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Show highlights include:

  • Why CBD is a safer way to reduce joint pain and inflammation than using ibuprofen or any other prescription drugs (4:35) 
  • Always tossing and turning throughout the night? Here’s why CBD can help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated when you wake up (8:16) 
  • The weird way you can legally buy THC in states where it’s illegal (11:23) 
  • Why you’ll still fail a drug test if you take this new kind of legal weed (21:05) 
  • How delta 8 THC has the same benefits as weed (and why you should be cautious if you try it) (21:23) 

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Hello athletes, welcome and thank you for tuning into the Coach Katie Danger Podcast recorded live from Omaha, Nebraska. I'm your host, Coach Katie Danger, U S army veteran, fitness coach and founder of Red H Nutrition. Here's a fact for you, 99% of us are not elite athletes. We're individuals from all backgrounds, juggling life priorities, including jobs, our families, their needs, and trying to find time to take care of ourselves every single week. When you tune in, I'll be discussing clear, concise and actionable strategies you can use to get the most from your fitness, nutrition, and mindset. So you can optimize your life without compromising your time. So athletes settle in and get comfortable. I'm here to educate, inspire, empower, and entertain you to help you enjoy the unique fitness journey that you are on.

(00:52): Hey, Hey athletes, what is up? It is coach Katie danger, and I'm coming in hot with episode number 75 of the coach, Katie and your podcast. This week. I got some really interesting stuff I want to talk about. So I want to rehash an episode that I talked about long time ago.

(01:07): It was actually episode number 13 and an episode number 13, I talked about CBD and what you needed to know about CBD. And we're going to rehash that a little bit to give you just some more information, little four 11 on CBD. It's different from marijuana and then a new, a new way that the industry is creating a loophole. So THC can actually be sold in states that THC is currently illegal, such as Nebraska. So that's where I'm at right now. I'm in Nebraska, very conservative state. And then in terms of its marijuana policies, always butting heads with Colorado. But before I dive into that, I do want to take a moment, a little bit of a somber moment. And I want to remember a long time listener of the podcast. A long time customer of reddish nutrition, Brian Fitzpatrick. He had, unfortunately he passed away over the weekend and Brian was on a trip with his family in Colorado.

(02:00): He was from Colorado and they were on a rafting adventure. And the raft flipped. Unfortunately, Brian did not make it. I don't know what happened to him. I just know that he passed away over the weekend and I gotta be honest. Like, I didn't really know how to handle it. I mean, I didn't know Brian like face to face. I'd never met him, but hearing that one of my customers, a human that I connected with on a personal level helped him with fitness. He loved my podcast, gave me good feedback, and then he even helped with some leads when my sister was looking for a job in Colorado. And it's just, it was really sad to hear. So I want to, I just want to take a moment. I want to remember Brian. I want to thank him for just being one of my very first customers of reddish nutrition, and then sticking along with me for the ride.

(02:41): So rest in peace pal. I hope your family is taken care of as well. So to bring the spirit of the podcast back up, let's just dive in. So episode number 13 that I talked about long time ago, you can always go to coach Katie ginger podcast.com and you can check out episode number 13 if you want. I talked about CBD and the reason I talk a lot about CBD is because it's legal. It is able to be purchased in all 50 states in the United States. CBD is a chemical compound cannabidiol that works with the brain to alleviate certain symptoms that many athletes. And the reason I talk about is because we're talking about athletes. So CBD is derived from the hemp plant. So it's from the same plant in which you can extract THC. Now CBD and THC are two different chemical structures that come from the same plant.

(03:31): One is legal. One is illegal in some way. So with CBD, it has as an effect on the endocannabinoid system, in the brain and every single mammal on earth, even your dogs, even your cats, even your Guinea pig, all mammals have an endocannabinoid system in the brain. And what this system does is when activated, and it can only be activated by compounds that come from the hemp or the cannabis sativa plant. So what we can experience with CBD, which is, and if you happen to take a drug test, you will not test positive. The CBD is legal in all 50 states. So CBD helps with things like anxiety, mood, swings, mood disorders, and inflammation. So when we had the reddish store and we carried Floyd's of Leadville CBD products, couple reasons that I love having CBD around is they're regulated as dietary supplements. So the FDA regulates CBD products for consumers along the same lines that they regulate supplemental or yeah, supplements, supplemental interventions, you know, like things are ready to go attrition cells.

(04:36): The cool thing about CBD is that it's, it's not psychoactive. There is no high involved. It just helps the nervous system calm itself, regulate it. You can sleep better. Anti-Inflammatory so it's a natural way because CBD is from a plant, literally a plant that grows out of the ground. It's natural. So I like recommending CBD, especially when using it in conjunction with other remedies, other holistic remedies, like tumeric, reddish nutrition, super flexy. So if you're dealing with joint pain, inflammation, arthritis, right, really just like deep pain that you don't want to necessarily take like a pharmaceutical or prescription drug for. And you're kind of sick of, you know, dosing yourself with ibuprofen CBD is a fan tastic alternative to a lot of them, typical remedies that a doctor would shove at you. So I love CBD. It's regulated, it's in a regulated industry. So here's the two kinds of CBD that you need to know about.

(05:28): And if you want more detail go to episode number 13, cause I'm keeping it a little surface level here because I really want to get into the main thing, which is talking about THC, which is illegal in 14 states in the United States, and then getting into how the industry is skirting those rules and finding loopholes to actually still sell THC, even in Nebraska. So stick around if you want to hear more, here we go. Okay. So CBD there is full spectrum and there's isolate now with full spectrum by law, there can still be 0.3% of THC in the product itself. Now yes. If you took enough CBD full spectrum like enough and I mean like bottles on bottles and bottles of it all, you know, like probably like thousands of milligrams in a small setting, you probably could in theory, test positive on a drug test.

(06:17): Okay. Now, if you take it in a recommend a dose that is within moderation, you're not going to have those problems at all. However, some of my customers, some of my listeners, they don't want anything to do with THC because they just, you know, they have high stakes jobs, right. They might be in healthcare, there might be in government law enforcement and you just can't have the possibility of testing positive on a drug test there. So I understand. So then how you get around that? And then you're probably asking like, why would we need to even have a little bit of THC and CBD? Good question. And the reason is there are two different chemical structures, THC, which stands for tetrahydrocannabinol. And then you have CBD, which is just cannabinoid CBD. They work on different receptors in the endocannabinoid system, in the brain. And they work a little differently.

(07:01): Now with CVD, it does pain and does inflammation. You don't have the high, well then to counteract that there's an isolate. So it completely isolates the CBD molecule and you only get the benefits of CBD. So there will be absolutely no high, but you also won't get the synergistic effect. So the amplification effect to help you feel better sooner, and to help amplify the effects of, you know, pain, relief, inflammation, relief, and then call me in any mood, anxiety, depression, issues, and challenges that you might be facing. So if you're looking for a way to calm pain in a natural way, maybe put something else in your plan, including a tumeric or another anti-inflammatory, that's a non-prescription medication related CBD is a really, really great alternative. I recommend it to everybody. I would say, you know, whatever you think you know about the hemp plant and what any other, you know, negative connotations that might have, you know, reefer madness from the fifties and sixties, forget about it, forget about it because CBD talk about CBD specifically and exclusively here CBD is meant to help you.

(08:03): Okay? It is an all natural dietary supplement because it is regulated by the FDA as a dietary supplement to help you improve your life, reduce pain and inflammation, calm and relieve any stress, anxiety, and other mood disorders and challenges you might be facing. It's also really great for calming you during your sleep. So you're not tossing and turning and just kind of ease into rest and wake up feeling good and refresh. So I like CBD. I personally always go with full spectrum. I'm self-employed, nobody's going to drug test me, but that just, that doesn't bother me. I want the most effects that I can get. So I always choose full spectrum. Okay. So now here's the fun part. Let's talk about THC now, THC, that I just mentioned that that is the compound in the cannabis plant that will make you high. So you think about people smoking joints is smoking a bowl, taking a dad like whatever the word is that you've heard, they're smoking weed, like the flower.

(08:57): Now there's lots of different ways you can get THC. It can be extracted in a wax flower. You know, like you've seen the green, you've watched anything Snoop or oh God, I can't think of the movie right now. Cheech and Chong. I mean, anything like that, right? Like you've seen it before, whether it's been in real life or whether it's been in the movies or TV, we all kind of know what we look like. Universal symbol is the plant, the three leaves of the plant. Usually if you've lived in a rural area, you can find ditch weed anywhere. So it's not something that people are unfamiliar with, but it's what it does and how you get it. And the illegality kind of makes it like this, this line. Do we talk about it? Do we not talk about it? I know in Nebraska, there have been multiple attempts to at least get the medical side of marijuana legal here.

(09:43): There's lots of states where medical and recreational. So there's also different states, two with THC. So for example, states like Colorado, California, it's legal, both recreationally. So all you gotta do is be 18 years old. You show your ID and you can go buy marijuana in a store. Then there's medical where medical has to come from a doctor's prescription. My brother-in-law, he has a green card. It's it's literally a green card and he can go and get medical marijuana in Oklahoma. Now Oklahoma is a similarly conservative state, but they have legalized medical marijuana. So only patients who have some qualifying medical condition can then go into one, one of these dispensary's and get marijuana in, in Nebraska. You can't do any of it. However, here is the fun part. And I was like, I was so blown away that I just, I had to share, like that's what my next podcast going to be about one.

(10:33): Cause it would be a great followup to episode number 13, expanding a little bit on the CBD versus THC, but here's the great part. Okay. So THC tetrahydrocannabinol, it's responsible for marijuana psychoactive effects. It gets you high. Okay. Like that's what makes people get hungry? They get dry mouth, they get the munchies. That's where it's from. And it interacts just like CBD does with our endocannabinoid system. Now, currently THC is illegal in 14 different states, like completely illegal, like no medical, no recreational. And unfortunately Nebraska is one of those states, but yeah, you know, just neighbors to our left and our right there are some options in Iowa in color. I just always think it's kind of interesting this interstate drama, right? Where one state thinks illegal, but then another state says it's legal. It's like, I wish we could just get our act together and just come to a consensus and conclusion on all that.

(11:22): But I digress. Okay. So THC that is illegal right now under federal law, it's called Delta nine THC. So there's a molecule, right? Like our molecules are they're hooked together. You got the hydrogens, the carbons, the oxygen atoms. You got, you got all these things working together and then there's bonds on these molecular structures. Well, Delta nine specifically has a double bond in a certain place on the molecule, on its THC molecule. Well, because humans are always looking for a way to skirt the law and find a way, just find a way they've come up with Delta eight. So what they've done is they have changed the molecular structure of THC that is illegal. So the THC is we know it when you go over to Colorado or another state, if you happen to live in a state where it's legal and they took the THC molecule and they have altered it and they've changed where that double bond is located.

(12:11): So they call it Delta eight. And the only thing that's different is where the double bond is located on this molecule on this THC molecule. So what they claim with Delta eight is that it is less potent that it's still going to get you high and you will still feel the effects and it will still cause you to test positive on a drug test. But the point is, it is legal to purchase everywhere you go, even in Nebraska. So I like, I didn't believe it, like Sammy was telling me about this stuff. And I'm like, really? Like, we can go buy something that has THC in it from a store in Omaha, Nebraska, and sure. Yeah, you can, you can. And we actually ordered some online as well. Cause we wanted to test them. I mean, that's what I'm here for. I'm here to be a test or free. I'm here to give you the details in the 4, 1, 1 on everything. But I got a, I got an article pulled up and I really can't say a better myself. So I'm just gonna, I'm going to summarize what this article talks about is from leafly.com. Weekly's a great source for CBD and THC, like, okay. So there are similarities in the two cannabinoids and it's in their molecular structure. We got the CVD got THC in Delta eight and Delta nine now. So not only are we talking about CBD, being a different molecular structure that comes from

(13:20): The state plant, the hemp or the cannabis plant, we've got THC now. And now we're talking about two different kinds of THC Delta, eight Delta nine. Hey,

(13:28): I know. And you know that, I talk a lot about using supplements on your fitness journey and reaching your full potential, how I believe they're integral pieces of the puzzle to reaching your best self and best fitness results. But do you know how supplements fit into your plan? Do you know what to take for your goals and how much of a supplement you should take if you've ever had any of those questions and you want to know how supplements can work for you and your goals, go to your fitness supplements.com and take the free free, free three point personalized supplement assessment. And with just a few questions, you'll have a complete personalized supplement recommendation in less than 60 seconds. You'll know more about how supplements fit into your fitness goals. What's safe and what's effective and perfect for you. So type in your fitness supplements.com in your internet browser, take the free assessment and get on the fast track to your best fitness results.

(14:24): Delta nine is the one that is either illegal, federally illegal in 14 states. Delta eight is the way that brands and the industry is skirting the law Delta eight. And here's what it is. So the legality of Delta eight is hazy. Now it can be extracted from either hemp or cannabis and because of the 2018 farm bill, which Nebraska also adopted hemp can be grown legally and use for extractions all over the United States. So it makes it Delta eight legal and states were Delta nine. THC is illegal. Okay. So nearly all the Delta eight THC on the market is manufactured from hemp derived CBD, which like in theory, at least makes it part of the federally legal chain of origin. People in states where THC is illegal. They want cannabis products and they're looking to Delta eight and that's essentially what I have found in Nebraska. Like it's so crazy to me that you can go in Nebraska and you can buy THC, but it's considered legal and I'm just waiting.

(15:25): Like I am just waiting for them to put the hammer down on that for them to like storm into these. I don't know if you wanna call them smoke shops, vape shops, whatever, and just raid the joint, but they haven't done it yet. So Delta eight binds to the body's endocannabinoid system. It causes you to feel high now, chemically they're similar. It's just where the double bond is located and this double bond. So the theory is that if they move this double bond from, let's say, you know, point a and they move it to point B the intoxicating effect is lessened. So with Delta eight, the argument is okay, you're still going to get high. But because that double bond is located in point B, it's going to be less of a height. So, you know, a lot of this stuff is hazy. I mean, if you guys think supplements are like a bunch of snake oil and there's just so much information and there's not a lot of research, then dive into the THC market and CBD market because there's just, most of it is not research-based.

(16:20): I mean, okay, they've been using CBD for a while. THC, I believe it's trademarked by the federal government. So they know that these things are out there and they've been using them for years in certain capacities. But as far as like, when we're getting into things like Delta eight and then CBD isolate and full spectrum, there's just a lot of gray area. So ultimately it kind of comes down to anecdotal. Are you going to use it? Are you going to try it again to see if it works for you? That's why I'm here, because I want to tell you about my experience with Delta eight. Okay. Full disclosure. I am a proponent of marijuana legalization. I believe it is just a plant. I don't think in of itself, it is harmful to a human being. I believe that God put it on this earth. It's a plant.

(17:03): It grows naturally. And I think a lot of the negative connotations and context of it comes from a lot of misinformation that was going on in the fifties and sixties. So I'm a proponent of it someday. I really hope to see it legal in Nebraska. I think it should be legal now, but nonetheless, I still have to play within the rules of the state of living. Right. Well enter Delta eight. Okay. So I have smoked marijuana before I had been high in my life. So I know what it feels like, but the majority of the time I'm using CBD, I use my full spectrum from Floyd's of Leadville. Well, we ordered this from Johnny apple CBD and got it online. They shipped to Nebraska and we ordered Delta eight gummies. Okay. Now usually gummies that have THC in them. So like actual gummies that you'd go and you'd get from Colorado.

(17:47): And I use Colorado a lot because that's the state to us that, you know, it's been legal for a really long time in Colorado is pretty progressive. And in terms of that, so they come like 10 milligram gummies or edibles. Well then they're in 20 milligrams. So I'm like, oh wow. It's like double what one usually is. And I was kinda, it was kind of like, well, I know what 10 milligrams does me. What's 20 milligrams gonna do to me. But according to what is online reading about it, that double bond is reported to lessen the intoxicating effects by up to 50%. So that's why most of these are double what the dosages of, like, let's say a 10 milligram edible that you'd go get, you know, from your local dispensary or from another state where it's legal. Let me tell you, I don't know if these are just extra potent.

(18:28): I do not know if I'm just the lightweight, but I am also not new to bulls and CBD and marijuana. So I took one of these the other night. I was just going to test it. I was like, sure, fine, whatever. Yeah. I'll see how it feels. You know, on here it says delayed activation says do not operate heavy machinery. I mean, it's got all the, you know, the nutrition facts, just like a dietary supplement. It's got an FDA state and on the back, but this leveled me. It absolutely leveled me. I took it about four o'clock. I was doing some computer work. And then all of a sudden, I just, life got real heavy. Like my head got heavy. My face felt like it was heavy and droopy, my mouth got really dry and I kind of got really anxious and excited and, and not, not in a good way.

(19:10): So Sammy was actually upstairs and she was doing some computer work and I didn't really want to bother her. Cause I think that she was also talking to some clients at the time, but I got really anxious, really excited. Like I felt as if I was having a slight panic attack. And I mean, I knew it was from this because that's all I had taken. I had just eaten. So I took a gummy and it hit me like a ton of bricks. It was absolutely incredible. So what I learned is I, I mean, when I say it leveled me, it was like four 30 until till the end of the next day that I finally started not feeling groggy anymore. So I'm sure it's cause I'm kind of a lightweight, I mean I weigh 116 pounds. I generally have one beer and I'm buzzed.

(19:51): So I learned that if I decide to take these again, it's definitely going to be half that speed. So half of that, this, but these are no joke. Like if anybody's out there and they're on the fence, they're like, yeah, but it's not like real THC. It sure felt like real THC because it is real THC. It's just a different way. The molecule is set up. Still felt like it got me high still gave me the munchies. All of the similar effects that you think of when people get high and get stone Delta eight. So these are legal right now and I'm just waiting. I'm just waiting for when this is going to be illegal because I kind of feel like some of our elected officials, like the way they run the government, they're just a little late to the party. Sometimes. Like people were always coming out with ways to get around the rule, you know, to make the law work in their favor.

(20:39): And I'm telling you right now, this is a way that the hemp and marijuana industry is getting around the rules. So Delta nine is what's illegal, but Delta eight is what is legal. And that's mainly because it's derived from hemp plant. And the 2018 farm bill said that hemp can be grown commercially legally. So because it comes from a legally derived origin, there's a loophole, my friends, the Delta eight. So remember if you take this, you will still test positive on a drug test because it is still THC, but it is legal simply because there are some loopholes that we've jumped through and humans are very, very, is it ingenuity, creativity, whatever the word is, they're resourceful and they can make whatever they want to happen. So I suppose if you're looking for an option to still get your THC in, but you live in a state where THC is not allowed go to your vape shop, go to your smoke.

(21:31): Shop, ask them if they got Delta eight or go to Johnny, apple CBD. No, this is not sponsored salmon. I just bought this because we've purchased CBD from them before. And they're a reputable seller in San Francisco. They tasted pretty good, but I took one and I was leveled for almost a day and a half. I just felt very, very groggy. So tread lightly with those things, if you're new to them, I think it works exactly the same way that normal THC works. And it lasted a lot longer too. So if you're looking for effects similar to THC, but you want technically a reduced potency and you technically want an option that is legal, then Delta eight is going to be your choice. I just think it's fascinating. I think all of these things that people do to get by and around and skirt the issue is just fantastic.

(22:18): And because I'm here to try anything once and then report it back to you. This is my honest assessment. I love CBD. Absolutely love it on occasion. I love THC. And then I heard about this Delta eight and I'm like, what is this about? Like how on earth can you walk into a store in Omaha, Nebraska and get something with THC in it? Well, you can, you can. So Delta eight, that's going to be the buzz word probably for a little while here. We'll see what happens with the industry. We'll see how it gets cracked down. But in the meantime, there you go check out episode number 13, go back in my podcast, coach Katie danger, podcast.com and check that out now because they're regulated as dietary supplements. I recommend a lot of my athletes and clients add CBD to their nutrition regimen simply because it helps alleviate inflammation.

(23:06): It helps alleviate pain. And then because we live in a fast paced world, stout a lot. It can be really hard to turn down that dial at night when we want to sleep, we toss it burn. You know, we've got racing thoughts and we wake up in the middle of the night. We just can't relax. In fact, some of those things manifest into restless leg syndrome, snoring in that can get aggravating, both for our cell, trying to get sleep, and then any partner that we're sleeping next to. So I love CBD and I would highly recommend starting and try and CBD. If you want some more info, the 401 on an episode. Number 13, coach Katie danger podcast.com is going to be the next stop after you get done listening to this. But in the meantime, I do want to just say another shout out to Brian, really gonna miss you, man. It was great to have you as a listener for so long and I will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers and

(23:52): Rest and peace. You guys, this is Coach Katie danger. And before I leave you, I always want to make sure that we're on the same page with something. And that is, I believe in you. But the next thing you need to do is believe in yourself. You got to trust the journey. You got to believe in your process. You've got to trust the process. And the last thing is don't ever, ever, ever quit on yourself because the only way that you will never get to where you want to go is by quitting. So never quit on yourself. Trust the dream. Believe in yourself. Don't ever quit. You guys. This is coach Katie danger. I'm signing off for episode number 75, but until next time over and out,

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