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Most people are scared to share their wins on social media. They’re afraid their family, friends, or random strangers will judge them. 

But this is selfishness at its highest. What if your win inspired someone else to win big? 

Here’s the truth: Haters come your way no matter what. But if you let them win, you’ll end up as an average person like they are. 

You might as well benefit from your haters by sharing your wins instead of inviting them to join in on your misery and mediocrity. 

In this episode, I reveal the importance of sharing. Not only for you, but for all your followers and haters too. Listen to the episode now and prevent yourself from being average. 

Show highlights include: 

  • The weird way posting shallow brags on social media makes a profound difference in yru followers’ lives (9:17) 
  • Why you want to attract haters (even if they’re family members or your best friend from high school) (11:27) 
  • How your subconscious minimizes your dreams and imprisons you to a life of mediocrity (18:35) 
  • The “Rolls Royce Phantom” secret that amps your sales team up more than guzzling methamphetamines and binging every Tony Robbins motivational video (20:47) 
  • Why not bragging about your wins on social media is one of the most selfish things you can do (27:09) 

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Welcome to the “Making of a DM.” Who do you share your wins with? It's not who you think. So, with that said, let's get started.

Mark: Hey there, it’s your host, Mark Evans DM. Appreciate you being here. Today's show, we're going to talk about something very, very powerful that stops a lot of people from getting to the next level and beyond. [00:51.4]

As I’m sitting here talking to you today, it's a little bit of a different situation. Actually, the guys who are out there finishing up the treehouse/office. I’ll be sharing some pictures of that here as we get going, but if you follow me on Instagram, they're on Day 3 over there.

It sits up about 10 feet off the ground, and then the walls are 10 feet tall, and it's 10-by-14, 10-foot-by-14-foot, with a 40-inch deck, so it's 10-by-10 on the inside. But we have a desk. We'll have a big, massive opening on the front, six feet opening, and we’ve got three windows, the heater, the fans, pretty much a very boujee treehouse/office, something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and we have a cool tree to do it with. My son is having a blast with it. Actually he's out there, hanging out with them right now, while they install some interior stuff.

But, again, I also want to say, thank you, guys, everybody that's been sharing the show. Listening rates up massively, so I want to say thank you for that, re-sharing and reposting and letting the world know what this show means to you, and if the message pops, make sure to get over to iTunes, leave a five-star review. If any of the books I’ve ever written have made an impact in your life, feel free to leave a five-star review. It would mean a lot to me. [02:05.1]

Again, everyone is always asking, “Mark, how do I help? I don't have any money.” The best way to do it is through your words, through your voice, just simply leave a review. It's free. It takes about a minute. You simply leave a review, and what happens? Our algorithms pick that up. There's activity on the show, all my books, etc., and then that gets thrown up to the top a little bit higher.

Maybe that one entrepreneur that's out there or that individual that's having an issue and that’s struggling, by you simply taking one minute of your day and just leaving an impactful five-star review saying, Hey, this show helped me or whatever, whatever you say, and maybe they see it and that's how this world works. They grab it, they listen to it, and it's because of you. You've changed their life because you took a minute out of your day to give back, and that's very powerful.

Today's show is kind of interesting. Like I said, I get messaged about this all the time. I never really put much thought to it because I don't think about the stuff they're messaging about. I was sitting and talking with a buddy recently, thinking about some stories of this happening, and interesting enough, one of the guys in our high-level mastermind group did a post about this particular subject. [03:14.1]

It kind of made me think and stop for a second, so I want to do a show about it because I truly do know a lot of people struggle with this. A lot of people. If you're not semi-headstrong, you're actually going to go off the rails. The show today is “Who do you share your wins with? And it's not who you think.”

A lot of times, as you know, people will share their losses like it's normal. It's no big deal.

“Oh, so-and-so died.”

“Oh man, I just lost money.”

“Oh man, this guy is a crook.”

“Oh man, this is a scam.”

“Oh blah, blah, blah,” right? They're always talking shit. Or when things get really bad, “Hey, man, check out our GoFundMe. We need to help. We need money to help people.”

Listen, I’m all about helping people and all that, but also in the same side of this is, why the hell are they only posting bullshit negative stuff constantly? Why aren't they posting, “Hey, guys, I learned how to do X, Y, and Z so much faster, I could show you how to do it as well.” [04:10.5]

“Hey guys, I’m having a baking class this weekend at my house, 10 people, $50 a piece. Come on over. I’m going to share how to bake the most moist, best tasting, whatever, flavorful cake.” I don’t even know what the hell I’m talking about, but that's the shit I’m talking about, what you need to be posting, that kind of stuff. But the reason most people don't is they're afraid to be judged. That's what this really comes down to. You are afraid to be judged.

Let me explain something to you and share something with you. This is a true story. I remember a couple of years ago I was sitting in Palm Beach, Fla., getting ready to meet my buddy, and keep in mind, they manage billions of dollars. He's worth many nine figures. He's worth hundreds of millions of dollars, him and his family.

We're getting ready to have lunch and I see him pull up in a nice Porsche. I’m like, Damn, dude, that's a nice Porsche. I like it. I’ve got the Rolls. He's got the Porsche. We're in Palm Beach. Keep in mind, these are Toyota Corollas anywhere else. It's pretty normal there, seriously. I’m not trying to sound silly. That's the truth. [05:10.4]

As we're sitting there at lunch, he's like, Yeah, man, I’m getting ready to get rid of it.

I was like, Wait, you just told me you just got it.

He's like, Yeah, man, I started thinking about it. Keep in mind, he has hundreds and hundreds of employees, 500-plus employees, and he's like, I started thinking about it. I don't want to pull up in my Porsche because I don't want them to think that I’m rich or underpaying them.

I was like, What the hell are you talking about? If they don't know you're rich, you have $50 million in art in your office building literally. They don't know you're rich?

He's like, I just don't want to be show-offish.

I'm like, Show-offish? You're a sales organization. What is there to show off about a Porsche? Now, don't get me wrong, a Porsche is nice, but it's not show-offish in any way, shape or form, in my opinion. If you pull up in a Porsche, it's kind of not a big deal at all, no matter what kind of Porsche. There are many different types, by the way, right? I don't see it necessarily as showing off. [06:04.7]

Now, my ass pulling up in the Phantom, that's a little bit different. That car is a little bit bigger, a little bit more obnoxious, if you will. That might be considered show-offish, but then what the fuck does that even mean? Now, I don't know about you guys, but I’ve got a real question to ask you. Would you rather work with somebody that drives a shit box Ford Focus or someone that drives a Porsche or a Rolls-Royce or Ferrari or Lamborghini?

Now, listen, this is the world we live in and maybe you said Ford Focus. I don't know if you're listening to my shit, if you'd even say that, but maybe you did. Cool, maybe you don't like cars. But you’ve got to understand success. Everyone is like, Oh, this is a materialistic world. That's the fucking world we live in. If you make 20, 30, 40, 50, 100-plus million dollars and you can't buy a fucking car and drive it when you want? Dude, why even have the money? Why even enjoy anything? Because you're afraid to be judged. You're better than that. [07:01.4]

One thing I’ve always wondered about, again, because I grew up small-town hillbilly Ohio, I always think about people that says, Sam Walton drove the same truck for the fucking hundred years, blah, blah, blah. Yeah, bitch, he drove it to his fucking private jet and he's worth hundreds of millions of billions of dollars. You can drive whatever the fuck you want. That's not the only car he had, by the way. But this is delusional thinking and this is the story they've painted for you to minimize your dreams, you to minimize your goals.

“What about Warren Buffett? He has lived in the same fucking house since 1976.” Get the fuck out of here. You understand Warren Buffett has a massive, massive hundreds of millions of dollars in assets of real estate that he lives in. That's just one of his houses. He kept it for the persona. “Warren Buffett has lived there since 1976. I don't need anything crazier.” And, by the way, he has the largest fleet of private jets in the world. He's worth many, many, many billions of dollars. “But he drives the same Lincoln.” No, he fucking doesn't even drive. He has people drive him around the world. [08:15.7]

If people aren't sharing their wins and what winning looks like, how the fuck do what it looks like and tastes like and feels like? Probably one of my favorite things I get asked all the time is “What about the haters?” In my world, I don't have haters, and if I do, they're secret haters and I’m cool with it. I don't care if you're a hate or not because it holds zero weight.

I don't give a fuck if you like me or don't like me. It holds zero weight to my actions. You liking me does not drive me. You hating me does not drive me. Me wanting to get better drives me. What's cool about what I’ve done over the years without really knowing it is I genuinely share my wins. It's not to be braggadocious. It's not to be showing off. [09:11.2]

The truth is if I fucking shared everything I’ve got going on, it would really look like I’m bragging and over the top. But what's cool about where we're at in our life and the world we live in today, we literally post a picture in two seconds. I can post a picture, “Here's how to get wealthy,” get 1,000 likes. “Hey, check out my new Ferrari,” burr, hundreds of thousands of likes. So, don't fucking tell me the world is not shallow, because it is.

Listen, I’m a marketer. I get it. But what I enjoy the most is people that talk shit because I don't hear it. I give it zero weight. A lot of people aren't sharing their wins because they're like, What if I’m showing off in front of my friends? Do you really want to fucking friend in your life that, if you share your wins, they're talking shit about it? [10:04.8]

I want you to think about that. If you share a win and they talked about it, why the hell is this person called your friend in your world? By the way, you're the one fucking up if you know what we're talking about today right now, if you allow shitty people in your life. It's your own damn fault.

One of the guys, recently, the guy that made me think about this show, he posted privately in a group about, Hey, man, my guy is blowing me up—I’m paraphrasing all this—but he's saying, Hey, man, slow it down. Don't be so show-offish. We have a company. Our employees are watching and our competitors are watching. That could use it as a wedge in us or whatever. It got me thinking. I’m like, Seriously?

Now, I don't know about you. I spend a lot of money, I know you do, too, on stuff. Am I going to the guy that never posts anything positive? It's only negative or weird shit. Am I giving him my money or am I giving the guy that's winning my money? I don't know about you. Fucking winners want to hang out with winners, period. [11:08.5]

Why would I not want to give my money to this company because the CEO is winning? It makes zero fucking sense. Zero. That's like saying stop shopping at Amazon because fucking Jeff Bezos is definitely winning. He's not driving a Lambo or Rolls-Royce or Ferrari. The motherfucker is driving a spaceship.

For you to sit there and worry about what other people are saying, the negative, about your wins, be thankful that they're talking shit out loud because now you kick them out of your life. Why would you surround yourself with people like that? If I have to worry about what I say or what I share, are they really even my fucking friends, seriously? Are they your friends? [11:59.0]

It's funny to me because the same people that talk shit are typically the ones that are always sharing their losses. “It's rough out there. Man, it's really bad.” They always share the negative news stories. “Steve Johnson got shot. This happened. That happened. Man, when is this going to change.” Eliminate.

Social media is a powerful tool to eliminate clowns out of your life. Yes, this may be your parents. This may be your cousins. This may be your brothers and sisters and uncles or whoever the fuck, your high school buddies that you used to go get stoned with maybe. But they're still talking shit. Get them out of your life. Eliminate or definitely reduce communication with them at all times. Kick them out of your environment. When I posted a story about me buying a fucking Ferrari, I had hundreds of people sending me private messages and messages on the wall, one hundred percent positive. If it's un-positive, I literally would stop, undo, unsubscribe, block. [13:01.4]

Guys, this is your shot at life. This is your only one shot and you're worried about what other people think? Think about how fucking childish this is. By the way, if I share something and it makes you feel weird, that's on you. It has nothing to do with me. Truth is I might not even know you fucking exist, so why would it hold any weight?

How does it make you feel when you see someone winning? Do you get inspired or do you get pissed or do you get angry? Don't get envious. It's overrated. Why? Why be envious? It means nothing. You don't know the story, the whole story, right? If anything, I like to share my wins because I want people to be a part of the journey of growth with me. Like I said, if I shared all the shit I’ve got going on, it would really look like I was bragging. Not to say there aren’t lots of losses in this either. I share my losses as well. If I shared all my losses, you would definitely think I’m part of your friends group possibly because I’m fucking talking negative all the time. [14:11.8]

We live in a funny world if you can't hang and roll with people that inspire you. I absolutely get excited when my friends are winning. It gets me excited because I know what they've been through to get to that point and moment. Guys, just trust me on this, anybody that's winning had to put a lot of work and energy and effort to get there. It does not just show up by accident at all.

If you see someone winning, know that your lazy, you’ve probably been watching football all fucking weekend and these guys are working all weekend, and you're mad. How could you be mad? You're not mad at them. You're mad at your fucking self because you know damn well better that you're being lazy. You know you're not putting in the work. [15:01.0]

You can't be an investor like me because you haven’t fucking lost as many times as I have. How many hours? Tens of thousands of hours of working with investments over and over and over and I still lose, and yet you're too fucking chicken shit to make a $10,000 investment in yourself, and yet you want to talk shit about someone that's crushing life because they spend 100, 200, 300 grand a year in personal development for themselves every fucking year. You know better. Wins don't just show up.

By the way, you think it's a win. They think it's just a checkpoint in the destination. They're just sharing their journey. I don't know about you, but I don't think you’ve got guys and gals sitting in late, and I’m talking to guys in particular right now, guys sitting in bed, dreaming about a fucking minivan, what they call man vans. There's nothing fucking manly about them. You’ve literally had your nuts cut off if you're driving them. That's what I believe. You don't have to like it. I’m not talking. Yeah, yeah, I am, I am talking shit, because I would never do it. If anything, buy a big Sprinter van, spend 110 gees on a badass Mercedes van, that's different. [16:21.0]

It reminds me of a partner I used to have. I should have known better because he had a minivan. “But, Mark, it's a Honda Odyssey. It's the best minivan in the world.” Dude, you can say whatever you want to yourself. It will never be right to me for a guy driving a fucking minivan, ever, true story, ever. Ever, ever, ever. Right? But as he's rolling around in this fucking minivan, acting like he's King Ding-a-ling and I’m driving a very manly truck, Chevy 2500 four-wheel drive, extended cab, decked out, whatever, right, that was my thing back then, and then I also had the Rover. [17:05.5]

He said something interesting to me that I want to share with you. He had a shitty Toyota Corolla. I’ve bought thousands of houses, thousands of houses, and he said, “Mark, we can't pull up in a nice car, because if we do, they won't sell it to us, and if they do, they're going to sell it for too much.” I said, “Huh?” Now, keep in mind, he was older than me. I was pretty naïve, I was in my young twenties at this point, and I was like, Okay, yeah, man, if you say so. I should have stood my ground. I didn't. I fucking was weak, clearly.

We jump into his shitty Corolla. We go to a motivated seller's house and we close the deal and make money, and in his peon brain, my fault, by the way, he said, “Mark, the only reason we’ve got this deal is because we pulled up in the Toyota Corolla,” and I was thinking to myself, I was like, Dude, I fucking had the deal closed via the phone already. We didn't even have to come to the house. [18:14.2]

Yet we create these stories in our brain that allow people to live below their means. They allow people to talk because they know damn well they're not doing the work to get what they really want. See, he couldn't afford the fucking Rover that I had. He couldn't afford the nice truck that I had. I’m not judging. It's the facts.

But instead of him saying, Yo, man, I want to learn how to get what you’ve got, I want to learn how to go higher. It's not exactly what I’ve got, but I want to step my game up. Instead, he lied to me to minimize. Actually he probably wasn't. He has already lied to himself so much, he believed his own lie, so he minimized his dreams and shared it with me and I listened to it. I heard it for about one fucking minute, one deal actually, true story, because I told him he's full of shit. Clearly, our partnership did not last much longer after that. [19:04.5]

What was interesting, I find out that he was literally milking my company for tens of thousands of dollars, i.e. a fucking thief. Why did he talk shit? Why did he talk about minimizing his dreams? Because he didn't know how to go earn. He didn't know how to go make. I do. You do. If no one is showing you what winning really looks like on the journey, then who does? Where do you learn it from?

What I enjoy most about social media is you can literally ride with me daily on the journey of life, through micro clips and moments, and get a jump. You can see where I started. You can see what I did two months later, two years later, 20 years later, and so forth, so it didn't happen overnight.

See, the problem is, back in the old days, you open up a magazine, they're talking about Warren Buffett or Jeff Bezos or whoever the hell they're talking about and you're literally thinking I want to be that. But the problem is what you don't realize is that it's 30 years in the making, so I share the good and the bad. [20:15.8]

By the way, me losing is a win. Why? Because I’m learning. Most of you lose, you fucking think, Oh my god, it's over, it’s over, it’s so bad, you don't understand. I do understand. I fucking lose every day. It's how you frame it. It's what you learned from it.

Back to the story of my buddy who is worth hundreds of millions of dollars that had that Porsche. He, for real, got rid of it and got a Ford fucking Escape, not even joking, and I went to his office and I pulled up in the Phantom, and this is a badass office. It's a $40-million facility in all glass, beautiful, really over the top, I mean, just really amazing. [21:00.0]

I remember pulling up and literally there are 20 guys practically licking the glass as I’m pulling into the drive because these are sales guys and they love fucking nice cars. They love it. I do. I have them and I still love it. When I see a nice car, I like it, because I know what it takes to get it. I sit there and see him drooling about it, and I come in, I’m talking to him.

When I left, my buddy texted me. He was like, Dude, that was awesome.

I was like, What was awesome?

He was like, Dude, the team is amped up.

I’m like, Amped up about what?

He was like, They all love nice cars. That's why they're here. They want to earn big and buy a cool car. They want to do it.

Guys, these are young twenties and young thirties kids. They want to buy neat things. They've never had the money, so when you get it, sometimes it's kind of the first thing you want to do, buy a cool car, buy a house, take care of your parents, whatever, which is awesome. That’s how you learn. [22:03.6]

I asked him and I was like, Dude, when are you getting the Porsche? because, again, he thought it was showing off when clearly it has not. This is the story he has created in his brain. This is what his father has probably told him his whole life, his brother, his cousin, his uncle, whoever, thinking he’s showing off.

What if you stopped saying, I’m showing off and I’m inspiring. Is it showing off when you pull up your shirt and you show me your six-pack abs or is that inspiring me to become a better human being? Now, by the way, if you do that, I might get pissed. I’m not off at you, though. I’m off at myself because I haven't dedicated my efforts, my time, my energy and my goals to get what you have. See, there's a difference. Who are you pissed off at and why are you off? [23:00.0]

I personally think all of us, you, me, all of us, should be sharing our wins more often. There's a proper way to share and there's a wrong way to share, and you have to figure that out through the journey of sharing, because you don't want to be douchey, like, Man, I just made a million dollars, I’m not going to do anything today, as opposed to saying, I never in a million years thought I could make a million dollars in one day.

I’ve done fucking podcast shows about this shit. It's not gloating. It's not trying to impress, but to impress upon what is possible. If a hillbilly fucking redneck Mark Evans DM can do it, why can't you? If someone else out there in the world has done it, why can't you? Black, white, Asian, purple, pink, gay, whatever the fuck you want to call it, you're a human, and if someone from your world has accomplished something that you want, then you can't be a fucking victim. You have to acknowledge it and go earn it. But, again, how do you know what winning looks like? Who are you looking for wins with? Who are you rolling with? [24:14.5]

Me and my boys are texting, “Yo, man, when you get in the jet.” Winning.

“Yo, man, are you hopping on the yacht this month?” Winning.

“Hey, man, just bought a new car. Check it out.” Winning.

Who are you sharing your wins with? Because, fuck, you're sharing all your losses with everybody. You're complaining. You're crying. You're talking to everyone about all the fucking problems. Get over it. Who are you sharing your wins with? “But you don't understand, I come from a very conservative background.” I don't give a fuck. I don't need to understand your bullshit story you tell yourself. That's on you. There are people watching you, if you know it or not, I promise you. Change your narrative. [25:01.7]

If you want different results, change your narrative. Start talking about winning. Start talking about the struggles of success. Start talking about your improvements. Start sharing, Hey, guys, I made an investment in myself of 50 fucking thousand dollars to make myself better. “Dude, you're bragging.” Who the fuck am I bragging to? Kids and people and adults that have a college degree that pay 200 grand that are still paying on it 30 years later that don't even have a job in the career they went for? That's what I’m worried about? I don't give a fuck what they say because it's pointless. It's meaningless. It means nothing to me and my success. Zilch.

Then they'll downplay it. “Dude. That's a scam. If they’re so good at doing what they do, why are they only charging 50 grand? Be careful. I’ve heard about these Ponzi schemes.” How the fuck is it a Ponzi scheme when you're paying 50 grand to invest in your education yourself? It's called ignorance. They're ignorant to the fact. Don't let them hold you back. You're better than that and you need to be sharing it. [26:11.2]

My boy is coming out, Lions Den, seven days. He's open for that thing I think in the next seven or 10 days or whatever and people pay 350 a month or whatever it is. Share that shit. Let people know you're getting your dialed in. You're becoming a better human being. You're going to start winning more, so be fucking ready. Share it.

Most of you are silently hiding behind your screen and your little world saying, I don't want to … I don't want to show off. I don't want people to judge me. Listen, you're being fucking judged no matter what you think anyway. Just by the way you look, where you live, you're already being judged. There's nothing you can do about it. [26:57.7]

But here's what my biggest concern is. What about your nephew, your niece, your local church people that you go hang out at church with or whatever, these groups you roll with? What about that one person that is waiting for someone to show them what winning looks like so they can model it?

Are you so caught up on yourself wondering what others will think that you're not willing to change someone's life? I can tell you right now, one hundred percent, by me sharing my cars, my houses, me jumping on private jets, me hopping on yachts all the time with the kids and the family, all this shit, all this stuff, me growing companies, me learning how to execute bigger visions, doing these podcasts shows, writing books, all this shit, one hundred percent, without a shadow of a doubt, I fucking change people's lives, way more lives than I’d do if I did zero. [27:56.3]

If I don't share, how would you know? If you don't share, how will the people following you that are paying attention to you, how will they not know? How are they going to know what it looks like? You need to become the beacon for them, let them know that there is opportunity out there.

Everyone knows. I grew up in small-town Ohio, no stops, stoplights, no cops, 650 people hillbilly all the way. If you're listening and you're a hillbilly, I grew up in the trailer court until I was 10 years old. I never met someone who made over 100 grand a year, and that's what I wanted. I wanted to make a lot of money because I only saw my parents fighting about money. These are true stories.

If I share that story, then people listen to it and they're like, Dude, that's my story. I have similar stories or whatever. Then we connect and then we grow together. That's what sharing is about. Sharing, to me, is caring, winning or losing. You have to share your story, whereas my boy always says, Sean, live your truth because that's all we’ve got. Most of you are fronting. [29:13.2]

By the way, it doesn't have to be a brand new car. It could be a new hire in your company. By the way, this creates amazing accountability. You hire a new person, you share, and then now you're going to see. Again, it’s an accountability factor to the world. That's who I share my wins with, by the way. I share my wins to the world. I post on social, I write books, I do podcast shows, etc., because I want to share.

I genuinely want to help people accomplish what they're capable of and beyond, because I’m still trying to. I’m still growing. I’m still learning. As I’m talking to you, I’m on a 72-day … 72-hour fast. Seventy-two days, that's a … A 72-hour fast. That’s just going to be more like 89 hours. I have my goals sheet in front of me. I have next until the 7th and I have in front of me. Scorecards, massage, yoga, sauna, treehouse done, eat a hundred percent, two workouts. I have my stuff in front of me, my wins. [30:11.6]

By the way, this is fucking winning. Me doing the sauna for 20 minutes a day, me doing yoga for an hour a week with my wife, me doing two workouts, me waking up daily at 4:44 or sooner, other stuff in here, selling a company—that's actually closing this week—getting a massive seven figures from my boy, Mike, this week on something we're working on, winning, for this moment. This is just literally a smidget in time. I’ll be looking back at this five years from now saying, I only sold a business for what? Wait, I only got 1.4 million from my … oh, fuck, why didn't I ask for four? Why didn't I ask for 40? Why didn't I ask for 400 million?

Sauna, yoga, massage, three very important things. Treehouse done, very important things over here, seriously, because that means I’m staying connected with my family, take care of me to take care of them, sharing my wins consistently. [31:06.8]

Got two podcast shows. I’ve got a speech I’ve got to speak out on the 7th, actually on the 8th. I’ve got to shed a couple of pounds. I’ve got to get focused. A struggle and a win. Share the struggle, share the solution, and share the win. Ingrain people in the story. They didn't just wake up and be fit. I had to fucking bust my ass. I had to do work when I didn't want to do work. I had to eat a salad when I wanted to eat three pizzas. Do the work. Show them what it looks like. Show them, my friends, what it looks like to be successful, what it looks like to win, how it feels.

When I bought my dad that Corvette I shared with you guys, that's a massive fucking win. I shared it with you guys. I’ve had many people message me, still get messages the day about it. “Dude, I’ve always wanted to do it for my dad. You inspired me to do it for him today.” Yes. [32:06.0]

You winning doesn't mean I have to lose. Me winning doesn't mean you have to lose. We can all fucking win because we're trying to win on different things, different levels. Winning is contagious. Get around it, because I can promise you, losing is massively contagious and that's where most people or the average is hanging out 24-fucking-7, and no one listening to the show is fucking average.

I’m going to share more on that later on the next show maybe, but average sucks. Average will steal your soul. If you're a hustler, if you're hungry and you want more out of life, if you're trying to be average or you're living in average, you know damn well, I’m being straight up with you, it's not a fun place to be. It will literally swipe your soul from you. [32:52.7]

I want you to know, I want you to tag me, @MarkEvansDM on social media. I want you to share your win, share a win, a win that's so big and [made you] so afraid that you've probably never shared it with someone except your inner circle, your wife or your spouse or husband, whatever. I want you to tag me, share your win. Let's start sharing wins together. We're winning.

Right now, as you pay attention to the world, you think everybody is losing. I can promise you, the world I live in, most people are winning and some people are winning on a massive level and some people are winning at beginning levels, but we're winning.

Not to say there aren’t tough times in winning. It's part of winning. But let's share this story. Tag me @MarkEvansDM. Let me know what you're winning. Maybe you went out and left your W-2 job. Maybe you did something cool with your kids. Maybe you bought your parents something cool. Maybe you bought your grandparents something cool. Maybe you set up a personal bank account for your kids that are 12 years old. Maybe you set up an IRA or a Coverdell for your children to grow. Winning. [34:05.3]

I want to win with you. Winners win. Winners win and I want you to be a winner. I want us all to be winners. Get out there. Tag me. Let me know what you're winning at. I appreciate you being here. I hope this helps you and I look forward to seeing the other side. With that said, make today count. Peace.

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