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Most entrepreneurs are miserable. They might make a lot of money and have a lot of freedom, but they trap themselves in agony. 


Because they don’t give themselves permission to do whatever they want. Instead of buying a Lambo, they ask others for permission and drown themselves in mediocrity. 

Buying a Lambo doesn’t mean you can’t also invest $300,000 in a new business, crypto, or real estate. You can do both — but you have to give yourself permission FIRST. 

In this episode, I’m revealing how to finally give yourself permission so you can live your dreams instead of living in everyone else’s mediocrity. 

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • Why cigars help you connect with people in today’s world more effectively than “talking shop” (2:08) 
  • How donating to charity grows your business (3:47) 
  • The “Newspaper Secret” created by one of the world’s greatest marketers for building lifelong friendships with strangers (5:45) 
  • The counterintuitive way setting cosmic-sized goals instantly makes you more accountable (9:04) 
  • Why paying your babysitter when you travel and don’t need her makes your business more profitable (9:38) 
  • How money sabotages your relationships (11:38) 
  • Why entrepreneurs subconsciously cage themselves in misery (and how to break free from your self-induced chains) (17:07) 
  • How blowing over $300,000 on a Lambo helps you make more money (20:27) 
  • The “PCE Strategy” that helps you drive exotic cars, live in a $5 million mansion, and achieve all your wildest dreams without ever worrying about money again (28:22) 

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Read Full Transcript

Welcome to the “Making of a DM.” Have you given yourself permission to succeed in life and business? With that said, let's get started.

Mark: Hey, there. It’s your boy, Mark Evans DM. Welcome to another podcast show of The Making of a DM. Hey, I want to take a quick second and say thank you guys and gals very much. I’ve got a lot of you reposting the shows with amazing messages, so, seriously, thank you very much. [00:59.6]

If you get a chance, if you haven't done so, hop over to iTunes or wherever you listen to the podcast show and leave a five-star review. It really helps people get more visibility to see the show and find more people that we can all connect with as a whole. Guys, this is a community and connection of high-quality people. Again, thank you guys for the support, sharing and caring. It means a lot to me, for real.

Today's show is going to be very powerful. I’ve got a lot of cool stuff to share with you. I just got back. I’m sitting here in Parkland, Fla., again, but I just got back from Lake Powell, hanging out with my buddy, Sean Whalen, Lions Not Sheep. If you guys don't know him, who he is, you should check them out around IG or Facebook, Lions Not Sheep. Buy some of his apparel, support the vision and purpose and all that, very cool stuff.

But, anyway, it's kind of cool. Sean and I met on social media. He messaged me or I messaged him. We’ve kind of talked about that. We're not sure how it all started and it wasn't about business. How we met is actually through a picture of cigars. I shot him a picture or he shot me a picture and he was like, Hey, what's up, man. Thinking about ya and it's just a picture of us smoking a cigar. [02:08.4]

His book called Making Sh*t Happen has sold over 600,000 copies, and there are two pictures in the book, one of him snapping a pic to me and one of me snapping a pic to him of how to connect with people in today's world. A lot of times in business, I’m in real estate and I own a bunch of other companies and he does as well, a lot of times we think the way to get to people talking business and this and that, the truth is, and this is a tip, by the way, find something they're passionate about. A lot of times it could be charities. A lot of times it could be just simple cigars, maybe bourbon, maybe beer, I don't know what you're up to, but whatever it is, you could find a lot of cool ways to connect with people at a different level and get away from all the noise.

Picture that someone is calling me every day. Dude, I need help, man. I need money. I need help. I need this. I need that. I need this. I need that. As opposed to like, Yo, man, sitting out here by the pool, smoking a great stick, thinking about you. Appreciate everything you've done. Keep up the great work. Boom. You almost have to reply to that. [03:10.0]

I don't have to reply when you say, Yo, man, I need money. Yo, man, I need your help. Hey, do you have a buyer for this property or that? Or, Hey, man, my business is stuck at a million dollars a year. Can you help me get to five million a year? These are things that were never taught to me, ever. It's something I’ve done because I genuinely like people, for real, and I’m not saying that to be silly. I like people. I love to connect with people at a deeper level. Most people out there are very surface-level driven that I’ve noticed and I’ve been a part of. I’ve seen it happen many, many, many times. This is a great hack if you want to connect with people.

Another great way is charity. You can connect with people at a high level through charity. You understand, I know you're chasing the money. You're trying to build a business. You're trying to build your life. You're trying to make more money, which is cool. But there is another level of people out there that's accomplished high level things in business in life and the financial, they have the financial resources, right? And what they're dreaming about and lying in bed thinking about is “How do I give back?” [04:18.5]

See, how I grew up is I thought if you made a lot of money, you just made a lot more money and didn't do anything good with it. The truth is everyone I know personally, we're trying to make a lot of money to give a lot of money away and it's something we think about, we dream about, we write our goals about. See, right now you might be journaling like, I want to make a lot of money. There's someone else on the other side of that journal, journaling like, Money is not my problem. I want to give away my wealth. I want to share. I want to help other people.

And this is how I met Richard Branson. I donated to his mother's charity. It's cool, right? Think about this. Richard Branson, billionaire, his mother has a charity and I donated to it. Me and Deena were hanging out with him and 200 other people at a nice dinner, celebrities galore. We're hanging out, talking to them. They're talking to us. We're seeing where they're at, what's going on. [05:13.5]

It's neat to support someone else's vision or something really powerful to it. I’m not best friends with them, but, again, at the end of the day, if you want to deepen relationships, find what they're passionate about. Find what's driving them. It's not money, by the way, typically. Very rarely is. It's going to be their purpose-driven pieces, i.e. charity. Find out what they're passionate about. Maybe it's kids. Maybe it's a schoolwork. Maybe it's art. Whatever it is just say, Hey, man, I’m thinking about you.

It reminds me of a marketer. His name is Dan Kennedy and I’ve done this many times, too, so that's why I’m thinking about it because he's the one that I think I learned it from. Back in the day, before the internet, before cell phones could take pictures and all that, I would actually see news clippings in the newspaper and I’d cut it out and send it to people I thought about. [06:06.2]

I would send it to my buddy in New York. Hey, man, I see the New York real estate market is booming. This is an article written in Columbus, Ohio. Great job. Keep up the great work. I’m thinking about you. Just that second, that minute, them receiving that letter really changes the relationship. He's still my buddy 20 years later and I’ve done this many, many times. I’m not doing it just to be your buddy. I’m doing it because I’m genuinely thinking about you. If we happen to become friends after that, cool, if not, it is what it is. I’ll probably still be thinking about you eventually.

These are things that you can do and how Sean Whalen and I met is, like I said, through social, through the cigar post, and then I’m in his book. He didn't even tell me I was in it. He actually launched it and then I was just in it and people started reaching out to me, and then through that process, I was in the Caribbean on a yacht and I shot him a call and said, “Yo, man, why don't you hop in down here for three days with me and my fam? It'd be awesome. Hanging out on a yacht, it doesn’t suck. Come down.” And he said, “I’m in.” [07:09.2]

Within 24 or 48 hours, he flew into the Caribbean. I had the dinghy pick him up, and the first time Sean and I met was on the back of a yacht, him pulling up on the dinghy, me sitting on the back of the yacht, hanging out, ready to chill with them with the cigar, and that's how the story goes and that's real, and he hit me up.

By the way, we've been on the yacht multiple times now and we've done a bunch of other stuff, but one interesting note, we've never done business together. We talk a lot of business. We talk about growth. We talk about life. We talk about how to be a better human being and this and that, but we don't … It's not that we don't want to. It's just it's not something that's driving us to connect with to do business. I don't need anything from him. He doesn't need anything from me. Those are usually pretty good relationships from my experience. [08:01.5]

Not to say we won't because I know there's huge opportunities somewhere, but it's a timing thing. It is what it is. I’m not in a rush. He's not in a rush. And who knows? Maybe we'll never do business together. But one thing we will do together is we'll help support each other. We'll be there if we need a friend or a call to connect. It's always real talk, too. It's not some fluffy bullshit like, Oh, you're doing a great job. It's more like, Yo, man, step your shit up. You know you're slacking.

I think a lot of people are afraid. Everyone says they want accountability until they're held accountable. Let me say that again because this is a real thing. Everyone says they want accountability partners until they're held accountable. Right? I see this all the time where people are like, Dude, I need an accountability partner. Number one, if you're not accountable to yourself, you're in trouble already, and Number two, it's cool to have someone to connect with, but if your accountability partner is a slacker like you are, the accountability is only as good as the accountable person to the situation, are you following? [09:03.7]

For me and you, what we need to realize is that you've got to set a bigger goal. You’ve got to get bigger. I did a show about this. Most people are trying to lose five pounds. The accountability is lacking. If you're trying to lose 100 pounds, the accountability is a little bit different. Your emotions, your actions, your efforts are drastically different.

But as I digress, I want to share with you about Lake Powell. I’ve never been there. He called me up. He was like, Yo, man, you want to come out? I was like, Yep, I’ll be there. A week later, me and my fam is there. A couple of things I do and I just want to share this. This isn't meant to be, by the way. I’m just sharing with you my thoughts about taking care of people.

We have a nanny and we have a homeschool teacher, and when we take a vacation, we pay them. We pay them to be off. I do that because, one, they didn't make the vacation, we made it, and, two, when you have great people in your life, you want to keep them around in your life. And a lot of people, especially in those roles, would leave, right? They're like, Oh, I can't handle not making 800 a week or whatever the number is, I don't even know what it is, but whatever it is. [10:16.3]

Instead of like, I see so many people nickeling and diming them way to great people, like, dude, I want A players. I want amazing people in my life. But all their actions are C level at best. You’ve got to stop for a minute and put yourself in their shoes. They're working hard. They’re showing up every day. They’re working 40 hours a week or whatever hours a week. Are you getting the results you want? It's either yes or no, by the way, and if it's yes, you’ve got to figure out how to make them a part of your family. You’ve got to make sure that they're taken care of because they're taking care of you and your family. [10:56.5]

And this is not what I used to do. I used to do like, Dude, it’s just the babysitter. No big deal. Don't pay them. This was a long, long time ago. But now understanding it's a very amazing gesture, creates amazing connections at a whole nother level with your team. She loves our kids. The kids love her. Why wouldn't we want her to be financially happy? See, this is not about just money. It's about the relationship. It's about the longevity of the relationship, and when you find A people, A+ people, you’d better keep them around because they're few and far between.

I see a lot of you guys and gals that have great people in their lives, but always make money a thing, and then when money becomes a thing, they go away. So, make money not a thing, focus on the results of what they're getting you and make sure it's like what you expect or where you want to be, and that's just a side note. [11:59.5]

But as we go to Lake Powell, on the jet with the kiddos, I don't know about you guys, but when I travel, my mind is thinking a little bit differently. I have my notebook. I’m on the jet. The kids are running around under my feet, hanging out, whatever they do, eating cheese that's everywhere.

But I start thinking that I’m on a jet, it's $50,000 for this flight, right? Again, this isn't bragging. These are facts. But who gave me permission to spend $50,000, 47,800 to be exact, but round up to 50 gees? Who gave me permission? Who gave me permission to leave my company for a week without cell phone reception, without internet connection? I had zero contact with the team. Who gave me permission to do that? Who gave me permission to be able to hang out with my family and disconnect, to reconnect? Who gave me permission to leave at that next level? Right? Kind of what we're talking about. [13:12.6]

The number one thing I see in people not succeeding at the level they could is they're not giving themselves permission to do the things they want to do, do the things that they've been dreaming of. I want to ask you a couple of questions here. Do you deserve success? Seriously, do you deserve success? Do you deserve amazing friends? Do you deserve amazing health?

My goal in life is to help people stop struggling and, unfortunately, I talk to people every day, struggling at all levels. See, a lot of times, most are looking for permission, but the question is who are you calling to get permission from? Who do you ask for permission? [14:09.5]

Number one, let me just be very crystal clear, you don't need fucking permission from anybody but yourself. Let's just be clear on that. However, the world we live in, we live in a world from outside influence or permission like, Hey, Mark, do you think this is a good idea? Fuck, yeah, it is.

Hey, Mark, you think I’m getting ready to buy a Rolls-Royce Wraith? What do you think? Yes, buy it.

Hey, Mark. I’m thinking about taking a trip with my family for a week to connect. What should I do? Take the fucking trip, but make sure you do it in first-class style.

Who's giving you permission? Most of you are calling your friends or asking family members that don't have what they want. The truth is you're asking permission from others that have never given themselves permission to be fucking amazing. Do you understand that? [14:57.0]

Picture this. You're sitting there trying to make an investment of $40,000 in something, yourself probably, and you're going to ask a person that might make that in a year about what they think about this. Oh, it's a scam. Jesus, if that's worked so well, why is it only 40 grand, and blah, blah, blah, whatever horseshit they say, and you could listen to them and actually believe them. So, you have to be careful who you ask permission from, absolutely careful.

I would never, ever, and I love my parents to death, I would never, ever, ever call them and say, Hey, dad, I’m thinking about buying a $5 million house. What do you think? He couldn't even wrap his head around it, let alone give me permission to do it. His permission would be excuses and protection. My permission is, if not me, then who? If not now, then when? If not why, why? Why not me? [16:04.3]

I'm not saying go out here and be reckless, by the way. I’m talking about awareness. See, for me to take that flight, true story, when I first took my jet, I was scared. I did not feel like I belonged. I felt like, Why in the hell am I doing this? I’m being naive. I’m being silly. I’m taking advantage of a situation. My kids. I could use that money somewhere else in so many other places. I could donate it and help people.

Then, here's what I really did. I just started asking a different question. Why can't I do both? Why can't I do both? Why do I have to put myself through misery to give away? Who am I asking permission for and why? When I was on the jet for the first time, like I said, I was scared, overwhelmed, frustrated, but why can't I do both? [17:06.0]

Entrepreneurs, people, in general, tend to put themselves through misery. I have a lot of entrepreneur guys I’ve helped over the years, many hundreds, if not thousands of guys and gals, and one of the number one things I see is most entrepreneurs I work with are amazing people. They truly want to give at the highest level. They're really building it for themselves and their family. But what's always interesting to me is very few of them have exactly what they want, because they've genuinely never given themselves permission to be able to get what they want.

For example, I have a group called the DM Family. It's 35 grand a year, about to be 50 grand a year, small group, 33 guys, and we're talking about this particular subject as of now. One guy is very wealthy, has enough money. He could do this in his sleep. But he has never given himself permission to be able to pull the trigger on this one thing and this one thing is a Lamborghini. [18:07.7]

He wants to buy a new Lamborghini and he wants to buy a cool second house on the beach. Costs millions of dollars. The Lamborghini is 300,000, let's say, and he's asking, What should we do? What should I do? You guys know my answer. I know this guy's situation. He's very selfless, not selfish, but selfless, and it's like, Dude, buy the fucking Lambo. Next question. What color is it? What does the stitching look like? Which model are you getting? What year? Blah, blah, blah, right? That's where I instantly go.

It's interesting to me, an entrepreneur could be dreaming about something for 20 years and never be able to get it, be able to accomplish the dream, and yet never pulled the trigger because they've not given themselves permission.

Here's what they instantly move to: what will others think?

Answer: who gives a fuck? [19:05.2]

I don't care what you think. I don't control you, FYI. You control you. I don't. I could give two fucks what you think about me, period. I don't care if I drive a Pinto, a Ferrari, a Bugatti, whatever. It doesn't matter to me what you think. By the way, everyone has an opinion, right? Most don't count. Actually, none do, except mine. But permission.

Then he says, Okay, I get that a little bit, but what does it say about me? Am I being naive? Couldn’t I take this money and put it into an investment? The answer is always yes. See, this is the catch 22. The answer's always, yes, you can put it in another investment, but the next question is what does that mean? And why can't I do both? See, it's not this or that. It's why can't I do both? Why can't I do it all? [20:06.3]

Why are you even here if you're not trying to do it all anyway? The people that do it all are the ones that are giving themselves permission at the right time or actually at all times. You could be healthy. You could be wealthy. You could be amazingly impactful. The truth is, when he buys this Lamborghini, he will literally make more money to be able to give more money away. Why? Because Lamborghinis, exotic cars, in general, typically attract eyeballs.

Yeah, but, Mark, isn't that shallow? No, you're fucking shallow if you think that shallow. To me, it's inspiring. To me, it says I have balls. I have grit. I’ve worked my ass off to get this car. It's all in how you frame it. [21:01.8]

What do you see when someone pulls in a Lambo? I see hard work and effort. I see determination. I see someone actually living their dream. You don't buy a fucking Lamborghini because it's not your dream. You buy it because it is your dream.

See, that's what I love about exotics. I’ve been buying nice cars. Really, I’ve always been a car guy, right, or a watch guy or whatever. Funny thing is, here's what happened. This is a true story. I’m telling you about the guy with the Lambo and then he's talking about his house, which is cool, whatever, and then the next day we messaged him like, Yo, dude, you in motion on this Lamborghini.

See, we're holding him accountable. He's like, Man, me and my big mouth, ah. See, that's the fucking problem. You talk to guys like us. We're going to make sure you get results. It's not your big mouth. It's your small mindset that's holding you back. [22:07.0]

Two different things. See, you're not taking. You're actually getting. Then he says something very interesting and I’ve seen this happen multitudes of times in my life. I’ve done this myself, so I’m not knocking it. I’m talking about real talk. He said, “Man, I think I just like watches better actually.” Huh? Why the fuck didn't we talk about that then?

What this is called is downplaying a situation because you're being held accountable to something that's scaring the holy shit out of you. See, he can fathom spending 30 gees on a watch, but he can't fathom spending $300,000 on a car. Isn't it too flashy? Isn't this a blah, blah, blah? I’m like, Dude, here's the thing, buy both or none. Oh, man, you're busting my balls. No, buy both or none. You can afford both. You can do both, but why are you now downplaying? [23:06.4]

The thing is he thinks he's downplaying it. I’m actually adding to it. Buy the Lambo and by the 30k watch. Buy them both. You just cost yourself an extra 30 grand for opening up your big mouth. When you do these things, guys, again, if you ask your spouse, typically, she’ll be like, Jeez, oh, my God, we can't afford that. Your friends from high school that are barely skimming by and by or people around you that have given up on their dreams, they don't even dream anymore.

You don't have to believe me. Go ask them what their dreams are. Go ask your best closest friends what their dreams are, what their goals are. Oh, man, I just hope I get the raise this month. That ain't a fucking dream. That ain't a goal, by the way. That's a wish. My dad always told me, wish in one hand, shit in the other, and see which one fills up first. See, if you desire this shit, these are dreams without action steps. [24:06.0]

I have so many big dreams, true story. When I was in Lake Norman. Lake Norman. Lake Powell. Lake Norman is amazing, too, in North Carolina as well, but Lake Powell in Page, Ariz., we closed on a new house here in Florida. It's not the house that I want, but there are no houses that I want on the market and I have people messaging them, trying to buy them.

But we paid cash for another house. I couldn't call my dad and say, Hey, dad, I’m paying cash for another house. He'd be like, Oh, my God, how do you afford to do it? What are you talking about? Are you crazy? You already have another house. It’s always something, right? And I’m not knocking him or them. You’ve got to understand this is my life and I barely understand it. I’m still learning from it. How can I expect them to get it, right? [24:58.4]

But it's cool because technology has allowed us to do it. I wired the money days before my team was able to initiate the contracts, get the insurance set up and close the deal out, while I was there with no internet, no Wi-Fi, no cell phone service, nothing, except time to think. I gave my permission to live in the place we live in. I gave my permission to buy the house in Ohio with 14 acres because I didn't want to deal with the shit around me at the other house. I gave my permission, myself permission, to drive the Rolls-Royces, to have the nice cars, to have the nice houses, to take the cool trips, to take the jet when I want. None of this happens without giving yourself permission.

By the way, the car you're driving, the house you live in, the things, where you go to dinner, all that, you've given yourself permission to have those things. You know that right? Or they wouldn’t have even happened.
Have you even put any thought into why you live in a shitty house or have a shitty car? When I had shitty cars and shitty houses, I gave myself permission to buy those shitty things, but the extra side of that coin is I actually made it sound normal. I normalized shittiness to protect my ego. [26:14.3]

You've got permission from me and people way beyond us to live the life of your wildest dreams, to buy any car you could ever imagine, to buy any yacht you've ever imagined, to buy any house you've ever imagined. And, again, it's not materialistic. If you think it's materialistic, that says more about you than me. I’m just using these as examples. Go, give bigger to a charity. We just gave over almost $300,000 away, when I’m paying cash for a house the same week, to help 500 people in a country in Haiti that I’ll probably never ever meet, because I know we’ve got to give back. If I can't give back with a little, I can't give back with a lot. These are the things that run through my head, but I’ve given myself permission to give at a bigger level. [27:12.8]

You understand, folks, 300 fucking thousand dollars where I’m from, my parents don't even have that in their life savings, their retirement, not even actually probably 20% of that, and I just gave it away to help people I’ll never meet in a country I don't even live in. This isn't bragging. This is the facts. Permission to live the life of abundance.

How do you walk around saying you're fucking abundant when all your action steps are minimalist? You minimize them all. You don't have to believe me. Look at your checking account. Look at your house. Look at your cars. Look at where you're vacationing. Look at your thought process when you book shit. Look at your thought process when you go to give. [28:05.8]

I’m not saying this shit is easy. It has taken me years to figure this out. I’m still trying to figure it out. I’m still trying to think, Oh, my God, I made that commitment. Commit and execute. Permission, commitment, execution. When you do this, things start opening up to a whole nother level, a level that you probably don't even know it exists.

When do you get sick and tired of being sick and tired? When you say enough is enough, I’m busting my ass for all of this? I’m not saying go out there and cause financial distress. I’m saying pay attention and put stress on different environments where you can grow. [29:01.7]

If you can make a million a year, why can't you make 10 million a year? If you can make 100 grand a year, why can't you make a million a year or 500 grand a year, and then a million and then 2 million, and then 20 million? Because you haven't given yourself permission to unlock the doors that allow that thought process to become a reality. This sounds so simple, and yet so complex.

Are you giving yourself permission? I’ve seen this at the smallest levels. I’ll go to dinner, specifically with people I love the most, my parents or family members. We’ll sit down at a nice steakhouse. Actually, I’ve got a cool story to share with you in a second about this, but a cool steakhouse, and I have to tell my dad to order from the left side of the menu, not the right. What's on the left side, Mark? Glad you asked. It's the meal that you want. What's on the right side? The price. [30:07.4]

Dad, get the filet.

I’m not paying $62.

Well, number one, Dad, you're not paying for it. I am.

I’ll just settle for the… Boom. Always settling. I’ll take the T-bone. I’ll take whatever steak that’s less. Mark, it's only steak. At the end of the day, I’m going to enjoy the one.

Dad, what do you want? Not what can you afford? Not what do you think you can afford? Not what you think you want to settle for? What the fuck do you want?

Folks, this is real. What are you not giving yourself permission to do every single day? Every day. [30:52.4]

My mom's mom is in town. We call her Mommy Jeanie. She hasn't been to town in many, many, many years at my parents' house in Ohio. As I’m speaking to you, today is Friday when I’m recording this, and Saturday I asked my mum. I’m not in town, obviously I’m in Florida, and I was like, Hey, what do you want me to do for you guys? What can I do to give you guys a great day, a great experience, a great time? Whatever it is, you tell me.

Number one, I had to follow up 23 times on it because my mom was like, We don’t need anything. We're just hanging out. Cool, what would you like to do? Then after a lot of probing and pushing, I said, “Hey, here's what we're going to do. We're going to get you a car service,” and because my mom, my dad, my aunts and my mother, my grandmother, take them out and they want to go up an hour and a half to this place called Washington Court House, see her family, her parents' graves that she's never seen, and just a lot of stuff, right? Just family stuff. I called my assistant and said, “Hey, let's get them a limo for the next … I don't care if it's six hours or 10 hours, 100 hours, whatever. Just make it. It needs to be at the house Saturday at 11:00 a.m. to pick them up and then give them the full experience.” [32:07.0]

So, we got the limo. We're getting the limo. It's already gotten. We pick them up tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. Then I was like, What else could you want, Mom? She was like, I’d love to go to Hyde Park, and Hyde Park is a really nice steakhouse that I have been going to for many, many years. I love that place and my boy, Paul, is one of the servers. He's been there forever. He served me many, many times and many people I’ve sent to Ohio, and as I was like, Dude, get with Paul, my assistant, and make sure we can get them in at five o'clock and he serves them.

I’m paying, obviously, and don't all this stuff, so it's like I’ve given myself permission to invest a couple thousand dollars from my mom and her mom, and my aunts and my father to go have a relaxed day, something they would never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever do. They're not renting a limo. They're not going to a nice steakhouse and spending $700 for dinner. They would never do it. It's not even a thought in their brain. They didn’t even know that place existed until I introduced them to it. Seriously, I’m not being silly. That's the truth. [33:08.8]

When they go, again, it's like I’ve given myself permission to share my blessings with other people I care about. I’m trying to think about how to give them experiences that make them say, Holy cow, there's another world out there. I want my dreams to become their dreams, to guide, to show them what's possible, and I do this with family. I do this with friends. I mean, again, we live in a massive abundant world and yesterday we were on a yacht with 12 other entrepreneurs, investors and business owners across the country.

We do that once in a while. It's $5,000 a ticket for one day, eight hours, literally from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on a yacht, hanging out, just talking shop, having some drinks. Got the chef there. The food's coming out.
The drinks are flowing. The jet skis are cranking. The sandbar is rolling out. If this is something that ever interests you, I don't have anything scheduled on this yet, but send me a message over on Instagram and say, “Yacht trips. Send me details,” and then my team will put you on a list and, when we’re ready to have a yacht trip, we'll let you know, but it is five grand. [34:13.5]

The reason I bring that up is we get people that will say, Hey, man, I’m in, and then when we present it to them, they're like, Oh, man, that's kind of too close to what I’ve got going on.

It's like, What's too close?

I need at least three weeks.

Three weeks to do what? Three weeks to plan a one-day trip?

See, if it takes you three weeks to plan a one day trip, you have bigger problems. You don't have a company, right? It's impossible. All entrepreneurs I know, you could call us up today and we could be somewhere else tomorrow. Obviously, something is pending, but we're very flexible because we're business owners. We have things with teams. We have structures. We have an infrastructure. We have CEO, COO, CFO, accounting. I mean, it's a business, and if you don't have that, that's why you need to be on the yacht, because that's the shit we're talking about. [35:03.5]

If you're struggling with pain points, struggling with staff, struggling with these things, you go on a yacht. Give yourself permission to invest $5,000 in yourself. Show up for a day on a yacht. Yes, the yacht is a cool thing, but the real truth is the $5,000 investment says more about you than the act. It's the action, because you've given yourself permission to invest in yourself. You're worth $5,000, aren't you? I hope the answer is yes. The yacht and the conversations and the people you're around will just be an extra bonus for what you're about embark upon.

Do you think if you invest five grand in yourself for one day and there were 11 other guys that did the same thing, that the conversations and what we would talk about as such would be beneficial financially to you? The struggles you have wouldn't might not be struggles at all with the right people. The conversations that you have at home as opposed to the conversation you'll have on the back of a $7 million yacht with 11 other guys could be life-changing. [36:07.7]

How do I know? Because I’ve done it twice and I’ve seen it happen every single time. Every single person on the boat, literally three minutes into it, they're like, Holy shit, I could not imagine if I missed this, just within three minutes. Then we have lunch. Then we have conversation around the talk, and then we're jet skiing and smoking cigars, drinking, whatever, and things change. The biggest thing that has changed is they've given themselves permission to take the next step.

I’m not saying it's easy. I’m not saying you won't be scared. I’m not saying you won't doubt it often. But lean into it. Don't avoid it. Don't run from it, because here's something me and my boy, Matt, were talking about when we were working out this morning—after we go and say, Sold out, the yacht trip is sold out, we get bombarded. Bombarded. Dude, I’ll be on the next one. Man, I just saw this. Man. [37:03.6]

No, you didn't, dickwad. You've looked at the stories for the last week. I know you have because I see your face on there and you've commented multiple times. You're just being a pussy, protecting your ego, saying this out loud, acting like you're going to step up and do something.

See, people that do, don't have to say. They're too busy doing. We don't have time to talk about it. We're too busy fucking doing it. Next time you catch yourself wanting to go, Hey, man, I’ll be on the next one. Sure, you will. Sure, you will. Why the fuck weren't you on this one? Man, you don't understand. I don't need to understand. You do.

The real truth is it comes down to permission. Very few people have given themselves permission to invest in themselves. Very few people have given themselves permission to take the step to the next level. They all talk about it. They'll act like they're doing it, but very few actually do, and when you catch yourself talking about it, just to talk about it to talk about it, no, that's the people that typically never step up. Why? Because they're too busy talking about it. [38:10.4]

I don't have time to talk. We're too busy doing. We've given ourselves permission to fail. We've given ourselves permission to succeed. We've given ourselves permission to become who we need to become to get what we want. The question is are you doing that? Are you willing to do it, actually invest in yourself?

Why do you think the DM family pumps out amazing people daily day in and out, year after year? It's because they've all given themselves permission to invest $35,000 a year. About to be 50 to get to the next level.
When you unlock that door, there's no turning back because you really truly believe abundance at the next level. Most talk about it, but when you do it, you actually experience it. [39.00.0]

When do you say enough is enough? I'm done talking. I just want to start doing? Lean into it. It's going to be scary. It's going to be overwhelming. It's going to be frustrating sometimes. But the truth is, at the end of the day, it's the only way to get to the next level, and then once you get to that level, you’ve got to keep pushing on it again. There's another level on the level and then another level on that level. It never stops until you die.

For guys and gals that want to keep pushing the boundaries, I want you to know, at the end of the day, you're worth so much more than you think you are. You really are. You're an amazing human being. If you're listening to this show, period, you have a fucking edge. You're an amazing human being. I know we all have our flaws. Maybe you've done bad shit. We all have. Get over it. But what you do with it today, tomorrow and beyond, you have a choice. You have that decision to make and I’m giving you permission to step outside of your comfort zone. [40:06.1]

I’m giving you permission to lean into this to the next level to grow to where you can grow. I’m giving you permission to dream bigger than you've ever dreamed. I’m giving you permission to buy your dream house, your dream car, your dream watch, your dream ring for your spouse. Whatever the fuck you want, I’m giving you permission. If it exists in your brain, there's a reason. It's not by accident.

I want to just be crystal clear before we depart today. When I’m giving permission to buy the Lamborghini, for example, buy it because you want it, not because of what others will think. Genuinely I don't care what you think.

Some will think. It's cool. Cool. Some will think it's douchey. Cool. I don't care. It doesn't hold any weight. [41:00.5]

So, when I say give yourself permission to dream big and go big and do big, do it for you. Now, what will help you do? It doesn't matter about the other people or the outside influence. It matters about you. When you really start opening up and understanding it, no one gives … Dude, everyone is talking. Who cares? Let them do what they do. They're shit-talking. I’m deal-making.

You have my permission to crush it, grow it, build it, execute at the next level and give yourself permission to invest in yourself. Give yourself permission to get in the right rooms. Give yourself permission to become a better husband, a better wife, a better spouse, a better brother, a better sister, a better lover, better health. You have the permission to do all these things. Don't settle. Do not settle. [41:59.5]

Again, I urge this with a massive warning. Be careful. If you're asking for permission from others, please, please, be careful who you ask permission from. Very ultra-few have given themselves permission to be amazing, to get what they want. Don't let your dreams die. You need new dreams. How do you get new ones? Accomplish the ones you have today. But the Lambo. You realize you want the Bugatti. Buy the Bugatti. You realize you want the Enzo. It's not about chasing the next thing. It's about building you, who you become through the process, through the journey.

I’m excited for you and I appreciate you being here. Please share the show. Please let me know. Keep me posted with your journey and let me know what you're willing to give yourself permission to accomplish in the next 30 days. I’d love to hear it.

Thinking about you. Rooting for you. Appreciate you being here. Have an amazing day. Make today count. Peace. [43:00.0]

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