later. [14:00.0]

By the way, we haven't changed any door handles. We haven't changed the chandeliers. We haven't done anything differently, except we've added more things into the rooms, pictures, mats, etc., art, right? Decisions are quick. They have to be moved.

Too many people are not making decisions. You're sitting there thinking about your investments. Dude, the truth is I'm a real investor, straight up. I'm a real fucking investor. How do you know the difference between a real investor and a wannabe investor? It's really simple. Are you ready?

A real investor makes fucking fast decisions and decisions, in general. When things are not easy to make the decision, you make them and you stick to it and you go. [14:51.8]

Fake wannabe investors only make decisions when it's a no-fucking-brainer. Tell me about the guarantee. What if it doesn't work? Oh, okay, that's a no-brainer. You're not an investor if your money is sitting at the bank and a CD making 0.0001% a year. You're a wannabe investor. This is real talk.

Like I said, one of our companies has taken a real hit, multi-millions of dollars, really. For real, multiple millions of dollars out of my pocket. I don't have to. I’ve got to because it's the right thing to do for clients. That's a real fucking decision that was made in a nanosecond. Why? Because it's who I am to the core. I've trained myself. I built this shit.

Depending where you're at, I don't know where you're starting or where you're at in the journey of this decision-making that we're talking about, but I can tell you this. Shit is going to happen, period. It's not a matter of if. It's a matter of when. You don't go work out the day you're getting into a street fight. You’ve got to fucking work out and learn this shit before you get in a street fight for the last 10 years. You’ve got to prepare. [16:15.0]

Too many of you aren't prepared for a whole lot. Shit hits the fan and you shut down. “Poor me. What has happened to me?” Have you ever thought maybe it happened to you because it's testing you to see what the fuck you're going to do next? You're going to make that decision that you've been putting off for the last three weeks, three days, three months, three years?

I have a situation at hand right now, true story. I love this motherfucker I'm having a problem with right now a lot. I care about him greatly. He's avoided me for the last five days to get on the phone and I don't know why, but those are telltale signs that something is not right. [17:00.2]

[Unclear 17:02.8] Dude, I can't sleep.

Why the fuck aren’t we talking? Let's talk and then we both can sleep.

Get on the phone, execute the conversation and decision. It's not like a bad or good decision. It's like, dude, let's talk about what's going on. You don't have to fight this battle by yourself. People want to help you. People want to help guide you.

In this business thing, we're talking to lawyers, talking to fiduciaries, talking to other lawyers, talking to different marketing companies, etc. Within the last 24 hours, I’ve probably had 75 conversations with different people, different companies, different things happening. There have to be made real decisions. Multiple millions of dollars are being executed on signing a line to execute.

Decision, done, move, next. Decision, done, next, move. Steve, good?


Paul, good?


Bryce, good?


Decision, done.

That's how real business works. [18:01.2]

If you wonder why other people have a lot of other stuff that you don't have or you're wondering how they're accomplishing all this shit that you wish you could do, probably the real only thing they're doing besides they might be in a good market, good product and hardworking, it’s that they make massive fucking decisions quickly.

If you've ever tried to build a house or built anything, oftentimes, especially if they're newbie people building, they can't make a decision, which holds up an entire project over something so simple. If you can picture this, I don't know what I want my front door looking like, and, therefore, they hold up the project. They don't know what size for the frame in the front door. Therefore, they don't know what kind of truss and blah, blah, blah. It takes you three days to make the decision where you’ve got people that are ready to frame the house that you're moving around that have to pay for their families’ bills and kids and all this shit, because you can't make a decision to save your life. That's how business is. [19:00.0]

I have so many people on our teams. The reason most people don't make a decision, one, they're afraid to be wrong and, two, they like to think about thinking. That's it. It's easier not to make a decision in their brain, because if they make a decision, they'll be wrong. They could be wrong actually. They might not even be wrong. That's what's wild. What if you're right? And what if you're wrong?

There are very few decisions that you're going to make in life that are going to be catastrophic. If I'm standing on a bridge, actually where I'm standing right now, 200 feet above a ravine, if I jump, i.e. make a decision, it's probably not going to end well. I made a fast decision not to do that, by the way. Done, next decision. [19:53.8]

I came out here to talk to you about decision-making, your health, your wealth, yourself. How many decisions have you put off your life? It reminds me of when I found out my grandmother was dying, I just found the tape, which is amazing. I let my kids listen to them, my wife. We were all bawling. I found out my grandmother was dying. I was young, 27 years old.

These are tape-deck days, by the way, not simple, pull out your phone and record, or what I'm talking to you right now, recording. I had to get a tape deck, and I was so upset. I was happy and honored, though, at the same exact time because I had the opportunity to make a decision to tell her how much she meant to me or means to me at that moment. [20:53.0]

I went straight home from the office, grabbed a tape deck and a tape, and just started recording. “Grandma, I love you. Grandma, I'm thinking about you,” because I couldn't tell her one on one. I couldn't tell her if I was talking to her because I would just be bawling. It's just kind of me. I'd be crying for 20 hours and just to say I love you, because I'm super emotional like that. I know it's annoying sometimes, but it's the truth.
I recorded this in segments, so I could stop, cry, say it, stop, cry, say it. Repeat, right? It's about 12 minutes long. I remember this day so clearly, sitting down beside her bed in the dining room, because that's where we moved the bed, at her house, just being so thankful that I made a fast decision and a moment where I’ll never regret that moment in my life, and as I pushed play, holding her hand, and just crying and listening to it. [21:51.5]

I use this story because if I didn't make a decision, if I didn't see the positivity and the opportunity in the moment, I could have got stuck in the decision or non-decision-making class, and then she passes and now I'm living with regret.

“Man, I wish I coulda shoulda.”

“Man, I had a chance to do it and I didn't do it.”

That shit eats me up more than anything, seeing people not make a decision because there are opportunities to do something powerful. When I did that, it made me feel amazing. I still feel amazing because I was able to do that. It's never fun getting the call that your grandmother is about to pass, ever, or anybody for that matter, right? But in those moments, I’ve trained myself to move fast. I've trained myself to realize I'd much rather regret what I did than what I didn't do. [23:01.0]

That's worth saying again. I'd much rather regret what I did do than what I did not do, because I made a lot of people talk about regret all day long. My stories are a little different because I fuck up all the time, but I make massive amounts of decisions every day and the key is the massive amounts of decisions.

What's cool is every decision I make, boom, feedback, instant feedback, instant feedback, instant feedback, instant feedback—“That made me feel good.” “Oh, that didn't feel good.” “Oh, just lost some money. Oh, just made some money”—and I'm editing. I'm learning. I'm expanding my destination. I'm expanding my checkpoints.

“Okay, cool, I just made 100 grand. Okay, boom. How do I make a million?”

“Okay, cool, made a million. How do I make two million?”

“Okay, cool, how do I make five million?”

You're learning. You're moving. You can't do these things unless you make decisions fast. Too many people are deciding to decide. “Let me think about that.” How many opportunities have you missed out on in life because you couldn't make a fucking decision? [24:13.4]

I'll never forget. I was hanging out at a restaurant with a couple buddies and they're like, Dude, let's do X. Let's go XYZ.

I'm like, I'm in. Not just I'm in, how much does it cost?

Two gees.

Boom, two grand on the table. Who's with me?

Every single one of them, even though they presented it, none of them took action. I went with someone else. I went with two other buddies that made a decision. I left after we’d gotten done having a couple of drinks and I was like, Yo, man, this is a good idea actually. I wouldn't mind going XYZ. Are you in?

I’m in.

Hey, man. What's up? Are you in?

Yup, I’m in.

Three days later, we were there. Me and my wife traveled the world for seven years like that. We'd be in Cambodia with no other place we were going next because we’d made a decision to go to Cambodia and we were not sure where we wanted to go next. We get there. Boom, make a decision. Cool, let's jump over here. Boom. [25:14.8]

This is a muscle. Go to Home Depot and buy something. I need a new sweeper. Go there and buy a sweeper. Pay attention to how you buy. “Well, you know, I'm going to pull up on my phone and I see this one is 20 horsepower, 12 horsepower, three. Do I really need this? I'm not sure if I need this. Yeah, I'm going to go home and check out, research on Amazon. I wonder which one has the better reviews. If this one has better reviews, I might get this one just because it was a little bit cheaper, but it's blue. I actually want a red one. Man, I'm not sure. Do I even need a sweeper? I'm going to go home. I'll figure it out. Thank you for helping me, but I'm going to go figure it out. I'll be back tomorrow.” You’ll never go back because that will actually require you to make a decision. I see this all the time. It's everywhere. [26:04.8]

Many people are so afraid to make a decision. It's $200. Who gives a fuck? Buy it, take it back home. If you don't like it, bring it back and change it. But you've made the decision. You've done forgot about it. It was a big deal. You’ve built this thing up in your brain. You get home. You're just thankful you can fucking sweep up the floor. No one gives two shits if it's black, blue, red, white, yellow, pink, whatever. Did it get the job done? Yes. Done. Good decision.

You're going to make bad decisions. I've hired a lot of bad people fast, but I’ve also hired amazing people very fast as well. See, the thing is you’ve got to take the good with the bad. You can't just have the good. Everyone says, Mark, if it's so easy, why doesn't everyone do it? I'm fucking telling you why. You don't make fast decisions. You're not taking massive action and you're afraid to mess up. You only want the good. [27:08.5]

Have you ever met an investor? By the way, if you have, run for the fucking hills. Have you ever met an investor that says, I’ve never lost money in my life. Run. They're lying. They're lying. It's impossible to be massive if you've never lost. You take L's on the way to W's. It’s the only way, not to say you're not going to have W's inside of the L’s. It's a process. This is how you learn. If someone told me that, one, I would be holding onto my pockets very tightly because they're trying to get at your cash and I'd run out the door as far away as possible. True story. You’ve got to move. [27:51.6]

We live in a world so fast. It's interesting. A lot of people make very fast decisions on silly shit, but when it comes to making a real decision to change your life, change your health, life, wealth, all this, you never seem to get to it. Tuesday, I woke up and I said, “I need a trainer. I'm slacking, not pushing hard enough. I need help. I need someone to keep me accountable.”

The truth is, straight up, I'm lonely in my workouts. I’ve been working out by myself for a long time now. I feel like I'm just blah, going through the motions. I immediately jumped online, looked up 20 different locations and Mentor, called each one down the line. “Hey, I’m looking for private training, private training, private training.”

Boom, one guy answers. Here's the deal. Stop by when? It's 1:20. I was like, I’ll be there by 2:00. I was there at 1:45. D. J. is his name. The gym is awesome and I'm a member now. I have a great trainer. Every day, he’s like, When do you want to start?

I was like, Tomorrow. [29:00.0]

“Tomorrow? What do you mean? How many days a week? How many days can you do? Five?”


“Five days a week, 7:00 a.m.”


“You want to know the price?”

“Does it matter? I'm in. What's the price going to be, a hundred bucks, 50 bucks, 150?” Either way, I'm in. It's not changing my decision to come and change my life. It's not changing my decision to make me feel better, because I understand the value, not the cost. Cost is relative. It means nothing. If it meant something, you wouldn't have all these people hanging out at that—what's that? Purple gym. I don't know what it's called, whatever it's called—giving free pizza to get your fat ass in there. It’s the only way they're going to entice you in, free food. I've never been to one of those, but I’ve seen that. It's very interesting to me. It's working.
They've got some real money-making over there.

But back to fast decisions. I made a fast decision on Tuesday. The rewards are starting to work. I feel great. I feel good and I’ve got a lot of shit going on in my life right now for real in businesses and all that. Personal life, good. Business stuff, it's crazy. It's part of the game. [30:10.3]

What's cool about working out, what's cool about moving, what's cool about changing your body, just a state of mind, eating a little tighter, not drinking, just staying focused. Man, you feel better. You’ve got to make a move. You’ve got to make a change. Decisions happen fast. Results take a while, long-term results, right? It's not like I can go in the gym today, lose 40 pounds, feel better. Lose 40 pounds, cut off your leg, you’ve lost 40 pounds. But that's probably not the weight you want to lose. Be careful what you wish for. That'd be a fast move, too.

But I just want the best for you and I see so many people right now in this weird world we live in really doing some weird, really doubting themselves, really messing up amazing relationships over pennies. It's bad. It's terrible. [31:12.5]

But I do know I can't change anybody. It’s not my job to change you. I would be crazy to think I even could, but I can change me. I can learn from it. I can understand where you're coming from. I can have empathy, understanding, in your shoes, what you're going through. I don't have to accept it. I can understand it, but I don't have to accept it, especially if it's bullshit.

There are a lot of people who say a lot of bullshit. A lot of people are ready to take on life until life punches them in the face, right? They're like, Oh shit, and then they do the opposite. “No, Mark, this is what I stand for. Heart power,” and then they get whacked and then they go M.I.A. They have no power. People that are barking the stuff the loudest typically are the ones suffering from it the most. Pay attention. Pay attention. [32:04.8]

Guru math is what we call it in our world. “Man, I made $2 million doing nothing.” Yeah, but you still love your fucking mom's house. You drive a Toyota Corolla and you're a liar. Just because you make 2 million doesn't mean you keep 2 million, right? It's part of the game, but fast decisions and that decision I'm talking about is when you hear this shit, you’ve got to make fast decisions to shut it off or move on, or listen, right?

Hopefully, this podcast, Making of a DM, you make a fast decision to accept that you're going to hunker down and listen to all these shows. I've done many, many, many. Shit, it might be over 100 hours of content for free. I don't need anything from you. I want to help people who want to help themselves. [32:57.7]

I made a decision a long time ago that I wanted to give back, but I don't want to just give back to anybody. I won't get back to the right people, and I can do it one to many here. I can do it through my books, write a book and get it out to tens of thousands of people, hopefully, millions, one day.

These all take making a decision. This shit does not happen by accident. You hear the way I talk on the show. You see you can do the same shit. Show up, make a decision to do a show. I made the decision to pay my boy, Jonathan, who does the show, edit it and all that shit. Then we get it to you. You can do the same thing. You’ve got to make a decision.

When I bought my first house as an investor, I made a decision I didn't want to be broke. I made a decision that I did not like the way I felt, knowing what I know. I was more excited about what I didn't know. I wasn't happy being broke because I knew there was more. It's not about the money. It's about what the money can do for me. [34:06.8]

I made a decision to be an independent thinker. My parents are amazing, but they also don't understand certain things I understand now. I had to go off the reserve to learn. I had to hire great mentors. My mentors helped me become better. My mentors become my buddies and then we use the same mentors now sometimes, it's pretty cool, but it all takes decisions, fast decision-making. I need you to execute quicker. You'll get cleaner as you do this more.

I don't say the words. I'm not trying to be precise with my words. I'm trying to share my words. I'm just talking from my heart and my gut. That's it. Atop trying to be so polished. Just be authentic—and this is the truth as to why, today, I'm talking about this. I think most people aren't making the decision because they don't know who the fuck they really are. They're listening to too many people that they know that are lying to them. They're watching too much garbage. They genuinely are lost. They don't know what they want. [35:13.3]

Therefore, if they make this decision, they're worried about Susie and Nancy and Stevie and Johnny or whatever bullshit, but they'll think, What if I make a lot of money? What are they going to think? But they're my friends. If they're your friends, they'll prop you up. They’ll be excited for you to make more money. They'll be excited for you to get in better shape. They’ll be excited, and if they're not, they're fucking manipulating you. They're not your real friends anyway. Sort them out now.

Get lonely. Get in your own world. Understand what you really want, because I don't care what you think about me. I don't care. If I do something big, I don't care if you give me props or don't get me props. [36:02.3]

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to get people to boo me everywhere I go, but, dude, if I'm growing, I'm marching to my own beat. I'm not doing it to get a victory, a clap, “Mark, Mark.” I'm not doing it for that. I'm doing it because I want to be better. I'm doing it because I want to show my family, I want to leave my kids and show them what it's about, the adversity that we go through, how we push forward.

It's cool, last night, my wife, as I'm lying in bed, she goes on to tell me, “Mark, I watch how hard you work. It's amazing. I know you give it your all. You give everything you’ve got every day. I don't tell you enough, but I see it. It's awesome. You lead the family. You give us confidence. People shit on you, but you keep rolling. You act as if nothing happened because you're just moving, and I appreciate that. I do.” It's cool to hear that, especially from the ones you love. [37:07.2]

But that's not why I do it. I do it because it's me. I want to be a better me tomorrow. I want to be better tomorrow than I am today. The next day, I want to be better, just a little bit better. One percent better, they always talk about, right? I want to be better, the way I talk. I want to be better than where I am financially. I want to be better, the way I'm connecting with people. I want to be better, the way I communicate with people.

I want to be just better. I don't want to really succeed. I fuck this stuff up all the time. Shit, truth story—if I can even say it—true story, I'm messing it up right now. Why? Because today I said I'm not going to cuss on the podcast show and I came out hot. That's the truth. I'm trying to calm down a little bit on that, not because it's not me or whatever. It's just sometimes I know people like to listen to this with their kids and I don't mind if my kids hear cusswords. They hear it all the time. But some people don't like that. I get it. I'm cool with that. [38:04.8]

I don't need to cuss to get my message across. It’s just kind of how I talk when I get passionate. But, again, I'm trying to get one percent better, so maybe I said one percent less cusswords today, so I'm winning. But we all want to get better, right? At least, that's what most say.

If you make fast decisions, you're going to get fast results. All I'm looking for you to do is get feedback. It's like running one step. Stop focusing on the 10 steps, the two miles, the 10 miles destination or the checkpoint. Focus on the next step. One step more, getting closer one step more. I can control the next step. I can't control what's going to happen in eight miles from now. I know where I'm at. It puts you in the present. It gives you confidence. [38:52.6]

When people come and step up to me in our shit, I know what the hell is going on because I'm in the game. I'm making decisions, real decisions, real decisions daily, multiple times a day, and I know some of you listening are doing the same thing and I respect that. That's why I don't talk shit when I see people fail and they stick in the game, because I know it's part of the game. It's what it takes.

But what the real winner is, what decision do you make and how fast do you make it when shit is hitting the fan? Don’t run. Do not hide, ever. You might want to. You might get scared. You might get overwhelmed. You might feel like you're going to dry-heave, but winners don't hide. It's going to be scary. You’ve got to puff your chest up. You’re going to have to talk shit to yourself and lie to yourself to get on there and just head it, hit it head on.

Don't avoid the inevitable. It's real. We're going to die soon. Soon maybe one year or 100 years. That's still soon. It's the only way out. Stop worrying about what you think others are going to think. You're not that powerful to think what they think. You might think you think they know what they think, but you have no fucking clue. [40:15.0]

I’ll add that just because they think one way today, it doesn't mean that, by you leading, they might not think drastically differently a year from now, two years from now, 100 years from now, because you led them. You guided them. You knew better.

You know better. If you're listening to this show, you know better, because straight up, most people won't listen to this show or any show like this. I commend you for being here. I appreciate you being here. I hope the next time I do a jet experience, you're the first person on. If you think 10,000 is a lot, you have no clue. You have zero clue. It's a night. It's almost a six-figure flight. Just the round trip, right? [40:55.0]

For me, I charter. I don't own a jet yet. I saw some guy recently. “Dude, yeah, I see that tail number. That’s a rental.” Who the fuck? Okay. How many jets have you rented? I've been renting just for a long time. I talk about it openly. I don't want to own yet. Maybe soon. I just don't really fly that much. I don't enjoy flying. I'm not a big flyer and I'm not trying to just buy a jet to say I bought a jet. Maybe soon I will, who knows? It's just not my thing right now. My thing is my company. My thing is me, my health, my family. That's my thing.

The ultimate flex is results, clients' results, my family being better human beings because they're following dad or watching dad. They don't follow. They're watching. The ultimate flex is 20 years from now. It's not the jet I get today. It’s where that jet could take us 20 years from now. It opens up the horizons. That’s why I love traveling with the kids. Even though I don't enjoy traveling, but I do with the kids because it just expands your palette. You see different lights. You just learn how to connect with people differently. You see that the world is actually a pretty cool place. There are a lot of nice people. Huh, go figure. [42:10.5]

Fast decisions equal fast results. What right now today can you execute fast that will make your life better or get it off your plate? What can you do right now? I want you to think about that. I want you to write down and execute immediately. Tell me how you feel. Maybe you’ve got that letter you need to send to your spouse telling him how much you appreciate them. You've been putting it off. Maybe it's that phone call that you've been putting off. Maybe it's executing that employee, not executing them laterally, but executing either hiring or firing. You're hearing this message for a reason. Question is what do you do with the information? Anybody can consume it. The magic is in implementing it. Fast decisions equal fast results. [43:01.6]

Hope this helps you out. Hope this gets you results. I know it will if you execute it and implement it, and I'm excited for you to connect with me on social. Hit me @MarkEvansDM. Let me know if this helped and go from there.

Hope you have an amazing day. As I watch this massive deer walking by us, by me, it's pretty cool. Having an amazing day. Thinking about you. Make today count. Peace.

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