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Entrepreneurship is a lonely path. Most entrepreneurs outgrow their family and friends. And when you try to help your loved ones succeed, they may hear a completely different message than you intended.

This recently happened to me and my family for the first time ever. And even though I lost some sleep at first, I’m excited now. Because it means they’re finally ready to listen to my message.

In this episode, you’ll discover the cold truth of entrepreneurship and why it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. But if you stick around after listening to this episode, you’ll experience success most can’t even dream about.

Listen now.

Show highlights include: 

  • Why your closest friends and family members are often the biggest shackles to growth (even if you love them) (8:45)
  • The “Washing Machine” trap for spending years grinding without seeing major results (and how to break free) (10:25)
  • How leaning into uncomfortable situations where you make a fool out of yourself puts your bank account on steroids (18:03)
  • How to use difficult truths to empower your growth instead of letting your emotions trick you into quitting (24:44)
  • The insidious “What Ifs” disease which nukes your energy levels, time, and impact (26:43)
  • How saying phrases like “I can’t afford that” cages you in a mediocre life (29:54)

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Welcome to the making of a dm, Family, friends and Fighting the Cold Truth of Entrepreneurship. So with that said, let's get started.

(00:13): A more I'm to helping teach him what I know and how I did it to discover freedom. There ain't no question Mark Evans when he step in the he's closing deal. I'm just tell you what the stands. I'm a deal, but I'm not just a deal. Dream The day there. Boy, Mark Evans. Dm actually hopping on here today cuz I have something I wanna share with you as a listener. Something all of us entrepreneurs deal with forever, . As before I get started here, I'm sitting in the treehouse just lit a cigar, 62 degrees. When I'm done with this, I'm gonna go take care of a couple things with the fam, hang out with the kiddos and maybe even hit a golf ball too. I wanted to say thank you so much for all the well wishes about my sister and um, they're still coming in. So thank you guys so much. She's still in the hospital getting better every day. It's day 60 or so. I mean, she's been in here a couple months now and uh, it's been a very, very, um, tacking process on my family. I don't talk about it online or anything.

(01:35): I'm not, you know, looking for sympathy and all that. I just sharing with you guys cuz um, I share real time stuff here and appreciate you guys also lots of cool people sending me messages and five star reviews and all that. I just appreciate it so much. It's a great way, It makes me happy. I read that stuff all the time and it's just neat to see that me sitting in the treehouse sharing messages that I'm dealing with on a daily basis is making an impact in your life. And that's what I'm here for. I just wanna make an impact. So today's show is family, friends and fighting the cool truth of entrepreneurship. Today's show may go only go 15, 20 minutes or however long it needs to go. But I wanna share something that happened recently. It happens often and it's being misunderstood.
You know, I was talking with some of my buddies cause I wasn't sure if I was gonna share the show honestly, but a couple of my buddies I was talking to, they're entrepreneurs as well and they all say the same thing. They're like, Mark, I hear what you're saying, but dude the truth is you care. We don't like, not not that they don't care about people, that it's just like I care about wanting to help people, family, friends, not friends, whatever. I just want to help. I, I kind of, I just like it. It's kind of who I am and something happened, uh, in a disclaimer, before I go, I talk about my family often cuz it's where I come from. It's who I am and I want everyone to know I love my parents, I love my sisters, I love my in-laws, I love my brother and like, but we're different.

(03:08): That's not bad. It's not bad at all. It's just we're different. The world would be very weird if we all were like me right in my life, I'd probably, I'd be different then I'd have to figure out something else to be different. Cause I don't like to be like everyone else. So if you feel that way, it's okay. It's normal in my world and all the entrepreneur buddies world I live in, we all are the black sheep. I did a show about being the black sheep, but this hits a little different today. Last night I was thinking about my, my, my sister and she said, Hey, I'm kind of hurt. You're talking bad about us or whatever. And again, I'm being very vulnerable here so I'm sharing the truth. And I said, well we only hear what we want to hear. And what I mean by that is if some, if I walk into a room and I know I'm fat and someone that I care about says, Mark, you're looking a little big, I'm going to hear that in a hurtful way. Maybe by the way, I don't think that's a bad thing because if it's coming from the right place, they just care. So they're saying it cuz they care. How I interpret it is on me not the person delivering the message. If it's coming from a proper place. And then I would ideally get pissed off and do something about it. So I listened to the show my sister was upset about and I did not hear anything that I was talking negative. I was talking truth with prefacing and saying, Hey, not everyone's like me. Here's how I see it. Here's my interpretation here. You know, like for example, when I hang out with anybody, not just family, if I'm in any environment and they're not talking about progressive growth solutions, results, goals, drives, I don't wanna fucking talk about anything else. I don't care about gossip, I don't care about sports, I don't care about any of that shit.

(05:02): Not say that stuff doesn't happen on small talk or whatever. I wanna talk about progression folks. I'm not here forever. I'm 44. I hope I make it to 88 healthy. I wanna be a great provider to the world. I can't be providing value to the world by talking shit about other people, by gossiping about what I can't do and what this person and that per I don't care about you and what you've done or what you do. I care about me. I wrote about this in my book me economy. I'm selfish on me. I want to invest in me. I want to be a better me. Cuz if I do all those things for me, my outlook and my things and the people I'm around get better. If you're listening to show you're probably in the making of becoming a leader, you're going to get misunderstood all the time. And that's okay because let's be honest, we misunderstand ourselves all the fucking time too, right? I can't expect my sisters, my parents, my cousins, my friends or anybody for that matter to see what I see cuz I'm still kind of foggy as well. I'm just living my life. So I have empathy on them. I'm not trying to make them me. I'm not trying to say you have to have money to roll with me. I'm just saying you have to be focused on solutions, focused on goals. What are you looking to grow? But when you say shit like I'm doing the best I can, that shit doesn't fly with me. That's a cop out. It's an excuse and I know it hurts to hear that. And the truth is, I think most people believe that bullshit cuz they've told themselves this for so long. I always want to get better.

(06:56): I always want to keep it open mind and I genuinely believe the majority of the world. You don't have to believe me, look around, have accepted it. That's truth. You doing the best you can. What does that mean? First of all, and in the context of this, my sister works her ass off. I know she does a lot of stuff but like I wrote a book about this called Magician First Meal. Hard work does not necessarily mean big results better life. The truth is, the reason I wrote the fucking book is cuz I saw my mom and dad work really fucking hard for very little. That doesn't mean they're bad people. That doesn't mean they're stupid, that doesn't mean they're ignorant. They just were so muled in the game that they couldn't see outside of the picture. They had their head down, not up. I respect my parents like crazy. I would do anything for my family, anything. But you and I as entrepreneurs are going to be always, always misunderstood by the common folk. That's not negative. It's the facts and it's okay because they misunderstand us, we misunderstand them. I'm not saying I'm right, I'm not saying they're wrong or right, it just is what it is. See, when I'm sitting here smoking a cigar trying to like meditate thought on it, I genuinely like might get emotion here. So I'm not trying to, but like I genuinely want to help fucking people be better. And when I go around people I care about greatly and I see they have shitty things going on in their life continuously. We all have shitty things going on, but the same shitty things continuously. I ask myself why don't they wanna fix it? I know a guy in Philadelphia, the guy as a fuck, like he's a great dude but he always has terrible shit happening to him.

(08:54): And then I pay to his actions. His words don't match his actions at all. He says the right things but doesn't do the right things. And I'm talking do the right things when no one's watching. He's a shitbag behind the scenes, but he's a funny fucker to hang out with. I don't hang out with him anymore, by the way. And it sucks because I like him as a person, but it's not going to help me grow hanging out with them. I have a bad experience, many bad experiences with him at this point and he's not doing what he's supposed to do. And that hurts me cuz I like people. I don't wanna see people, I don't take pleasure and seeing someone suffer. Now listen, I'm not saying this is a good or bad thing. Maybe he's gonna wake up five years from now cuz we're all in different parts of the journey of life. He's in his fifties and it like this has been going on for a very long time. It's sad. This sucks. The truth is, I can't even talk to him. I have to talk to him through a lawyer now. That's how bad it is. He's so fucking delusional that he thinks what he's saying and doing is right. He's doing the best he can. When I hear people say words like that, I'm doing the best I can. That's a problem. We all are doing the best we can, but that's, that's not the end all be all. How do I get better is the question. What don't I know? How can I become smarter? How can I become wiser? How can I become more efficient? How can I become more effective? My buddy Timmo says the hardest working thing is a washing machine, right? Some people say I work hard.

(10:41): Yeah, so do washing machines. What does it mean? This is where I want you to stop for a minute and think about your thought audits thoughts. It's hard. Mark, what's hard? What does hard mean? I'm not saying it's not challenging, dude. You got lawsuits, you're raising money, you're hiring people, you're firing people. People are stealing from, there's a lot going on. I it's not honestly, I'm past hard. I'm more disappointed in people than if it's hard. What I get. I get hard on myself to make me stronger tomorrow. Most people don't push themselves in any way, shape or form to become better. That doesn't mean they don't work hard. I always say if the hardest working in people would be the richest coal miners, contractors, roofers, all like, they like, you know, people doing dishes all day long. Like that's hard work. You're bent over, your back hurts. You're on a hard floor. It's not very rewarding work. You're just washing dishes, chipping away at coal mines. I'm not saying it's just, it is what it is. Like we all need people that are, There will always be people that want to do hard work. I do hard work every day, but hard to me is again, it's like it's all relative. I've worked 16 hours a day in the field doing construction, tearing up concrete, tearing up floors, tearing down houses, building houses in the 110 degree sun. I remember one time many times, but one time in particular, I I I never took lunch breaks. You can ask anybody that used to work with me. I didn't take lunch breaks. You eat a big breakfast and we get the fuck to work and we get done at 10 o'clock at night with lamps outside. And I remember one day it was so hot, it was in Potass, Alo, Ohio, was that a house?

(12:28): We were boat in siding and windows and I wanted to get the job done in a day and one of the guys didn't show up. So we had to pick up their slack and we worked and worked and worked and we ran outta water and, and they're like, Who's gonna go get water? I'm like, No one's fucking leaving. No one's getting water. We're gonna get this job done. They're like, What are we gonna drink? I was like, see how cooler we brought our food in for breakfast and, and had our other waters in. We're gonna drink that water. The ice is melted, there's dirt in it. There's shit like it was disgusting. But you know what? We didn't die. We got the job done. We drank the water. Guess what? We were back at it at 4:00 AM the next morning. Too many people have allowed complacency to qualify as hard work. Did it suck? Yes. Did it make me stronger? Yes. I remember playing football back in high school or playing any sport for that matter. And it was hard cuz I didn't wanna do it. They pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of. It sucked. I cussed them out. I hated them but I respected them. I appreciated them. And today at 44, I'm thankful I did it. See the truth hurts in the beginning, but it could also set you free in the future if you hear it and, and take it and move. I wish I didn't care about people. I know I hear a lot of people like, dude don't give fuck with Uber. Says Ah you. Maybe you do, maybe you don't. I don't know. I know I do. I wanna be liked but I wanna be, I know I wanna be liked by the right people.

(14:14): I want, like I can't make an impact in your life. If you don't hear me I might have to befriend you to move you. I just did a call right before this podcast show, an hour before where I had to move six people to take the next step on something we're working on. I don't want to deliver the message I had to deliver but I had to for the betterment of the group. Thank God I have amazing fucking people because two of the people messaged me, the two drivers of that company and they're like, Dude, thank you so much leading and showing me the path. See they've been with me for two years. I've been doing this for 26 years and I always set the stage like, and this is the truth by the way, as leadership, I'm here to be better. I'm not here to point fingers to make you feel stupid to talk shit about. You we're talking as professional adults to grow the company. Are you on board with that? Yes or no? It's real simple. Then they buy in cuz it's truth cuz that's our culture. Call me out on my bullshit. I'm fine with it. Like I want to be better. I don't see my blind spots. You need, that's why it's a team. If I'm slipping up, tell me. I might not like to hear it, but I need to hear it and I need to be a fucking professional adult to interpretate it, to understand what it means so I can be better moving forward. Every person you talk to, every situation you're in, you can learn something from them. My sister Brandy is the one of the sweetest persons I've ever met my entire life. She literally snagged two hours of my life last night because she was sad about what I said or what she heard me say based off of her interpretation.

(16:13): And I know if you heard it in a negative way, you know you need to get better because I'm not saying it in a negative way. I'm stating the truth from a positive place. I want you to know you're going to deal with this with your friends for the rest of your life. You're going to outgrow friends. They're going to outgrow you actually as well. Or they're going to sort themselves out through osmosis and family. You know it sounds cool to talk about like you know, oh yeah, this is how it works and blah blah. But the truth is there's, it's very emotional. But you as a leader, you as an entrepreneur that's pushing, forging and growing, you have to protect these emotions. I actually had my wife downstairs with me last night when this was going on via attacks cuz my sister wouldn't get on the phone.

(17:15): I'd much prefer to do that on the phone, but like it really weighed on me. I couldn't sleep last night, right? That well I slept, but I didn't sleep that well cuz like I care. I'm like, come out with me and hang out for two days. Ask me questions like I am further along the chain of financially. That doesn't mean I'm better than her. She's an amazing human being. But financially I can help you. I understand things that you might not understand. You can teach me how things that I don't understand. That's how it works. You're my sister for fuck sakes. And she's like, I don't have time. I'm doing this, I'm doing that. I'm busy. We're all busy. We make time for what's important for us. See, the thing is she doesn't wanna get into a situation potentially that makes her feel uncomfortable or vulnerable. I've been very good at being conscious of that effort for me. I hang out in rooms where I am the dumbest of the dumbest. I'm not afraid to ask for help. I want to learn and be better. I have nothing to hide. We're all weak in certain places. We all need help.

(18:37): We all need guidance. We all need leadership and moments. I know that most entrepreneurs I talk to know that. But you gotta understand we're on a different path than the average person that's out there just slugging away. That's why when I talk to you, I wanna help people make money. I wanna, I want my team to all be financially free. I wanna teach them, I wanna guide them. I wanna bring solutions to them. The DM alliance, the thousand dollars month group, the DM family, the 50 K year group. I take great joy in knowing that if I can help them, they're going to help many people. It's a massive ripple effect. The impact is unmeasurable because if I help my buddy accomplish something and he's having a challenge and he calls me to lead and I help drive him and guide him through experience and structure and, and just pure grit, and he actually implements it and does the work and then gets the results, has 50 employees, They have kids, they have spouses, they have friends. The ripple effect is so immeasurably amazing. That's what gets me up every fucking day. I wish you only knew. I hope, you know, like I have a fire in my belly. It's fucking like I, I I want an inferno. You getting wealthy, Everyone around us, getting wealthy and healthy doesn't take anything from us. It actually adds to us. I have no secrets to success. Success is different for everybody. I have a buddy as just texting this morning popped in my brain, true story as walking. I was like, Dude, how much will you sell your company for? What is your exit? I almost invested in their company six years ago. I didn't shame on me. My six figures would be worth many seven figures right now. He's like, Dude, it's worth almost a hundred million generating multiple millions a month in cash flow. I don't know know if I'll ever sell it.

(20:48): I'm like, well there's gonna be three exits there eventually there'll be an exit death. You're forced to exit or you die. So let's get conscious. Let's, He's getting ready to have another baby. Has two kids, young forties, great family, great family guy, amazing team. He's built an amazing company. He's helped a lot of amazing people. I love that shit. It fulfills me. I don't make any money if he makes more money, but I got something even way better than that. I get the joy of hearing him through the journey. I've been there every step of the way. They've called me when things have happened. That's things went sideways. Him, his partner. I love that shit. Knowing that I can be a beacon in a time of opportunity or desperation. We all get lost. We all get stressed. We all get scared. We all do. Everybody does. The magic is what do you do when it creeps in? Who do you call? See a lot of times, people in the thousand dollar group or even people don't pay. Think, why the hell would someone pay you 50 grand a year mark? Well, in my mind, I asked why wouldn't they? And then some people say that's a lot of money. Is it to who is it? If it's a lot of money, I think that's a problem. You might think it's a lot of money. I'm cool with that. Whatever. I used to think it was a lot of money too, but I never shut it off saying it's a lot of money. I asked myself, how can I get in a room like that? If people are paying 50 grand a year for many, many, many, many, many years in a row, there's probably something working, probably something going on over there.

(22:29): If people are in the DM alliance, paying a thousand a month for many, many, many months, actually people that's been there since day one, many people, something must be working. Success leaves clues. I take nothing. I I take great joy in seeing people push through resistance cuz that's where the growth is. You don't just wake up and magically shit happens. This is hard. It's just, when I say hard, it, it's, it's different, right? It's different than what you're accustomed to. So you have to push forward, you have to forge ahead. It used to be hard when you were crawling to learn how to walk. It used to be hard to learn how to drive. But now you drive subconsciously. There's oftentimes you look up and you're like, Shit, I got home. I don't even remember driving through three red lights or red shit. I hope they weren't red. Where they green. It's easy now. Used to be hard. I remember the first time I had to ask a girl out on a date to go on a dance with me. It's not hard for me to ask my wife to go on a date with me. It's not hard to run an ad to hire an employee. It's not hard to pay an employee an amazing bonus for them doing great work. It's not hard to hire great people to make your company better, to make you better, to make the employees better, to make the customers experience better. It's not hard. It's just a part of the process. Truth is, a lot of times people pay me just to be there when they need me. The truth, Who's in your corner? Are you the person they're calling? I take great pride in if people are in my corner and they message me, I message 'em back almost instantly.

(24:15): If you're on my phone and you message me and I'm like, Ugh, that's a problem. But if you message me and I'm like, Oh yes, here we, we go. Great entrepreneurship. The great ones lead in the dark. It gets dark, it gets ugly and stressful. And it's all interpretation of when I say dark, like that moment when everything feels like it's not working. That's why you always hear people say, the only way to lose as an entrepreneur to ultimately is to quit. The only way to lose. I can't lose because I will never fucking quit, ever. No matter how hard or how bad. I will always speak the truth. Right? I had a call, great call with a guy yesterday. He had a very big scare in his life. Death scare. He's like, Dude, you're the most realest guy I've ever met. I've always known it. I didn't like it when you told me what you told me, but I fucking now know it. The truth is, he left my group when I told him the truth. I'm not doing it for the money. I'm not trying to say, Oh, well, if I tell him this, he's gonna leave. But I'm gonna tell 'em this, this smack 'em on the ass and tell 'em good job. So he stays and pays me money. You need to find people in your world that will tell you the truth to help you. Coming from a good place, a real place. And I'm not talking theory, I'm talking real shit. Someone's been there, done that. The reason I can help people I help is because I'm coming from real experience. I'm in the field daily. I'm dealing with the same shit you're dealing with. It's just how are you dealing with it as opposed to how I'm dealing with it.

(26:07): I'm 26 years in the game, you and I might only be 10 or five. That doesn't mean you can't accelerate. I want guys that are in the game way earlier than me to be way further ahead of me. 26 years from now, when they hit the 26 year mark, if I catch 'em on the right side, there'll be a thousand times bigger than I am because I have real life experiences. I can tell 'em how to accelerate, where I slowed down, where I fucked up, what I should have done better, what should have done harder, what should have done easier, who I should have hired, who should paid better? Why, how, when, who, how to get outta own way. I have one guy now I talked to, and you know, this guy's a fuck, He's a micromanaging maniac. I don't even know how he takes a piss at night. Like he, he, he like plots everything out. And I'm like, Dude, like you exhaust a lot of energies on what ifs. And the majority of those what ifs never happen in real life. What if you just make your life easier and just enjoy the process. Go through the, go through the motions, get the work done, cross the bridge when it happens, the guy's building a hundred bridges and crosses two. It's a lot of effort to get to the other side. I want you to know, it's not that I don't love my family. I actually love them a lot. That's why I do the stupid shit I do. Cause I wanna make sure, and you know this, I'm the one to change the financial future for the Evans family, my family. That's not a good thing about, That's just what I've been chosen to do. And I harness that and I take it very serious. I've been the one to always be outspoken, to share the truth. Even if it hurts. I'm not judging it. I'm just sharing it. Don't kill the messenger, if you will. Right? I'm not trying to be a dick, but if someone's like, Dude, do I look good? No, you know, you don't. Why are you asking me? That's not mean. That's the truth. They know it. If I lied to them now, I'm a fucking loser. I'm I, I like, I'm like everyone else.

(28:20): Oh, you look good. Yeah, man, no, dude, you're 80 pounds overweight. How? What do you mean you look good? I wanna, and by the way, I don't just talk shit. It's like I wanna inspire. Do you wanna work out together? What's your goals? What's your meal plan look like? Who you working with to get better? Dude, you have kids. If you die of a young age, which, if you have excessive weight, that typically happens. Not only that, you're setting examples for people around you that you care about that think this is okay behavior. Become the person you want to hang out with forever and be confident and feel good and look good. That's the things that, this is the difference. Like, are you having these conversations? I genuinely only have one friend that I went to high school with. He's like my brother. Him and I talk once a month or so. He's the funniest guy I've ever met. But he likes to his job. I, and I'm always pushing. I'm like, Dude, you can do better. What are you doing? But like, and again, he knows how I am. I know how he is. We don't hate each other. It's just we have different lives. That's okay. That's fine. Right? So I guess where I'm going with that is I'm not trying to make people on who I am. I just do know that I can challenge status quo questions. I'm doing the best I can. Well, what if that's not good enough? What if that's not good enough? When you say certain words, I can't afford that. You shut off all creativity. You feel like you know the answer. You're, but yet, then you go and lay down at night and you're crying. You're like, Dude, I can't pay my bills.

(30:12): I feel overweight. I, I look over, I'm overweight, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. All these things. But then you come out the door and you're smiling ear to ear. You look good, you feel good, you say, But deep down inside, you know, you, you got more in the tank. Truth is the reason I couldn't sleep last night. It's not because I'm upset at my sister that she's upset at me. I'm actually excited. This may sound fucked up. I'm excited. She's upset with me because that means I'm talking to her now. She's listening. She's at a point in her life where she's ready to make a decision to change. Maybe, maybe I, I'm, this is all me speculating, by the way, but she's never messaged me. And I've talked about my family in all my books, on many podcast shows, on many stages. This is the first time it's been addressed. I'm kind of excited. At first I was like, Ugh. And about 12 seconds later I was like, Oh, this could be good. I would love nothing more than to see the people in my life that I love the most, elevate their life, elevate their game, elevate their visions, elevate their goals, elevate their financials, elevate their health 26 years later. That was the message to me last night. And I'm excited. Some people like it, some people don't. I'm not for everybody. I never have and I never will. And I'm not trying to be, I just want to share the truth guide from experience. If I don't know the answer, I say, I don't know the fucking answer. But let's find someone that does. And I wanna learn. It will never stop for me. I, the more I get down this path of business and life and success and goals and all this, the more I realize I don't know anything.

(32:08): Entrepreneurship truly is one of the greatest gifts of learning about yourself. Finds out where you're weak, where you're strong, where you're happy, where you're sad, what drives you, what doesn't. You have to be so real with yourself. If you want to get to real levels. I'm not saying you can't fake it. I'm not saying you can't have, make a lot of money and act like you're happy, but not be happy. I'm not saying that, but I'm talking to be highly happy, highly successful on all fronts. Personal and business. Have amazing staff, amazing people, amazing fans like just to be happy. I want it for all. And that's why I'm here. If you're not a part of the DM Alliance, it's something you should look into. Message me on Instagram at Mark Evans dm. I don't have any room for the DM family. I don't take many people in there every year, ever. Very rarely. So if it's something you wanna be on the list, let me know. But message me on Instagram at Mark Evans dm. The DM Alliance is a thousand dollars enrollment and a thousand dollars a month. That's it. It's a steal. We meet four times a month, actually. We meet every week on Wednesday at noon. And uh, we meet up two times a year in person. There's amazing people in that group doing amazing things, making amazing moves. I love to watch the growth from all levels beginners to intermediate, to professionals. That's what makes it so dynamic. Cuz everyone, the beautiful thing about it is everyone's led in there with my cultural personality. So they're hardworking, they're giving, they're caring. They wanna see you succeed. They'll help you do anything if you ask family, friends in the crazy life of an entrepreneurship, right? I hope the show made an impact.

(34:05): If it did, please share it. We need to get this out more because you're not crazy. I know it sucks sometimes. I know. I remember dark days and back in the day, like, I don't have any friends, to be honest with you. Now, when I hang up, when I get off this podcast show, I really don't have anything to do. And it's early morning, keep mind. I have lots of stuff to do, but my, I have zero things on my calendar for scheduled calls after this. Like, I'm gonna hang out with the kids and do all that. But like, it can be kind of lonely. If your friends are around, like I, I'm gonna message a couple of my buddies and say, Hey, what's up? And maybe you'll hang out with them. Go to the golf course, hit the range or something. I, or go to the gun range, right? Or whatever. But don't think you're doing anything wrong. Just stay focused. Stay on the plan. Stay of course. And know that it's a part of life. It's a process. And enjoy the journey. So what that said, make today count and I'll talk to you Is Evan deal. I'm to helping teach him what I, what I know and how I did it. To discover freedom. There ain't no question Mark Evan when he step the, he's closing deals. I'm just tell what the DM stands from. I'm a deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker. A dream maker. The journeys where it says it's all about the process. Come get over to the team project from a small town in Hawaii so I know how its can not come from a lot of money. I remember as a kid wanting them make a honey bra. Didn't see no one making more than that. Graduated high school with a one point a should. They held me back. I owe my principals and teachers are alive just to witness this. I'm a own ball. Something out here running two way figure businesses.

(35:59): I walk away from it all. I'll be good. But I been called to help people just like y'all learn the game. It's come to ball everybody chasing the money, but I'm not chasing the money. I'm out here chasing the purpose. Yo, I been working my whole life. Guess where we is it gonna get us where we wanna go? So it's come to push, it's time to learn. So to grow more. Kevin, I'm that helping teach him what I know and how I did it. He discover freedom. There ain't no question more Evans when he step the do he's deal. I to sell what the DM stand for. I'm a deal maker, a deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm a DreamMaker. The journey's where it's at, it's all about the deal.

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