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If the money is in the list, how do you build your business with a small social media following or email list? How can you prove how good you are if no one takes a chance on your service due to lack of social proof?

The answer is content.

In this episode, I discuss the secrets to creating content that will instantly grow your authority… and your bottom line.

Highlights from this episode include:

  • The #1 way for you to easily answer every client objection, even when you don’t have any results to show (1:44)
  • What your competition doesn’t want you to know about video content and how to use it to dominate your market (2:04)
  • How to harness the “power of one” even when your content has low views (2:49)
  • The shameful content secret the biggest Instagram accounts want to keep hidden (3:06)

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You're listening to “The School of Client Attraction.” Marquel Russell is the founder of Client Attraction University, a marketing consultancy helping you attract clients on autopilot and scale your business while working 50% less.

Quick disclaimer: a side effect of listening to the show is more clients, more profits, more freedom, and it's more impact in your business. Now, here's your host, Marquel Russell.

Marquel: Hey, what's up, my friend? Marquel Russell here, and welcome to today’s episode of the School Of Client Attraction.

What I’m walking you through right now is very, very powerful because a lot of people I speak to, coaches, consultants, service providers or whatever experts, whether they're speaker, author, whatever, they say, Marquel, I want to get more clients, right? I see how you guys can help us get more clients. However, I’m not sure if this can work for me because I don't have a huge following on Instagram. I don't have a huge following on Facebook. I don't have an email list or I only have a few people on my email list. I don't have a ton of people who get on my Facebook and my Instagram lives. So, what can I do? [01:04.4]

I say, Okay, great. Here are two simple things that anybody can do. I don't care if you're just starting a coaching or consulting business, or if you have a coaching consulting business that's been doing well, because we work with some people who do well and literally have six- or multiple six- or seven-figure businesses offline, but they're coming online and they don't really have that same presence online.

So, what do you do? Two things.

Number one, one of the reasons I love the case study funnel, but essentially what a case study funnel is and the case study video is is you’re giving away a lead magnet video for free and you’re just teaching somebody something. The number one way to show people that you can actually help them is by what? simply helping them.

So, by your giving her a video of some value and you teaching them what you do, right, and then you’re just invited them to get help doing it. That immediately gives you authority, number one, because they're seeing that you can teach and you're teaching what you do and you’re giving it away for free. [02:00.0]

Number two, they’re seeing you on video. When people see you on video, they automatically see you in a higher light, just because it's on video. That's number one. Number two, the second thing you can do is start creating content, right? Start creating content and having a point of view, right? Having a point of view, even if it's not in agreeance with everybody else.

So, start creating content. You can do content in the form of Instagram lives. Facebook lives. You can do podcasts. You can start your own online show.

You could do whatever, blog posts. It doesn't really matter. Creating content with your point of view and you teaching what you're knowing to your ideal client, and actually teaching it from a standpoint of value where people who are consuming it can actually get results and they can get aha moments, and they see you as an expert and an authority.

Now, it doesn't matter how many people are watching the videos, how many are on your lives. Don't worry about that because the power of one is really, really powerful. Even if you’ve got one person watching it when you start, and it starts to bubble up.

Most of these people who have got hundreds of thousands or even a million Instagram followers, most of them aren't making any money anyway, most of them. Some of them are, but most of them aren't. I’ve spoken to a lot of them. Then you’ve got some people who have got a few thousand on Instagram, they're making multiple six or even seven figures because they're understanding a lot of stuff that we teach here on the show. [03:13.5]

Those are two immediate things that you can do in your marketing right now to create instant authority. And, of course, number three, here's a bonus one: if you start running some ads, you can immediately get in front of your ideal clients that's going to help you accelerate things even faster.

That's it for today's episode. Have a phenomenal day because you absolutely deserve it. Talk to you soon.

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