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The “big picture“ for success comes easily to a lot of entrepreneurs. But when they start to get into the weeds, they realize the devil is in the details. Missing one small step can often be the difference between success and failure.… READ MORE

One of the worst things you can say as an entrepreneur is to look outside your industry and say, “That wouldn’t work in my business.”
Sometimes the most successful ideas come from unlikely places, and a coach can help you see and implement these ideas in ways you never imagined.… READ MORE

Many entrepreneurs think the only way to succeed in business is to hustle and grind 24/7. However, instead of being rich and relaxed, they find themselves broke and beaten down.
The key is to spend more time working on the most profitable areas of your business.… READ MORE

Working as a solo entrepreneur is a huge challenge because there are so many things that you have to learn so many things. It’s almost impossible for you to become an expert in all of them, and trying to do that will eventually destroy your business (and your life).… READ MORE

Being in business for yourself is hard. And it’s even more challenging when you have to figure things out for yourself. Some industries are so cutthroat that you may not even be able to find people to answer your questions, so trial and error is your only option.… READ MORE

Some things never change. The fundamentals of advertising are a perfect example. We live in an amazing time to advertise, but many business owners are confused about how to do it right. Most business owners have blown their marketing budgets on ads that failed.… READ MORE

Anyone that tells you email is dead is either lying or trying to sell you something else. Don’t believe a word they say. One thing the most successful businesses have in common is that they have an email list, and they send emails regularly!… READ MORE

It can be frustrating to spend money on paid ads and not have the income to show for it. When this happens to you, it can be tempting to just give up on advertising and spend that money on something else. But before you just pull the plug, there are a few things you need to look at.… READ MORE

If you’ve never watched or listened to anything from Jim Rohn, you’re missing out on some lessons that can have a huge impact on your business and life. From self-improvement to growing your wealth, the lessons here are endless and valuable.… READ MORE

You know that paid ads are the best way to grow your business, but what if you can’t afford to run as many ads as you want. Or what if you’re running ads, but you want to do something to crank up the results that you’re getting.… READ MORE

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