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Almost every business owner I talk to is frustrated, overwhelmed, and on the verge of a mental breakdown.


They work 80+ hour weeks and have nothing to show for it. They do everything they can to stay “busy,” because they don’t realize being busy mutilates their sales.

That’s the bad news.

The good news?

In this episode, I reveal how to get more accomplished in one day than most do in a week. This episode alone can double, triple, and even quadruple your income if you act on it.

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Show highlights include:

  • The “Time Auditing Sheet” secret for figuring out exactly how you waste time and burn money in your business (4:47)
  • Why finally making 6 figures per month feels like life in prison (and how to get your freedom back without sacrifing your income) (6:24)
  • How to make more sales and double your revenue by educating instead of “hard core closing” (13:33)
  • The cold, hard truth about why less talented people than you make triple what you make (23:09)
  • Why it’s impossible to maximize your earning potential if you’re overwhelmed (35:52)

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Welcome to the Making of a Dm, Time optimization. How to get more accomplished in a day than most do in a week. More importantly, how to reduce stress, how to increase profits, and how to have more fun on the journey of life. So what that said, let's get started.

(00:24): I'm more Kevin's deal. I'm here to help and teach him what I know and how freedom. There ain't no questions when he, he's, I just tell 'em what the D stands for. I'm a deal maker, a deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm a dream maker. Hey there, it's your boy, Mark Evans D Coming to you live from the tree house, rainy. Pretty much all the leaves are gone. Little overcast teachers downstairs with Mark in the classroom in Dria, Dina's doing yoga. And I'm talking to you. I got something super special to share with you today. I genuinely know if you listen to this show, you're going to get a lot of information. More importantly, you're gonna get a lot of clarity on how to get more out of your day. And as you know, we all have a million things going on, but that doesn't mean all these million things are productive necessarily. Before I get started today, I wanna say thank you so much. Last week's show, I believe, was the most downloaded show ever. It really struck a court. So if you've not listened to last week's show, please listen. Tons of people are messaging us and sharing it on social media.

(01:53): Many are leaving five star reviews. Thank you so much for sharing that information and just letting the world know that we're out here to help and get results. And that's what life is about. I'm excited for this show. Like I said, it's something I did recently. I do it often at least once a quarter, if not once a month, depending on the situation. But what I do and what I like to call this, by the way, today, ideally you have a pen and paper with you in your cell phone. You're probably listening to me on your cell phone cuz I'm gonna give you exactly some direct action steps to take to see immediate results. I don't know about you, but do you ever feel like you're working your ass off your fingers to the bone? And yet you look up 12 months later, three weeks later, three hours later, and you're like, What did I just do? Nothing happened. Nothing to show for it. Well, I just got off a call with one of my clients and he's a pretty big time guy. Client, he's got a lot of cool stuff going on in his life and business, but he's frustrated, he's overwhelmed. He's got massive anxiety going on. And what I do immediately is I ask them these questions when I'm talking to 'em. So the first thing is, what is the desired outcome you're seeking? He's like, Dude, if I could get my cells the 500 grand a month from 300,000 a month, it would change the game. It'd gimme economies of scale. I could do X, Y, Z and all that. I'm like, cool. So we gotta go from 300 to 500,000. That's doable. Now tell me what's your day look like? And then this is where everyone gets massively offensive. . I'm not trying to figure, I know you're working. It's not that we're all working, but what are we working on?

(03:44): Right? Some people are working on lots of stuff and don't have much to show for it. So I start asking them and drilling down deeper like, Yo man, what are, what's your day look like? Well, I'm doing this, this, this, this, this, this, that, and this and this and this. I'm like, Cool. How does that equate the cells? Because his problem is cells. His problem is not making better features on the fucking app, it's making cells. But he's an app kind of thought process engineer style guy, right? So he hunkers down, he's burning the midnight oil, his wife's about to leave him, he forgets his kids names, He's not going to their birthday parties cuz he's working on building this company for his family, his legacy. He says, By the way, that's all a lie. We all do that to ourselves to give us a reason to stay in the dungeon and get shit done, right? If you're doing this for your family, I want you to take a hard look at your time auditing sheet. Yes, you're going to audit your bullshit. Yes, you. And that's what I told 'em. I'm like, Dude, we need to audit this because everything you just said is one, you're full of shit. You're not as busy as you say you are. And you're just doing stuff to make you feel like you're progressing to where you're trying to get to see what served you to get you to where you're at might be the same exact fucking thing that takes you down for where you're trying to go. Yes, we have to work, Yes, we have to do all these cool pieces in the beginning. But he is at 300 grand a month now making that six figures a month. And I'm asking very direct questions cuz now we're in the big boy league and this goes for everybody at every level by the way.

(05:36): But this is where I fluttered when I started making seven figures a month in business, our company started growing. I did not stop and look at my time and re-audit, re-engineer my time. You guys all see me wakey, wakey 4 44 and all that shit, which is awesome. But you gotta understand, I was doing that fucking 12 years before ever talked about it actually. Probably 22 years, right? It's not a cool thing, it's what I do. And sometimes I gotta audit that. Why? Cuz I had children. Children don't sleep so my ass ain't getting up at 4 44, I'm probably going to bed at 4 44, right? Sleeping for a couple hours, re-engineering my time to accomplish what I'm seeking at that time in that moment. See we're all in different seasons of our life in our business, in the game of, of the, of the game in general. So we need to start looking at this and re-engineering our time to serve us instead of us serving time. Cuz it does truly feel like you're being sentenced to life in prison. That you've created this shit where you're busting your ass in. The numbers in the bank account are going down, not going up. It's very frustrating, it's very overwhelming. And you wanna talk about anxiety attacks and dry heaving moments. I get it. I've done it many, many, many times and my goal here at the making of a DM is to give you real insight and practical guides to mentor you for free. That's why most people won't take this information, do anything with this cuz it's free. But I've doing it because I think that one guy, that one girl that wants to have a better life will actually take this and do something with it.

(07:26): But as I'm talking to this guy, he's telling me, I'm like, Dude, when do you get up? He tells me 8:00 AM I'm like, What the fuck? Okay, 8:00 AM like, geez, that's like lunchtime for me. But okay, I hear you we're all different. I get it. Then he says this, then he is doing this. I'm like, so it's 6:00 PM and how many sales calls have you made? How many sales videos have you made? How many introductions have you reached out to people to connect with them? Well man, uh, you know, uh, well, uh, that means none motherfucker. That means zero. So let me get this right. You're complaining about not making cells, but you're not doing any of the actions to create cells. I gotta be honest with you, I'm not that smart, but I know if you don't do the action, the result will never come. This sounds absolutely absurd to say it out loud, but you and I both know we've all been there and done that. Some of you might be doing it right now. I remember a guy, Jeremy, and I've talked about this before. He paid me $15,000, This is back in 2006 to teach him real estate. That's when I was charging way too little because shit works. I know how to do the game. And he hit me up. He's like, Man, this ain't working. It's blah, blah, blah. I'm like, How many people did you call? And it's like a handful of people. I was like, Dude, listen straight up. Don't fucking call me back until you call 200 people. You understand? Click. See, the thing is, people aren't willing to do the work. Typically, Thank God Jeremy did the work. Him and I are still doing stuff together. We've made millions of dollars together over the years to this day cuz he's willing to do the work.

(09:24): There's no shortcut to the action. There's no shortcut to getting abs in the gym. There's no shortcut to growing a business to million dollars plus a month. It's the actions. So when I'm talking to people, my first thing is, okay, I know what outcome you're seeking, but let's look deep dive into your time on ask, asking yourself what actions are you taking? Because by the way, you're, there's nothing in the last seven days that you've talked to a sales manager. Talk to a sales organization to maybe sell your product for you. Talk to anybody to take the offer. I mean, fuck, people don't just walk to you up to you on the street, by the way. You're not even on the street. You're in your dungeon. They don't walk up to your place and say, Hey, um, I'm here to give you money cuz uh, you've been working really hard behind the scenes and uh, no one knows you, but I do. And I I just wanna pay you. That's not how it works. If you want sales, you have to have mechanisms to sell this shit and you better be focused on it because if you're not, you'll get wiped out. This message I'm talking to you has never been more timely than right now at this very moment. The world's going to look way different six months from now. I promise you that. I've been in the game since 96. I saw what happened in oh six and I can guarantee you, I guarantee you many people listening to my voice will be wiped out. I hope I'm wrong, but I don't think I am. I want to give you real insight to thought auditing the time audit here. Like I said, you feel frustrated, you feel overwhelmed, Dude, no one's buying. This ain't working. No one. It's not selling. What's going on? What are you doing to sell it? Who are you talking to?

(11:25): What assets are you creating to get on social media? Go to one to many, right? And I'll tell you exactly what I told this guy. He has a very powerful business, helps real people make a lot more money. I know it, he knows it, but very few people in the audience knows it cuz he is not telling anybody. So I was like, Dude, you have to share an hour video once a week, week on what you know, because no one knows what the fuck you know, I know you and I don't know what you know, right? He's kinda that real smart, nerdy guy in a good way. And I'm like, and and and again he goes straight to defense. Well dude, I got time for this shit. I'm building this out. It's gonna be big, blah blah blah, blah. I'm like, Dude, you can say what you want. In fact, by the way, this guy pays 50 grand a year. So he's paying a different type of attention. Picture. The people like right here listening to my voice that pay zero. They're definitely not going to take action on what I'm sharing with them. This guy's paying 50 grand a year to make these moves and he's investing in themselves. And I'm telling him, guys, we all do this at all levels. But that's where I'm going with this. We do this all up. We fight our ego. We know the answer deep down inside what we need to do. We all do. But when you're paying someone 50 grand, that's a 20 minute conversation max with him. And I'm telling him exactly what to do. He's fighting it. I could spend that hour talking to someone. Okay, cool. How many people did you talk to to sell? That's not the fucking point, motherfucker. That is the point.

(13:15): Why am I on this phone with you right now? You need cells, you know it and I know it. You're spending zero yes zero hours a week and you're telling me you're working 80 hours a week and nothing's working. Well, there's probably lots working, but there's just one hour in those 80 hours a week. I want you to take time and create one video a week and just share with the world what you know and give a call to action at the end. Like, by the way, if this video helped you in any way, shape or form and you'd love to connect and learn more about what we do and how we can help you grow your business, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, click here. That will be seen thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of times because it's a very valuable video by the way. He's educating. You don't have to sell, you just need to be in front of more people. It reminds me of these guys that are like, Dude, no one's selling their house right now. Okay, How many offers did you make? Well, that's not the point, man. Motherfucker, it is the point. If you don't make offers, you can't buy houses, period. It's real simple, dude, my business ain't growing, no one's buying. Cool. How much are you spending on marketing? How many opt-ins did you get? How many re uh prospects did you get? And how many conversations to close a deal did you get? 0, 0, 0, 0. How the fuck do you think it's going to work? Then the only thing not working is you.

(14:54): This is not rocket science. It's not. So I want you to time audit. Here's how you do it. Grab your pen, grab your piece of paper. This is very important and it's so simple. I want you to grab your phone and go to your last hundred calls. I want you to scroll down, Dad, Ryan, Jeremy, Nay, Brock, Beacon, Kim, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And then put all their names and then numbers. Like talk to Kim 17 times in the last hundred calls. Talk to Brock. Boom, boom, boom, whatever. And then I want you to do three columns. The who, which you've already done, how much time you spend on the phone with them, 10 minutes, three minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes. And then the outcome. What was the outcome? Oh, we had a hiring issue, we had a firing issue, we had a solve issue, we had a sales issue, we had a cell. Like for example, mine might say Dad, seven minutes. It makes me smile. I'm happy. I talk to my dad every morning, my mom and dad every morning, every morning I call my parents seven days a week pretty much every day of the year. Hey dad, what's up? Because I know one day that phone will not be answered and it might be me not answering it, but I call my dad, talk to him five to seven minutes pretty much daily. Next call, Adam, 32 minutes. Quick marketing update. And then we went off on tangents. Sound familiar? You call for a specific thing for three minutes, 30 minutes later you're still talking about whatever. It's exciting, it's fun, get you going, gets the juices flowing. But then what assistant? 10 minutes, lots of topics really to solve was just more of an update, okay? And then what I want you to do is assign each one of these dollar sign means you made money. Question mark, look how to eliminate and X closed it out, right? Solved the problem. Next.

(17:28): See there's three levels of communication that I like, text, email, and calls. And I know some of you guys like you know, telegram and all these other fucking environments, but like each platform has different situations, different expectations. If I call you ever, I'm not calling to fucking chit chat. I promise you that I'm calling to connect to help to close out, period. I don't have time to chit chat, right? If I email you typically within 24 hours, unless in the subject line says urgent, do asap. If you're on my team or my spouse, you know this. But within 24 hours respect or sooner reply back and let's otherwise noted in the subject line text. Text is pretty fluid and liquid. Like it just flows. Hey Kim, you got five minutes? Boom. Yes or no. It's real simple. And I'm not saying five minutes to talk, but I need your attention for five minutes because I'm gonna ask some specific questions I need answers to. It's kind of what I'm thinking, right? And that's just gonna be bullet point where we at the shirts, where we at the location, did we get the professional to come in, you know, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. Or I might just say update on event or update on deal, update on PA deal, update on Ohio, Deal update, update on no, whatever, right? Whatever we're working on and she knows how to respond back. Quick update. I don't want to hear about all the fucking things. I don't care. I want the answer.

(19:32): Wil Mark, I called Nancy and Nancy didn't call back. So I left her a message and then the message, I told her to call me back really quickly and that was three days ago. So I've emailed her, called her and text her next. I, I don't know, probably have to jump in the car and go see her, but dude, I don't want to hear any of that shit. I don't care. Nor would I talk to you like that. Time is your most valuable asset and people are fucking burning it to the ground every second, right? So again, you got the who, the amount of time and the outcome and then what would, what happened on the outcome? Dollar sign question mark. Eliminate X closed out. So for example, when I say eliminate, when I talked to Kim for 10 minutes, we talked about updates. I can fucking get an email on an update. I don't need to talk to you about an update unless there's stuff we have to solve on the update, right? So send an email because as you know, and I know it's not just an update, there's other conversation, well you know, it's just small talk guys. We're all busy respect. Cuz if you talk to me for 10 minutes, that's 10 minutes less, you could talk to a client to help them get results, right? That's 10 minutes less. I have time to spend with my kids. That's 10 minutes less. I have time to spend on a better funnel. It's 10 minutes I have left to search to see about getting someone a gift or something. Like, I'm not saying to shut everyone off by the way I'm saying be aware of where you're at in the journey and ask yourself what's my biggest problem right now in my business?

(21:18): 98% of you listen to me is sales is your biggest fucking problem. I guarantee it. Well I need to hire someone, but I don't have money. Yeah, if you fucking sold you'd have money, money to solve the problem and then you make more money and you solve more problems and you make more money, you solve more. Like that's how it works. Then I'd ask you, how much time are you genuinely investing on your sales piece of your company? Most of you're avoiding it because it's uncomfortable for you. Most of you're avoiding it or maybe just delusional about it that people are just going to fucking come running down the road because you've created the next best w bang thing. You have to constantly be in front of your audience, relentlessly communicate and connect with them, connect YouTube, connect social media, connect running ads, connect, sending emails, connect, sending texts, connect, getting on the phone and fucking converting them. Conversate what's going on. To be honest with you, I miss the beginning days of entrepreneurship. I miss being in the trenches, sitting down, having a conversation with Nancy and truly understanding what makes Nancy tick.

(22:39): Why are we here? What is the goal? What do you need help with? How can I help you? And what is the next step? To be honest with you, I don't need to ever make a sales call again in my life, but I will make many because it's not a sell to me. I'm calling someone to assist and help them on their journey to expedite their results. Do you understand whatever product or service that you're selling, if you do not take this shit very serious and very proactively, do you understand someone else that might not be up to the par level? You are, take advantage of clients. While yet you sit around like complaining about you can't make money, that guy's making all the money you don't understand. It's cuz he's doing the right work just in the, he's not serving them the way you would, but he's selling. There's a lot of people out there way shittier than you that has very reckless in life and in business, getting in front of your customers and converting them before you do because they're doing the sell cycle.

(24:00): You have to get serious about this guys. This shit is a game changer. Your last hundred calls, your last hundred text. I'm gonna give you a bonus here. I don't know about you, but I'm an entrepreneur and through and through, I mean it's, it's who I am. I don't know anything else. And sometimes if you have a spouse, it can get weird. It can get awkward cuz you're out and some guy walks up, Yo Evans, what's up man, It's been forever. Boom, boom, boom, whatever. And my wife looks at me like, who the fuck is that after they leave of course. And I'm like, Oh that's Steve. You used to do XYZ and did blah blah blah. And we bought this company and sold that company. And she's like, How have I never heard of this individual? sounds crazy, but it happens often. Not just to me, to lots of entrepreneur people cuz we're going a hundred miles per hour. So what I do every morning, I started doing this again. I stopped doing it for a minute, started it back up. I mean, that's a process, right? I don't know, sometimes we do stuff, we know we, we stop doing stuff we know we should keep doing. So I send my wife an email in the morning. I always do something funny in the front, you know, today I was like, Huh, every time I see you, I don't get butterflies. It's so big. It's like the zoo or something. Some, something silly like that, right? Make her laugh and then I'm like, Hey, here's my schedule today. And you know, boom. Like, here's what I got. Boom. This, this, by the way, you're on it, the podcast show right now, right?

(25:38): You're listening like you're part of this. So I told her I'm doing that and then I give her some bullets like, hey, you know, like just quick touch points. Like, hey, we need two, uh, two new rollers in this room. Do xyz. Hey, can you get a new desk for that room? I'd really like to change that out. And uh, you know, you're in the mark looks so cute to Halloween last night, it was so cute, blah, blah, blah. You know, hey love ya. Enjoy yoga today. And um, I'll talk to you tonight. And oh, by the way, Brock's coming over to the house about the website and he'll be here from nine to 10 as well in the morning. Um, cool, right? So when she sees Brock and I connect, she won't be like, Who's that guy? She'll be like, Oh, I saw him at the house. That must be, he must do stuff with you, right? It's a great way to connect. It takes like seven to 10 minutes to do that every morning to my wife. It's very simple. It's very powerful, right? I do those with my teams every Sunday, Saturday or Sunday. I want a week of success email in my inbox. When I wake up Monday morning, where are you at with the company? What are the top five things you want to accomplish? And what are things you need help with?

(26:49): Like, we get all these emails and two guys missed last week. So I messaged, I'm like, Dude, what the fuck are you missing this? Well man, I don't really under, like, again, they're procrastinating. They don't understand in their brain, they say, but they definitely understand the importance of it and they get held accountable. So communication, opening up, communication loops, connecting with people. One guy actually had a real excuse, he passed out and he was at the hospital. So cool. You get a pass on that one. Just don't let it happen again, right? . So it gives me an insight to their brain. It gives me an insight to see where they're really struggling without them saying they're struggling. Because a lot of people don't come to you in my organization. Say, Mark, I'm struggling. I need your help. I want to help you If you've putting honest effort into it.

(27:39): I do not want to help you If you're fucking lazy, let's get that clear, right? But if you're really working at progressing and being like genuinely, like for real, I'm down to help anybody that wants to help themselves. But it's a great bonus for you if you have a spouse or if you have companies like I. I have lots of operators running and managing companies for us and I kind of like to hear their high level, quick snapshot of the week. The success. So the reason is like, you know, like, hey, I wanna make 75 grand this week for the company. Cool, next week, 75 grand, cool, but I only know they're making 42 or 58. One on the third or fourth time. I'm gonna ask him like, yo, where did these numbers come from? Why aren't we hitting 'em? How do we hit 'em, right? I'm asking different questions. And then that's how we start pinpointing that 99% of the time we're filling on the cell side. We have the best products, we have the best features, we have the best outcomes, we have the best testimonials. Cool, but no, no one, no one knows about him.

(28:57): So then we're gonna switch the actions, we're gonna switch some KPIs. We're gonna say, Cool, next week's email. I wanna know how many social posts you did, how many videos you uploaded to YouTube, how many emails you sent to the database, How many sales conversations did you have? How many conversions did you have? We're going to focus on the actions to get the desired outcome. It sounds crazy, it's this easy. And that my friend is why you need the time audit. It changes. We have different seasons. Maybe you just had a kid, maybe you're single, maybe you're a night owl. I'm a morning person. That's okay. How are you communicating with the team? Most importantly, what the fuck are you talking about when you're talking? What is the objective? What's the agenda? What's the timeline of the call? Why are all your calls in hour long? By the way, when I have a sales guy and he's like, Dude, I had a great call. I talk to Jim for an hour and 20 minutes, okay? About what?

(30:11): No man. Like he's got a lot going on. Okay? About what? No man, seriously, like, you know, I'm, I'm gonna follow up with him next week, okay? About what? See when calls go over a half hour max, there's red alarms going off everywhere. Like we're not there to be your fucking pin power buddy on the phone. We're there to conversate to help. I can't help you if you're just lying to me feeding about, talking about all the great shit you got going on. I wanna know the dirt. I wanna know where you're struggling. I wanna know what the real truth is, motherfucker. That's how I can help you. That's the only way I can't help someone say, man, I got it all figured out. I'm crushing life in business. My wife loves me, my kids love me. I don't really do anything. I read the four hour work week and that's all I really work is about four hours a week. Okay? So why are we talking then? Jeff ? Well man, uh, I was just calling to see what you're doing over there. Well, we're doing lots more than what you just mentioned. So we're probably not a good fit. Well, well I'm not saying that. It's like well that's what you just fucking said. See the thing is, is you have to understand how to qualify who your target market is and know what the fuck you're talking about so you can help people. I know I talk about I wanna be friends with everyone, but I ain't got time and none of that.

(31:38): What is a friend? Is a friend just be there to listen to you talk and lie and talk bullshit. Or is a real friend gonna say, Yo dude, do you ever shut the fuck up and learn and grow Cause you've been at 7,000 a month for the last nine months. You keep telling me you want to get to 25, but you have a fucking excuse every single time I talked to you while you're not hitting that number. Are we talking straight or are we fucking just Mickey Mouse sitting around homie and then it all comes out? Well dude, you're being a dick. Okay cool. You wanna hit 25 K a month or not? Cause we have to change this bullshit up that you're doing. If you do, if you're happy with seven K, cool. I'm not, You are right. These are things we need to identify. Pay attention to who you're talking to, what you're talking about. And if you even fucking need to talk about it, I don't need more ideas. I don't need to hear about what you got going on in your day. I don't give a fuck cuz you don't care about me. Why? Like we all got stuff going on, right? Our time is our most valuable asset. You know it and I know it. And yet people are fucking throwing this shit like it's going out like it's free. Like it's forever.

(32:54): Drive down the road, take $10,000 in cash and hundred dollars bills or $1 bills, whatever you want, and just fucking chuck it out the window every mile. Chuck it out cuz that's what you're doing with your time. You're treating it like that and that's why you ain't got money. I'm talking real money. Our time is the most valuable thing. I wanna spend it very structured. I have five hours a week structured calls with my teams. They come with the data. I come with insights based off of the data. We have a saying in our company, data, not drama, period. Not, well you don't under, I don't need to fucking understand. You understand data, not drama, right? Come with data. I can solve with data execution, right? I'm gonna automate, eliminate, or delegate. I have a tendency to get caught up on all this shit just like you do.

(33:54): But when I'm hunkered down and I'm like, Dude, it's just not working, my next thought is what's not working? Why I'm not making cells? Huh? What am I doing to make cells is my next question. Cause what happens when shit starts hitting the fan? You start hunkering down on things and benefits and all that stuff. You forget to make cells. I'm talking the truth to you cuz I just experienced it myself. I'm just in a fortunate position where my teams make cells every day. It's just, I'm talking to people just to talk to people. Solving little problems that could be solved by other people. Get real serious with this. Audit your time. Regularly pay attention over the next seven days. What are you going to do? Like today is, let's say today's Sunday it's not. But let's say today's Sunday at night. Sunday at five or 6:00 PM or 7:00 PM or whatever. Sit down and like draw out a structure of your following week, your coming week, Monday, three things, Tuesday, three things, et cetera. Get a plan. And if it's not aligned with your plan, you fucking eliminate. I ain't got time for you homie. I'm focused, right? And right. Cause sometimes the days feel like a controls you or do you control the days I'm controlling my day?

(35:25): I don't wanna just go where the wind blows. There's a certain time and place for that. When I'm hanging out with the kiddos and I'm just massively present. We're just chilling and hanging. Dad, I wanna play football. Cool. Let's go play football. Dad, I wanna jump trampoline. Cool, let's go jump tra Dad. I want ice cream. Cool. Let's go get ice cream. That's different. I'm talking business and business to me is life. Who I've structured it, my lifestyle versus my company and back. Like you gotta set these rules up. If not, you are going to be overwhelmed. You're going to be frustrated, you're going to be very you. You're never gonna be maximized anything. The world's just gonna toss shit at you. It's hunker downtime. That's the season we're all in right now. Hunker down. Get real fucking dialed in. Know your value. Know your efforts, where they're at, where they're going, what they're going towards. Eliminate and cut anything that's not serving you. It's gonna be hard on some of these decisions, I get it. But you know, it's hard waking up a year from now in the same exact place, minus 365 days of your life. We don't want that. I know you don't want that. So that's what you're gonna do. Something about it, right? If this show in any way, shape, or form has helped you, please share it on social media. Please share it in your email list. Please share it anywhere you can because I believe this message is so timely. I literally moved two things outta my schedule today and pushing him up so I could talk about this. Cuz I just got off the phone with that guy. It's exactly what I was gonna talk about anyways. It just hit and different because it was a real case study that I just experienced.

(37:20): I want you to know it's your time to elevate. I can't do it for you my friend. I wanted to meet you on the other side. I wanna meet you at the top of the mountain cuz we got more mountains to climb together. But I can't do it. If you're wasting your fucking time talking to dip shits 24 7, not accomplishing your goals. The guys I'm rolling with and the teams I'm building, we're going towards a new level every day. Push, push, push. Before you know it, we're laughing about this, but listen in a, in a good way. But trust me, this is something you have to be conscious of every single day, every single week at once a month, depending on how distracted you are. This is something you might wanna hunker down once a day for five, 10 minutes. Get real clear on what's going on. What's crazy about this is why the less you do, the more you can make. It's not less work, it's less bullshit. Focused work big results. Me talking to a thousand people is way more productive than me talking one on one, one to many, right? So if I have an hour in a day and I'm limited, do you think it makes more sense for me to meet someone for lunch for an hour one on one? Or does it make more sense to do a podcast show and talk to thousands of people? I only got one hour, but man, that guy's a really nice dude. Cool. I'm a really nice dude too. But that fuck, if he can bring a thousand people to launch, I'm in. But I can't. Like I'm in the game to win the game. I'm not here just fucking tiptoeing around on the field playing and waving a crowd. I want the prize. I want the package. I want the bag. I want you to have the same. So with that said, keep me posted on the journey. Follow me at Mark Evans DM on social media and let me know how this show hit. Send me a message asap. So with that

(39:31): Saids, Freedom. Freedom. There ain't no question Mark Gavin's when you step in to do he's closing deals. Come to tell him what the DS stands for. I'm a deal maker, a deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm a dream maker. The journey's where it's at, it's all about the process. Come to get over to the DM from a small town in Ohio so I know how it's, didn't I come from a lot of money. I remember as a kid wanted to make a honey bras. Didn't see no one making more than that. Graduated high school with a 1.8. Let sure they held me back. I owe my principals and teachers are alive just to witness this. I'm a own boss. I'm out here running two A figure businesses I can walk away from and I'll be good. But I been called to help people just like y'all learn. Again, it's time to pause everybody chasing the money, but I'm not chasing the money. I'm out here chasing the purpose. I been working my whole life. Well, guess where we at? Is it gonna get us where we wanna go? It's to push to learn to. I'm here at helping teach him without what I know and how I did it. To discover freedom. There ain't no question. Mark. Kevin's when step into doubt, he's closing deals. Time to sell him. What the D'S saying for? I'm a deal maker, a deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm a dream maker. The journeys where it's at all about the process. Get over to the D, Project Morgan, Deal, deal, deal D.

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