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“Twelve thousand dollars? Do we even have that.” Those were the words Cupcake, my wife, cried when I told her about my latest investment. I’d never joined an exclusive mastermind, but I knew I needed help if I wanted to change my life.

At the time we didn’t have the money. But I argued that we couldn’t afford to miss out, so I scrounged up every penny I had to pay the first month. Then I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. Within a year, we closed our business and started a brand new adventure. Since then we’re blessed to have helped hundreds of experts and millions of listeners worldwide. It was life-changing.

Life Changing Lessons Learned From Masterminds

The Power of Masterminds

In today’s article, I’ll share 3 life-changing lessons I learned from investing in exclusive masterminds.

  1. Who's there?
  2. Asking Better Questions
  3. Becoming the best version of yourself

Who's there?

I joined my first exclusive mastermind because I wanted to change my life. My business was stuck, I hadn't made any gains in two years, and I needed a way out. The person running the mastermind promised he had all the answers. He said he would pair me with a coach who would get me the results I was looking for. I believed him.

After signing up, they paired me with a coach to guide me through the program. Every time I had a question, his advice was exactly the same. He always recommended I buy one Guru info-course or another. That's when I realized I'd made a big mistake relying on this coach. He wasn’t the answer.

I decided to focus more on making friends and less on my coach. That strategy paid off. I made many friends who became clients and business partners for years to come.

When choosing a mastermind, it's important to find out who the other members are. The biggest benefit to joining a mastermind is having access to the right people. Knowing the right people can change your life.

Now let's look at the 2nd lesson I learned from investing in exclusive masterminds.

Asking better questions

I've often heard that asking better questions gets you better answers. When you have better answers you get better results. But, how do you learn to ask better questions?

One of the features of the first mastermind I joined was hot seats. An Entrepreneur sat at the front of the room and shared his problem. He told the group where he needed some perspective. We then went around the room trying to help.

Since I was one of the least experienced members in the group, I usually kept my lips sealed and listened. The most helpful people followed a similar pattern. Instead of offering advice, they first asked questions.

Usually the questions were simple like, how or why? Within a few questions they were able to unlock big breakthroughs. Then the whole group could jump in to help.

The art of asking better questions is one of the greatest gifts you get from being in the right mastermind. One well placed question could change the way you think about everything.

Now let's look at the third lesson I learned from investing in exclusive masterminds.

Becoming the best version of yourself

In my show Results Leader, I always ask guests, what is the most valuable investment they have ever made. 93% of the time they say it is the investment they’ve made into themselves. We're not talking about stocks and real estate. It's all about personal growth.

No matter where we are in life, we must invest time, energy, and focus, into becoming the best version of ourselves. When we first start out, books and podcasts will be enough. As we grow we can invest into courses and coaching. Then, when we're ready, we can invest into exclusive masterminds.

If you ask me, the greatest investment we can make is into elevating our environment. Getting around the right people who lift us up is key to reaching our potential.

Now, let's bring this all together.

3 life-changing lessons learned from investing in exclusive masterminds

When I first told my wife I invested in a mastermind, she thought I was nuts. I convinced her we needed it, and she went along for the ride. The lessons we learned inside that group have shaped our lives.

The first lesson we learned was that the members are as important as the facilitator. Masterminds are as much about making friends as they are about personal growth. Having the right people in the group is key to our success.

The second lesson we learned from masterminds was the art of asking better questions. A well-placed question can change our perspective and take us to all new heights. The right questions turn obstacles into opportunities for massive growth

The third lesson we learned was the most important. Getting in the right environment is key to our success. When we get around better people, we learn to ask better questions. This gives us better results.

This was only the beginning.

What happened next?

The story you read was about our first investment into an exclusive mastermind. Six months into that mastermind we realized we were in the wrong business. We closed our real estate training business to focus on The Podcast Factory®. Since then we've helped hundreds of experts reach millions of listeners worldwide. You can read some of their stories at https://thepodcastfactory.com/case-studies/

If it weren't for the members of the group who encouraged us to make this change, we wouldn't be here today. What about you, are you ready for a change? Do you want to make a greater impact and leave a legacy? We can help you. I can lay out the entire plan for you in a short 30-minute call, book a time to talk at http://ThePodcastFactory.com/call

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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